His Dirty Little Secret

His Dirty Little Secret Secrets dirty ones He was mine there was a time Or so I thought Instead I was simply his dirty little secret He couldn t no wouldn t risk telling his best friend my brother about us So I kept quiet

  • Title: His Dirty Little Secret
  • Author: Terri Anne Browning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Secrets dirty ones.He was mine there was a time Or so I thought.Instead, I was simply his dirty little secret.He couldn t, no wouldn t risk telling his best friend my brother about us So, I kept quiet Blinded by love and bound by my own desires, I allowed it all.I didn t tell a single soul about my time with Sawyer, not my brother, not my closest friends.Not thSecrets dirty ones.He was mine there was a time Or so I thought.Instead, I was simply his dirty little secret.He couldn t, no wouldn t risk telling his best friend my brother about us So, I kept quiet Blinded by love and bound by my own desires, I allowed it all.I didn t tell a single soul about my time with Sawyer, not my brother, not my closest friends.Not then, and especially not now.How can I My best friend is his ex wife.The past is the past.I m over him.I refuse to still love him.He will never own me again.I repeat the lies over and over again to myself every single day.Only, deep down, no matter how hard I try to deny it, I ve always been his.I want between us than a dirty little secret Standalone

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    • I wrote a huge ranting review and now it's gone so now I'm even more pissed off!!(view spoiler)[The gist of this novella is that Ash (heroine) and Sawyer (so-called hero) are together and for two months (he's her brother's best friend) they spend every spare moment together and are in love. If that isn't a relationship, I don't know what is. Anyhoo, Ash is some sort of journalist or has a job that takes her overseas on assignments - sometimes to dangerous places. So Sawyer gives her an ultimatum [...]

    • Awful. Sawyer is a jerk. Ash is never with anybody but Sawyer while he goes off while she's in danger and sleeps with her best friend and then marries her. I am so sick of these types of heroes. Even "bad boys" can be honorable. Which Sawyer is not. I will never understand why heroines can't move on. Why couldn't she marry and have a kid? Then they can get back together. There is that double standard that the man can do whatever he wants but the woman must remain untouched. Flip all these bad bo [...]

    • If you're sick of your stomach and need to throw up I'm sure this book will help you.Just read this reviewGaggingWhat's sad though. I liked her Rockers series. It sure had its wtf moments, but it seems this book leads the line in bs/review/show

    • This book is incredibly short for a theme that is so heavy. It needs to be a standalone, at the very least. A long one.Bottom line. I hate heroines who don't respect herself and I hate Heroes who treat heroine as a second choice and think he could just bat his eyes and have her back.I mean he slept with the heroine's best friend for fuck's sake. 2 weeks after the ""broke"" up. Kept as her as a dirty little secret is one thing, but THAT is totally disgusting.Ugh I wish I had never picked up this [...]

    • Seriously?This book has so much potential but I feel like the author wrote this while just playing around and got bored one dayThere are so many gaps that need to be filled and questions to be answered it's not even funny. Had I known that this was only a short story I probably wouldn't have wasted my time.How do you expect to write a story, have the heroine have a traumatic accident, but not say what said accident was or how it affected her?! I feel like this was written for us to come up with [...]

    • I kinda lost interest don't get me wrong, first few chapters was good but for some reason I didn't want to pick it back up! I might read it later on, so I'm putting this as my dnf for now. It has an interesting concept, I love reading angst with some dumb characters it makes the reading more painful but enjoyable at the same time. LOLThis book is not for everyone, its a lil taboo and even I who likes trainwreck/taboo/cheating/stupid characters was cringing. I stop somewhere not because I was unc [...]

    • What's with this heroine? Sawyer is a jerk and she still accepted him? A jerk who sleeps with his "ex girlfriend's" best friend after two weeks of breaking up. They did not love each other. It's lust. If Sawyer loved and respected her in the first place he should not have kept her as his dirty little secret. WHY KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP SECRET JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO BE RUSHED INTO MARRIAGE? And not because you just knocked someone up means that you should marry her. You even mentioned THEY [...]

