The Outfit

The Outfit When the Outfit tries to kill him Parker declares war Ripping off the syndicate is easy but going one on one with Bronson the Outfit s big boss is the hard part Hard for anyone but Parker because

  • Title: The Outfit
  • Author: Richard Stark
  • ISBN: 9780446674676
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Outfit tries to kill him, Parker declares war Ripping off the syndicate is easy, but going one on one with Bronson, the Outfit s big boss, is the hard part Hard for anyone but Parker, because the entire underworld understands that whatever Parker does he does for keep.

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      A pseudonym used by Donald E Westlake.

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    • Drip…Drip…Drip…Drip…DripDrip……that is the sound of icy cold, 80 proof, liquid badasseliciousness seeping from every pore of Richard Stark’s mantastic anti-hero, Parker. Over the past several seasons, thanks in large part to Kemper and Dan), I have become a big fan of crime fiction. During my reading excursions, I have come across some very engaging characters with high quotients of rough and tumble nastiness.Parker is in a mold-breaking class by himself. He’s unlike anyone else I [...]

    • After a hit man tries to kill Parker while he's in bed with a ladyfriend, Parker decides it's time to settle his score with The Outfit once and for all. While his various criminal acquaintances begin hitting Outfit-owned targets, Parker makes plans to take out the head of the Outfit. But will even taking out the top guy get the Outfit off his back?As usual, Stark delivers the goods in fast-paced, stripped down style. Parker and Handy do what they do best. The plotting and action, as always, were [...]

    • I love that I've discovered the Parker series. I'd been searching for a good series of popcorn books that I can read quickly without a whole lot of brainpower when I'm in that mood, or when I'm working and have little time to read. The Parker books have filled that void for me. They're quick, in-and-out little adventures that I can pop like mean little gummi bears whenever I want!This episode seems to concludes the beef between master criminal Parker and the organized crime syndicate, the Outfit [...]

    • The third in Stark’s Parker series (and you really should read the first three in order, at least—this is the culmination of a story. When The Outfit tries to kill Parker, in bed with a woman, he decides he needs to “settle things,” which for you and me might mean having a heart-to-heart talk with someone. Parker is a loner, but he writes letters to fifty people he knows around the country, such as this one:Frank,The Outfit thinks it has a grievance on me. It doesn’t. But it keeps send [...]

    • When The Outfit sets its sights on Parker it doesn't count on the fact that men like Parker, the "independent contractors" of the underworld are, in their own way, legion. The powers that be as well as the cogs and drones who comprise the myriad operations under the purview of The Outfit are soft targets, heretofore left alone out of a sort of professional courtesy. But, guess what kids? The gloves are coming off of Parker's freakishly powerful mitts. The fact that Parker's first task is to laun [...]

    • When Parker and the Outfit had a dispute in the first book of the series, Parker warned them what he’d do if they didn’t leave him alone. But after surviving an attempt on his life, it’s time for Parker to make good on his threat.As Parker told the bosses of the Outfit, all the professional thieves know each other, and all of them have worked out some kind of scenario for robbing one of their operations because they’re cash-rich and won’t bring any legal attention. Potential revenge by [...]

    • I feel like an asshole giving this book five stars while only giving four stars to a much superior book like The Melancholy of Resistance. And then to rub in my shame goes and makes a new section on our profile pages where our favorite books are shown, and this is one of them, sitting right there in between Gravity's Rainbow and Infinite Jest. Horrors!I hate the new favorites area on the profiles. Wasn't it enough to have a section in your profile you could list favorite books if you were so in [...]

    • in the hunter, parker warned the Outfit that if he were to instruct all his contacts to hit Outfit run businesses across the nation, they could put some serious hurting on the organization. it never comes to that. in this book it does. and it's glorious. not only do we track parker's moves against high-ranking members of the Outfit, but individual chapters are devoted to heists and jobs by various transient criminals directed at the Outfit. good stuff. i've always loved stories which feature an [...]

