Pandora's Star

Pandora s Star Critics have compared the engrossing space operas of Peter F Hamilton to the classic sagas of such sf giants as Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert But Hamilton s bestselling fiction powered by a fearless

  • Title: Pandora's Star
  • Author: Peter F. Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Critics have compared the engrossing space operas of Peter F Hamilton to the classic sagas of such sf giants as Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert But Hamilton s bestselling fiction powered by a fearless imagination and world class storytelling skills has also earned him comparison to Tolstoy and Dickens Hugely ambitious, wildly entertaining, philosophically stimulating thCritics have compared the engrossing space operas of Peter F Hamilton to the classic sagas of such sf giants as Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert But Hamilton s bestselling fiction powered by a fearless imagination and world class storytelling skills has also earned him comparison to Tolstoy and Dickens Hugely ambitious, wildly entertaining, philosophically stimulating the novels of Peter F Hamilton will change the way you think about science fiction Now, with Pandora s Star, he begins a new multivolume adventure, one that promises to be his most mind blowing yet The year is 2380 The Intersolar Commonwealth, a sphere of stars some four hundred light years in diameter, contains than six hundred worlds, interconnected by a web of transport tunnels known as wormholes At the farthest edge of the Commonwealth, astronomer Dudley Bose observes the impossible Over one thousand light years away, a star vanishes It does not go supernova It does not collapse into a black hole It simply disappears Since the location is too distant to reach by wormhole, a faster than light starship, the Second Chance, is dispatched to learn what has occurred and whether it represents a threat In command is Wilson Kime, a five time rejuvenated ex NASA pilot whose glory days are centuries behind him.Opposed to the mission are the Guardians of Selfhood, a cult that believes the human race is being manipulated by an alien entity they call the Starflyer Bradley Johansson, leader of the Guardians, warns of sabotage, fearing the Starflyer means to use the starship s mission for its own ends,.Pursued by a Commonwealth special agent convinced the Guardians are crazy but dangerous, Johansson flees But the danger is not averted Aboard the Second Chance, Kime wonders if his crew has been infiltrated Soon enough, he will have other worries A thousand light years away, something truly incredible is waiting a deadly discovery whose unleashing will threaten to destroy the Commonwealth and humanity itself Could it be that Johansson was right From the Hardcover edition.

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    • Peter F. Hamilton

      Peter F Hamilton is a British science fiction author He is best known for writing space opera As of the publication of his tenth novel in 2004, his works had sold over two million copies worldwide, making him Britain s biggest selling science fiction author.

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    • We begin at the beginning, because the beginning is awesome and foreshadows the epic quality of Pandora's Star, as well as the sense of humour, levity, and gravity that Peter F. Hamilton uses to create an incredibly compelling and vast narrative.Wilson Kime is the pilot of the first manned Mars lander. The mission crew steps onto the surface and raises the United States flag, only to be interrupted by a stranger in a home-made space suit. That suit is attached to a pressure hose providing a brea [...]

    • I have very mixed feelings about this book, and of the experience of having read it. As a result, I'm not sure I can say that I truly 'enjoyed' it; it's well-crafted, overall, but at the same time not without its frustrations.First, the good stuff: there's a hugely epic plot here, ultimately concerned with ensuring the continued survival of the human race; bold, three-dimensional characters who are intriguing, and draw you into their story; plot twists that you truly never see coming, and which [...]

    • From the other ratings, there are lots of people who like this a lot, so it may be unfair to review this book in comparison with the best "hard science fiction." Thus, this is a warning for the other people who don't know what "space opera" is and are looking for the next Asimov or OS Card. He's not here.Space opera. According to , "New space opera proponents claim that the genre centers on character development, fine writing, high literary standards, verisimilitude, and a moral exploration of c [...]

    • 6.0 stars. This one may make it onto my list of "All Time Favorites" but I am going to wait until I finish Judas Unchained as the two books should really be treated as one VERY LONG novel. This was an amazing read filled with mind blowing ideas and superb (and I really mean superb) world-building. Do not let the length of the book keep you from giving it a try. It is incredibly well-written throughout and I think the length is warranted given how much is going on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    • What a mediocre attempt. I somehow managed to slog through all 989 pages of this, and it never completely lost its narrative thread, in spite of an astonishing redundancy in unnecessary description. It is also significantly hampered by a lack of imagination; my suspension of disbelief cannot withstand the idea of the year 2380 basically looking *just like* the year 2010, only with extra planets, and a small handful of cool new tech. By the end of this tome, Hamilton has *almost* managed to put t [...]

    • This is up there with the best of the best for sci-fi space opera extravaganzas. It’s got world-building par excellance, brilliant projections of technology, and a great cast of characters. Set in 2380, Hamilton poses for us a Commonwealth of hundreds of planets colonized by different styles of humanity, made possible by wormhole technology. Immortalizing rejuvenation, artificial intelligence, and computer storage of human memories are standard fare woven into the saga in fresh ways. The few a [...]

