Stroke of Genius

Stroke of Genius Can an artistic geniusCrispin Hawke a brilliant sculptor is revered by the ton His works are celebrated in every fashionable parlor And tales of his fiery bed skills whispered behind every fashionab

  • Title: Stroke of Genius
  • Author: Emily Bryan
  • ISBN: 9780843963618
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Can an artistic geniusCrispin Hawke, a brilliant sculptor, is revered by the ton His works are celebrated in every fashionable parlor And tales of his fiery bed skills whispered behind every fashionable fan.Transform an awkward heiressGrace Makepeace is determined to wed a titled lord, but her Bostonian bluntness leaves much to be desired among the well heeled LondCan an artistic geniusCrispin Hawke, a brilliant sculptor, is revered by the ton His works are celebrated in every fashionable parlor And tales of his fiery bed skills whispered behind every fashionable fan.Transform an awkward heiressGrace Makepeace is determined to wed a titled lord, but her Bostonian bluntness leaves much to be desired among the well heeled London crowd So to gain their acceptance, she commissions the incomparable Crispin Hawke and asks for love lessons on the side.Into the most sought after originalCrispin agrees to school Grace in flirting and the delights of the flesh But when she catches the eye of a marquess, he realizes maybe he s done his job a little too well And suddenly he knows Grace is the one masterpiece he cannot bear to be parted from Without falling for her himself

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    • This is a historical romance between American heiress Grace Makepeace and master sculptor Crispin Hawkins. Grace and her family visit England because her mother wants her to find a titled husband. They hire Crispin to sculpt Grace’s hands, and when he sees her he realizes she is the woman who has been appearing in his dreams. Despite their initial quarrels, Grace also feels a special connection and their love story begins.Crispin is unconventional and charmingly inappropriate. He’s a flawed [...]

    • His cock cheered this information with a standing ovation.Well, that's one of us who's enthused.At first, I wanted to quit reading because the writing was poor. Then, I decided to sit back and enjoy the hilarity. Towards the middle, the hilarity subsided, and it was just a run-of-the-mill "romance" novel. The characters read their lines, and the sex was rote.

    • This is a truly delightful and fun love story. A pull-no-punches, talented, and esteemed artist of questionable birth falls hard for a smart and statuesque Boston heiress who refuses to marry for anything less than true love. Authentic, funny, and heartwarming, this historical romance is a winner.Crispin Hawke is a sexy, arrogant, and supremely confident and talented artist, highly respected (but also whispered about) among polite society. When he meets Grace Makepeace, whose mother has commissi [...]

    • SteamyI like it!I was surprised by how much I liked this story. The whole genius artist meets American in London didn't really interest me. But I thought I would try it out and Im glad I did! This author really knows how to weave a scene and put you under a spell. I liked all the seductiveness in it. Everything was nice and steamy but very tastefully done.It did feel like the ending was a little abrupt and I would have liked an epilogue.But still a great read.k it out!!

    • This book was okay. Nothing special and not anything that I would probably re-read. It reminded me too much of the old harlequin romance novels that I could find in the back of my grandmother's closet. While I would read it, I never knew what I was going to get!

    • I read the back cover blurb of this book and groaned. Haven’t we read this before? But then when I got into the book, there’s a couple things in the blurb that are just plain wrong. So if the same thing happens to you when deciding to try this book or not, read it anyway. Someone didn’t do it justice when they wrote that darned blurb.Grace and her family are visiting England from Boston, and her mother has decided that having a sculpture done of Grace’s hands by premier artist Crispin Ha [...]

    • Originally posted on What I'm ReadingEarly today I finished Stroke of Genius by Mia Marlowe. I must that I did enjoy this steamy read. Believe me there are some pretty hot scenes in this story. However, that's not the only reason I liked the story. So, let me share why I like the story.First off, I'm partial to American heiresses as heroine (not that I'm one, but I just love when Americans cross the pond to stir up trouble. Not intentionally, just happens). Grace Makepeace's mother is hoping tha [...]

    • Overall "Stroke of Genius" is an engaging and at times amusing read. Crispin is a delightful break from the typical British gentry protagonist. What American reader can resist a self made man? And an artist at that! The Makepeace's are a lovely little family. It's a nice change of pace to read about a female character who's NOT so dreadfully all alone in the world. The companionship between Mr. Makepeace and Crispin gave hope to me as the reader and was a fresh change of pace in a novel. Grace a [...]

    • What a terrific book! Grace and Crispin had phenomenal chemistry and wicked banter that left me smiling long after the book ended. Grace is the perfect amount of innocence and curiosity blended with an aloofness that is endearing. Crispin is so different than the typical historical romance hero, a self-made commoner artist with a flirtatious tongue and a bum leg. The sparks flew fast and furious between them. Grace's parents were wonderful additions, especially her dad, also a self-made wealthy [...]

    • DNFat 93 pages in. The premise of the story was good but I just couldn't get into it. The male love interest is just a self absorbed dick and the heiress is just blah. The writing was poor and I really just couldn't get into it. Not to mention that the characters in this book seem to condemn love, especially Grace's stereotypical French maid who just seems to spit on it and thinks it's all useless except for self love. Which just angers me. Now if that is any indicator for the rest of the story [...]