    • Reading the first three Parker novels one after the other, it’s fascinating to observe what different beasts they are. The first is a terse, tense revenge thriller; the next is a book creating the true Parker formula, where our uber-professional thief gets a job and works on it, taking out every irritation as it comes; whilst the third is an odd combination of the two. In a way the ‘job is planned and carried out’ formula is here: the job being to get to Bronson – the head of the outfit, [...]

    • This was a sort of relief to me. I mean this is far from great literature and it's a little disturbing that I like this/these books. Parker is a pretty cold duck (though he seems to be mellowing or something). It's an action read and a straight up thriller. Don't look for the philosophical take Parker has on life. Mostly he's good if he steals enough to live well.Of course the fact that the Outfit has a problem with Parker and wants him dead is putting a cramp in his plans he has to kill the peo [...]

    • A friend suggested a book to me called The Outfit back in January which I went out and purchased. Well, actually, I bought the wrong one by Richard Stark which is a fictional novel as opposed to the one my friend meant which was by Gus Russo and is a non-fictional history of the Mob. I will go and grab the Russo book, but in the meantime, the Stark one was pretty fun. Apparently, Stark passed away in 2008 after writing about 24 books featuring the main character Parker. He is sort of like a Rayl [...]

    • When Parker and the Outfit had a dispute in the first book of the series, Parker warned them what price they would pay if they did not leave him alone. Book #3 opens with someone trying to kill him in bed with his current fling, and Parker had had enough, wresting the names of the people who arranged the hit. He writes or visits many of the people he has worked robberies with, and encourages them to rob the underprotected businesses of the Outfit to make them pay. He also decides to remove the k [...]

    • My edition was a download from the library produced by Audio Go, read by John Chancer. It's about 300 minutes long & fantastic, again. Occasionally the job setups dragged a bit, came across as pedantic, but they were interesting for all that. As usual, Parker's acquaintances cause him issues, but this time they helped out, too. Great idea & very well done.A thread from the beginning leads me in to the next book, too. On to read the next, The Mourner. I just have to know

    • The weakest in the series that I've read so far. But that's not to say it isn't worth a look. On the down side, The Outfit is simply unbelievable, with its notion that Parker only has to sit down and write some letters to his fellow professional robbers to take down a nationwide criminal organization. Westlake (Stark) is trying to say something about corporate America -- and corporate criminals, than runs along the lines of Who can tell the difference anymore? (That was probably a cliche even in [...]

    • The closing episode of Parkers' Clash with the outfit that started in The Hunter.The story starts with an attempt on Parkers' life while enjoying a physical tryst with a lady. When Parker obviously survives he wants answers and he gets them. Parker realizes that the Outfit will keep targeting him unless he takes steps to make it financial unappealing to keep tracking him down while at the same time taking out the responsible person. This book is about Parkers' campaign against the Outfit in whic [...]

    • Parker had gotten a face lift to disguise himself from the Outfit. Word was out now, though they didn't know what he looked like. When someone fingers him and a hit man is sent, he decides it's tme to do something about it.He heads north from Florida, visiting people along the way he'd worked with in the past. He also wrote letters to others to far off the route. He asked all if they had plans to hit outfit(they all idly thought about such jobs). As a professional courtesy, they left such hits a [...]

    • 3.5 - Good entry into this series! Parker is such a great character to read about. And by great, I mean ridiculous. He's crazy. And will do literally anything he has to. I'm happy to root for him, though, and happy with how the story went in this one.

    • The Outfit (mafia) sends a hitman to kill Parker. Parker makes the Outfit sorry it ever tangled with him.I’m enjoying these stories and find myself wanting to read one right after the other. Like potato chips, you can’t eat just one. These are about bad guys. They rob. They kill. They don’t go to jail. They’re smart. It’s fun to be in this world for a change. A few times I’m delighted or surprised with something. I liked the plot in this one.The narrator John Chancer was ok.This is b [...]

