Quello che resta

Quello che resta Nell immaginario collettivo la storia d a tra Fitzwilliam Darcy ed Elizabeth Bennet ha scatenato fino ad oggi pi di sequel scritti da autori e autrici che della Austen sono prima di tutti gran

  • Title: Quello che resta
  • Author: Pamela Aidan Bruno Amato
  • ISBN: 9788850220397
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nell immaginario collettivo, la storia d a tra Fitzwilliam Darcy ed Elizabeth Bennet ha scatenato, fino ad oggi, pi di 60 sequel scritti da autori e autrici che della Austen sono, prima di tutti, grandi estimatori L americana Pamela Aidan, ha provato addirittura a dilatare Orgoglio e pregiudizio nella Trilogia di Fitzwilliam Darcy, gentiluomo, dove narra le vicende dNell immaginario collettivo, la storia d a tra Fitzwilliam Darcy ed Elizabeth Bennet ha scatenato, fino ad oggi, pi di 60 sequel scritti da autori e autrici che della Austen sono, prima di tutti, grandi estimatori L americana Pamela Aidan, ha provato addirittura a dilatare Orgoglio e pregiudizio nella Trilogia di Fitzwilliam Darcy, gentiluomo, dove narra le vicende di Orgoglio e pregiudizio con numerosi dettagli in pi , dal punto di vista del protagonista maschile Nel primo, Per orgoglio e per a, Darcy, l indiscusso protagonista della storia suo malgrado, attratto da Elizabeth Bennet In Tra dovere e desiderio Darcy cerca di dimenticare Elizabeth e parte per Oxford in cerca di una moglie degna del suo rango Nel presente volume che quello conclusivo, la vicenda vedr Darcy ed Elizabeth finalmente l uno di fronte all altro.

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    • Pamela Aidan Bruno Amato

      Pamela Aidan grew up in small towns outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.She graduated from high school with the desire to be a history teacher, but changed her major to Library Science after her first year at college.Later, she earned a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.Ms Aidan has worked as a librarian in a wide variety of settings for over thirty years.Besides writing and operating Wytherngate Press, she is also the direcotr of Liberty Lake Municipal Library in eastern Washington, a short distance from her home in Idaho.

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    • I am really reviewing the entire trilogy, since it is impossible to simply pick up one of these. As a rendering of Darcy's life during "Pride and Prejudice", Aidan does very well when she sticks to the plot set forth in P&P. Her portrayal of Darcy's character and inner life, and the fundamental changes in him after he is refused by Elizabeth, are well written and do the character justice. She also brings Georgiana to life very well, giving her a deeper dimension P&P does not allow, and a [...]

    • The final installment of Pamela Aidan's adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice continues Mr. Darcy's confusion over and pursuit of Elizabeth Bennett, and comes to a satisfying and happy conclusion. The book is well written, and a little smoother than the first book in the trilogy (An Assembly Such as This).I think a lot of men will find Mr. Darcy's emotional obsession with Elizabeth to be a little heavy-handed (consider Dave Barry's definitive treatise on the topic of male/female relati [...]

    • While cleaning out a closet the other day, I came across two of the many books that have been published in recent years about the characters and story of "Pride and Prejudice." I had read them both a couple years ago. One ("Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife") was horrendous (basically a cheap romance novel in a puffed-up British accent), and the other one was very good--"An Assembly Such as This," the first in a Fitzwilliam Darcy trilogy written by librarian Pamela Aidan. Aidan's books chronicle and expand [...]

    • Call me a purist. When you have a classic like Pride and Prejudice, and wonderfully complex characters in Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy, you don't mess with it. Unless your very intent is to "mess with it" (i.e. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - haven't read it, but sounds intriguing).If your stated purpose in writing is to tell the same story from a different point of view, then tell the SAME STORY from a different point of view. Obviously, some gaps need to be filled in, since there' [...]

    • Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman series is just brilliant, but it's not for everybody. I understand that purists may not appreciate the additional things that Aidan came up with, such as the new set of characters (Dy, Lady Sylvanie, Fletcher, for example) and "behind-the-scenes" events like those that happened at Norwycke Castle. Also, the series is rather long; Aidan has a tendency to be verbose.But it's because of these that made it a 5-star book for me. I think that all those thing [...]

