The Sacred Bones

The Sacred Bones At the crossroads of Christian Islamic and Jewish faiths an ancient artifact is stolen from a long hidden vault located directly beneath Jerusalem s Temple Mount So begins The Sacred Bones by Mich

  • Title: The Sacred Bones
  • Author: Michael Byrnes
  • ISBN: 9780061146077
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At the crossroads of Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths, an ancient artifact is stolen from a long hidden vault located directly beneath Jerusalem s Temple Mount .So begins The Sacred Bones by Michael Byrnes, a page turning novel from a new voice on the thriller scene With the violent theft leaving thirteen Israeli soldiers and policemen dead, and the PalestiniansAt the crossroads of Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths, an ancient artifact is stolen from a long hidden vault located directly beneath Jerusalem s Temple Mount .So begins The Sacred Bones by Michael Byrnes, a page turning novel from a new voice on the thriller scene With the violent theft leaving thirteen Israeli soldiers and policemen dead, and the Palestinians up in arms over the desecration of sacred grounds, the tension between the two groups is dangerously high Jerusalem is a stick of dynamite and the fuse has been lit Across the Mediterranean in Italy, American forensic scientist Charlotte Hennesey has been hired by the Vatican to examine the contents of a newly discovered archeological treasure a two thousand year old ossuary containing the bones of an unidentified, crucified man the first complete skeleton of a crucifixion victim ever found Together with Italian anthropologist Giovanni Bersei, Charlotte makes startling forensic and genetic discoveries that lead her to wonder could these be the bones of Jesus Christ With the situation in Jerusalem veering out of control and the malevolent eye of Vatican security expert Salvatore Conte watching her every step, Charlotte puts two and two together She knows that if the mortal remains of Christ are indeed in the burial box, the implications for history and science, for religion and the Church are frighteningly vast And even immediate is the question of whether the Vatican will allow the information and Charlotte to see the light of day.Fast paced and intelligent, blending historical fact with persuasive fiction, The Sacred Bones reads like a CSI episode penned by The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown From a conspiracy stretching back to the days of the Templar Knights to the shifting alliances of contemporary Middle Eastern politics, The Sacred Bones is an addictively compelling thriller that calls into question many of modern religion s deepest held beliefs about Judaism, Jesus Christ and early Christianity, and Islam with stunning results.

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    • Michael Byrnes

      Michael Byrnes is the internationally bestselling author of The Sacred Bones, The Sacred Blood, and the The Genesis Plague Bounty is his latest novel Mike earned his undergraduate degree from Montclair State University and his MBA from Rutgers University He currently lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and three children.

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    • I'm a sucker for these books. I always love a blend of real history and fiction with a touch of secret conspiracies. This one fits the bill nicely. With a good cast and, for once, very little romance getting in the way the book rolls smoothly along keeping me wanting to know more. The two sides of the story were well entwined with neither side getting boring before switching keeping them both fresh.An enjoyable book with a little twist near the end I liked I look forward to reading the next book [...]

    • يا للأسفكان عندى آمال كبيرة بساعات من القراءة الممتعة مع تلك الرواية, لكنها- مثل كثير قبلها و أكثر بعدها - خذلتنى.ما جذبنى إليها أولا هو العبارة المطبوعة على الغلاف الأخير بأنها ( أخيرا رواية تنافس شفرة دافنشى), و لأننى أعجبت جدا برواية شفرة دافنشى فقد ابتعتها و أنا أدرك أن الت [...]

    • The publication of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code has inspired many authors to write their own takes on what may have happened in the life of Jesus and following his death. With a history rich in relics, Knights Templar, and Middle Eastern machinations, The Sacred Bones by author Michael Byrnes is part of this segment of mysteries surrounding the question of just what happened to Jesus after his death in Jerusalem. Unlike other books in this subgenre, however, Byrnes brings a fresh twist to his story [...]

    • I'm about 60% through with this book and I'm not sure if I'll finish it. There are marked similarities with Dan Brown's Inferno and I thoroughly disliked that book. This is marginally more interesting but also silly and unbelievable in many places. including two supposedly world class scientists who don't appear to have a brain cell between them.

    • There must be a particular sub-genre of the action-adventure novel, one that relies on a discovery from antiquity that has real-world implications for power in the 21st century, or that upends hundreds or thousands of years of presumed wisdom. Surely the top of this heap is The DaVinci Codes. Righteous Men by Sam Bourne and Map of Bones by James Rollins pop to mind. There are many others. In this one, an ossuary is discovered under the Temple Mount. Could the bones found there in be those of Jes [...]

    • Nu mi-a plăcut. Autorul, deşi vrea să introducă în naraţiune o schemă cinematografică, pentru a ne arăta cum se derulează acţiunea în diferite unghiuri spaţio-temporale, nu face decât să creeze o harababură totală: episoadele sale se termină brusc, pentru a lăsa loc altora, iar personajele sale nu sunt memorabile. Nu găsesc niciun personaj de care să mă pot ataşa. În niciun caz această carte nu poate fi comparată cu "Codul lui DaVinci" a lui Dan Brown, aşa cum se laud [...]

    • 'The Sacred Bones', o 'Relictum' en su edición en español, es un libro que pretende ser una mezcla entre un thriller con tintes religiosos al estilo de 'The Da Vinci Code' y el programa televisivo 'Bones'. La mezcla de las ideas presenta una buena amalgama y la lectura es bastante fluida; aún cuando no sepamos absolutamente nada sobre genética y anatomía, la historia de la religión católica o sobre los marcos político-religiosos de las disputas entre musulmanes y judíos, el autor nos pr [...]

