Cherries When a soldier leaves for war those left behind often wonder what their loved ones are experiencing Letters home are always cheerful and vague no sense in worrying the family Then upon returning home

  • Title: Cherries
  • Author: John Podlaski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a soldier leaves for war, those left behind often wonder what their loved ones are experiencing Letters home are always cheerful and vague no sense in worrying the family Then upon returning home, these young soldiers do not want to talk about their experiences Family and friends allege they are now distant, changed, and not the same person they remember from sevWhen a soldier leaves for war, those left behind often wonder what their loved ones are experiencing Letters home are always cheerful and vague no sense in worrying the family Then upon returning home, these young soldiers do not want to talk about their experiences Family and friends allege they are now distant, changed, and not the same person they remember from several months earlier What causes this Although the backdrop for this novel is the Vietnam War, Cherries exist in every war They are the young Newbie soldiers, who are trained for war However, most are not ready to absorb the harsh physical, mental and emotional stress of war Once they come under fire and witness death firsthand, a life changing transition begins This eye opening account offers readers an in depth look into the everyday struggles of these young infantry soldiers You ll feel their fear, awe, drama, and sorrow, witness the bravery and sometimes laugh at their humor No two war experiences are the same, but after finishing Cherries A Vietnam War Novel , readers will have a much better understanding as to why these changes occur and why our military heroes are different upon their return home Veterans will relate Parental Rating This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.Author s statement While Cherries is largely a work of fiction, many of the events and anecdotes described in the novel were based on the actual experiences of the author The places and units mentioned were real and did exist All characters portrayed are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events, and locales, are entirely coincidental.Award Finalist in Sixth International Literary Awards at Washington State College, 1986 titled The Ingenuous Soldier.

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    • John Podlaski

      John Podlaski served in Vietnam during 1970 and 1971 as an infantryman with both the Wolfhounds of the 25th Division, and the 501st Infantry Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star, two Air Medals, and a Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Cherries A Vietnam War Novel is his first book, published in 2010, it is faring well with over 300 combined reviews with an average of 4.6 stars The story is a memoir of his time as as infantry soldier during the Vietnam War.John spent the years since Vietnam working in various management positions within the automotive industry and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 2002 John is a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 154 and lives with his wife of 43 years, Janice, in Sterling Heights, Michigan They both retired in 2013 and enjoy riding their 1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Mr Podlaski published his second book, When Can I Stop Running in 2016 It s a spinoff from his first novel, and follows two soldiers during a terrifying night alone in the jungle on a listening post Some of the characters from Cherries are also included in this story John is currently busy managing a website featuring weekly articles stories, movies, videos, and photos about the Vietnam War The address can be found below.

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    • I have read a lot of Vietnam War books and this one stands alone in that it seems to have been written for non-readers. I cannot quite figure out who the target audience might be. But the author impresses me as someone who remembers a lot about his Vietnam experience and wants to make it available to an audience who might not be attracted to a more highbrow class of books. I felt like the deferred college student reading about the regular guys who were drafted and were sent to Vietnam. The autho [...]

    • All too often we read books where the authors write from their LACK of experience. John Podlaski writes and brings what only could be accomplished by someone with personal on the ground experience. In 1975 I joined the Army, went Infantry and was surrounded by Vietnam Combat Veterans who shared their experiences and stories with us Cherries. Reading John Podlaski’s Cherries quickly brought back the similarities of shared accounts and training provided by the Vietnam Veterans. Cherries immediat [...]

    • "Cherries" is getting excellent reviews on both and my personal blog. I'm hearing from spouses and children of Veterans who have read my book out of curiosity because their father/husband will not talk about his war experiences. They are using it as a conduit to help open doors, locked for decades. As a result, veterans are beginning to share memories - both good and bad - with family members, and thanking me for "putting into words a story that they've been unable to tell until now". Career so [...]

    • “Cherries” is not just a novel. It is a year long ledger of what it is like to be an infantryman (grunt) during a soldier’s one year tour during the war in Vietnam. The author takes the reader from the reception center in California through his entire tour and return to the “World” in Washington State a year later.In that year, John gives us every view of the grunt from “Cherry” (new guy) to a seasoned veteran just trying to stay alive in his last few weeks of his tour. This story [...]

    • Written by Bernie Weisz/Historian-Vietnam War Pembroke Pines, Florida U.S.A. contact e mail: BernWei1@aol Title of Review: The Price of War: Wondering One Time Or Another If You Would Ever Make It Home Alive And In One Piece!I am not quite sure where to start with John Podlaski's blockbuster book "Cherries", a fictionalized account of his 1970 to 1971 tour as a foot soldier in South Vietnam. As an avid reader of many historical memoirs, both fiction and autobiographical, rarely have I found one [...]

