I, Monster

I Monster I Monster is a collection of deranged thoughts and deeds from the vilest of the vile Jeffrey Dahmer John Wayne Gacy H H Holmes Gary Ridgway David Berkowitz Aileen Wuornos Ted Bundy and other n

  • Title: I, Monster
  • Author: Tom Philbin
  • ISBN: 9781616141639
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • I, Monster is a collection of deranged thoughts and deeds from the vilest of the vile Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, H H Holmes, Gary Ridgway, David Berkowitz, Aileen Wuornos, Ted Bundy, and other notorious serial killers For fans of crime stories who look for realism, this book is like no other.

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    • Best Read [Tom Philbin] ↠ I, Monster || [Travel Book] PDF ✓
      431 Tom Philbin
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    • I found my first true crime seria killer book I didn't care for. Oh my. This was bad. The writing is horrible and nothing was really put together right in this book. Not good at all.

    • I would have given this a better rating if there had been any sort of context within the book. It's basically a chapter on each one of twenty serial killers with only brief summarizations of their crimes followed by either court transcripts of their confessions, journal excerpts written by the killers themselves, or, as in two of the chapters a compilation of random things the killers said.I'm not sure why the author bothered to write the book at all. One chapter consists solely of the xeroxed p [...]

    • Hopefully this doesn't say something about myself but . . . I actually found the following funny :page 148 : Lucas told Rosenbaum Toole would often crucify his victims , after which Toole would often barbecue and eat them . He himself , Lucas said , never joined Toole in these unholy feasts . " Why not ?" he was asked . "I don't like barbecue sauce ," Lucas said .Utah favorite Ted Bundy from page 30 and 31 : ( Which I will shorten ) " What about Donna Mason ?" " I won't beat around teh bush with [...]

    • This book has got to be the worst on Serial killers. He has included facts on Ted Bundy that are inaccurate. In fact I reviewed this very book on . At the time this book had no reviews. What followed the review was the author writing me because he can't take bad reviews. He had his daughter post a positive review then proceeded to use her account to complain. As in my review I stated that he states facts that are not true. Most of his resources are internet sites. There was no new information. [...]

    • The chapter on Jack the Ripper was two pages long and consisted of two letters supposedly written by him with no real description of his crimes, speculation about the authenticity of both letters, etc. That was disappointing. It was also true of many of the other chapters I started skimming - very little real information on the crimes, including dates and whether certain letters happened before or after certain crimes, which is a problem for those unfamiliar with the timeline of events. There we [...]

    • Read this book at your own risk, even if you find true crime interesting. Some parts I almost felt like crying, I got a stomach ache and it can be difficult to get through but really interesting to see the serial killers point of view. I was disappointed in some parts, like the illegible handwriting of one chapter. I really enjoyed the chapter on H.H. Holmes.

    • Although I found it difficult to give this book a 5 star rating due to the graphic content, I did find the book interesting. I enjoying reading books that in a sense, go inside the person's mind. In this case, the minds were those of the serial killers of the last century. I found the book to be rather hard to take in at times. Decent read, nonetheless.

    • ugh why did I check this book out of the library???!! cuz when I read the first page I could not stopck , disgusting , scared me . the author gives a warning , that you will feel dirty after reading and I did.

    • As everyone has said not a lot of connection here, though it's an interesting idea. One section were all photo copies from a killers diary but you couldn't read the handwriting.Bottom line, good idea poorly/cheaply executed,which is too bad.

    • Very gory and disgusting. All the things I love in a book. This one, however, is so graphic my stomach is still hurting. Read at your own risk.

    • Whew. This is a tough book. I have read a lot of true crime in my life but this one is pretty rough. I struggled with the star rating as I did not want to let my reaction to the book color it's actual goodness/badness. The introduction is really well done and the editors did a pretty good job of putting together a mix of the most infamous serial killers without leaving out a lot of lesser known but at least as horrible criminals. I would say my one complaint would be I would have liked to see a [...]

    • Almost finished. Yes, this book isn't fine literature. but even for a topical book, it just seems poorly done ( reference, other internet site references). But that said, I have a hard time putting it down. Everything I've read on this subject before was outsiders looking in. These words are the insiders looking out. Wow. It's chilling. I have children and very quickly realized what a danger it was to have this book around the house. I'm taking special precautions to always have the book with me [...]

    • This book was a very phoned in effort by the author. It was about 75-85% direct quotations, and the rest was poorly done, mostly paraphrased summaries of who the killers were. There were incorrect facts in a couple of places. There was a chapter that was 34 pages long that had the diary of one of the killers. it was hand written and impossible to read in most places, and the author didn't bother to transcribe any of it. A couple of chapters used sources from the internet, including one chapter t [...]

