The Wife Trap

The Wife Trap Your presence is requested at a wedding deception After orchestrating a scandalous high society ruse Lady Jeannette Brantford is banished from her family s estate in England and sent to live with bor

  • Title: The Wife Trap
  • Author: Tracy Anne Warren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Your presence is requested at a wedding deception.After orchestrating a scandalous high society ruse, Lady Jeannette Brantford is banished from her family s estate in England and sent to live with boring elderly cousins in the Irish countryside But Jeannette s exile is surprisingly eventful En route to her dreaded destination, she encounters Darragh O Brien, a devilishlyYour presence is requested at a wedding deception.After orchestrating a scandalous high society ruse, Lady Jeannette Brantford is banished from her family s estate in England and sent to live with boring elderly cousins in the Irish countryside But Jeannette s exile is surprisingly eventful En route to her dreaded destination, she encounters Darragh O Brien, a devilishly handsome architect who transforms Jeannette s punishment into a delicious whirlwind of wits, words, and undeniable passion Although no less than a duke could satisfy a lady of her status, Jeannette is unable to extinguish the burning desire she has for Darragh s smoldering looks and sizzling kisses Little does she know, her dashing Irishman is no commoner He s the eleventh Earl of Mulholland and he s thoroughly enjoying the irresistible game of hard to get But before he reveals his true identity, a little temptation and trickery are in order to teach his fair lady a lesson or two about love.From the Paperback edition.

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      Tracy Anne Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of ten Regency historical romance novels, including At The Duke s Pleasure and The Husband Trap Her books have appeared on the USA Today Bestsellers list and the Borders Group List of Bestselling Single Title Romance Paperbacks She has won numerous writing awards, including Romance Writers of America s prestigious RITA Award, the National Readers Choice Award, the HOLT Medallion, the Golden Quill, and others.

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    • This is my least favorite of the Trap series by Tracy Anne Warren. I didn't love the first one, The Husband Trap, and this one has even more problems.First of all, the heroine is the twin sister of the heroine in The Husband Trap. She's a selfish, immature snob. She's been sent off to Ireland to stay with some cousins because of the scandal she caused with her antics in THT. There she meets Darragh O'Brien, an architect who also happens to be the Earl of Mulholland. Only she assumes he's simply [...]

    • After I read the first book in this series, the Husband Trap, I skipped this book because I quite simply wasn't interested in the story of the selfish twin sister who instigated the deception in the first book. (Not that the other sister was guiltless, but this one was worse.) I read the third book, which is the best in the series, and then moved onto other things. Months and months later, I remembered that I hadn't finished the series, and in the midst of a dry spell, I gave this one a try. I'm [...]

    • I loved the first book in this series, the Husband Trap. And I was intrigued that the second book would give me the opportunity to see 'the other side' of Jeanette, who was the selfish, snobbish, self-involved catalyst for all the action in the first book. Well, as it happens, Jeanette’s other side is pretty much the same as the first side.There were times when I really wondered what our hero, Darragh, saw in this woman. Which is ironic, because Darragh’s primary concern is that Jeanette fal [...]

    • 1 star - Historical Romance Possibly one of the worst heroines, ever! Why would I care about or want a HEA for such a spoiled rotten, selfish, shallow, snobby heroine? Seriously, I hated her!

    • This is a riveting, wonderful book. I could not stop reading until I was done. The background, psychological aspects, schemas and values of the characters are so well-developed. I love a story with redemptive themes and that is exactly what this book is about. In this case, a spoiled yet beautiful young woman finds her inner beauty with the help of a patient passionate man who is fully invested in seeing her develop into more than what she is; a superficial & overindulged lady of society.The [...]

    • Gül ve Diken - Tracy Anne WarrenTracy Anne Warren'e büyülü kalemine tekrar hayran oldum. Serinin ilk macerasinda nefret ettigim Jeannette'nin dilinden anlayan birinin cikip ona ders vermesi cok manidar geldi bana.Kitabin basinda Darragh O'Brien ile karsılastikları sahnede kötü ikizimizin düstügü çamurlu durum tam da layigıni buldu dedirtecek seydi benceHer ne kadar bu karsilasma Jeannette icin cok kötü sonuclara sebepde olsa ikili arasindaki çekimin çatirdilarını hissedebiliyo [...]

