Fury's Bridge

Fury s Bridge If you knew the gods worked from a building in Santa Monica California would it change you Avenging fury Alectho Alec Graves has been tasked with saving the world when she isn t out seeking justice

  • Title: Fury's Bridge
  • Author: Brey Willows
  • ISBN: 9781626398429
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
  • If you knew the gods worked from a building in Santa Monica, California, would it change you Avenging fury Alectho Alec Graves has been tasked with saving the world, when she isn t out seeking justice for those innocents who suffer at the hands of evil doers If she fails in her mission, those she loves will cease to exist.Selene Perkton is a philosophy professor in LosIf you knew the gods worked from a building in Santa Monica, California, would it change you Avenging fury Alectho Alec Graves has been tasked with saving the world, when she isn t out seeking justice for those innocents who suffer at the hands of evil doers If she fails in her mission, those she loves will cease to exist.Selene Perkton is a philosophy professor in Los Angeles She lives an ordinary, well scheduled life, and knows her place in it When Alec appears, the world she thought she knew becomes a very different place.Can Alec and Selene put aside their differences, or will the evil lurking in the shadows manage to pull them apart Cover Artist Sheri Halal

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      Brey Willows is a longtime editor and writer Her passion is literature and the classics, and she has published a large handful of short stories and several articles and reviews When she s not running a social enterprise working with marginalized communities on writing projects, she s editing other people s writing or doing her own She lives in the middle of England with her partner and fellow author and spends entirely too much time exploring castles and ancient ruins while bemoaning the rain.

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    • 3 1/2 Stars. This is Willows debut book, and a good one at that. It may be because she is an editor, but it is obvious that she knows how to write. The book was well written, well imagined, and polished. I am a huge paranormal fan, which may make me overly critical at times. This was a good book that I enjoyed, I just didn't love it.The story is about Selene, a non-religious philosophy professor. She believes in things she can see, not things other people have faith in. Selene, has always felt a [...]

    • Is it just a massive coincidence that all three books I've read about women and ancient deities ended up on my favorites list, or do I simply have a fondness for such tales. More likely, I got lucky and really good authors wrote them. There's The 100th Generation, Coils and now, Fury's Bridge. All three share a similar theme about ancient goddesses (and gods) facing a common dilemma in this modern age of reason and science--being forgotten by their worshippers, and worse, rejected by modern-day [...]

    • This was a really different kind of paranormal read that had more to do with gods and religion than vampires and werewolves.I went into this read blind, not knowing what to expect and, I think the experience was better for it. The author lets us know that *something* outside of our normal existence is happening but as to what remains a mystery until about half way through the book. There are some deeper ideas between philosophy, religion, and reason that I thought the author did a decent job wit [...]

    • *I received this book from NetGalley, and Bold Strokes Books in return for a fair review.*Genre/tags: FantasyLocation: Earth; USA; California; Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Cal StateCharacters: Main - Selene Perkton (philosophy professor at Cal State, specifically a trans-human philosophy person), Alectho 'Alec' Graves (Avenging fury)Side characters: Zed (Alec's boss); Tis & Meg (sisters of Alec); Frey Falconi (famous philosopher dude who a) 'makes philosophy accessible to the masses' and b) wa [...]

    • Wow! For a debut novel this really felt very well rounded (she must have written other stuff). The subject matter is highly interesting (to me at least) and I was sucked into the story immediately. I liked the two main characters Selene and Alec and many of the side characters as well. I thought the story was original and certainly not the usual paranormal shifter/demon fantasy fare. There is a hefty dose of phylosophy, religion and mythology in this book but the subject matter is written with a [...]

    • *The copy provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc. in exchange for an honest review* Now, this is how you write paranormal genre, spiced with mythological facts and creatures. This was so fun to read, a pure joy! It's so witty, fun, charming; it's has a perfect amount of humor in it Both Selene and Alec are great characters, fantastically written, and the minor ones are no less fun. I just loved this book, and I'm not a great fan of paranormal genre in general; so, having me charmed and [...]

    • I'm not a big fan of fantasy themed books, but I liked this one a lot. I think the story is more a preparation for future books in the series. The main character, Selene, in the beginning of the book, has not been presented in accordance with the behavior and reactions that she have later in the book. That is why it has semed to me that this book is a presentation, a kind of pilot of a series. In any case, I found that this is a book whit a fun approach, that is easy and entertaining to read and [...]

    • *ARC provided by Netgalley and the Publisher for an honest review*I really didn't know what to expect from this book but I'm really glad I read it. I love books about mythology and supernatural beings so I had to read this book after reading the description and I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed.This isn't your normal book about the supernatural which is refreshing and the premise of this book is something I have never come across before. There is a bit of action and drama but the foc [...]

