Alphas' Mate

Alphas Mate When Lacey Roberts visits her beloved godmother the last thing she needs is complications She s on the run helping a woman and child disappear But her godmother s grandsons are definitely complicatio

  • Title: Alphas' Mate
  • Author: Leah Brooke
  • ISBN: 9781606014905
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
  • When Lacey Roberts visits her beloved godmother, the last thing she needs is complications She s on the run helping a woman and child disappear But her godmother s grandsons are definitely complications All four have decided she s their mate To top it all off, she discovers that they re werewolves, Alphas of the pack And they have no intention of letting her go.When Lacey Roberts visits her beloved godmother, the last thing she needs is complications She s on the run helping a woman and child disappear But her godmother s grandsons are definitely complications All four have decided she s their mate To top it all off, she discovers that they re werewolves, Alphas of the pack And they have no intention of letting her go.Lars, Damien, Wes and Seth Tougarret are half brothers, Alphas, kept apart as children Their father s death before they were born divided the pack Because of their grandmother, they ve learned to get along Barely Stunned to learn they share a mate, they must form a bond Especially when they learn someone wants her dead.

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    • Over all the author is not a bad writer, she is clear and tidy in her work. The plot is also interesting and well planned out. However her sex scenes drag on, I know this is an erotic book but 10 pages for a single scene is too long. In fact the book would no doubt only be half the page count if she just took out half the sex.My main problem is with the characters. The men in this book are over baring and demanding. They come across as little more than bullies who use the fact that there are fou [...]

    • Lacey Roberts decides to visit her Godmother for her birthday, knowing that she has to hide out since helping a mother and child get away from an abusive husband. What Lacey does not expect is to find out the tales that her godmother told her about werewolves hold some truth and her grandsons Lars, Damien, Wes, and Seth are the myth come into reality.Lars, Damien, Wes and Seth are stepbrothers but do not have a close relationship with one another, they are willing to put all their issues aside i [...]

    • Ashira Datya’s Review When I began reading Alphas' Mate, I was eager and excited to see what wonderful journey had been created for mine and for all of your reading pleasure. I was expecting the standard Alpha of the pack finds his mate and has to pull colored scarves out of his ass to convince his newly found mate that she is his, and not to run away from him, not that her running would matter. I was very surprised and relieved to find that my expectations were blown so far out of the water t [...]

    • Well, well, well.Dunno about this one. Mènage a *insert number five in french*?Yikes. It's weird. They are werewolves, but not even a pack. ALPHAS. All of them. It should be interesting. And weird. Gonna sneak a peek, pray for me?~•~•~•~•~•~•~3.5 it's new for me I had to get used to it stars. Aaaaalright I'm going to be straight: It impressed me. Actually the writer was able to be very fluent and the read was easy. I liked the fact that it was something different from the genre I u [...]

    • Once in a while I get surprised by a book that really gets to me. And especially since I wasn't expecting at all. From the begging I didn't a big connection with Lacey, and she is the principal character, so I though great another book with a running girl. But damn I was wrong. Lacey is one of the most brave girls that I’ve read so far, she started the book running but with a pretty good reason and everything is explained on the next chapters.This book is about mating with werewolves’, yes p [...]

    • There are really no words to describe this one. Actually there are, but I will attempt to hold my tongue.This book is the worst book I've read this year. One woman is the mate to not one but four half brothers. Who are all Alphas. I found myself wondering if this author could make this work. No she couldn't. For one thing all of the characters in this have no depth to them. There is nothing that resonates with you. While all brothers who have different names of course, appear to be different, th [...]

    • Four estranged and single stepbrothers (wouldn't they be half brothers really?) visit their grandmother on the weekend of her birthday party. Not only are they all single and looking for that special someone - they're all werewolves. When a surprise visitor shows up, all four men instantly know she's the one for him - but not just him, them. They work together to comes to terms with sharing their mate with each other while outside forces try to harm her when she reunites the family pack. She's b [...]

    • This was a fairly decent werewolf menage book. And that totally cracks me up. What a sub genre: werewolf menage. Anyhoo. There was a decent explanation of why she isn't totally freaked out when she finds that werewolves are real. I thought that 4 men in the menage were too many. It is hard to really differentiate so many personalities. Story was okay and the sex okay. I didn't really feel the romantic love though.

    • Although I tend to find Ms Brooke's heroines are way nicer than I could ever picture myself being, I do love the idea of four leading men. The logistics are interesting to say the least, and in this particular case it was lovely to read how the relationships between the heroine and each of her men develop. Too bad this doesn't seem to be part of a series

    • I did like this erotic sexy fmmmm. all guys are half brothers and find out their mate is there grandmother's goddaughter. I did like story but at times the alpha's I'm right and u will be discipline, which really got old but they did find the errors of their ways in end after making her miserable. really good epilogue. great HEA


    • Catching up on reviews.I started this book last week, but forgot to post my review.I did like this book, but had some trouble with the constant conflicts. I understood the reason behind the conflicts, but just kept waiting for it to get over with. I am talking about the relationship conflicts. yes, I understand that it would be very hard for four alpha males to come to some kind of agreement and I understand that the lady would have a hard time coming to terms with overbearing mates, but there w [...]

    • This was a really good book though Lacey kind of annoyed the hell out of me when she wouldn't accept the whole mating aspect. So Lacey comes into town for her godmother's birthday. Her godmother is like her only family. Anyways Lacey runs into her godmother's grandsons and instantly the men know she is their mate. Yep 4 guys are her mate, the problem is they are all Alphas and they don't really get along even though they are all half brothers. So part of the book is spent with Lacey bitching and [...]