    • I was hoping for good things from this book as I love a regency romance. Sadly the main feeling I had during this book was annoyance as I found the romance to be unbelievable. Darragh comes across as a lovely chap and I have no problems with Jeannette falling for him but she is completely spoiled and unlikeable, I have no idea what he would see in her beyond her beauty. The plot is that due to a scandal involving her exchanging places with her twin sister (book one in the series, The Husband Tra [...]

    • I can't really believe the transfromation suffered by Jeanette. She really was a different person at the end of the book.I loved Darragh and he did what he was supposed to do in order to change Jeanette

    • 3.5-4 starsLoved the first one in this series, such an amazing read but the second as I expected, wasn't much of a fan of. The story was interesting and fun and the hero is to die for but the heroine was what/who I had problems with. MAJOR problems with. This honestly would have been 4-5 read if it weren't for Jeannette. She kept ruining it for me.And I tried, lord help me I tried really hard to like or even sympathize with Jeanette but goodness she really tested my patience several times to the [...]

    • Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi sayfasına bulabilirsiniz.Serinin ikinci kitabı da bitmiş bulunuyor. Bu kitaptaki asıl karakterimiz, bir önceki kitabın kötü ikizi Jeannette. Jeannette bu kitabın başında ailesi tarafından İrlanda'ya sürülmüş bir vaziyette. İrlanda'yı çok sıkıcı buluyor ama yolculuk sırasında tanıştığı Darragh O'Brien aslında günlerini ilginçleştiren tek karakter. Kendisi aslında bir kont olsa da bir türlü kıza bunu söyleyemiyor, kız da onu sıradan [...]

    • En merak ettiğim konu serinin ilk kitabında tabiri caizse yazarın adeta nefret ettirdiği Jeannette'yi nasıl seveceğimdi-sevmek zorunda değilim tabi orası ayrı-Bilen bilir kız tam anlamıyla bip,bip bipti.(bip=kötü kelime)Gelin görün ki sanırım sonunda cezasını çekti.Aklı başına geçte olsa geldi :DJeanette ikizi Violet ile yer değiştirdiğinde ortaya çıkan skandal yüzünde İngiltereden uzaklaştırılır.İrlanda'yaDenizi aşıp, yolları geçip kuzeninin evine varmas [...]

    • Gül ve Diken, serinin ilk kitabı Kollarımdaki Yabancı'dan bir tık daha aşağıda kaldı. Sevdim mi? Sevdim. Ama ilk kitap gibi muhteşemdi diyemem.Öncelikle şunu söylemek istiyorum. Aşk romanlarında karakterlerin birbirleriyle didişmelerini severim. Ancak bu konuda ince bir çizgi var bana göre. Bazı yazarların kitaplarında bu çizginin fazlasıyla aşıldığını görmek mümkün. Yabancı ya da türk Fark etmez.Özellikle karakterlerin birbirleriyle adeta sidik yarıştırarak [...]

    • Oh my God! This one ia better than the 1st.Some people may disagree, Well, i must say even this one is longer i never bored not even one second.Some people may dislike Jeanette, but to be honest, her character is intriguing, not average Heroine. She maybe snob, arrogant, overconfident, But she's not whining. Every obstacles and challenges she face it bravely. she's just insecure. and Darragh helps alot. I love him very much.The one thing that bugging me *spoiler* is when Markham come to Darragh [...]

    • Jeannette poznáme ako zlé dvojča rodiny Brantfrordovcov. Pyšné, snobské, rozmaznané dievča, ktoré po celý život dostávalo, čo či zaumienilo. Po poslednom škandále (detaily viď tu: kokinakniznica/201 ), ktorý medzi smotánkou zarezonoval, musela odísť k príbuzným do Írska. Tento "výlet" mal byť pre ňu trestom i poučením. A dá sa povedať, že aj bol. Mladá dievčina mala vždy všetko, čo chcela. Svet sa krútil iba okolo nej, medzi šľachticmi bola mimoriadne obľ [...]

