The Awakeners

The Awakeners Come to the world of the River Come to a world distant in time and space a world where the pace of life is counted by tides of the great River but where as in the river itself there are swift dark

  • Title: The Awakeners
  • Author: Sheri S. Tepper
  • ISBN: 9780006482710
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Come to the world of the River.Come to a world distant in time and space, a world where the pace of life is counted by tides of the great River, but where, as in the river itself, there are swift dark currents flowing under a placid surface.Meet Pamra Don a young woman scarred by her mother s death, lured to a preist hood where the truth must be hidden from the faithful.Come to the world of the River.Come to a world distant in time and space, a world where the pace of life is counted by tides of the great River, but where, as in the river itself, there are swift dark currents flowing under a placid surface.Meet Pamra Don a young woman scarred by her mother s death, lured to a preist hood where the truth must be hidden from the faithful And meet Thrasne, a young boatman who trades from town to town, free from the iron control of the towers of the Awakeners, and the priests of the world of the River free, that is, as long as he never speaks his mind These two, by design and accident both, are about to discover many truths And on the Northshore of the River, the truth can kill you.

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    • Sheri S. Tepper

      Sheri Stewart Tepper was a prolific American author of science fiction, horror and mystery novels she was particularly known as a feminist science fiction writer, often with an ecofeminist slant.Born near Littleton, Colorado, for most of her career 1962 1986 she worked for Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, where she eventually became Executive Director She has two children and is married to Gene Tepper She operated a guest ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.She wrote under several pseudonyms, including A.J Orde, E.E Horlak, and B.J Oliphant Her early work was published under the name Sheri S Eberhart.

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    • ‘Despertar’ es una novela de ciencia ficción escrita en clave de fantasía que transcurre en un planeta lejano, en un tiempo también lejano, en el que conviven humanos, que han olvidado la gloria de tiempos pasados y viven como en el medievo, y thraish, una especie voladora inteligente. Tras miles de años, ambas especies han llegado a un estado de tregua, en la que los humanos deben suministrar alimento a los voladores, consistente en los humanos muertos, a cambio de cierto elixir que ala [...]

    • A flawed fantasy.In spite of everything I found jarring such as the contradictions, implausibilities, silly characters and occasional poor taste I enjoyed these two books. But then, I do have a peculiar taste for bizarre settings and authors who use the word "antilife".The setting is bizarre indeed and functions a bit like a mystery in that you can guess some of its features before they're spelled out (both occults ones and stuff the author filed under in media res).The actual story has its mome [...]

    • This is a very imaginative story. On a distant world, mankind - now without any of the technology which first brought their human ancestors there - must wrestle for power, and even survival, with a predatory native species. The writing is inspired, the various plotlines intertwine marvelously, and the world-building is superb. Mainly, the characters are interesting: the boatman whose realistic sculpture of his dream woman is replaced by an actual drowned and blighted woman, and then replaced aga [...]

    • If you're going to read one Sheri Tepper book, this would be the one that I would recommend. This was the first fantasy book that I ever read and it still remains one of my favorites to this day.

    • it was okay and intresting up until the half way mark, then i think it just droned on for to long and I lost interest. Interesting idea tho 😃

    • I chose to define this as speculative fiction because it is another Mathusian setting, with population control a central issue for the predatory Flyers and their Talkers. It is a very complex set of novels and I don't recommend reading either as a stand-alone. Even so I found the ending somewhat inconclusive. One presumes Southshore will undergo an environmental catastrophe as the Flyers clear the continent of mammalian life. Northshore is a place of hope, as it has been from it's first mention. [...]

    • (originally published as two novels: Northshore and Southshore.Lately, I've been disappointed in a lot of the Tepper books I've read. She's an excellent, brilliantly original writer, but too often there's a tendency toward over the top climaxes and beat-em-over-the-head politicizing.There definitely ARE gender issues going on here but set in the context of the social structure of an alien species, the situation is handled deftly, with the right amount of subtlety.It's a long book, and it lags sl [...]

    • I really thought that I had not read this before, so I was quite surprised as the story unfolded how much came back to me. In some ways this is because this is a classic Tepper and so many of the familiar themes are there for those who know her work. In others it is simply why I enjoy rereading books so much, as while I forget, the remembering is so much fun.As usual Tepper challenges us with environmental issues, and here to a lesser extent feminist. Unusually she touches on race, but familiar [...]

    • Two early novels in one volume. As with most of Tepper's novels, the plot concerns social issues, religion and class structure. Cover blurb: "Come to a world distant in time and space, a world where the pace of life is counted by tides of the great River, but where, as in the river itself, there are swift dark currents flowing under a placid surface. -- Meet Pamra Don, a young woman scarred by her mother's death, lured to a priesthood where the truth must be hidden from the faithful. And meet Th [...]