    • If you are reading this review I am taking it that you have read the original novel and the first two books in the trilogy if you have not then don't read this review as there will be spoilers.Just when Darcy has vowed to forget Elizabeth. He meets her again when he makes his yearly visit to Rosing Park to see his Aunt Catherine and Cousin Anne. Elizabeth is staying with her friend Charlotte who married his aunt's parson Mr Collins. So begins the rest of Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's PoV. [...]

    • Review December 2016: Still as great as I remember. I do recommend skipping the parts that involved the people/mystery Darcy had in book #2. They really don't add much to the story -also I really just want Elizabeth to get to Pemberley already. Original review August 2012: "To her, he was the last man; for him, she seemed the only woman. Could fate have fashioned a more perfect twist or held him in any more derision?" -pg 148.I wish I could put into words how much I adore this book. I started re [...]

    • Reread series 5/13Enjoyed again immensely. This time appreciated the familial relationships, particularly Darcy & Georgiana. Reread the real thing at same time and felt, again, that all in all, Aidan did a pretty fair job of recreating. -- This book takes Darcy from Elizabeth's rejection to just beyond the end of "Pride & Prejudice." The thing I liked the very best about this book is that Darcy's biggest problem with what Elizabeth said about him at the rejection was that he did not beha [...]

    • These Three Remain is the third book in the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy and by far my favorite. Aidan created a Darcy that made sense, a feat few Pride & Prejudice “FanFiction” stories have accomplished. In part because, in my opinion, she had a good sense of who Darcy was as a whole person, how he thought, what drove him to do the things he did, the type of brother and friend he was. So many others just steal all of the conversations from Austen and then add in the thoughts the [...]

    • Ok, Pamn I call you Pam? Let's have a little chat, shall we?If you want to write trashy romance novels, then you just go right ahead and write some trashy romance novels. No one will judge. Promise, there is plenty of readership to support that genre. But whatever you do, please, PLEASE, keep that stuff away from my Jane Austen. I mean, I gave you a chance, the first book in the series was decent enough to make me want to read the second. The second book was awefulally, just plain useless. I don [...]

    • This series made me gag. Book 1 was alright- largely a rehashing of the original story. Her elizabeth was not not half as charming as austen's elizabeth. This one is- can't quite place it- but something is not right. Aidan retains all the original dialogue- but her elizabeth is not the lizzy we all love and adore. And *gasp*- the extensive descriptions of his wardrobe and his ablutions and his breeches- such useless details. I skipped book 2 entirely - at least after the first few chapters becau [...]

    • "Él quería su corazón, que ella se lo entregara total y libremente, o no quería nada. "He empezado bien el año. Esta faceta de Darcy me ha hecho cambiar varias opiniones sobre él en el libro original, nunca fui fan de los fanfic; pero esta está tan bien redactada y contextualizada, que no se nota la diferencia entre la pluma de Jane Austen y la de Pamela; salvo que ya basada en el análisis y la creación de caracteres y personalidades el camino de Pamela fue muchos más fácil a la hora [...]

    • Bellissima conclusione di questa fedele interpretazione del romanzo Orgoglio e Pregiudizio visto dal punto di vista di Mr. Darcy.In alcuni punti ho trovato Darcy leggermente fuori dal tracciato lasciato da Miss Austen, forse troppo damerino o, meglio, fin troppo aperto ad esporre i suoi sentimenti ad amici e servitori.Bella la figura di Fletcher, che rappresenta in un certo senso la "coscienza" inconsapevole del suo signore.Molto affascinante, anche se poco credibile, il personaggio di Dy, l'ami [...]

    • Out of the three, this last installment to the series is by far my favorite. Pamela Aidan's attention to detail astounded me, with how she was able to adhere to canon, and at the same time stretch the reader's imagination all the more with the added scenes, dialogues, and development of her original characters. Reading it felt natural, as if it is really an extension and exploration of Darcy's thoughts. Truth be told, this is the only book in the series that made me consult canon, and read the 2 [...]

    • I don't have anything to say except I cried like a ninny at the end. I didn't want this to end. What's funny is it had nothing to do with Elizabeth, I just loved seeing P&P through Darcy's eyes. How he came to find fault in his actions and set out to change his behavior. How he fixed on Elizabeth and couldn't imagine how to be with her or without her. I loved the detail of the embroidered threads he carried about. I loved the glimpses into society, and class, and character. Yes, I agree that [...]

    • The final installment of Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman series (the retelling of Pride & Prejudice from Darcy's point of view) was as good as the first. Not only does it provide insight into Darcy's thinking and feelings, but it filled in the gaps that left me wondering each time I read Pride & Prejudice: what about Elizabeth's rejection exactly induced Darcy to change (instead of just getting over her and moving on) and what did he do to accomplish the change? She also prov [...]