    • I liked it, but it just didn't live up to the first book in the trilogy.Though the sex scenes were far hotter in this addition.I just did not like the female lead for over half the book. She was a whiney, spoiled, snobby, immature snot. BUT she eventually grows up and becomes likable!The plot was hilarious.I loved Darragh! Now I want to find a time machine and go back to the 14oo's so I can find myself a sexy beast of an Irish man!

    • Jeannette yaşadığın her şeyi hak ettin, kocan hariç!!! Kitap bitti ama seni hala sevebilmiş değilim Sonunda da Darragh değil o gidip af dilemeliydi önce Neyse beni çok sinirlendirdi, ama ilki kadar olmasa da kitabı sevdim Serinin son kitabı da umarım güzel olur; Kit ve Eliza'nın hikayesi Hep sevmişimdir böyle kimsenin ilgilenmediği geri planda bulunan kadınların, sosyetenin gözdesi adamlarla olan hikayesini :D

    • Gönlümden geçen 2,5 !Çok basit bir kitaptı. Ya yazarın ilk kitabını okumamış olsaydım , kesinlikle kaleminden şüphe ederdim. Daha farklı ve etkileyici bir konu bekliyordum açıkçası. -_- Boşa zaman kaybı oldu. Bi' kere aşkı hissettirmesi 0 (sıfır) , kıza Darragh'ın ders verdim dediği yerler bsaçmalık. En önemlisi de ''konu şuydu'' diyeceğim tek bir unsur göremedim

    • Rating: 2.5 stars. I'm being generous all because of Darragh. The heroine was annoying as hell. I'm not a heroine hater, and I'm not picky with my heroines either, but I couldn't stand Jeannette! I didn't like her in Husband Trap, and I especially didn't like her in Wife Trap.

    • This one was fun to read,and Warren does a good job of making an unlikable secondary heroine in book #1, The Husband Trap, someone a reader can totally come to love in the second book. Superior character growth!

    • Krásna kniha, ktorá poukazuje na skutočnú lásku, ktorá nie je založená len na materiálnych hodnotách.

    • Yazarın ülkemizde çıkış tarihi oldukça kötü. Yoksa Historical Romance sevenleri çok etkilerdi zamanında.Türü içerisinde kendisine 5 yıldızı layık buluyorum.

    • I don't care for the twin. The hero will be so much better off with somebody elseat was a huge disappointment after the first instalment.

    • I'm surprised at all the reviewers saying how much they disliked Jeannette. I thought she was a rather shallow and even malicious character myself after The Husband Trap (Book 1) which I why I skipped ahead to The Wedding Trap (Book 3). But when that proved unsatisfying, I was tempted enough to check out her story and I have to say, I wasn't too disappointed. First of all, when the story starts, it seems that Warren had already decided to soften the character. Sure, there were remnants of the Je [...]

    • This is the second book in the Trap Trilogy and picks up right after Violet's HEA with Jeannette's exile to Ireland to stay with some distant relatives for the scandal, shame, and trouble she's caused her family (all of which is exposed and are the major plotlines of the first Trap Trilogy book: The Husband Trap.)Detailed plot summary: Jeannette may be exactly what a properly bred lady should be, but to the modern reader she comes across as a stuck up bitch. Besides her shortcomings exposed in t [...]

    • I did not want to read Jeanette's book because I really didn't like her in The Husband Trap. But in this story that reminds me so much of The Taming of the Shrew, I felt terrible for her and detested the hero. It didn't start out that way, in the beginning, the hero was reasonable and Jeanette was behaving like a brat because she couldn't sleep in late. But apparently, the hero is only able to recognize love when he lies to his wife and makes her blunder around burning her hands and feeling usel [...]

    • The heroine is a selfish spoiler brat (and remains one), and the hero is a stubborn troll. They deserve each other.

    • Are you a fan of Irish/Scottish accents? I happen to be a very big fan, and adore books that have characters such as them, since one can almost imagine the way the accent is spoken while the dialogue is being read out on paper. One thing I love about Irish/Scottish characters in books or movies, is that most of them almost seem untamed, proud, free, mischievous and daring. It just so happens that the Irish character in this book is just that.One thing most novels that discuss English society tal [...]

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