The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy

The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy The pot thief is back but this time Hubert Schuze larceny is for a good cause He wants to recover sacred pots stolen from San Roque the mysterious New Mexico pueblo closed to outsiders An easy task

  • Title: The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy
  • Author: J. Michael Orenduff
  • ISBN: 9781892343796
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • The pot thief is back, but this time Hubert Schuze larceny is for a good cause He wants to recover sacred pots stolen from San Roque, the mysterious New Mexico pueblo closed to outsiders An easy task for Hubert Schuze, pot digger Except these pots are not under the ground they re 150 feet above it In the top floor apartment of Rio Grande Lofts, a high security buildThe pot thief is back, but this time Hubert Schuze larceny is for a good cause He wants to recover sacred pots stolen from San Roque, the mysterious New Mexico pueblo closed to outsiders An easy task for Hubert Schuze, pot digger Except these pots are not under the ground they re 150 feet above it In the top floor apartment of Rio Grande Lofts, a high security building which just happens to be one story above Susannah s latest love interest Hubie s legendary deductive skills lead to a perfect plan which is thwarted when he encounters the beautiful Stella And when he is arrested for murder Well, he was in the room where the body was found, everyone heard the shot, and he came out with blood on his hands Follow Hubie as he stays one step ahead of building security, one step behind Stella, and one step away from a long fall down a garbage chute.POT THIEF SERIES AUTHOR Mike Orenduff grew up in a house so close to the Rio Grande that he could Frisbee a flour tortilla into Mexico from his back yard, a practice frowned upon by his mother Like his protagonist, Hubert Schuze, Orenduff studied anthropology but never completed a degree in that subject He did eventually receive a masters degree from the University of New Mexico and a doctorate in mathematical logic from Tulane He has taught in New Mexico, Texas, Maine, New York, Wyoming, Bulgaria, Utah, Chile, Louisiana, Bermuda, and Georgia He is married to his high school sweetheart, the noted art historian Lai Chew Orenduff, author of The Transformation of Catholic Religious Art in the Twentieth Century Father Marie Alain Couturier and the Church at Assy, France The Edwin Mellen Press, New York and Wales.

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    About “J. Michael Orenduff

    • J. Michael Orenduff

      Mike Orenduff grew up in a house so close to the Rio Grand that he could frisbee a tortilla into Mexico Despite such antics, he ended up in higher education, teaching at thirteen colleges in eight states and three countries He was also an academic dean three times, an academic vice president twice, a president four times, and a statewide chancellor once His supporters say he welcomes new challenges His critics say he cant hold a job Newt Gingrich, in his book, To Renew America, called Orenduff A hero to the American People for his pioneering work in distance education.After taking early retirement form higher education, Mike embarked on a new career as a fiction writer His play, The Christmas Visitor, has won numerous awards His murder mystery series has also received many accolades The first in the series, The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras, won the Dark Oak Mystery Contest and the Kindle version won the 2010 EPIC Award as the eBook of the Year in the Mystery Suspense Category The second book in the series, The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy, was recently selected as the Fiction Book of the Year by the Public Safety Writers Association Although the Pot Thief books are humorous murder mysteries, they also contain serious treatments of the issue of race and ethnicity Mike and Lai, his high school sweetheart, wife of forty five years and noted art historian, have two grown children Jay is a dean at Columbia University in New York, and Claire teaches art history at Georgia College and importantly is the mother of their grandson, Bram.

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    • Review: THE POT THIEF WHO STUDIED PTOLEMYTHE POT THIEF Series by J. Michael Orenduff is delightful: warm-hearted, full-characterized, humorous mystery--mystery with heart. Protagonist Hubert Schuze (pronounced "shoes") is The Feckless Hero indeed--but he's a sweet guy with a heart of integrity, and a spiritual nature exemplified in his connection to ancient potters, and to the mysteries of the Universe. I call him feckless because he frequently is victimized by others more cold-hearted. As a gra [...]

    • After reading this novel, by J. Michael Orenduff, I think Ptolemy would have been well served studying The Pot Thief. I truly enjoy the adult discussions that Hubie and Susannah and others indulge in. All while enjoying those luscious sounding Margaritas.This go round Hubie gets involved in a murder while trying to support Susannah's love life and also restoring, to their rightful owners, some ancient tribal pottery. Although Hubie is low-tech, he grasps the essentials of technology to find crea [...]

    • The follow up to the Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras is just as good if not better. Hubert Schuze is up to old tricks "acquiring" pots. I won't say stealing, because you can only steal something if it actually belongs to the person you are taking it from. At least, that's how Hubert looks at it. Hubert has a difficult time even locating these particular pots, and in the meantime meets a hot woman, does a little B & E, and gets accused of a murder. How's that for a few day's work? I don't wa [...]

