The Fashion Disaster that Changed my Life

The Fashion Disaster that Changed my Life Seventh grader Alli longs to be popular but fate keeps conspiring to make her totally uncool Alli bares it all to her journal as she figures out where she fits in and most importantly what it mean

  • Title: The Fashion Disaster that Changed my Life
  • Author: Lauren Myracle
  • ISBN: 9780142408612
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventh grader Alli longs to be popular, but fate keeps conspiring to make her totally uncool Alli bares it all to her journal as she figures out where she fits in, and, most importantly, what it means to be a real friend With a waterproof cover, this title makes ideal reading for the beach or by the pool.

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      Lauren Myracle is the author of numerous young adult novels She was born in 1969 in North Carolina Lauren Myracle holds an MA in English from Colorado State University and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College she has written many novels, including the famous IM books, ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r.Her first novel, Kissing Kate, was selected as one of ALA s Best Books for Young Adults for the year 2004 It was named by Booklist as one of the Top Ten Youth Romances of the year, as well as one of the Top Ten Books by New Writers Her middle grade novel, Eleven, came out 2004, followed by its YA sequels Twelve, Thirteen, Thirteen Plus One.

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    • Oh dear. I felt like I was back in high school reading this book. "The Fashion Disaster that Changed my Life" focuses on the junior high school woes of Alli, a girl who missed a significant portion of sixth grade and now can't find her place in the seventh. Even worse, Alli shows up to the first day of school with a pair of her mother's panties clinging to her sweatpants. Alli must deal with this tragedy and endure the ridicule of her classmates. Alli even has to deal with ridicule from her best [...]

    • Allison (Alli), a seventh grader, never expected her first day back to school to go as it did. As embarassing as it was, it was the day that changed her life. In a series of journal entries, Alli writes down everything that goes on in her life since the humiliating day. She encounters friends who accpets her the way she is and bullies in her school. In seventh grade, she tries so hard to fit in again after what happened to her in sixth. While doing so, she also wants to be who she really is in f [...]

    • I did not like this book, because it didn't really explain many things. The story ended at a weird place, as if the author was couldn't think of an ending. It didn't really have a good plot line, and the story wasn't very good either. This book could have been better with a less confusing story, and a better ending.

    • this book is hilarious!pick it up for a good laugh!the book also teaches that you should always be yourself, and don't pretend to be someone else just so you can hang out with the "cool" kids

    • This one is cute and easy read i finished this book in a day. Ali longs to be popular and her dreams come true but she learns pretty girls all have an ugly side.

    • This book has a lot of drama in it. If you like clothes this is a good book. I really enjoyed it there are parts in the book when you are going to stop but you want to keep reading. Read this book I definitely recommend it.

    • Myracle does a great job capturing middle school girl dynamics and what it feels like to be caught in the midst of popularity drama. Painful to read, but fast and an ultimately rewarding resolution.

    • In this book, the main character named Alison goes on the first day of school with her mother's underwear attached to her skinny jeans! She thought that this would ruin her reputation for the rest of the whole seventh grade year! Alison was wrong. This changed her popularity life for good because the popular girls who always had made fun of her and ignored her most of the time they were actually talking to her! As a matter a fact, they were starting to become friends with her.While I was reading [...]

    • This is a trimmed down version of my review, to view the full review visit The Book Ramble.Alli's longing to be popular is one I think most middle school students can understand. Maybe they aren't so interested in being popular, but they want to be noticed. This desire to be noticed and liked is a pretty common one in all people, but is very important for middle schoolers who are starting to figure out who they are. I found that Lauren Myracle's take on this was really accurate because she reall [...]

    • Lauren Myracle's "The Fashion Disaster that Changed my Life" is about a girl who arrives to the first day of school with her mothers underwear stuck to her pant leg due to static cling. That is the "Fashion Disaster" in the title.I feel the main character, Alli strives to feel accepted due to personal insecurities. The fact that she writes in a diary makes the book the same as most books but what sets it apart is the fact that the story revolves around one event. I enjoyed the variety of charact [...]

