The Judas Syndrome

The Judas Syndrome It s the end of the world do you know who your firends are Joel and his friends are on the verge of graduation and excited and optimistic about their futures But when they return from a camping trip

  • Title: The Judas Syndrome
  • Author: Michael Poeltl
  • ISBN: 9780557085248
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the end of the world, do you know who your firends are Joel and his friends are on the verge of graduation and excited and optimistic about their futures But when they return from a camping trip in the remote woodlands to find themselves faced with a post apocalyptic world, their daily lives acquire burdens and terrors hitherto unexperienced The Judas Syndrome is anIt s the end of the world, do you know who your firends are Joel and his friends are on the verge of graduation and excited and optimistic about their futures But when they return from a camping trip in the remote woodlands to find themselves faced with a post apocalyptic world, their daily lives acquire burdens and terrors hitherto unexperienced The Judas Syndrome is an unforgettable portrait of survival against the odds the Judas Syndrome.

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      EXCITING NEWS A.I Insurrection is available NOW This SciFi novel has taken me on quite the journey unexpected at times Artificial intelligence claims sentience, but it s the proof that will divide the world, and usher in the violent end to utopia book show 3Michael Poeltl was voted Best Writer Author for 2010 in October by View Magazine A weekly alternative newspaper reaching over 1 million potential voters viewers Poeltl has released a general fiction novel Her Past s Present, a children s novella West of Noreaso, A Dytopian Trilogy The Judas Syndrome, the Hello Me series teaching children and adults alike the science of their spirit, and in 2015 Waning Metaphorically A collection of short stories An Angry Earth A cautionary tale of ignorance and the apocalypse which is an illustrated Picture book, was released in October of 2016 Always grateful for the opportunity to get my books and ideas out there and into the hands of readers Visit my Facebook page Michael Poeltl facebook fanpageAlso find me on Twitteras mpoeltlauthor Find all my books on by clicking here, in paperback and ebook formatBorn in Toronto, Ontario, Michael Poeltl earned his diploma in Interpretive Illustration and began a career in the field while educating himself on the art of writing Writing quickly became his passion and after completing several shorts, he undertook The Judas Syndrome trilogy Poeltl lives in Southern Ontario, Canada.

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    • I did not think this would be my "type" of book, but I could not put it down. I became absolutely fascinated with the characters and their development as human beings. I found myself turning the pages with more and more anticipating as to how the story would unfold. I would absolutely recommend this novel to anyone, and I can not wait to read more from this author

    • A very entertaining yet dark look at life after the apocalypse, through the eyes of teenagers who must navigate their new environment. I liked the undertones of religion, and the ever-present question of whether to keep hope alive in a seemingless hopeless environment. A cross between The Road and Lord of the Flies.

    • Okay, so supposedly, when you see a bad review, it's a case of the book not living up to the expectations of whomever purchased it. That makes sense. You rarely see reviews that state something like, "I absolutely loathe horror stories. So in a masochistic fit I picked up Seven Co-eds Get Horribly Murdered In A Haunted House. It was a horror story. I hated it." (And if you do write that review, you deserve to be smacked upside the back of the head Gibb's style.)No, usually bad reviews go somethi [...]

    • There are a few things that confused me about this book but overall I did enjoy it and I'd like to read the sequel that I saw that the author is writing. In my opinion there were a few too many characters. They were hard for me to keep straight most times. By the middle I had a decent grasp on each and I have to say that each brought something to the story, but there definitely were many of them. As for the few things I didn't understand - they were relatively minor but at the same time I did no [...]

    • This was such a good read, I was really impressed with the story line. It's a dark and brooding tale yet hope is interlaced throughout, at least up until the ending when things take a turn for the worst. I had trouble putting it down the first night and finished it in one day. That says a lot to me when I just can't let go of a story and finding out what is going to happen next. After finishing this book I couldn't get it out of my head and doubt I ever do.

    • Although I don't usually read apocalyptic fiction, the internet buzz about The Judas Syndrome was so intense that I decided to check it out. I'm glad I did!The Judas Syndrome is the story of a small group of teenagers who go on a camping trip to escape the pressures of school and jobs, only to find a burned-out, dead world upon return. Eternal night descends upon the globe. Darwinism rules the day, and only the strong survive.Highly recommended.

    • This book was sent to me by a GoodReads friend (THANKS JEANNIE!) who thought I would enjoy it. It was not an awful story and I am glad I read it, and was grateful for the recommendation.That said, I had a lot of problems with it. I love post-apocalyptic books, the whole survival angle of regular people dealing with life post-catastrophe-of-the-day. In this book, the main group of survivors, some teenagers, did a BANG UP JOB of living and taking care of themselves after the disaster. Too good of [...]

    • Exciting new Apacolypse book, September 3, 2012 By Micki Peluso (New York, USA) This review is from: The Judas Syndrome: Book one in The Judas Syndrome series (Paperback) The Judas SyndromeA trilogy by Michael PoeltlJoel Speaks:Joel is about to graduate from high school when his life is turned upside down; along with a group of friends he's known since Kindergarten days. In three weeks his life will never be the same. Until that day, his last days of summer are spent with his closely knit group [...]