    • Perfectly satisfying end to this P & P fan fiction trilogy. I read that the author based her story not on Jane Austin's version, but on the movie starring Keira knightly. In this story, Elizabeth and Georgiana meet and become friends when Lizzie was at the inn with her aunt and uncle. Why change this? If you're retelling the story from Darcy's perspective, shouldn't it be the same story? I was wondering if they met in the movie. The author does refer to some characters in book 2, but I think [...]

    • *contented sigh* So satisfying.I love watching Darcy change. He really was oblivious to his flaws and when Elizabeth abruptly brought them to his attention he pridefully rejects what she says. It takes time and advice from others who love him before he is completely humbled and starts working on himself.Also can somebody start a petition for this author to write another book (or three) about Georgiana Darcy and Dy Brougham? I ship them SO hard. Dy is a dream. One of my all time favorite tropes i [...]

    • This was the best of the series!! I loved getting Darcy's point of view on the refused proposal and his taking inventory of his personality. He has a much more expressed love for Elizabeth in this book than Jane Austin displays from Elizabeth toward him in Pride and Prejudice. I Love That!!! It's also fun to learn the behind the scenes of the Wickam/Lydia story and his fixing the Bingley/Jane situation. Although I only read 1/2 of the second book - I didn't feel like I missed out on too much goi [...]

    • 4 well deserved stars for the last book of the series. Liked all the little details that made this story feel genuine and loved the inner thoughts Darcy had making him the more likeable and swoonworthy.

    • Puffff, tanto citar a Shakespeare (como esos personajes que citan la Biblia a cada minuto).Y Darcy me parece excesivamente idealizado. No cuadra con mi propia composición de lugar. Pero ese no es el problema, es que se ma ha hecho ñoño.Resumiendo, que sí, pero no jajajajaja.

    • 2.5 Al final he vuelto a caer y lo he leído.Como me sucedió con los anteriores, estaba aburrida, apática, no me apetecía nada para leer, vi este en el e-reader, lo abría para ver como empezaba, seguí y seguí y aquí estoy. ¿Quiere eso decir que me ha gustado más que el anterior? Sí. ¿Es una gran libro? UffNo era difícil que superara a ese segundo libro que Pamela Aidan se sacó de no sé donde, un libro que no tiene nada que ver con Orgullo y prejuicio más que compartir el nombre de [...]

    • So good! I got a little bogged down in the beginning, but I had just finished the 2nd novel and reading them back to back was a lot. The insights into Darcy's thoughts and feelings around both proposals was perfection. His valet ending up with Elizabeth's maid was a bit much, but I'll take it. Really enjoyable - thank you Pamela Aidan for filling this gap!

    • In These Three Remain, Pamela Aidan concludes her exploration of the enigmatic Fitzwilliam Darcy's character by returning to the familiar action of the last third of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Alternately entranced and infuriated by his inexplicable attraction to Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy journeys to his aunt's home, the formidable Lady Catherine, intent on immersing himself in his work as her business advisor. However, his intentions to honor his social position and family rather than "su [...]

    • So this is the second 3-volume set of P&P JAFF written from Darcy's POV that I have read, Darcy's Tale being the other. It's kind of a toss-up in my mind as to which one is better. In the end, I think that Darcy's Tale wins because the writing was a little bit better and Darcy and Elizabeth's characters more believable and relatable. There were aspects of the story, however, that I feel Aidan wrote better. I like how Georgiana was a little more grown-up in this story, as I think she would ha [...]

    • El tercer libro nos narra el descenlace de la historia ya muy conocida y vemos a Darcy como sufre el rechazo de Elizabeth, como logra salir de eso y luego retomar, como bien podríamos decirlo, el bueno camino para enamorar a Elizabeth.En general me gustaron mucho, me parece que la escritora hizo un buen retrato de este personaje y le ha hecho justicia a la historia original

    • This is a comment on the entire Pamela Aidan trilogy ("An Assembly Such as This," "Duty and Desire" and "These Three Remain"). The trilogy takes place during the timeframe of Jane Austen's novel, "Pride and Prejudice". It is Mr. Darcy's perspective on all the events—from the dance at the Meryton Assembly Room to the finale. She goes more in depth into what Mr. Darcy's thoughts and feelings would have been. She also creates some additional story lines that are incorporated very nicely into the [...]

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