    • I know I said I was done with religious historical mystery suspense thrillers, but apparently not. This was a good one! A secret crypt is found deep beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It contains ten ossuaries--stone boxes that hold a dead person's bones. One of these ossuaries is elaborately decorated and holds the bones of an unidentified crucified man. Our crack geneticist makes a series of unexpected discoveries that lead her to wonder: could these be the bones of Jesus Christ??(Although [...]

    • Nicely written and very entertaining. Sometimes you keep reading to discover when the experts in the book will cotton on to what you have already decided is happening and this was one of those books. The plot was fairly obvious but the author kept you interested and there was a sprinkling of thriller thrown in to keep you turning the pages. The title sort of gives the plot away as well. I liked the DNA analysis and the conclusions that drew and felt that was quite a good portrayal of the bones' [...]

    • An interesting idea, but extremely descriptive. Byrnes seems to need to give a description of the background of every single character on introduction, making the early part of the book tedious to read. The dialogue is direct and the characters have no evolution through the story (bar one lesser character). A frustrating read up to the last 100 pages when the story picks up a bit. Even then, the dramatic climax was mostly explanation (for the bulk of those last 100 pages). There were no surprise [...]

    • The first of two books. A book mysteriously shows up in the Vatican which leads to events in Jerusalem. A group of thieves break into a secret room and take something that could rewrite the history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Lots of bad guys, a few good guys, and at least one person you are unsure of until late in the book. For people who like this genre--well worth reading.

    • Une histoire mystérieuse autour d'une découverte archéologique qui suscite beaucoup d'intérêt de la part des trois grandes religions monothéistes dans deux lieux chargés d'histoire et de controverses. Entre Jérusalem et Rome, une enquête scientifique et anthropologique sans précédent qui pourrait bien faire s'ébranler les bases de fondements religieux considérés comme acquis depuis des siècles. Esotérique, intéressant, le point de vue adopté par l'auteur dans cette fiction est [...]

    • In my opinionEnjoyed this, however I was a little disappointed with the level of violence, a little too graphic and frequent for my taste. That being said, the weaving together of history, myth and legend with present day held together until the end. Good enough for me to purchase two more titles.

    • Good thrillerSome good characters made this an absorbing read, will be buying the second in the series. The historical elements are not looking the page and keep you reading long past bed time

    • Great read. Very well written and compelling from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down. It really brought to life the complexities in biblical history

    • BrilliantLoved this book. Brilliant story therapist left you wanting more and more. Easy read with good characters. Would recommend it as a great little read.

    • There are many history conspiracy fiction books out there but The Sacred Bones is different somehow. Maybe because it's not about chasing down clues while being pursued by some cult. Well deloped characters, a glimpse into the tension in Jerusalem, a story of how ordinary people are embroiled in conspiracies and come through, this makes for a engrossing and neat read.

    • So once you get beyond the cover art (i.e crucifixion spikes were driven through the wrists and only smaller nails were driven through the palms, if at all), you enter a fun little book that so wants to be The DaVinci Code meets CSI. The dust jacket reveals that the author studied theology, which I found kind of interesting as you wouldn't expect such a person to be as likely to go to the conspiracy theory place. Of course, I was no less surprised by the fact that someone with such a background [...]

    • This is an interesting cover to me. I think it's instantly recognizable to anyone who's familiar with the idea of crucifixion. It also irritated me a little bit when I first saw it because one of the first things I remember learning about actual crucifixion is that the nails went through the wrists, not the hands.Anyway. This book is one of those sort of re-writing history tales. As in, hey look, we found this cool old thing and it completely changes lots of important things we thought we unders [...]

    • On his debut novel, The Sacred Bones, author Michael Byrnes brings us a fascinating mix of myths, legends, and themes of today in a controversial story full of intrigue, conspiracy, murder, modern technology and religion- the perfect combination for a breath taking story. The book starts with the story of the Knights of the Temple and their duties regarding the Church and its secrets. The story then moves forward and the suspense starts in Jerusalem's present time. A relic is stolen from beneath [...]

    • I honestly expected to hate this book. I picked it up for a very low price with equally low expectations, all the while thinking that the premise was much like that of another set of books I can never quite decide on (not naming names, I'll just refer to them as the Va Dinci Code), so this one didn't exactly fill me with hopes. The archaeological thriller has grown in popularity since the Va Dinci Code; I'm not about to sit here and claim that they didn't exist before then (I've seen Indiana Jon [...]

    • I picked up The Sacred Bone because I needed something to read at the pool this week, and it was one of a few English language selections I could lay my hands on in Sukhothai. The premise is interesting, as a huge Dan Brown fan, I love these historical/thriller-type novels. I will say the similarities between this novel and Inferno or Angels and Demons was just a little bit too close for comfort. The involvement of the Vatican, the evil henchman, etc. I found the most interesting aspect of the s [...]

    • In the middle of Jerusalem, in a hot spot for Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faiths, an ossuary was stolen. The theft left behind death and chaos. It also pushed the already tenuous relationships between the inhabitants of the area to the breaking point. The Vatican, of course, is involved and is attempting to discover what is really in the ossuary while also trying to keep the investigation (and its involvement) secret. All the while, an investigation is going on to determine who stole the ossu [...]

    • This was a very good story- fast paced, not predictable, interesting topic. I loved the locations- especially Jerusalem- one of my favorite places. It was a new twist on a familiar tale- Templars, Joseph of Arimathea, etc. Hardly groundbreaking theories, though- the premise was a bit far-fetched to be taken seriously and the explanations of the three major faiths were superficial at best. But it was a fun read. SPOILER ALERT!!! If you are sensitive about religious topics, you might find this sto [...]

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