She Lover Of Death

She Lover Of Death There s been rising concern in Moscow over a wave of suicides among the city s young bohemians An intrepid newspaper reporter Zhemailo begins to uncover the truth behind the phenomenon that the vict

  • Title: She Lover Of Death
  • Author: Boris Akunin
  • ISBN: 9780753827215
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s been rising concern in Moscow over a wave of suicides among the city s young bohemians An intrepid newspaper reporter, Zhemailo, begins to uncover the truth behind the phenomenon that the victims are linked by a secret society, the Lovers of Death But Zhemailo is not the only investigator hot on the heels of these disciples of the occult Little do they realiseThere s been rising concern in Moscow over a wave of suicides among the city s young bohemians An intrepid newspaper reporter, Zhemailo, begins to uncover the truth behind the phenomenon that the victims are linked by a secret society, the Lovers of Death But Zhemailo is not the only investigator hot on the heels of these disciples of the occult Little do they realise that the latest convert to their secret society, assuming the alias of a Japanese prince, is none other than Erast Fandorin But when a young and naive provincial woman, Masha Mironova, becomes embroiled in the society, and Zhemalio dies a mysterious death, Fandorin must do than merely infiltrate and observe Especially when the spin of the Russian roulette wheel decrees that our dashing hero be the next to die by his own hand Can Fandorin fake his own demise, all while outwitting the cult s dastardly leader

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    About “Boris Akunin

    • Boris Akunin

      Real name Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili Russian Georgian lso see Grigory Chkhartishvili , born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1956 Since 1958 he lives in Moscow Writer and translator from Japanease Author of crime stories set in tsarist Russia In 1998 he made his debut with novel Azazel to English readers known as The Winter Queen , where he created Erast Pietrovich Fandorin B Akunin refers to Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin and Akuna, home name of Anna Akhmatova, Russian poet.In September of 2000, Akunin was named Russian Writer of the Year and won the Antibooker prize in 2000 for his Erast Fandorin novel Coronation, or the last of the Romanovs Akunin also created crime solving Orthodox nun, sister Pelagia, and literary genres.His pseudonyms are and In some Dutch editions he is also known as Boris Akoenin.

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    • Back to the ever evolving Erast Fandorin series where the style changes from book-2-book with this one written through the eyes of a young girl (18 that is) who has jus left Irkutsk for the bright lights of Moscow society, inter-spliced with news clippings from a Moscow news reporter & reports from a “spy”! Our young lady is for reasons that soon become apparent the centre of attention & it’s her story that is front & centre in the early exchanges. Erast is no-where to be seen [...]

    • This and 'He Lover of Death' are two intertwined novels, as can be guessed from the names. While the two mysteries are separate, they happen at roughly the same time. When Fandorin disappears from one book for a few days, he's busy on the other case - while the other cast continue of their separate paths.'She' is a bohemian, slightly absurd mystery of a death cult. 'He' is a tale of low-life criminals and gangs, an almost rags-to-riches treasure hunt. Both have their femme fatales, as well as p [...]

    • In this the eighth installment of the Erast Fandorin series, the author changes his usual narrative style to tell this story via several different points of view. A young girl's journal, newspapers, the reports of an undercover agent, and even poetry all come together to weave a somewhat bizarre tale of a suicide club in Moscow. While suicide clubs are definitely not a new phenomenon in the rest of Europe, in Moscow they have been previously unheard of until now, at the dawn of the new century. [...]

    • took a little while to get used to his style of writing but gradually enjoyed the russian sherlock holmes in the case of a suicide club

    • I read this novel in Russian. She Lover of Death is the eighth installment of Boris Akunin's most famous historical detective series (each novel is set in late 19th-early 20th century) featuring the intrepid super-sleuth Erast Fandorin. As the 20th century unfolds, Moscow in 1900 is gripped by an epidemic of suicides by young people who belong to a secret club of Death's worshippers led by an all-powerful Doge whose members receive signs telling them it is their turn to die. Racing to stop the r [...]

    • Читала книгу, когда еще училась в институте, захотелось перечитать и это того стоило. Люблю Акунина. Интересно, легко, отвлекает от реальности и дает пищу для размышлений.