    • This is the review I first posted on a while back, with a few additional thoughts added at the bottom:This is a pretty intense book that I think will polarise readers - they are either going to love it or hate it. It deals openly with a number of subjects that more conservative readers will be uncomfortable with, including fairly prolific drug use and some fairly harsh language. Although the main character and his friends are teenagers, this is not a children's book by any means. For me the boo [...]

    • The Judas Syndrome – After the Apocalypse…Rating: 4 of 5 starsAuthor: Michael PoeltlFormat: Kindle, PaperbackAfter weeks of planning, Joel and his girlfriend Sara, along with their group of teenage friends travel hours away from their rural hometown for a weekend of camping and partying. Miles from civilization and off the grid, they enjoy their reprieve from everyday life. But once they begin their journey back, they find no cell service and the radio stations are nothing but static. As the [...]

    • There must be a balance between books and their endings. Some must end happily and others are destined to go the darker route, such as The Judas Syndrome by Michael Poeltl. We are introduced to your average teenagers that are carefree and optimistic about their futures. In an attempt to put off summer jobs and escape the gloom brought on by threats of the apocalypse, the group of teens gather for a camping weekend. Upon returning home, the teens are forced to discover that the threats came true [...]

    • The start of this book begins like an ensemble cast horror flick. A bunch of kids on the cusp of graduation decide to have a last hurrah during a weekend trip in the woods. Thank goodness that they do, because while on the trip their town is obliterated - oh except for Joel's house, which conveniently has a gennie.I had several problems with the book.It was really far-fetched that a group of pot smoking, booze swilling, drug hazed teenagers would be capable or motivated to do ANYTHING they manag [...]

    • 3.5 stars I love post-apocalyptic books, and the idea of a group of teenagers being left alone after a seemingly worldwide nuclear terrorist attack to fend for themselves is a story-line made in my personal book heaven. And in the beginning they react exactly as you would expect a group of teenagers to react thrust into a scary, rapidly changing world - they pretty much go on a permanent bender (hey, I'm sure it wouldn't just be teenagers overindulging in the face of the extinction of humanity!) [...]

    • This is a good story that is worth reading. I would give this a higher rating if not for a few flaws.It is believable that a group of teens in a post-apocalyptic world would do lots of drugs. It is believable that a group of teens that already know how to shoot, camp, and garden could survive in a post-apocalyptic world. It is also believable that teens can be mature and intelligent, and that even teens that seem immature can show their maturity when it counts. However, when all these things com [...]

    • The Judas Syndrome provides an intriguing window into life after a nuclear war. The story focuses on Joel and his group, and the sometimes tense relationship among them brought on by the war’s aftermath, survival, and ongoing drug use that makes life bearable. There is minimal plotting in this straightforward story, but that is done out of necessity, told from Joel’s perspective. Some scenes are slow moving and under the circumstances, survival of Joel’s group is highly improbable, but if [...]

    • The Judas Syndrome starts with a group of young adults on a camping trip before school. A cloud hangs over the trip, namely a terrorist's threat of a nuclear holocaust. The trip itself gives the reader a chance to know these youths and how they react under normal circumstances. When they return, they find that the terrorists have struck, their homes and families are destroyed, and the world is in chaos.How they respond makes up the bulk of the story. They must contend with poisonous rain, lack o [...]

    • "I Loved this book! It's now one of my favourites; It's high attachement to character components are hypnosis, and Micheal does well in this novel with moving the readers' emotions and theories of foreshadowing in every which way, making it almost impossible to put down. Well worth the read for anyone, of any genre!" -Alicia

    • Wow! Not what I expected. Not sure what to expect. Great story. The author really paints a picture. Can't wait to read the next book.

    • I almost decided to pass on writing up this review because I had such mixed feelings about the novel. I actually started and stopped reading about three times before I finally finished. It wasn’t any one thing that bothered me, but a combination of several. It should have, and could have, been a great story. I’ve always enjoyed reading survival types and surviving a nuclear war would certainly be a tough one. Many possibilities for potential problems to crop up.So we have a group of teenager [...]

    • This book was imagined one summer's day from the rooftop of the very house featured in the book. The house and property were real. The people, not so much, at least that's what I have to say. It's the first time in my adult life that a story idea really resonated with me, and I watched the whole thing unfold before me. It took me a year to write this book, but ten more to do anything with it. I'm glad I did. Reader response had me turn the book into a trilogy. Then new stories came to mind. And [...]

    • This is one that had me on the fence the entire time I read it. I could not decide whether or not I hated it, loved it or both. This book, if you make it past the first couple of chapters, will have you wrapped up and wanting more. The author does introduce an abundance of characters that make the mind spin but I believe these were more to "place hold" the story. All in all this is a great find and you will not be disappointed.

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