The Quiet Woman

The Quiet Woman After a Chernobyl like accident at a fast breeder reactor on the north coast of France Britain is shrouded in radioactive fall out When her best friend is murdered a young writer is forced to make s

  • Title: The Quiet Woman
  • Author: Christopher Priest
  • ISBN: 9780809510634
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a Chernobyl like accident at a fast breeder reactor on the north coast of France, Britain is shrouded in radioactive fall out When her best friend is murdered, a young writer is forced to make sense of the deadly world she now occupies.

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      156 Christopher Priest
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      Christopher Priest was born in Cheshire, England He began writing soon after leaving school and has been a full time freelance writer since 1968.He has published eleven novels, four short story collections and a number of other books, including critical works, biographies, novelizations and children s non fiction.He has written drama for radio BBC Radio 4 and television Thames TV and HTV In 2006, The Prestige was made into a major production by Newmarket Films Directed by Christopher Nolan, The Prestige went straight to No.1 US box office It received two Academy Award nominations Other novels, including Fugue For a Darkening Island and The Glamour, are currently in preparation for filming.He is Vice President of the H G Wells Society In 2007, an exhibition of installation art based on his novel The Affirmation was mounted in London.As a journalist he has written features and reviews for The Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, the Scotsman, and many different magazines.

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    • My first contact to Cristopher Priest in long form. Not so fortunate for me.A readable novel, but, because of it`s final scenes, without any discernable meaning, at first glance, at least. Only after I`ve read some of the comments here, the things becomed clearer. Still, there are some things left unexplained. The background image, of a Britain under a nuclear disaster was interesting, though. Also the characters and the writing was good, it was just the misshapen end, that spoils everything.Any [...]

    • ‘It’s the same with the books I like to read. A book should seem to reveal something about its author, and there should seem to be intimate details of the author’s life coming out. But there should also be little facts that don’t add up, that misdirect the truth…’‘…There’s nothing unique about this, because a lot of writers do it. I suppose this is a warning. When you find my books you will be right to make assumptions about me from them, but you will be wrong to make too many. [...]

    • I’ve spent nearly 12 of the past 36 hours on trains, so have a backlog of reviews to write. This was my first train book, a title found in the dystopia keyword search. Like the majority of the dystopia keyword list that I’ve read to date, I don’t consider it a dystopia. It reminded me of Rule Britannia, the Daphne du Maurier novel in which America invades England. ‘The Quiet Woman’ also depicts ominous disaster impinging on a bucolic rural cottage occupied by a woman. ‘The Quiet Woma [...]

    • Written in 1990, though it seems to have been updated around 2005as this edition includes references to the internet and other devices that were unknown back then. The story features some quite vivid characters and makes interesting shifts of perspectives. The background story is of the secret state/ undercover surveillance world covered in "Edge Of Darkness" in the mid 80s, but the nuclear references here are fairly incidental, and the Hilda Murrell story is another obvious allusion. It has an [...]

    • Weird- couldn't relate to this one- he must have been on something that made this seem as though it had more content!

    • Feels like a missed opportunity. Good until halfway, then it starts becoming confusing. I found the chapters dealing with Gordon's job extremely boring.

    • (Read my review in English)J'ai découvert Priest récemment avec Le Prestige, bien décidée à approfondir l'œuvre de cet auteur qui m'a violemment tapé dans l'œil.J'ai encore Le monde inverti dans ma PAL mais j'avais depuis plus longtemps encore Une femme sans histoire, et mon choix s'est arbitrairement porté sur ce dernier.Tout d'abord je ne comprends pas ce qui justifie de classer ce roman dans la SF, ça reste un mystère pour moi. J'hésite même à le classer dans les thrillers. Ceci [...]

    • Towards the end of this book, when the protagonist Alice finally manages to drag out of her antagonist George some kind of explanation as to why her manuscript has been seized, she is told this:"The depiction of characters is sketchey, and only the most shallow of motives are attributed to them to explain their actions[]The text changes direction unexpectedly[]Parts of the story appear to have been left out. There are implausible coincidences. You seem anxious to explain many things, but the rea [...]

    • Esta novela es probablemente la menos conocida de Priest aun cuando fuera escrita en su época de madurez (después de La afirmación y El glamour; antes de El prestigio). Algo que se explica cuando uno descubre el tremendo desequilibrio que presenta entre su trama y el subtexto sobre el cual se levanta.The Quiet Woman es una novela de intriga criminal que destaca por el virtuosismo con el que introduce una distopía; cómo la narración crece a partir de lo particular y se abre lentamente el fo [...]

    • It reminded me of The Leftovers, by Tom Perotta, because there's mention of a catastrophe that has happened - an accident at a nuclear power plant in this case - but it never leaves the background, it's just an unsettling event that triggers the plot and creates the setting, but it never takes the center stage.The book's very short and it alternates points of view - most of it is 3rd person and these are the parts that focus on Alice, a writer whose latest book manuscript has been confiscated by [...]

    • An enjoyable read, but also a confusing and somewhat fragmented one. I really liked the setting and backstory and found the characters expertly developed and fascinating, as I have come to expect from Mr Priest. However, I finished the book wanting more ( it could have been longer) and wanting more answers. The backstory of nuclear fallout didn't really go anywhere, and the alternating chapters left me somewhat puzzled and confused, and in parts, were a little too graphic for my taste. The Quiet [...]

    • In general, I love the mind-bending quality of Priest's novels. There's often a twist (or two or three) that leaves you wondering what the hell you just read.I guess I'm missing something here, because I didn't see the twist. All I've got is the "wondering what the hell I read" feeling. Maybe the construction is too subtle for me, like a flavor I can't quite taste.

    • Christopher Priest is a favourite writer of mine, his books are usually original, inventive and excellent, but I don't actually remember this book, and on my spreadsheet of books I have read I have put "OK," so I guess this one wasn't one of his best.

    • Unsettling and sweaty. Christopher Priest goes back to his obsession of reality and imagination. What is real? I love this guys work.

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