    • It was really an enjoying read. The characters are all funny and at the same time, their attitudes are also the same. The big fight was awesome, the one because of the spanking I mean. There are just some issues that I have. First Aaron's change was so big and momental that I have a hard time believing it. It's unrealistic. Next, the ending was stretching too far and far too cocky. The one with Ted. I'd appreciate it more if they have ended it with the you're expecting scene. Then Steven and Sar [...]

    • This book is well written, the plot is interesting and the actions are described clearly. But I really feel like the author is always justifying herself about writing on the subject of menages. Ok, being in couple with more then one partner is not socialy conventional. But readers must be open to the idea to read this book, and it's very annoying when the autor herself write like she's got to justify her story and her character's acts every chapters On the other hand the means characters are a t [...]

    • When Lacey Roberts visits her beloved godmother, the last thing she needs is more complications. She's on the run helping a woman and child disappear. But her godmother's grandsons are definitely complications. All four have decided she's their mate. To top it all off, she discovers that they're werewolves, Alphas' of the pack. And they have no intention of letting her go.Lars, Damien, Wes and Seth Tougarret are half brothers, Alphas, kept apart as children. Their father's death before they were [...]

    • When I read the synopsis I accidentally read the comment about how dimwit the heroine. Ands make me a little lazy to read the story. At first I think its actually the alphas fault! Well, if anyone I just meet say to me to just trust them without telling me anything I think I wouldn't trust them too. But then yeah, I think rather than dimwit, the heroine is really really stubborn and only trust her own instincte should investigate everything about new things! How can she just let everything troug [...]

    • I love a good shifter story and this one had every element I enjoy. Dominant, possessive, hot alphas with a female who won't take any crap from anybody. These four men fall in love with her in their own time which I appreciated. Some books have them all fall in love instantly or at the same time. This was more realistic. Yes, they know they're mates, but they still needed time to fall in love. The sex was beyond hot, these guys are seriously yummy. The plot kept moving and kept me interested. Th [...]

    • The reason I gave 4 stars: THE CHARACTERS.OK. The thing I loved the most: HER. She was amazing. She doesn't just conform to them, she fights it every step of the way, and I LOVED it. I get how she falls prey to the attraction, and omg, her character is perfect [so far].I don't really care much for the sex. Actually, i'd rather it wasn't there in the first place and kinda [did] hate it, but I knew what I was getting into so I can't really complain now can I?Oh my gosh. She fought back. I love her [...]

    • Overall this story was good. There were spots where I just wanted to scream where it focused too long on certain details. I also got tired of Lacey's attitude at the beginning. Another thing was that there was not enough time spent on parts like where Steven's mom takes Lacey and when the wolves catch up with them. How can Aaron go from pure hatred for the people and pack and suddenly change his attitude in a few seconds? To me it was a big part in the book and it was written in like a page. It [...]

    • I don't read books with women in very often anymore, they're usually whiney wimpy b*tches. I liked that Lacey was all alpha female and stood up for herself without the hissy fits. I liked that they all didn't fall in love instantly and the men had very different personalities.What I didn't like is the fact I picked this book because it was listed on lots of the "pregnancy" lists, and she doesn't even get pregnant till the last 4% of the story and I don't even get to meet the baby!

    • This was a surprisingly good considering how short it was. Ms. Brooke fit a lot of suspense and hot werewolves into a few pages. The plot is well thought out and the characters are lovable and really hot. Ms. Brooke also writes some of the hottest menage sex on the market today. I love her writing and can't get enough. I some times wish she would write more so I would always have something from her to read.

    • my first paranormal werewolf erotic and it was as bad as i had thought it will bei saw the book as very easy to read for a first timer, add a lesson in basic werewolf stuffi however found myself hoping over the looong sex scenes, the use of my mate my mate became infuriating over time. Lacey was one annoying lady to ass to the mix. all in all 3 stars , not bad for a firsttimer.

    • to make this simple i couldnt finish it. it was slow going and the writing irritated me. it was constant stop go through out the first couple pages. i couldnt get into it but i will give it a try another time. if anything changes then i will change my rating and my comment towards it but for now it is a big no on this book.

    • Alpha MCs were manipulative bullies. Their grandmother (the heroine's godmother) was manipulative. Heroine was wishy washy with no backbone - she did not walk her talk. There was no relationship development - just werewolf and mate rules and procedures. Not romantic at all. Sex was really bad and boring. Foreplay was nonexistent. The sex talk was only between the MCs.

    • What happens when you have one home and four different Alpha's? Well you hope one of them finally settles down. When each of them finds their mate it becomes interesting. To say the least they all will learn the art of working together. Good read, really enjoyed the story and made me laugh at how men in general react.

    • I have to say that I love their grandmother/godmother and Victor. I was kind of hoping they would have more comments back n' forth. But I'll take what I can get. I really this this book. This book was a first for me by this author.I would like to see if the author would deem worthy of making another addition to this book. A squel maybe?

    • What I wouldn't give to have 4 alpha's fawning over me all the time! I could only wish my sex scenes would cover 10 pages in a novel. HOT! This is actually my fourth time reading it, and all the sex scenes are bookmarked. Better than video porn for me! As I'm a submissive (well, actually a switch), I definitely appreciate that Lacey can give as good as she gets.

    • This is literally one of my favorite books to read. I love all the characters in this book-- from the overbearing brothers to the annoying FBI agent. There is not a single character that disappoints. The conflict in this book is also something to look forward to if you decide to read this book.

    • Leah Brooke writes most often as a vehicle to include sex. It is too transparent and the plots and characters are weak. I liked the premise of a were wolf pack struggling to survive and the structure of the membership. Other than that, it was not compelling.

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