    • First let me say I'm actually only rating this 4.5/5 because the editing errors made me twitch. There really were not that many, but calling Crispin by the name of Crisping stopped the wonderful flow in this book. Don't panic. That one error is not the only reason I dropped half of a star.Now, on to the important stuff. LOVED this book. The characters were fantastic. Crispin with his brooding, his wit, and his talent. Top that all off with a lot of hard work to earn what he has now. You couldn't [...]

    • A new favorite for the genre. HOT encounters, characters you can really come to love, and some surprising twists. I would give my hair for another book about these two, a sequel, even hotter than this one! LOL Only minor complaints, like the overuse of some words, some modern language that didn't fit with the time period, and the ending was SO frustratingly short. No thoughts of contraception, which had to have been on their minds, considering the time period and Grace's precarious place in life [...]

    • I enjoyed the book and liked both characters. Crispin is nice with a touch of Dr. House. Grace is level-headed and curious.The humor was a nice touch and the secondary romance was rather cute.Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the ending. Way too abrupt. After spending so much quality time with the characters, I would have wanted an epilogue or a better resolution for them: Dorset, Olivia, Mr. Wickerly, etc. And again, I want to see Dorset again.

    • Stroke of genius is a great historical romance that has a touch of humor and enough "ooh la la" to keep a secret smile on your face. I loved the characters, they each had there own personality to make them a real player in the book. I loved the build up of the book and was engaged to the end. Unfortunately, the end was a little too abrupt for my taste, but that didn't detract from the story as a whole. Stroke of genius is definitely worth your time.

    • I really enjoyed this book. I loved Cripin and Grace. The sexual tension between the 2 was amazing. I loved the beckering back and forth. It was a very fun read and a really good romance.I would love to read a story about the brother. I think he would make a fun story with his problem and maybe over coming it. also then they could bring Crispin and grace back to help him out.I would recommend this book and I will also try more by this author.

    • Good read. Gentle flirtation that turns the heat up and makes one's heart do flips.Favorite Quotes: Loc. 430"You may drape her with pearls and shower her with diamonds, but nothing so becomes a woman as silence" The next one I thought was funny and sad at the same time: Loc. 1223-1224"Mam'sell, a husband is not to love. A husband is to bring home the money and chop the wood to keep the house warm."

    • The Characters were very likable even if the story was fairly predictable. I really enjoyed the play between Crispin and Grace and the way that the author described the character's thoughts. I can't put my finger on it, it was definatly different from most and took some getting used to, but I grew to enjoy it. I am looking forward to my next Mia Marlowe read.

    • This is a wonderful story with great interactions between all the characters. Even the relationships between the servants and their employers are expressed with such humor that you cannot help but enjoy them. This story includes a hardened man, a woman who does whatever she pleases, a French maid that is willing to explain to her mistress the things she knows of men, and a lot of steamy romance.

    • AhhhCrispin. I think he may be my new favorite romantic hero. Who wouldn't love a uber-talented, smart-alecky sculptor who only wants to be appreciated for what he is inside. This book has some wonderful dialog, and the romance is sweet and convincing. This Kindle book is a great value and a great read.

    • 3.5 really - I found this quite enjoyable. Loved the artist character, but found the ending a little rushed and unsatisfying (the use of the Pygmalion story was great, but it was never finished - very irritating!). Coincidences used to solve plot points were fun, but the story wasn't quite strong enough for the writer to get away with them and not jar the reader.

    • This was actually my second read-through, but no less enjoyable. I loved the interplay between the story of Pygmalion told in the chapter headers, and the action in the story. Didn't realize the first time-- this author now writes under the name Mia Marlowe. (Sort of a pity, since I liked this much better than I've liked Marlowe's paranormal-laced titles.)

    • Satisfying readComplex, colorful characters come to life in this story. Three men vie for an American heiress seeking marriage to an aristocrat. Great chemistry between the heroine and hero.

    • It was the first book I read from Mia Marlowe aka Emily Bryan. I truly enjoyed this historical e-book. It was funny, emotional, and of course some really steamy sexy parts!!! I will definitely buy other books from this author, this one was a freebie, thank you!

    • Really enjoyed this! Mia has a special way with words, both modern and historical, and this book was eminently readable. I flew through Crispin and Grace's story. Nice use of epigraphs to set the scene for each chapter.

    • This is my favourite of Emily Bryan so far. I love that crispin isn't a well bred gent and grace isn't a lady but just very well to do people. I loved the book and story but my only issue is the ending. Their was no epilogue or real ending to other member in book like Mary or grace's maid.

    • I tried to get into this book but it just wasn't working for me. Didn't like the characters, felt the secondary story of the ladies maid and butler was not necessary, felt more like a filler. Mind you the whole scene where he was under the hoop skirt was funny.

    • 4.5 for me. I really liked this book. The H wasn't titled but a self made man. The banter between the H and h was witty and enjoyable. The only fault I had was the ending seemed rushed. It was summed up in just a couple pages with a few loose ends.

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