    • The pot thief returns as he hunts for pots stolen from the San Roque pueblo. This sophomore effort was entertaining, and once again I have to say I love the characters J. Michael Orenduff has created. Hubert Schuze is a wonderful protagonist, who works things out after he is once again accused of murder. I like the ending, which was very Agatha Christie like, in which Schuze gathers law enforcement, suspects and many others who have taken part in the investigation and reveals whodunit it. I am l [...]

    • Hubie and Susanna. are back in this 2nd book in the wonderful Pot Thief mysteries. Hubie is a brilliant man who was kicked out of the University of New Mexico when he strayed from an archeology dig and found some artifacts on his own. He previously had earned a degree in business and became an accountant which he hated which is why he returned to school for a master's degree in anthropology and archeology. He eventually learned everything he could about Native American pottery, both ancient and [...]

    • Just a quick review to say that if you like engaging, witty, intelligent easy mysteries, this series is great. When I first saw the title, I couldn't imagine (and thought it was "pot" as in marijuana). I love the Southwest and Native American culture and crafts, so it's great to learn a little more about the pottery while being entertained.

    • Very enjoyable especially for someone living in NM. And I liked the refs to Bernie Rhodenbarr from Lawrence Block's books.

    • THE POT THIEF WHO STUDIED PTOLEMY centers around extremely rare and beautiful Ma pots from the mysterious San Roque pueblo. San Roque is the Spanish name; the Indians refer to themselves as the Ma and these pots are sacred to them. A former UNM professor, Masoir, believes that the recently retired head of the Anthropology Department, Gerstner, never returned them; that he, in fact, stole them.This sets Hubert off to find out if the pots are indeed in Gerstner’s apartment in the Rio Grande Loft [...]

    • In this second 'pot thief mystery', , Hubert, 'the pot thief' is involved with trying to return some ancient ceremonial pots to the people at San Roque---a secret New Mexico pueblo closed from outsiders. In the process of finding these pots, Hubert finds himself in the wrong place at the right time to become a murder suspect. His escapades in getting himself into and out of a 'secure' high rise building are an experience in belly laughs, to say the least. Hubert, and his best friend Susanna, exc [...]

    • I found this to be a most satisfying and entertaining read. This mystery, featuring pot digger and craftsman Hubert Schuze, who plans to break into an apartment to retrieve some sacred Pueblo pots that were stolen by a deceitful professor of anthropology & archaeology, is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I lived for several years, and the author does a terrific job of portraying the distinctive culture and flavor of that area.The book is also very funny, and made me laugh out loud many [...]

    • This series feels like a get-together with friends. I enjoy the characters’ company as much as I enjoy the plots. The intelligence and humor make every page shine, as Hubie steals for the greater good with insights inspired by Ptolemy’s study of the motion of planets. The mystery includes not only ancient and valuable pots that have gone missing but Hubie’s unexpected encounter with a woman who finds him irresistible, his friend Susannah’s latest attempt at romance, and an obscure easter [...]

    • I picked up this author because of my interest in Native American history and art, how collectors think and acquire, and because I know Albuquerque so well. I wasn't disappointed. I like how the author brings in science, philosophy, and anthropology to the story. The writing was a little uneven in places, but generally enjoyable. I had to do some re-reading to get the gist of the progression of the mystery, but that could just be me. I'll probably read more of this series.

    • Hubert , our main protagonist takes a while to get into the meat of his adventure in this second book of the series, but when he gets going the reader is happy to be along for the ride. It is fun to polish up some of the scientific facts you have forgotten since school and to have a few laughs along the way.

    • Fun mystery set in New Mexico dealing with ancient pottery. Characters are likable and interesting. Laugh out loud funny from time to time and a good story. He has 3 more in the series so far and I look forward to reading them as well.

    • Amazing. Out of all the Pot Thief mysteries (and I've read them all) this was my favorite. The connection between earth and sky really resonates in the story and is interwoven in a seamless whole. Funny at a highly intellectual level. Great stuff here.

    • This book just made me want to spend a week in New Mexico eating and drinking!! By the way, Gruet IS really, really good!! (Although, I prefer the Gran Rose)

    • There's nothing i've seen that compares to the New Mexico night sky. Another good read and, once again, it took me right back to New Mexico. This series keeps improving.

    • I'm a sucker for science, puns, NM, unrequited love, margaritas and rellenos. I enjoyed this funny book and I appreciate the many references to other mystery series such as Mrs. Pollifax.

    • Nice mystery but nicer conversations with Hubert and Susannah. I want to pull up a chair, pour a Margarita, and join in. so I read the pot thief books instead.

    • Same as book 1. Book 1 was interesting, but this book was too similar from page 1 to hold my interest. I haven't yet deleted it from my library, may return, but this appears to be a one-trick pony.

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