    • The best compliment I can give the "Parker" novels by Donald E. Westlake is to admit that they've completely hijacked my usual schedule of reading and reviewing contemporary novels for the CCLaP website; originally planned to be a fun airplane diversion when I flew from Chicago to New Orleans and back about three weeks ago, I ended up reading the first book in the series, 1962's The Hunter, from start to finish in just half a day, and have since been greedily devouring the rest at a rate of a bo [...]

    • Third in the Parker series. Parker went to all the trouble to get a new face that was revealed in book 2, but finds by the end of that book that his new appearance has been revealed anyway and the "Outfit," (Organized Crime) is out to kill him. Parker strikes back as only he can do. Good one!

    • What is it that makes us (me) find the bad guy so intriguing? Why do we root for Parker? His sense of independence? Is it the David v Goliath theme? Probably all of the above. This story is dated: no cell phones or other little technological marvels that surround us today, but it's a good story. Parker, our favorite bad guy, is annoyed after the syndicate hires a hitman to take him out. Parker had stolen back some money he was owed and the "outfit" was pissed. Realizing that they won't give up, [...]

    • Talk about a kick-ass beginning: right from the first sentence Parker is rolling out of bed as a hit man's bullet fluffs the pillow Parker's head just vacated. Now that is starting in the middle of the action for dang sure. Doesn't let up either. So that I love. And Stark/Westlake's style in these Parker novels is beautifully precise. Lean, yet concrete. Not lush, yet sensory. Complicated heist descriptions, yet easy to read as a recipe. And if you love heist books, well, this is the motherlode [...]

    • Very good police novel, keeping the characteristics of previous books in the Parker series. With a protagonist who is not a good person, but a criminal surrounded by characters of the same ilk. Entertaining, very well written and easy to read. Nestor

    • A lot of the book doesn't center around Parker's exploits, and it seems more of a transitionary novel than the first two, but I'm interested to see what it's transitioning to. So far Stark has not failed to live up to the implicit promise of the world's most badass criminal.

    • Credi a me, al mondo c'è un'unica cosa giusta: la poligamia — sentenziò lui.Simbolicamente si chiude la trilogia iniziale di Parker, personaggio di difficile collocazione tra bene e male, giudice, giustiziere e vittima, ironico e spietato.Letture senza impegno ma di buona qualitàSe è vero che le persone oneste non devono mai dare spiegazioni, Parker non ne da nemmeno quando agisce da disonesto.Parker si accontenta di arraffare il denaro, dovunque lo trovi. Fa uno o due colpi all'anno, e si [...]

    • And that night, in the California house, the double-crossing began.That is a big mistake made by the crew of thieves Parker assembled for a profitable drug money heist on an island off the coast of Central America. Parker is not a man you want to double cross. Obviously these guys have never read any other RIchard Stark novels.Blood is shed and money is lost. Parker is out $45,000. He wants it back from the Outfit, a mid-sized crime syndicate that is getting soft in the belly. Mr. Bronson, presi [...]

    • I purchased this on based on the fact that a friend on had been reading this series by Richard Stark, one of Donald Westlake's pseudonyms. This was another attempt at finding a crime author who can match John D. MacDonald. No dice on that score; Stark/Westlake is no JDM. However, I found this book interestingly satisfying, and I'm interested in reading more in the series. (I have also finished, before writing this review, the first in the series, The Hunter.)Stark/Westlake is what you call a h [...]

    • The mob never should have messed with Parker. Before it was business, but when they sent the hit man to his hotel, it became personal. Can the master thief and ultimate anti-hero take down the entire Syndicate? Loners like Parker and his underworld associates had previously honored an uneasy peace with organized crime, but now all deals are off. Parker spreads the word - hit them and hit them hard. Soon, Outfit fronts for gambling and loan sharking are being hit all across the country, but Parke [...]

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