    • Ещё один двойной цикл в цикле романов о Фандорине, уже второй. Для справки – под первым циклом я подразумеваю «Особые поручения». Их объединял герой – Анисий Тюльпанов. Здесь же объединяющим фактором становятся время и место. Обе повести (вторая – «Любовник смерти») проис [...]

    • I needed to read a Russian mystery book for a reading challenge and Boris Akunin was the author’s name that consistently appeared on Google searches so I thought I’d give one of his novels a try. One day I had a few minutes in an independent bookstore prior to having to dash to catch a train so I grabbed this one solely based on the gorgeous cover.“She Lover of Death” is a mystery set in Moscow at the turn of the 20th century. There is a wave of suicides and all the victims are leaving d [...]

    • Each of Akunin's Fandorin books tackles a different genre. She Lover of Death is both a coming of age story and a nineteenth century adventure detective novel (inspired by Stevenson's "The Suicide Club" stories). It's an engaging story, told from three different viewpoints, each by a character with a secret. Because of the different narrators, we get to see Fandorin from several points of views although he is not always the focus of the narrative. The character the book focuses on mainly is Mash [...]

    • The hero of this series is Erast Petrovich Fandorin of course, but the main character is often someone else, like in this installment where we follow a young woman involved with a "suicide club". The result is far from good. Call the lass silly or stupid or immature or all of the above - interesting or charming she is NOT. And the story itselfThe fact that all the murder victims are perfectly willing, no eager, to do away with them selfs for willy-nilly reasons, finding death romantic and desira [...]

    • This is a bizarre story, told in 3rd person (by the author), via the diary of Marya Mironovna (or Masha, later on Columbine) and through the newspaper articles of Lavr Zhemailo at different points in the book. Masha - who has just turned 18 - decides to leave Irkutsk, her home town, for Moscow were she is keen to join a secret club of people who see suicide as a worthy act - a poetic act of beauty. She succeeds in this and meets lots of arty types who all recite their macabre poetry during their [...]

    • Akunin, as those who read or have heard of his Fandorin novels know, aims to write each volume in a particular genre of crime fiction. This one deals with decadence in turn-of-the-century Moscow. A suicide club has formed and it attracts aficionados from all rungs of society. Written in the multi-person perspective familiar from previous books, here we have the story as seen by a young girl arrived in Moscow from the provinces, a newspaper journalist investigating the club, and the police. Bohem [...]

    • There's a secret poetry society in Moscow. Always and only 12 members, and led by the enigmatic Prospero. "Lucky" members are chosen, and must commit suicide after writing a farewell poem. Columbine (Maria from Irrkutsk), follows Cherubino (Piotr) to Moscow and is drawn into the group. Also Genji (Erast Petrovich Fandorin from Moscow), who wants to destroy the group, but without causing a mass suicide of its members. Thus he patiently investigates the deaths, with Columbine as an unexpected assi [...]

    • I'll concur with the reviews I've seen on about this one. It's not the best Fandorin novel. It may be the weakest I've read. But overall, I still love the series and the characters. I'm interested in how "He Lover of Death" (the next book and what seems like a companion piece) will play on this opinion once I've read that one.I realized in this book that the reason I love the other books is because I love the narrators or supporting characters. I didn't really enjoy Columbine (Masha). I grew ti [...]

    • well, I don't really know what to say about it. It's my first time reading a book by this author, who is Russian, and therefore the book was translated into English. I believe that something was lost in translation. I found the story to be disjointed, the main character (Fandorin) to be vapid, and the interaction between characters to be flimsy. The story is told by several different characters; the only character to have any interaction to Fandorin is Columbine, a young peasant girl who moves t [...]

    • In 1900 Moscow is abuzz with a rash of suicides, and rumours that a suicide club is in operation somewhere in the city. The Lovers of Death, a group of misfits under the charismatic leadership of a man named Prospero, meet weekly to discuss which of them will be the next to meet the long-desired embrace of death. Erast Fandorin joins the Lovers of Death in the guise of a Japanese prince and attempts to get to the bottom of it all.The story is told from the points of view of two of the Lovers: Co [...]

    • This was my first venture into the world of Erast Fandorin. I chanced upon it in my local library and chose it entirely because of the vintage appeal of the cover, and because I'd never read any historical mystery/crime located in turn of the 20th century Russia. I thought the subject was rather intriguing and very tongue-in-cheek: a suicide club investigated for murder! It took me a little while to read the book - I found the third person narrative a little bit tortured and was disappointed bec [...]

