ARh A collection of the unique biomechanical stylings of the artist behind the movie Alien Giger s endeavors range from surrealistic dream landscapes created with a spray gun and stencils to album cover

  • Title: ARh+
  • Author: H.R. Giger
  • ISBN: 9783822896426
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of the unique biomechanical stylings of the artist behind the movie Alien Giger s endeavors range from surrealistic dream landscapes created with a spray gun and stencils, to album cover designs for famous pop stars, as well as sculptures and film designs This is a slim, flat, inexpensive softcover book, featuring many images mostly color, some bw aloA collection of the unique biomechanical stylings of the artist behind the movie Alien Giger s endeavors range from surrealistic dream landscapes created with a spray gun and stencils, to album cover designs for famous pop stars, as well as sculptures and film designs This is a slim, flat, inexpensive softcover book, featuring many images mostly color, some bw along with extensive text.

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      189 H.R. Giger
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    About “H.R. Giger

    • H.R. Giger

      Hans Ruedi Giger is an Academy Award winning Swiss painter, sculptor, and set designer best known for his design work on the film Alien.

    469 thoughts on “ARh+

    • This is a really good one for someone who wants to get a Giger book but can't find or afford one of the three coffee-table sized art books. There are also some drawings and photos that don't appear in any of the other books, including some production stuff for "Alien".I've actually purchased this book 4 different times, I think from 4 different printings of it (helps that it only cost like $10 each time). Like most Giger books, this one has a special spot in my childhood memories since I took it [...]

    • "Giger, you see more than we domesticated primates." - Timothy Leary, PhDThe foreword alone is excellent. Although Dr. Leary's praise for L.A.'s post-urban, freeway-intensive lifestyle seems pretty ludicrous in the Age of Peak Oil, his praise for Giger's artwork says it all:Giger has become the official portrait photographer for the Golden Age of Biology. Giger's work disturbs us, spooks us because of its enormous evolutionary time-span. It shows us all too clearly, where we came from and where [...]

    • Usually, I look at the art for these art books and nothing else. Here, I actually read the thing from front to back. Giger's ancedotes were fun stuff to read. The man's got a sense of humor. What? There isn't any way of analysis of his works here, but details about his life and how the artists tells things illuminates some things about his works, I think. All 'n all, an enjoyable read, but I still don't like his art. Minus one star.

    • Bought a hardback copy other day . had read this book previously many years back. Was entertaining to revisit the dark stories and images of Giger. Appreciate images of yesteryear and to note development from ink drawings to airbrush. Have some other Giger books that purchased in the mail that anxious to receive.

    • A few pages of biographical material in German and English prefaces about thirty postcards reproducing his recognizable art, some of which are very explicit. This is a Book Supplement to ARh+.

    • Ik had eigenlijk een beknopte biografie verwacht maar het bleek een verzameling te zijn van dingen die H.R. Giger heeft meegemaakt. Erg amusant om deze momentopnames te lezen. Bij het omslaan van elke bladzijde tref je een andere korte anekdote aan met illustraties.

    • First off, I don't think it's actually possible to incorporate H.R. Giger's entire imagination into one 90 some odd page book. However, the book itself does not mean to do such a thing. Instead, it gives a biographical representation of Giger coupled with some of his work in the past years. What I like most about the book is that it gives the same amount of attention to his well known works, such as Alien and Species, as it does to his lesser known works. The book, itself, isn't written all that [...]

    • Nice book, I enjoyed that the different stages of Giger's work, from his childhood "haunted alleys" to his work for multimillionaire pictures in Hollywood like Dune, and The Alien Saga. And each one of said stages is narrated by Giger himself in a a dark humorous tone, from his childhood days to his mainstream success era. Only cons of this little book is that illustrations sometimes get crammed together or aren't very large, however Tashen editorial makes beautiful books and this one is no exce [...]

    • Brief but nevertheless thorough autobiographic venture by Swiss surrealist H. R. Giger - one of the most important contributors to the Alien franchise through being the main designer of the set and the infamous extra-terrestial. The book will take you on a trip through Giger's early childhood memories, his maturehood, his first steps as an artist and will introduce you to the mentality of the surrealist movement, with Giger sharing memories from some of his personal experiences from his contancs [...]

    • I bought this at the Geiger Museum. I was a little disappointed they didn't have any of their own publications, just mostly Taschen ones. But this was definitely worth getting. It is a lovely art book with many of his best paintings but what makes this best for me is that instead of other people talking about his art it has Geiger talking about his memories of growing up and what the different things that he's done which makes it seem much more personal and authentic.

    • This book was my first contact with Giger, and back then I just couldn't believe what I was holding in my hands, it impressed me in such a way that for a moment I was even scared of buying this book. Then of course I bought it, and that's a decision I will never regret.This is an awesome way to get to know Giger, it has a great selection of his art and I actually liked the anecdotes he tells. I can't recommend it enough.

    • I was expecting more of a peek behind the curtain or analysis of Giger's famous creations and art. Well I got a peek behind reads more like a series of short creepy vignettes from Giger's life. The book has a timeline of his career at the back that had some interesting notes about his work on Poltergeist 2 and the movie Species. Overall interesting book but not what I was expecting.

    • ARh+ is a fascinating little artbook filled with interesting personal anecdotes. Giger is one of my favorite artists so I'd already seen most of the paintings within, but his personal stories kept me entertained. I was particularly amused by his two accounts of strange goings-on with his 'devil head.'

    • This Swiss artist was of course responsible for the imagery used in the Alien movies. Back in the 80s, I thought his art breathtaking, otherworldly, mysterious, spooky, gloomy, but also sensual. Even now, his work is still interestingly spooky, though Giger was also the vanguard of a host of more similar artists in later years, making his own creations, in today's context, less extraordinary.

    • Giger, for all his darkness and seeming depravity, is one of my favorite artists out therehas been since I found out he did the f/x and concept art for Aliend then I saw his biomechanical workWow.

    • Weird and disturbing. I bought this (the cheapest book on H R Giger I could find) to learn a little more about the Alien designer, and while it has lots of examples of his art, virtually all of it is disturbing. I didn't enjoy this book much at all.

    • Great examples of his work from childhood to the end of the 20th century, some good personal anecdotes mixed in with the work.

    • The most interesting art comes from the dark side of humanity. If ever there way an artist that portrayed this it is Giger.

    • As this is a picture book, no review. Being a fan of his Art I just wanted to add it to show I own a copy.R.I.P. H. R. Giger

    • What’s to say about this? I simply love the man's work. Here is yet more insight into his past and rise in position among the greatest surrealists of our time. Captivating.

    • Too short, but very interesting read since Giger himself wrote it :) Its interesting to have a small glimpse into his childhood and see how he evolved as an artist.

    • I like his art, as much as i hate to be a cliche (nerdy metalhead who likes h.r. giger). This book is a good collection, plus it has some interesting tales from his life.

    • I love that the "chapters" are narrated by Giger himself. Interesting insight into his early stages of development. Lots o f good pictures and sketches too.

    • Hans Rüdi Giger's art is an orgasm from hell.This book presents a nice overview of his work, as well as some witty personal stories from Giger himself, which I really enjoyed reading.

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