    • Reading for a mother/daughter bookclub. So far, I'm not impressed. But we aren't very far into it yet. The writing is fine, but I REALLY don't like the main character.UPDATE - the book was a bit predictable. The main character, Alli, started out insecure and dying to be popular. She was a bit insufferable in that aspect of her character. I wanted to slap her. But, as I was reading this with my 11 year old, I figured it would be wise to keep that feeling to myself. She gained a bit of self-esteem [...]

    • This book talks about how this girl name Allison enters the seventh grade. During class, Allison felt something from her pants. when she look, she saw that her mother's underwear was stuck their, so she pulled it out. everybody started laughing, and screaming to strip more clothes off. Allison was so humiliated, and felt like she couldn't go back to school anymore. Allison always dream of being a popular girl. The popular girls are Rachel, Mika, and Hadley. When Rachel stood up for Allison, when [...]

    • omg i actually read this book over like 5 times.s awesome! and its a short chapter book.ut 113 pages.d well its about this girl who was always like the quietnver noticed kinda thing, she wanted to change that, so on the first day of school, she wanted to make a big impression-she wanted to wear her hawt ner clothes and stuffbut there was only one wrong thing about her wordrobe, her mom's granny panties were clinging on to her pants. so wen she went to class everyone made fun of her and stuff, th [...]

    • I don't think that it was really fair to this book or to the rating to have me read this book. I'm definitely not in the target audience of this book. It is intended for middle school/junior high girls. Period. No one else. I think that some older girls might be able to relate, but there are just a billion flat characters. I forgot who half of them were as I was reading it, which I don't think is my fault. It is that of the author.The story is basically your standard new school year, struggle be [...]

    • The first day of school for Allison (a 7th grader) was the day that changed her life. Because of one "fashion disaster" that was exposed to her school, her scale on the popular factor changed from low to higher and higher. Being part of the in crowd means leaving her friends. As Alli starts to become more popular, she slowly stops hanging out with her original friends, but she comes to realize at the end who her real friends are and the surprises that hide behind the pretty faces of the popular [...]

    • Oh my Gawd! Like, this book had me so tense, remembering, like, all those awful 7th grade days Seriously, readers will relive every trial and tribulation of middle-school drama, as they read Alli's account of showing up at school with her mother's underwear static clinging to her pants, as well as her experiences making new friends, surviving existing friendships and longing to be one of the popular ones.Written in journal format the reader has intimate knowledge of the important events and Alli [...]

    • This book was a fun book to read. It was told by the point of view of the girl herself. At the beginning of the school year, a pair of underwear was stuck to her pant leg. Unfourtunatly she did not have the year start as she wished. She was humiliated until it got old. Alli and her best friend Kathy started to slowly drift apart. A new girl moved in named Megan Kathy, Alli, and Megan were inseparable. Until the most popular girl at their school asked Alli to sit with her and her friends at lunch [...]

    • My 11-year-old daughter and I read this out loud and it was a great choice for the just-entering-middle-school place that she's in. Lily loved Myracle's books Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen, and is ticked off because I won't let her read Myracle's TTYL yet (so much for having an intellectual-freedom-loving librarian for a mom), so this was a good compromise. It's mature enough so that my daughter felt like it wasn't beneath her, but not as explicit as TTYL. The Fashion Disaster that Changed My Lif [...]

    • This one was a lucky find at the used book store. I can think of at least a dozen (or two) of my students who would love this novel.Myracle uses a very kid-friendly diary format to tell the story of Allison, an insecure seventh-grade girl who longs to be a part of the popular crowd. The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life reminded me all too poignantly of my own insecurity in middle school, and of those girls that I once wished would accept me into their circle of "cool" (and who, as I now tha [...]

    • I was surprised to find myself reading a book with a bright pinky-orange cover with a pair of underwear on it, and basically liking it. The title is a bit of an exaggeration, but considering that it's written for adolescent girls, it's quite fitting. And, lest you think there is nothing redeeming here, I actually caught myself connecting it with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in my 8th grade class. Myracle has a good ear/pen for dialogue, and her story rocks along. I've also heard really good things a [...]