    • I really like Erast Fandorin books and it has been a while I read any of this series, but this one left me a bit of a strange feeling. Erast is appearing under the surname Nameless and he is investigating privately and not from the side of the law. I have missed some books from before so that's probably the reason I am a bit lost, but it is still the same calm but secretive Erast. This time he is following the Lovers of Death, a secret community in Moscow who seem to worship Death and be involve [...]

    • Я давно уже собираю коллекцию из книг о Фандорине, вот недавно прикупила ещё две недостающие книги, и решила перечитать. Первый раз читала лет 7-8 назад.В "Любовнице смерти" речь идёт о расследовании серий самоубийств, которые охватили Москву на рубеже 19 и 20 веков. Ниточки при [...]

    • I love this series and the other books have been wonderful, but this one is not on my list of recommended reading. The book's premise of a group of healthy young adults coming together to worship and commit suicide was just a bit too much. I am not familiar with any cases such as presented in the book - and my head says that after the first "death" the group would have broken up very quickly. Mr. Akunin and the translation by Adrew Bromfield is up to the usual excellent quality - but the plot wa [...]

    • გარემოებათა გამო ეს აღმოჩნდა სერიის პირველი წიგნი რომელიც წავიკითხე. შეიძლება ძალიანაც კარგია, როგორც #8, მაგრამ პირველისთვის აშკარად ვერ გამოდგა, ამიტომაც ჩემი შეფასება ვერ იქნება ობიექ [...]

    • This was the first Erast Fandorin novel I've read, and maybe it would have helped to read them in order. As it was, I wonder if the translation was off a little, as the word choices were often pretty strange. I could tell that the author was going for a 1900 feel to the language, but I don't think it came across well in translation. As for the plot - it was pretty thin.Between the strange stylization and less than engaging story, I'll not be likely to try the other Akunin books.

    • Not my favourite Fandorin tale (and in IMHO a clunky translation of the title from Russian). The plot revolves around a suicide club in fin-de-siècle Moscow. The story is told through a range of newspaper articles, diary entries and letters. But by the time the big finale arrived I just found myself thinking it was all rather silly. Will be interesting to see any overlap in He Lover of Death, the book covering the case Fandorin is investigating as the same time as this one.

    • Enjoyed this latest Fandorin novel, even though the actual plot had some holes in it. However, the characters and setting were interesting. Fandorin penetrates a Suicide Club called the Lovers of Death, when there is suspicion that members are being tricked into killing themselves. An intriguing blend of mysticism and the bizarre. As always, Fandorin is an interesting character. Didn't like the title though

    • This one has a slow start, but goodness how good it was in the end! The plot revolving around a suicide club is intriguing and works beautifully. Columbine has similarities to Varja in The Turkish Gambit, and I found them both annoying time to time. Otherwise the characters were excellent and well portrayed, and Erast Fandorin continues to be simply superb. I also liked Erast's passionate speech regarding the new century and technology - the hot subject for people during fin de siécle.

    • Well, I thought I was done with old Erast Petrovich Fandorin, but now I see there are two more books after thisd I shall read them, why stop now?! I liked this one. Columbine bugged me somewhatI guess at the time, when Spiritualism and all that stuff was big, having a suicide club wouldn't be that surprising. This book was told from her perspective, and Erast, he doesn't play a monumental role in this one, apart from figuring it all out in the end.

    • Not the best akunin ever. The characters are rather shallow (even Fandorin, seriously), and the plot a bit too sensationalist for me. Still, as in any other Akunin's book, you can expect fine writing style, smart jokes and just a very special atmosphere of the Russia of the turn of the centuries that only he can create.

    • Ironically, She Lover of Death is one of the more upbeat of the Fandorin books and like Leviathan one in which he is seen entirely through other character's eyes. I liked the multiple narrarator and various voices device (newspaper columns, diaries, official reports) and while the villain was pretty obvious a fun book.

    • This time Erast Fandorin infiltrates a suicide club that is operating in Moscow, with the premise that an unknown puppet master is manipulating a mixed bunch of romantic types who are affected by a kind of fin de siècle nihilism. It stretches credulity somewhat, but as always with Akunin, is well constructed and features some lovely writing.

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