    • apexreviews info@apexreviews Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel John Podlaski ISBN: 9781604817362 Wordclay Reviewed By Karynda Lewis Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 StarsOver the past 30 years, many accounts have been written of the brutal realities of the Vietnam War. Chronicling everything from the harsh conditions in which the soldiers were forced to live to the widespread death that surrounded them, said accounts have often spared no detail in highlighting the grim circumstances of the monumental [...]

    • Torn from his civilian life, teenager John Kolowski is thrown into a terrifying war in Vietnam. He must learn fast if he is to survive. A unique point of view. An interesting insight into the reality of life in Vietnam for an American soldier in 1970 and the effect it has on those who were there. John Podlaski draws on his own personal experience to paint a picture that tells it as it really was. After reading it I had a much better understanding and my hat comes off to those who went through th [...]

    • It made me laugh, it made me cryI really think it should be mandatory reading. I will never forget, Vietnam! This should definately not being a first and only book by this author!

    • If you have not fought in combat in Vietnam, you have no idea what it was like. Even a combat veteran who fought has no idea what it was like for the other guy. The author makes this very clear in the scene where his main character John cannot keep his stomach in check after seeing his friend’s face blown away. Despite direct orders to do so, he hasn’t the guts to help care for the wounded and carry away the dead. This might seem odd to some Vietnam veterans who experienced heavy combat, sin [...]

    • Realistic Page TurnerThe author's experience in Vietnam permeates every page of this hard-to-put-down account. Mr. Podlaski's lucid command of the English language let me devour a relatively long novel in short order. The story deserved five stars, but I reserve those for giants of literature, such as Conrad or Dickens, writing on their best days.

    • Great Vietnam novelObviously written by someone who was there. A great read that I enjoyed. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

    • The following revew is from my blog, Cure My Writers Block:Summary Those first few days at a new school can always be tough. You don't know where to go, what to do, and you are dependant on the advice given to you by others. Now imagine that your school is in the jungles of Southeast Asia, your school bus is a Huey, and those that can't keep up with the learning curve are maimed or killed. That is the life of the cherries, or newcomers to Vietnam. John Kowalski, affectionately referred to as Pol [...]

    • John Podlaski 19s CHERRIES details the events surrounding a young, scared eighteen year old 19s arrival and survival in Vietnam. Though 1Cgrunt 1D novels about the Vietnam war are common, this book is unique in that it views the war solely through the eyes of a single new arrival, called a 1CCherry, 1D as he moves through all the emotions that go through an indoctrination into war. From arriving 1Cin-country 1D to receiving initial training, being wounded, going on that first 1CR&R, 1D and f [...]

    • I picked up this novel out of curiosity, not knowing much of the Vietnam war. It really pulled at my heartstrings to read of these kids being sent into such horrendous situations. The emotional ties between them were strongly felt, especially when one of the team was injured or killed. Every time the platoons were caught in an ambush I really felt for them and worried I would lose a character I loved. Great writing.The entire novel was gripping as the soldiers moved around different territories [...]

    • I will echo other reviewers in stating if you are looking for an exceptionally written novel with character development and a progressive theme, then this is not the book for you. However, if you are looking for a GREAT historical fiction, which brings to light the terror, sacrifice, and heroics of the Army field troops during the Vietnam War, then you need to read this one. John Podlaski took his personal experiences serving as an Army draftee and told a story that enlightened the reader to the [...]

    • This book contained a wealth of detail about the progress of one man's tour from Cherry to Veteran. The contrast between the war in the Delta and in the north is striking. During my tour in Vietnam I did one short operation with elements of 25th Division around Tay Ninh so there was much that was familiar to me here. The book reads though like a field report, substantially without emotion rendering the cahtracters flat and without mush substance. It reminds me of the way I used to talk about the [...]

    • As a modern Iraq war vet, I usually can’t relate to these old Vietnam War stories. Until this book, that is. Wow! It’s not just the “smack the magazine on the helmet” attention to detail, but the timeless realism that roped me in. If it weren't for the jungle and mosquitoes, you could be crawling around with soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq.My only complaint is the story’s length. While there’s no apparent “filler,” cutting the less important, nostalgic details would really pick u [...]

    • A terrific book with respect to sharing the experience of war in Vietnam. All war is savage, but history, and accounts such as these, indicate that Vietnam was especially horrific, if for no other reason than you had no idea what was around every corner. Coming back to civilization must have been insanely difficult. Half the country didn't even want the war and so they did not see you as a returning hero, and then, as the author states, who would even believe everything you had lived through - i [...]

    • Vietnam chewed up and spit out many inexperience soldiers, fondly known as cherries. “Polack” described his service through combat patrols, platoon members, and battle from the first step off the Pan American plane in Vietnam to last step off another Pan American jet at the end of his tour. When he saw and experience was not a simple sightseeing trip. This tour of duty involved gore, misery, fear, and a camaraderie that made surviving more mentally painful than physical wounds received in co [...]

    • Was at a few places mentioned in book from '68 to '70 and it brought back many memories. One of the best books I've read about Vietnam.

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