    • The Fashion Disaster When I first started reading this book I was like wow I couldn’t believe it. I thought this book was very interesting to read. I liked it because it talks about bullying and how you need to stand up for yourself. When I first saw the title of this book I was like oh its probably going to talk about fashion and how it ruined the show. But no it wasn’t it was much better than that. I would like to encourage all of my friends to read this book trust me you wont regret rea [...]

    • I read this book as a sixteen-year-old and only read it because it was on my never-ending list of books to read, and I felt that I might as well read it before I was thirty. Reading this at the age that I did, I really hated this book, especially because it was like all other juvenile books for preteen girls- it dealt with fashion, middle school drama, and the cliques that dominate the character's life. If I was about 11, I might have liked this book, which was why I gave it 2 stars. Otherwise, [...]

    • On Alli's first day of seventh grade, she has a major fashion disaster that makes her the target for all bullying and ridicule as the first month goes on. Then popular girls Rachel, Mika, and Hadley "take Alli under their wing", and she finally gets a peek at what being "cool" is like. It's not at all what she expects, though-- "ugliness lurks behind the prettiest faces." And when everything goes wrong, Alli has no friends to turn to, and she learned that being popular is not all that it's crack [...]

    • It's is a short and easy book, but is filled with many "interesting" and "disastrous" events. I would recommend this for ONLY GIRLS! Allison, an average seventh grader, just wants a normal life. She finds it hard to believe, when the most popular girls in school ask Alli to join their "group". Little does she know, her old friends have different feelings about the "group". Disaster stikes, when Alli is humiliated day by day. She dresses differently and speaks with an attitude. The format of this [...]

    • I love Lauren Myracle's books. She writes to the "tween" set and really gets them. As a middle school teacher I see and hear a lot of things that she writes about in her books. The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life is no exception. 7th grade girls want to fit in and be popular and sometimes they forget what is important. I've been there myself. I still feel bad for ditching a long time friend when I moved to the junior high building and she was still in the elementary building. Lauren's char [...]

    • This book was not one of my favorite books by Lauren Myracle but I still enjoyed it. The main character has a terrible first day on school experience and somehow gets chosen to be the new member of the popular "clique.' But throughout this she has to deal with her other friends and her new ones. Megan and Kathy, her old friends, are irate with her because she has been neglecting them for her new friends. The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life is a very interesting friendship story. I really l [...]

    • My daughter picked this up at the library, brought it home and read it without me realizing what kind of book it was, and declared it "hilarious." Upon examination, it looked like it was intended for an older audience than her almost 9 years, so I decided I better read it. It had some references that raised my eyebrows, but they seem to have gone completely over her head. Luckily. Mostly it's about the angst of the swimming-with-the-sharks social world in middle school, and yes, it's really too [...]

    • Alli had been sick for most of her Grade Six year and now at the beginning of Grade Seven, she is struggling to find her place in the social order of her classroom. Unfortunately at the beginning of the year she goes to school with a pair of her mother's panties stuck to her sweatpants and becomes the target of the class bully. As she is befriended by the supercool group who help her fight the bully, she finds herself at odds with her former friends and uncomfortable with the attitudes of the co [...]

    • Let's hope that this isn't what's passing for a morality play these days. Myracle apes the favored 'tween communication methods for her cliche-laden story, but lacks the ear for dialogue displayed by better writers. (Yes, this is another Cohn/Caletti shout-out.) The titular disaster reads more like a passing mention than a true life-quaking event, and the protagonist is fabulously uninteresting. Easily the best part of this novel is the fact that it's only 135 pages long, so there's not much to [...]

    • This book took me a while to get through than the amount of time I usually take to complete an easy read. The book is thin and the vocabulary is so simple. This is obviously categorized in the pre-teen section of literature and it was a pre-teen novel with a terrible ending. There are little spikes throughout the story that grab my attention, but don't pull me in. I wouldn't recommend this book, but if it was hanging around of my shelf, I would possibly read it one more time. 3 times is too much [...]

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