    • This book was brutal and extremely difficult to get through. Especially the chapter on Westley Allan Dodd, in which case there is his detailed journal about his molestation and murder of 3 children. This is definitely not for the faint of heart but I've always been more interested in why the serial killers committed their crimes rather than the gory details of what they did. And, what you get a sense of is their disturbing and creepy mentality that shows they are almost pure evil. Now this book [...]

    • I'm not sure how to rate this. It was an interesting collection of interviews and information from serial killers, but some of it was so disturbing that I had to skip it. That says a lot for me, I can usually detach and read anything. I am very much against censorship, but I found myself hoping that no young person is able to access this without the parent's awareness, despite the amount of violence they are exposed to on a daily basis. The major problem is that this is just copied from websites [...]

    • Strange and unusual, captivating yet terrifying! What some humans are capable of soon become beyond their own words, yet this is a collection of some of the most horrifying detailed recounts of what, how, who, when, and even why they choose to become what the FBI has termed as a "serial killer". This book is a deep look into some of the most popular or most vile counts of acts of a killer written using their own words. This by no means is a easy book to stomach and many times I had to put it dow [...]

    • Only some parts of this book bothered me. The rest I found a bit blah. A lot of it didn't really give much insight to the psyche of the individuals in this book. Some of it may have been boring because I knew a lot of the history on the killers. I only found one killer absolutely horrifying and that was the section on David Parker Ray. The book goes into much description, more than you will find online. I knew nothing about him. Out of all the serial killers mentioned in this book he was the wor [...]

    • Fascinating to read the words directly from these men (and woman). Shock factor aside, I was most interested in the fact that so many of them were well spoken, could write and articulate well, and could easily have been the writers of crime fiction instead of being the perpetrators of crime fact. There are always exceptions, but I thought they'd all ramble and sound confused but only a few did. Frighteningly enough, that's part of why they got away with things for so long the masks they wear are [...]

    • I love true crime, I find the psychology fascinating however; this book was difficult even for myself. I generally have a stomach of iron when it comes to reading this genre but being inside the minds of the monsters themselves was sickening at times. This is one to read while reading another book as well because you will need a break from it.

    • Chilling but a lot of the material included here can be found in other serial killer comprehensives so there is very little that Is actually new insight. Also, while I am very happy not to read a detailed account of one killer's molestation and murder of a child, the addition of journal entries xeroxed into illegibility is just poor editing.

    • Disturbing, parts were definitely tough to read. Had to put it down at times for a bit! Wish there was more on certain serial killers but overall, if you're looking for info on numerous serial killers, not an awful read. Definitely psychological as it allows you to get into some of the serial killers heads and find out different thoughts of theirs!

    • I satisfied my interest in what killers thought but this was book light on content. This could have been many volumes and then we might have learned something. Instead, it was a CNN headline grabbing style book. I did have to put it down a few times and read something else as I digested the creepiness that is some people.

    • This book is only interesting if you are quite familiar with the serial killers whose writings are included within it. The author's writing is horrible and the extremely short background he provides for each killer is uninformative.

    • This was a good book, but I don't recommend reading it right before bed. It is almost a struggle to read, even during the day.

    • Interesting but too brief at times. Also would have preferred to have at least the latter half of the Dodd journal excerpts transcribed as many of the words were difficult to make out.

    • After reading the reviews for this book, I added it to my Christmas list. I was so excited to read it because it showed promise of something beyond any serial killer content I've read before. People said it was so horrible and graphic, they had to put the book down and take a break from reading it. They had nightmares and locked their doors, etc I was so very disappointed once I read the book. Not only was it NOT horrible and graphic as I thought it would be But it was poorly written and more li [...]

    • I picked this up after seeing “Confessions of a Serial Killer.” I️ wanted to know more about Henry Lee Lucas, the movies main character. I was a little disappointed by the inconsistency of each chapter. Some chapters featured entire diaries of killers and others took very minimal quotes from others. Overall, I learned a lot about some of these people. It was interesting, which I believe is the goal of the book.

    • This book does not contain any unique information, but does enable one researching these monsters to find it all in one place. I have seen complaints about the journal that was included as copied images rather than being retyped. My response to that is yes, it is harder to read, but you really get the sense that you are reading the words of a horrific man who was a child molester and murderer rather than a somewhat removed typed transcript. We can read their words all day long, but if you have w [...]

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