    • you pussy and coward sawyer. you don't love her, so do you ash. there just lust for that matter.didn't make move for 6 years?? and when you do, like what you said that's because amber at vacation for 2 weeksd Ash have some respect woman, you lust- sorry you love a man who didn't want people know about you relationship, and his excuse because "All I could see was you and me, and I didn’t want the outside world to creep in." and his said before he told brace, that he thinks he didn't want to kn [...]

    • My only complaint, is that this was just too short! The story was told well but I love reading Terri's books so I always want them to be longer. I think Terri set this up for a series and if not she defiantly has enough unanswered questions about the characters to do so. Maybe we will find out what happened to Ash and how Dom had to fix her.

    • Let me start by saying this is probably not the book for you sensitive ass safety people. With that out of the way I loved this novella. My stomach was in knots for Ash the whole time. I'm way more petty so I'd have made Sawyer and Ashley suffer enough for a full length novel. The only thing I would've liked is more details on Ash's traumatic experience when she was on assignment. And there should've been a sympathy f*ck between her and Dom, that would've been awesome.

    • I was anticipating all sorts of yummy goodness this sounded so angsty. The 2nd chance kicked to curb for OW trope makes me rub my hands in glee. I think It's the hardest thing in a romance, to redeem the H and for us to believe the h isn't an after thought. Unfortunately my glee didn't last long. The 'plot' was too weighty to be tackled as a novella and there were lots of questions left unanswered leading to dissatisfaction. What happened to her on her last assignment? Why did no one but Dominic [...]

    • This author is one of my favorites, so I'm surprised that I'm giving such a bad review. I felt like this story was just hurriedly written. She didn't go into details on a few things that just left you going. Well what happened?? Back stories were left unexplained and I hate that. That's why I only gave two stars. I still love this author. I hope her next book is better

    • I really liked this book. It was short but sweet. The only problem is it left me wanting more of Ash and Sawyer!!!!

    • I LOVED this novella!!! I am just pissed because it's just a novellaI NEED A WHOLE BOOK!!!!! I loved Sawyer and Ash but I need some backstory or a future story!! It was so good and precious and I just wanted more the whole time!!!!

    • Unrealistic Boring. If I hadn't paid and it wasn't so short, I wouldn't have finished it.Spoiler Lame that h never dated dated anyone else .

    • Two stars because I can't give it a third "I liked it" star. It was OK, it was good enough to finish when I have been DNFing just about everything at the moment. Not sure if it is due to my brain or just the shitty choices I've been making. Anyway, this was an OK read. Few issues. I'm sure that some will love it though.

    • 3.75 Stars I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked it but I was slightly irritated by it. Sawyer claimed to love Ash but he soon jumped into bed with her best friend. Having split up and jumping in bed with another woman within weeks is bad enough. But with the heroine’s best friend?! To be fair the best friend didn’t know about Ash and Sawyers relationship, BUT Sawyer knew who her best friend was,. Drunk or not. I wanted Ash not to forgive Sawyer. Sawyer didn’t really seem to care. [...]

    • This is a novella about the love of Ash and Sawyer. Sawyer is Ash's brother's best friend and they were lovers undercover years ago. They loved each other, but Sawyer ended up marrying Ash's best friend. Messy, I know. Years after the divorce and had a kid. However, the love that Sawyer and Ash have for each other is still strong, but in order for them to be together, Sawyer has to tell the truth about his feelings for Ash to her brother and his best friend. The storyline is unique, the characte [...]

    • Ok short read. One little thing though is it just me that I found their relationships weird?! Yes, we are adults and we are capable of having a civil relationship with an ex But this was a little bit OTT. And why the hell he wanted to keep it a secret if she was the love of his life? Just saying.I had to take 2.5 stars offP.s. I needed more info on Ash's accident. Not enough depth.

    • GOD, I love this woman!Terri Anne, your rock star series was my intro into contemporary romance and I swear you could write any dang thing anywhere and I'm all over it sister!Another hit. Great storyline, great HEA. Read it for yourself to see how they get there.

    • Not badI saw so many disappointing reviews and didn't know what to expect. While this story is not like the author's other series it was alright. I would have liked for more of an understanding/depth of the characters.

    • It was too short! I definitely wanted it to be longer. And it never explained what happened to Ash seven years ago, when she was injured. But it was so good!

    • Such a sweet and emotional novella. I loved how jam-packed with emotion it was while being simple.

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