Disappearance In the latest supernatural thriller from Jude Watson Gracie s premonitions hit very close to home when her long lost father returns with some secrets buried deep in his past Gracie s never known her

  • Title: Disappearance
  • Author: Jude Watson
  • ISBN: 9780439696883
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the latest supernatural thriller from Jude Watson, Gracie s premonitions hit very close to home when her long lost father returns with some secrets buried deep in his past.Gracie s never known her father he disappeared when she was little and was never heard from again Now, after her mother s death, he s back with some dark secrets in tow Is his reapperanceIn the latest supernatural thriller from Jude Watson, Gracie s premonitions hit very close to home when her long lost father returns with some secrets buried deep in his past.Gracie s never known her father he disappeared when she was little and was never heard from again Now, after her mother s death, he s back with some dark secrets in tow Is his reapperance linked in any way with the death of a local tycoon Or the disappearance years ago of a student Suddenly Gracie s premonitions are a family matter

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      Jude Watson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Disappearance book, this is one of the most wanted Jude Watson author readers around the world.

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    • Disapperance i think was a wonderful book. it teaches you to suspect people you never would and to trust in some people. this book would to be good for anyone i think. It's like a rollercoaster, something good happens but then something bad happens. it keeeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you keep reading till your done.

    • Disappearance by Jude Watson was and amazing story if you like mystery books. This story is about a girl named Graice who's dad left her at a young age. But after a murder happened her father just happens to appear at her aunt's house. So a whole bunch of people think that her dad might have caused the murder. Her dad was just there to give the rest of the house to her aunt because he owned half the house. Graice then asked one of her "nerd" friends to search up her dad to see if everything he s [...]

    • this book is a sequal to premonitions and it was pretty good. It is about how she finally finds her dad and he wants to have her come live with her.Although she pushes him away until she finds out the truth about him.In this one it is like she is a detective solving crimes.i gave it 4 stars because it really got me connected with the character and it was enjoyable.

    • This book was, to me, even better than the first. I picked it up at my school book fair because the cover caught my eye and I finished it in less than 2 days. A great murder mystery!

    • It all begins with a girl name Gracie when her mom passed away she didn't know what to do with her life since she didn't have a dad either her mom told her that her dad die in a car crash,but Gracie never knew who he really was and she also didn't know that her mom was telling her a lie.Gracie's dad never die it was just a lie that her mom made up just so Gracie wouldn't ask where he was or why wouldn't he visit her.She went to school fou blocks away from her house, so everyday Graccie will just [...]

    • The Disappearance by Jude Watson is a suspenseful mystery about murders that happen on Beewick Island which is off the coast of Seattle. Gracie has visions that connect to the murders, but she has to put them together. In this book, her long lost dad, Nate, apparently comes back to see Gracie after thirteen years. But people start to think that it’s suspicious that once her dad comes back, there is a murder. Soon Gracie finds out the real reason why her dad came back to see her and some inform [...]

    • Disappearance Inc 2005, $4.99Jude Watson ISBN 9780439796392"She has premonitions - about the past, the present, and the future. Now her premonitions are a family matter and a matter of life and death." Gracie, a fourteen year old girl, not only has to deal with her premonitions that she can't figure out, they also lead her into trouble. Jude Watson, the author of Disappearance, creates a powerful character that many teens can relate too. Even though Gracie gets premonitions, you can relate to h [...]

    • The book was fantastic overall, but the climax well, it was pretty anti-climactic. There was so much tension and suspense, and then nothing.

    • This is the second book in a series by Jude Watson, the first being Premonitions. The story continues of the girl from that book, Gracie, who is psychic. The "gift" often brings her considerable trouble, as it did in the first book, and the second novel is no exception. Not only is Gracie having to deal with the psychic flashes she picks up from various people but now there's murder and her own father, whom she has not seen nor heard from in years, is a possible subject.It's a very good novel es [...]

    • This mystery novel has a protagonist with psychic abilities as told through the eyes of the narrator, Gracie, living on Beewick Island, Washington. A decades old death- unsolved as to who did it- is reopened by a local detective because of a recent murder on the island. Unfortunately for Gracie, her Aunt Shay, who is her primary guardian, is one of the main suspects. One of the other main suspects? Gracie's father, who has just reappeared on the scene after walking out on Gracie and her mother w [...]

