Christ in Eastern Christian Thought

Christ in Eastern Christian Thought None

  • Title: Christ in Eastern Christian Thought
  • Author: John Meyendorff
  • ISBN: 9780913836279
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
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      498 John Meyendorff
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    • John Meyendorff

      Fr John Meyendorff 1926 1992 was a Professor of Church History and Patristics at St Vladimir s Orthodox Theological Seminary, and a professor of History at Fordham University, NY He was a Fellow of the National Endowment for the Humanities 1976 77 , and a Guggenheim Fellow He held honorary doctorates from the University of Notre Dame and General Theological Seminary, was a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy, and a Senior Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks In 1990 The Diploma of Honorary Member of the Leningrad Theological Academy was bestowed upon him.

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    • Maybe the 3rd time I read this book. Although it is a history of theology, it is very theological. Meyendorff does a great job in summarizing the controversies and issues being discussed through the centuries of Byzantium. He presents the theological decisions agreed upon in the various centuries. Theology is forever alive, dealing with the human effort to understand God. It takes centuries for ideas to be clarified, and it is true that some earlier fathers did not have the clarity of language t [...]

    • This is the best single volume on the Christological debates in the early Eastern Church. There's no hagiography to be found here, but rather an honest assessment of a messy time in the life of the Church. Meyendorff is especially talented in putting the basic state of the question in a simple form and giving the various answers offered by competing parties, complete with the consensus answers determined by the leadership of the churches.

    • Tracing the development of Christology in the early church, climaxing with the Council of Chalcedon, Meyendorff leads us to a clearer understanding of not only the person of Christ, but even the natures of humanity and divinity which are not (as we so often assume) mutually exclusive. Just as God clothed Himself in human nature, we too may clothe ourselves with divinity.

    • A good general overview into the development of Christology in the Christian East. Highly recommended for anyone trying to deepen their understanding on the subject.

    • This book argues that "neo-Chalcedonian Christologywas not a simple concession to monophysitism." It was a chore to get through but a careful exposition of deification (particularly as a soteriological concept) in the Eastern Church now and in the early theologians. While I'm unsurprised that it wasn't addressed, I kept wishing for something about the possibility of a passible God. I often feel like a lot of Christological headaches and phusis-related intellectual gymnastics could be avoided by [...]

    • Meyendorff does a great job in surveying the various strands of Byzantine Christology. He unites them under the idea of man's being made to participate in the life of God. This requires a Christology to match, so we see an emphasis on the Logos taking to himself human flesh and deifying, which flesh then becomes the theotic (I made up that word) life for all of humanity. Some of the figures surveyed below shed light on the Christology, but in many ways more importantly, the metaphysics of Byzant [...]

    • Meyendorff did a lot of good work, most of which was "standard", nothing outstanding, but better than good kinda like a Packer of EO in the West This book though, is one of my favorites by him Good stuff, helpful - a bit uneven in places - but he truly is one of a handful of men who could have written this volume. Lots of helpful stuff on Christology, Trinity and Icons.

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