    • It’s been a while since I’ve read Sci fi this good. I’ve probably been making poor reading choices in this genre for a bit. But finally, I’ve hit pay dirt with an author who has hit the sweet spot with great concepts, epic landscape/world building, excellent plot, AND , very importantly, excellent CHARACTERISATION. The story is set some 300 years in the future where wormhole technology has allowed humanity to spread out to begin colonising other star systems.This was a big book and a lot [...]

    • 3.5 stars, rounding upQuick pros: complex story, huge cast of characters, and it was cool to see how people crossed paths. I love that it's very, very hard SF. With huge stakes!It's easier to spew about the cons than pros with this one, honestly. I just really enjoyed the story and the worldbuilding and really need to know how it ends!Quick cons: Um. The sexism. Yeah. Paula is the only main female character who doesn't get a sex kitten moment. Probably because she's written as a man. And just - [...]

    • 5 Super big starsA new favorite read of mine. This massive tome has everything that a sci-fi lover would ever wantReview to comeWhat a total wasteI never came back and wrote a review for this book which is now among my very favorite novels. This is probably the longest novel that I have ever read, but I never felt it. Hamilton creates a massive cast, places them in an epic adventure, and has it cover vast distances of space. This is truly space opera at its finest.I wish that I had taken the tim [...]

    • This book is fat!That was my first thought upon picking up this book. Still with all the recommendations I have been getting from the good people at Reddit's science fiction books community ("r/Print SF") and other reviews I wanted to give it a go. With a book this long I would end up either rating it one star for wasting so many hours of my time or five stars for entertaining me for those many hours. I think I'll be magnanimous once again and go for the 5 stars option! This is not to say the bo [...]

    • 90% of Pandora's Star irked the crap out of me. First, it just goes on and on and on. It's seems like a bunch of stories pieced together with no real connection. Many of the storylines never even go anywhere. Hamilton does a phenomenal job of over-describing everything. It gets mind-numbing.Second, the sexism really annoyed the heck out of me. I'm not usually one to scream "sexism", but Hamilton can't resist talking about any female character's looks and about how some male character would like [...]

    • Don't be fooled by the separation of the "Commonwealth Saga" into two books (this one and "Judas Unchained"). It's just a big-big book, so know that if you're starting this one you'll have a total of about 2000 pages to read. :)More "mature" and with a more refined style than the "Night's Dawn" trilogy, the "Commonwealth Saga" is still a mix of a good number of different story lines that flow towards a (very distant) convergence point. It's got some pretty "alien" aliens, good humour and interes [...]

    • At the end of the day, I liked Pandora's Star enough to finish it and continue with the second half of the story (Judas Unchained). However, this book took a loooong time to get going, and there were quite a few times when I was about ready to give up on it. There were also so many subplots that didn't seem to start connecting until near the end of the book, and were then finally realized in the sequel. I found it very easy to put down and forget about for a while, but I also found myself still [...]

    • First of all, let's get all the bad things about this book out of the way. Um let's see. It's really, really thick. Oh, and it has a cliffhanger ending, because of the sequel. Um surely there must be something else I can come up with? Now, the good: and, boy, there is a lot of that. This novel reads like a greatest hits of everything that is cool about science fiction. Yes, it is a massive book, but that's because it's filled with all kinds of goodies. You want it? It's probably here. It actuall [...]

    • Superb, Awesome! The first-half of The Commonwealth Saga is 988 pages. The second half "Judas Unchained" is 1,236 pages and completes the "2,200 page single book". Don't be scared off! This is an incredible value!This is very Good, hard sci-fi, many many characters, so it takes a while to get into the book. When I started the first book, I felt there were far too many, too wordy descriptions of the local scene. Creative often, but perhaps the whole saga could lose 100 pages.The evolution of the [...]

    • This book was my first forray into the work of Hamilton, a very well-established Science Fiction writer. Sadly, although I think some of Hamilton's ideas are super interesting and would make for a hugely complex and exciting Universe, these good ideas are so few and far between in amongst the 1,000+ page length that with the time it took to get to the next 'moment' I had already lost my excitement for the last one. I am definitely not afraid of a big book, in fact big books are some of my favour [...]

    • Pandora's Star, being my first serious venture into science fiction was a lucky pick and did not disappoint. This is truly an epic space opera having a vast amount of characters, grand design, drama, action and of course science beyond imagination. I do not know if what the author explains is scientifically possible, but it is definitely thoroughly entertaining. 1. Plot Without giving away too many spoilers, the story revolves around man's discovery of worm holes, a method to travel vast distanc [...]