    • Disappearance is a sequal to the book Preminitions, and it was amazing! The whole story picked up right where it left off, ansering some questions from the first book. Gracie, the main character, has visions about the past, present, and future. She tries to solve a murder and all the clues and suspense throughout the story really kept me interested. The big comotion with her dad made me kind of cringe because I think he just keeps using all of his wives, but Gracie maybe changed him in the end. [...]

    • I finished the book in a day. Maybe it's because I haven't read a book in too long. But I was hooked from the start. It was funny and I liked the simplicity of the read. It might be a young adult novel, say someone in their teenage years, but I liked it all the same. Sometimes I prefer an easier laid back read where I'm not so focused on trying to understand every other enormous word they are introducing me too. It has a good twist, didn't expect the ending. Wanted the murdered to turn out to be [...]

    • First read 3/1/2012Second read 8/1/2014This is a sequel to another story, but that isn't evident from the story itself. There are a couple of places where you wonder "what happened before?" but the story stands very well alone. Written for teens, the story deals with the attempts of a teen to become part of a group, to be part of a family, and to deal with a lot of hard knocks life has dealt her while also dealing with the power to see events from the past. She feels real. Excellent writing.

    • This book was very intence. I couldn't put it down! I just wanted to know what would happen. I would think i would know who the killer was and then it would drasticlly change. I liked the fact that it made you weary of every charecter and you never knew who to trust. This book was very interesting, and the charecters were all completely different. I also liked that the book was having you try to solve it! This is why i gave it a five out of five.

    • Gracie's never known her father -- he disappeared when she was little and was never heard from again. Now, after her mother's death, he's back with some dark secrets in tow. Is his reapperance linked in any way with the death of a local tycoon? Or the disappearance years ago of a student? Suddenly Gracie's premonitions are a family matter

    • I gave my book 5 stars. It is a mystery. It kept me guessing the whole way though.I think the best part of the book was when Gracie found the skeleton in the swamp. This book I think is a good book for people who like scary books. I think the book is a little boring at first but almost all book are. This book I think is a good book for intermediate readers.

    • The book disappearance is really good! It is really suspencful and its really hard to put the book down when you are reading it. I gave this book five stars because it is probly one of the best books i have ever read. The book doesnt have a chapter were somehting unexpected doesnt happen. There is alot of action and its never calm.

    • This book was the second book of the series. It is about a girl named Gracie. Her brother's friend found a body in a lake. Gracie can see the future, past and present. After 15 years, her deadbeat dad comes back to visit her. Gracie has to find out about her father's past life and determine if he is the killer or not.

    • I really liked this book because it was very exciting and funny. It triggered a lot of emotions also. I would reccomend this book to everyone as long as they have read the first one. I really hope that you will read this book and enjoy it just as much as I did. I think the saddest part of this book was the part where she had the vision about the family burning in the fire.

    • I just finished reading this book 2 days ago and I must say it was worth reading I really enjoyed reading it was I liked the way that how the whole story changes and plus I really love the mystery and suspense. Basically I love all the characters in the book. Hats of to the author Judy Blundell

    • This book is great for everyone especially if you like a good mystery. Its very suspenseful and i think her father showing up makes it worse. It really keeps you wanting to read to find out what happens next. This is a reAlly good series and I wish there was a 3rd.

    • Even though I haven't read the first book in this series, I found I could read it easily. I wish there were more Young Adult books that had a mystery/crime genre, rather than the daft sci fi fantasy that comes out today. I found the plot really interesting and exciting with twists everywhere!

    • I liked this better than 1st book because the characters were already established. but its was still just ok.

    • it was a little scary but it was good. it was about gracie's father came back for her. somebody had murdered hank hobbs in beewick and gracie was trying to find out who had killed him.

    • I Love this book. It's great mystery and the villian is always the last person on your suspect listRecommend it to anyone above 12-13 =)

    • even though it's been out awhile, i'm still kind of hoping for a third book because of the way it ended such a cliff hanger for me!!!

    • This book was okay. What i liked about this book was that it was mostly of a mystery so it made you want to read more to figure out what happened. if you like mysterys this ones good.

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