    • Al principio, como es habitual, uno se encuentra muy desubicado. Se dibuja una sociedad dividida en castas con muy extrañas costumbres. Y está el Río Mundo, al que todos los seres se someten, un aspecto más de la curiosa configuración con que la autora ha dotado al escenario. Poco a poco descubrimos algunos significados, y cuando las piezas comienzan a encajar unas con otras, entonces de nuevo cambia y se introducen otros aspectos más que enriquecen la fábula. Los Traish, grandes pájaros [...]

    • I usually love books by Sheri S. Tepper, and while this one isn't bad, it's not her best. Still it had some interesting characters, and some good world building. All in all, it was readable.but I won't read it again.

    • This is a hardcover edition of both Northshore and Southshore.I was totally confused by Northshore. Too many intrigues, too many characters, too many different things happening. I'd just get something straight, and then learn I was in error; it just didn't make much sense to me. Then the whales (strangeys), Pamra and the baby (Mary and Jesus) and poor dumb Peasimy Flot, made it over the top. HOW long were they all on this planet? And why? And WHY were all the books suppressed or hidden? Southsho [...]

    • Be sure you have the second book before you get to the end of the first or you will be left hanging. This book has a quite start with Thrasne a boatman aboard a barge. He trades from town to town and sees much of the odd ways of the people on shore. In a town they pass a woman commited suside by throwing herself in the river. A cardenal sin aginst the Awakeners. That night Thrasne pulls her up in his net ravaged with a thing that aflicts things in the water turning them to wood, they call it bli [...]

    • This book was one of her older novels and it was amazing to see the seeds of ideas that were later expanded to other whole books. Hints of Grass and Gate to Womens Country are there. It was as I have come to expect, a story full of questions about life and religion. How people come to believe in what they do and of course, interesting alien cultures. This book has more than one life-form not indigenous to the planet. This book was definately interesting. I think that if you likedd anything else [...]

    • This book is very interesting and I am alaways impressed by Sheri Tepper's world-building, but for some reason I keep putting this down and re-reading comfort books instead of finishing it. Maybe it is just my mood. I really do want to finish it. But I couldn't end up getting back to this one. I just didn't care about the main characters that much. Thrasne was boringly tragic and Pamra was over the top tragic. Not my thing. The world was amazing, but the characters didn't come alive for me.

    • Human colonists live in an uneasy treaty with the native Thraish, a carniverous bird-people who have hunted all the native beasts to extinction. The balance of truce is maintained through a religious system that conceals the truth from the people of Northshore. But the truth will soon be revealed.I liked Northshore better than the second book, Southshore. The world that Tepper creates is well fleshed out and interesting, but as the second book wraps up her message, the books start to become a li [...]

    • Breathtaking in its scope, this book opened my mind to a new way of narrative. She starts in the middle and you need to pay attention and catch up. But I never felt annoyed. There was plenty to keep me busy, thinking, wondering and still wanting more. That's just style. Then we get to the notions of content. As I remember it, it was a feast of questions about what we do to in honoring our traditions and how that can bind us to really outlandish outcomes. Great book.

    • Sheri Tepper has a truly weird imagination, which is wonderfully refreshing after all of the formulaic fantasy out there. There are some themes that this book has in common with Singer from the Sea, but it is rich with its own imaginatively strange and morally interesting ideas and characters, so this is not a drawback, but rather provides an interesting look at how Tepper sees things at what she finds the most compelling metaphors for our society (and it ain't pretty).

    • Couldn't finish it. Made it to page 246 and realized that with 6 story lines going, all kind of depressing, all using made up words to a high number level to go with this fantasy world, that I just have better things to do.Tepper, I love you for Gate to Women's Country and Grass. I will try others. This one was just a miss for me.

    • A completely new and fascinating world grew within its pages but with all the characteristics of our world both good and bad. A fantasy world with love, honour, kindness, sacrifice on one hand and evil, greed, selfishness and cruelty on the other. An enjoyable read with interesting ideas and characters.

    • Another good Sheri S. Tepper book. I'm glad that I could find both books in one volume to keep making it through. I had originally ignored this book based on the cover 'Too fairy-princess-y' I had thought. It has nothing to do with that. A rich story that ends in a way that was interesting and satisfying.

    • The Awakeners (1987) As a work of speculative sociobiology and Ecology it is ebullient but the plotting of this tale of a theocratic riverside civilization where it is forbidden to travel eastwards is sometimes a little awkward.

    • I can't add this to both the read and currently reading shelves at once, although I am re-reading Southshore tonight.I finished Northshore yesterday (again).I liked this set of 2 very much and think this author has some fabulous world and character building skills.

    • Tepper's imagination has created a strange, creepy, surreal world with compelling characters you'll feel like you know personally. What with the huge pooping crows and love between man and wooden woman, there's no way to put it down.

    • The usual themes from Tepper - complexity of eco- and political systems, religion as manipulative tool, inherent male violence - seen through the eyes of some unusual, wonderful characters, set in an intricate science fictional world. Very enjoyable.

    • I picked up this book four times and couldn't get past chapter 1. Then when I tried again and finally got past the first chapter, I couldn't put it down. SST has a way of drawing you into the amazng worlds she creates.

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