Punktown In the city they call Punktown on a planet where a hundred sentient species collide you can become a creator of clones You can become a piece of performance art You might even become a library of so

  • Title: Punktown
  • Author: Jeffrey Thomas Michael Marshall Smith
  • ISBN: 9781894815758
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the city they call Punktown, on a planet where a hundred sentient species collide, you can become a creator of clones You can become a piece of performance art You might even become a library of sorrowsTable Of Contents The Reflections Of Ghosts Pink Pills The Flaying Season Union Dick Wakizashi Dissecting The Soul Precious Metal Sisters Of No Mercy Heart for HearIn the city they call Punktown, on a planet where a hundred sentient species collide, you can become a creator of clones You can become a piece of performance art You might even become a library of sorrowsTable Of Contents The Reflections Of Ghosts Pink Pills The Flaying Season Union Dick Wakizashi Dissecting The Soul Precious Metal Sisters Of No Mercy Heart for Heart s Sake The Ballad Of Moosecock Lip Face The Pressman The Palace Of Nothingness The Rusted Gates Of Heaven Immolation Unlimited Daylight The Library Of Sorrows Nom de Guerre The Color Shrain

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    About “Jeffrey Thomas Michael Marshall Smith

    • Jeffrey Thomas Michael Marshall Smith

      Jeffrey Thomas is an American author of fantastical fiction, the creator of the acclaimed milieu Punktown Books in the Punktown universe include the short story collections PUNKTOWN, VOICES FROM PUNKTOWN, PUNKTOWN SHADES OF GREY with his brother, Scott Thomas , and GHOSTS OF PUNKTOWN Novels in that setting include DEADSTOCK, BLUE WAR, MONSTROCITY, HEALTH AGENT, EVERYBODY SCREAM , and RED CELLS Thomas s other short story collections include WORSHIP THE NIGHT, THIRTEEN SPECIMENS, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, DOOMSDAYS, TERROR INCOGNITA, UNHOLY DIMENSIONS, AAAIIIEEE , HONEY IS SWEETER THAN BLOOD, and ENCOUNTERS WITH ENOCH COFFIN with W H Pugmire His other novels include LETTERS FROM HADES, THE FALL OF HADES, BEAUTIFUL HELL, BONELAND, BEYOND THE DOOR, THOUGHT FORMS, SUBJECT 11, LOST IN DARKNESS, THE SEA OF FLESH AND ASH with his brother, Scott Thomas , BLOOD SOCIETY, and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET THE DREAM DEALERS Thomas lives in Massachusetts.

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    • First a bit of a warning regarding this collection: if you are too happy, you may try reading this all at once. I had to read a story or two between other books. That was the only way for me to get through it and am I glad I did. Punktown is a gem. Depressing as hell. The stories take place on a remote world collonized by humans. There are so many other races from other planets and even other dimensions. There is a huge chasm between rich and poor, one race and the other, creatures created by hu [...]

    • Within the confines of Punktown, a far-future multi-species colony on a faraway world, Jeffrey Thomas weaves gritty sci-fi, body horror and a constant sense of alienation (in more ways than one) to tell tales of artists, aliens and assassins coming face to face with poverty, violence, disease, heartbreak and more. The viewpoints are diverse and not always human, the stories are all different and yet there's a great unity to this collection, most obviously seen in how characters from different st [...]

    • Not badly written, but extremely depressing and almost without hope. I don't think I'm going to continue this anthology series because it simply drags me down emotionally.

    • The stories in Punktown blend the fantastic with the utterly human to form a techno, dystopian dreamscape that is as amazing and horrific as it is heartbreaking, and painfully real. Jeffrey Thomas is one of the masters of modern horror fiction, and Punktown is a great example of why.In stories where the awe of speculative fiction could sometimes shadow character, Thomas's honesty and sensitivity keep everything down to eartheven when we are dealing with Choom and Tikkihotto! As remote as some of [...]

    • It's sad because I love stuff like this (the stories are all set in the same gritty human/alien city and interconnected with cameos of characters from other stories popping up at random - absolutely one of my favorite things in a story collection), but this is actually going to be a DNF for me. I normally don't rate DNFs, but this is one of those instances where everything was going pretty well (solid 3.5 star and rounding up) but then I hit Heart for Heart's Sake and it derailed. There are enou [...]

    • The book that kind of defines Jeffrey Thomas and sets out his most famous creation is Punktown. I was first introduced to Punktown (the setting) via three stories in his totally fucking awesome Unholy Dimensions collection, and was interested to see more of it. Punktown (the place) is the nickname of Paxton, a future Earth colony on a different planet that is like a mix of a lot of stuff, Total Recall springs to mind, but mostly I think of Shadowrun, the badass RPG. But don't think this is sci f [...]

    • Punktown is an exceptional collection of stories. Jeffrey Thomas blends science fiction, horror and cyberpunk in these tales. Though many of the stories are quite dark, Thomas brings his own particular brand of humanity to the most alien of his characters, and some of the tales are surprisingly hopeful. This was the first work by Jeffrey Thomas I've read, and I look forward to further exploration of Punktown and its infinitely interesting denizens.

    • Jeffrey Thomas is a great writer and I love this Punktown universe he has created. Highly imaginative and constantly surprising. Reading this very cool collection of stories prompted me to download "Monstrocity" to my Nook and I'll read that soon.

