The Modern Blacksmith

The Modern Blacksmith None

  • Title: The Modern Blacksmith
  • Author: Alexander G. Weygers
  • ISBN: 9780671609269
  • Page: 273
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      273 Alexander G. Weygers
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    About “Alexander G. Weygers

    • Alexander G. Weygers

      Alexander G Weygers was a polymath American artist who is best known as a sculptor, painter, print maker, philosopher, and author He was born in Java, Indonesia, to Dutch parents Gaining his formal education in the Netherlands, Weygers was a practicing engineer when he immigrated to the United States of America at the age of 30 to take residence in Seattle.Weygers returned to Java in 1923, and his fiancee, Jacoba Hutter, joined him there from Holland in 1924 They were married in Java, but since she could not adjust to the tropical climate, they emigrated to the United States, where she later died in child birth He was devastated by the death of his wife, and decided to abandon engineering for art He studied at the Chicago Art Institute, where he was taught by the sculptor, Lorado Taft Following that he studied various aspects of art in the European centers that were renowned for the areas that interested him Moving to California in the 1930s, he established a studio in Berkeley and began teaching.In 1937 Alexander Weygers was recognized with a solo exhibition at the Cliff Hotel in San Francisco and was featured at the Oakland Art Gallery His work was accepted into the San Francisco Art Association SFAA exhibitions of 1937 and 1938.The San Francisco Chronicle which began a discussion of Weygers by stating that they were never given to idle flattery , stated that Alexander Weygers as a modern Leonardo da Vinci and continued, He commands attention because he is a success by any standard of excellence in half a dozen professions a sculptor of heroic dimensions, an inventor, a marine, mechanical, and aeronautic engineer, an artist with a camera, a designer and illustrator, and a virtuoso practitioner of endgrain half tone wood engraving He is also blacksmith, machinist, carpenter, electrician, plumber, toolmaker, and beekeeper He is further a teacher and a reluctant prophet upon whom the admiring descend Before 1940 his work was included in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C and was recognized as an artist of national significance.In 1941 he entered the U.S Army and his command of Malay, Dutch, Italian, German, and English led to his assignment to the intelligence operations.He received a patent from the U.S Patent Office for his discopter in 1943 and his design has served as the prototype for other similar disk and hovering aircraft that have been developed up to the present day 2 During his service in the army he was given a Carmel Valley property where, over several decades, he and his new wife, Marian, would build a retreat with a residence and studios, while he pursued his career teaching at Berkeley.Besides his artwork in sculpture, painting, photography, and wood engraving he is a published author in as diverse fields as philosophy, blacksmithing, and the creation of tools Some of his most popular titles are The Modern Blacksmith, The Making of Tools, and The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools, the first is sometimes described as the bible of blacksmiths All of these have been compiled into a publication released in 1997 under the title, The Complete Modern Blacksmith.Weygers philosophical view was agnostic and he asserted that Truth was the source of life being defined as the forces and concise designs inherent in Nature and her works One of his students, Peter B Partch, states that Weygers equated Nature with the concepts of deity among human cultures, and defined Nature as the all encompassing truth motivating all universal unseen forces, being self governing and creating rock, plant, and animal evolution bound Further, he relates that Weygers advocated that one should live life to the fullest , by which he meant doing what one desires in life for the love of it rather than for fame or financial gain Through living simply, and in accordance with his philosophy, each would gain the ultimate freedom possibl

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    • Weygers was my 1st introduction to the world of blacksmithing, he was and outstanding illustration artist an explained how to do basic blacksmithing in easy to understand terms. The strength of this book is that you see what he is doing as well as can understand what he is talking about because he illustrated what was being done So if you want a GOOD introduction to blacksmithing this is the book to get.!

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