    • Being a huge fan of the 'Night's Dawn' trilogy, I was naturally very happy to get my hands on this book. If you liked 'Night's Dawn', there's a chance you will find something to your liking in here - but don't expect anything approaching the quality of 'The Neutronium Alchemist'.In this series (completed by 'Judas Unchained' next year), Hamilton seems to set out to do something similar to what he did in 'Night's Dawn': present a riveting, complex world and then take a sledgehammer to it. The uni [...]

    • At 1,144 pages, Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton is not a casual read. Hamilton uses all of those pages to create a rich and detailed future of the human race. Entertaining, frustrating, and exhilarating, Pandora's Star slowly pulls the reader into it's grasp and doesn't let go.Pandora's Star has a lot of characters and plenty of points-of-view, making it a little daunting at first. That said, Hamilton does a great job of making each character distinct and interesting. Even characters I initi [...]

    • I quite enjoyed Pandora's Star, and the vast universe Peter F. Hamilton creates. Where many science fiction writers take one significant technological advance and write about how their world would change around that, Hamilton has explored numerous game-changing advances all at once, and tried to see what wormhole travel/body rejuvenation/memory download would together do to a rapidly expanding human Commonwealth of planets.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in p [...]

    • Five stars for the perilous wormhole jouneys of Captain Kime and his good ship and crew. And for the Prime aliens and their war mongering leader Morning-LightMountain. THIS is why I read SF. Unfortunately this engrossing part of the story played second fiddle to a whole lotta soapy space opera. Four stars for Ozzie's dream-like trek across multiple worlds via the Silfen paths, man.Three stars for ultra-uber Detective Myo and her perpetual investigation of radical kilt-wearin' terrorists and the [...]

    • This book is almost 1,000 pages long and is only Part 1 of a 2 part series. If you throw out 2/3 of it, you have one whopping good story.This is "book bloat" at its worst. There is so much non-essential garbage in this book that I could not wait to finish. It is filled with non-essential details of people you wind up not caring about and who, in effect, are not all that germane to the story or even worth caring about.A reviewer listed on the cover warns us that we will not be able to put this do [...]

    • Well then. I hope that book reviews don't need to be a length that's proportional to the size of the book being reviewed. Actually, I can safely say that this one definitely won't be.Damn, that was a big tome. And as much as I like John Lee, I need a new reader in my next book. Between this and Revelation Space, I've heard John Lee's voice more this year than any member of my family's voice. My wife does say I can tune her out, and unfortunately I think this happened with Mr. Lee as well for lar [...]

    • ‘La estrella de Pandora’, del inglés Peter F. Hamilton, es una de las mejores space opera de los últimos tiempos. Aunque la variedad de temas que toca la novela no se quedan únicamente en este subgénero. Trama política, especulación, novela policíaca, ciencia ficción militar, primer contacto, aventuras, misterio, todos estos temas también están presentes en ‘La estrella de Pandora’.La historia nos sitúa a finales del siglo XXIV, en una sociedad transformada por los grandes ava [...]

    • Executive Summary: A really enjoyable hard sci-fi space opera, with only a few minor complaints to prevent it from a 5 star rating.Audio book: This is the first book I've listened to narrated my Mr. Lee. He does an excellent job. He does a few voices, but I sometimes had a hard time determining who they were at first. It felt like he was using the same voices for multiple characters at time. Overall I was happy with the narration though.Full ReviewIs Epic Sci-Fi a thing? If not it should be. Or [...]

    • Problem 1:the writer answer to grand families and intersolar dynasties (what is the difference you say?? no idea )is the eternal fight between capitalism and Communism ,the writer Presents communism as the ultimate answer to the problem of the corrupt wealth ,and of course this is believed by one of the most intellectual characters in the book Now as the story progresses. you get the feel that the writer is not an idiot. as he constantly bring the problems you have with the book and discuses the [...]

    • Este Peter F. Hamilton es una joya. El libro es buenísimo, un compendio gigantesco que presenta una humanidad que ha logrado extenderse por la galaxia gracias a un sistema de agujeros de gusano al más puro estilo Stargate. Las naves espaciales son inexistentes porque resultan totalmente inútiles, ¿por qué volar de un lado a otro cuando puedes teleportarte?La exploración y colonización de muchos mundos en un periodo relativamente corto de tiempo ha terminado con muchos de los problemas de [...]

    • This book is some awesome sci-fi. The author busts opens two major limitations of modern science, mortality and faster than light travel, and coolness ensues.If that's not enough for you, there is political intrigue, conspiracies and hyper-aggressive aliens to battle.Please to enjoy.I give Pandora's Star five terra-formable planets out of five.

    • DNF at 30%. Something's just missing here, I can't concentrate on this book. Things are just flat and the characters aren't complex enough

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