    • This is an imaginative and unusual collection of stories that I would struggle to place in a single genre, and whilst the stories are fantastically vivid each one is grounded with emotion. The writing is amazing, and each story in the collection is nothing less than brilliant. The central idea of Punktown is so clever as well, as creating a city filled with aliens, mutants, far future technology and almost anything imaginable gives Jeffrey Thomas freedom to go all out and not restrict himself to [...]

    • Most stories were 4s and 5s, but a couple didn't pique my curiosity and interest as much as the rest did. Definitely interested in checking out more of the author's work, and more Punktown in general. It's cyberpunk kind of interplanetary with hints of New Weird, what more could you ask for?

    • Punktown. A colony set on an alien world. A metropolis constructed and packed with humans, mutants, aliens, clones and sentient robots in an uneasy coexistence and the setting for a number of short stories and vignettes that touch on one life and another, showing characters from all situations, stations and strata of society and explores both the strangeness of the world, but juxtaposes with the eternal struggles and truths of humanity, although expressed in eldritch ways readers are treated to [...]

    • This book is a collection of tales about Punktown, a megacity established by the denizens of Earth, on the planet Oasis. The people who live there are in many times aliens, hybrids and clones. Sometimes they are a mix or something else entirely. In many ways this is a noir crime novel, these stories just happen to take place on not-Earth. It is well written and has moments where you scratch your head and other moments where you are in open mouthed surprise. I just recently acquired two other boo [...]

    • Horror and sci-fi are made for each other, and with this book, you get plenty of both. There was some inconsistency with how much I liked each story in the collection, and a few left me wondering what the hell I had just read, but all together they make for a solid multi-faceted glimpse of a huge story that I believe could be told in a hundred collections and still not be fully explored. I loved how each story, while independent of the rest, had a small reference to the preceding one (or several [...]

    • I cannot express enough how amazingly -good- this collection is. Whatever your favorite genre is, you should appreciate and enjoy and -devour- this collection. This is Cloud Atlas good. This is 100 Years of Solitude good. This is The Birthday of the World good. There are very few things I will give my absolute highest rating but Punktown is at the absolute top of skillful writing style mixed with engrossing subject matter, mixed with emotionally and socially complex material, mixed with just FUC [...]

    • Killer themed collection that reads as an episodic novel. I love that format, and the stories are really enjoyable and inventive. Serial killers, Lovecraftian entities, a neat bit of worldbuilding, goodish alien species, slam-bang noir action, gore by the bucketful, cyberpeoplewho could ask for more?One of the best books I've read recently. Not for the faint of heart. Science fiction shiny, splatterpunk heart, truly horrorshow.

    • I randomly picked this up at the library and was presently surprised. Really solid writing for the most part, the author create a fascinating planet for his diverse characters to live in. Definitely worth a read.

    • Punktown is a must read!I love how each story is related to the story immediately following it. And I even got a mention by name in the last story.

    • Very good collection, though I would say that some of these are better than others. Thomas' Punktown is the kinda world I'd wanna live in if I weren't scared poopless of it.

    • Punktown is so pretentious that the characters of its stories listen to jazz. In the future. Jazz. Go figure!Also, the first three stories are about women being raped and abused and gaslighted. So I dropped it after three boring, bad written, overdone, mysogony-condoning stories.Too bad because I was promised a good book. After this, and Greener Pastures, The Ballad of Black Tom, and The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe, I think I'm done with modern american genre writers. Give me back my money!

    • I first read 'Monstrocity' about a year ago. This was the original collection of short stories from which that setting sprang. These tales are a kind of 'low-sci-fi' focusing more on mood and often sadness over great and terrible journeys of derring-do. The science fiction/noir/pseudohorror meshes perfectly however (add a gloomy retrowave soundtrack for optimal reading) and it becomes a necessary addition to the collections of those who enjoy genre-benders.

    • Punktown is a great collection of stories loosely connected through the gritty sci-fi setting on Punktown. The world Jeffrey Thomas builds in these stories is intriguing and a whole lot of fun to venture through. A rare few stories did little more than serve as an excuse for world building, but the vast majority were filled with memorable characters and inspired plots. "Pink Pills", "Union Dick", "Immolation", and "The Library of Sorrows" stood out as the strongest of the bunch.

    • Overall a great collection of stories. Liked the little connections some stories had with others in the collection.

    • [3.5]"Punktown" is an interesting and diverse collection of truly genre-defying short stories set at some point in the future on the planet Oasis, home of the Earth colony Paxton, a teeming, dangerous metropolis inhabited by many human and alien cultures who know the city better as “Punktown.” I was quite amazed at the differing viewpoints, voices, and themes the author brings to each of these weird tales, exploring various aspects of Punktown and its denizens, representing a variety of cult [...]

    • A really fascinating collection in terms of weird fiction - Mieville but everyday blue- and white-collar crime, starving artists, slice-of-life sketches. And known aliens/extraterrestrials and extraplanars, with high tech rather than Mieville's living tools. What I'm saying is that Punktown is truly great scenery.However, I wasn't overly impressed with the content of the stories in that scenery. Several are really good, but several use violence against women as darker-and-grittier color, and it' [...]

    • Sometimes it's one little thing that takes me completely out of a book, and I'm done. I was about a third of the way through this collection, enjoying it fairly well (though it was already coming off as a bit misogynistic) and then for no apparent reason one character is described only as, 'oriental'. There's no explanation or insight provided by the use of this outdated, racist terminology, and it just ruined things for me.

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