    • Great. This was my first FF-paranormal and I enjoyed it. I'm not big on paranormal and fantasy stuff though, I didn't have any second to feel bored. It was a Don't judge a book by its cover experience. I think I can try other paranormal stories or some fantasies.I appreciate people who wrote honest reviews and gave me this opportunity.

    • This was an absolutely incredible first novel from Brey Willows. I don't usually read any books of the supernatural/fantasy genre but I'm so glad I decided to give this a go. I loved every minute of reading it. Selene is a philosophy professor in LA leading a quiet and calculated life. Sensible shoes, a girlfriend of three years who she only sees on select evenings, train rides to work in company of the conductor, an air horn for the bears that sometimes come visit her in her secluded cabin Ever [...]

    • I liked the idea of the book with the Gods all living in a building, however I found the book spent way too long setting out the relationship between the really bland and lacklustre Selene and the fury. The actual Gods in the St Monica building part didn't start until approximately half way through when I was honestly losing the will to live, despite the book blurb very much selling this as what the book was about. It's as if the author was trying to drag the story word count out. Maybe as it's [...]

    • A great paranormal read! So I am giving it a 5 stars!The author took their time to research different paranormal creatures and put a lot of time into the character of Selene. Selene is funny, strong and yet her heartbreak from being in foster care and alone most of her life has caused her to doubt her worth. There is a point where you can feel Selene isn't happy with her girlfriend Mika, but Selene won't pull the trigger to end it. Yet you know Selene wants out. However when Mika suggest it, the [...]

    • I loved Fury’s Bridge and I’m not sure I can even define why. I initially tried to write a review on it right after finishing it and couldn’t come up with anything that seemed valuable to share. I’ve read so many reviews on this book that give it far more justice than I ever could. Still, nothing got me to actually purchase and commit to reading this book except a really good sale. I’m thankful for that sale, as I loved this enough to go out and buy book 2 immediately afterwards. Yes, [...]

    • genre: urban paranormal fantasy romancelength: 86,000 words, 30 chaptersmain characters:Alectho 'Alec' Graves, five thousand years old, avenging fury, over six feet tall, darkSelene Perkton, philosophy professor at Cal State LA, blond hair, rare pale blue eyessetting: Los Angeles, Californiamy opinion:- a really great urban paranormal fantasy with a nice romance and very original story- this is the first book in the series and I'm totally looking forward to the next book- highly recommended- wil [...]

    • I really enjoyed it, even if the book is a bit unbalanced. The "revelation" in the middle cut the book in two part, a before-event which is great and an after-event which was a little bit less to my taste, because Selene morphed from a very interesting character to a confused damoiselle-in-distress and I liked her better when the world didn't rock under her shoes. The Alec character on the other end is coherent through and through and I like it a lot. And you have to admit the two of them toget [...]

    • I met Brey and her wife at DIVA Literary Fest '17. They were both absolutely lovely, so I bought the first book in each of their series.Fury's Bridge was an incredible read - I read the whole thing in one sitting and right afterwards I was tweeting Brey about the second book. I'm a huge fan of urban fantasy, and Alec is definitely my favourite character so far. Save for Jesus, maybe. I've already ordered the second book in this series, and I can't wait to see what will happen next!

    • An honest review thanks to NetGalley. I loved this book, everything about it drew me in. Alec was breathtaking, and the idea and thought that was book into this read were amazing. Alec took over the pages, and the idea of everything believed in if with enough followers existed was so new and fresh that I couldn't put the book down. This is an awesome read that you will not regret!

    • Enjoyed this book immensely.It's an interesting concept, nicely developed, linking both worlds. This novel has certainly refreshed my fascination for mythology. The author obviously has a great depth of feeling for humanity.Looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

    • Wow! Cannot wait to read the next one! Finished it begging the author for the next one.An amazing and mature writer who touches on so many areas of fiction and fact that fascinate me.

    • Wow, did I read the same book as everyone else? I found the story to be a plodding mess, full of extraneous and repetitive descriptions and events. Frankly, there is no shortage of "What if Gods were real?" novel premises and all seem to follow the tenet that amount of believers = amount of godly power/existence. This book didn't really break any new territory on that front, other than perhaps focusing more on the bland main character Selene instead of the far more interesting Gods with their pa [...]

    • BrilliantWhat a fantastic story, Brey willows blows your mind. I highly recommend reading this, so wonderfully written keeps you enthralled right to the end.

    • Wow, just wow!Fury's Bridge it just begged to be delved into. What a fantastic read. I couldn't put it down. The story was captivating. The writing was exceptional. I love a good romance and am a sucker for paranormal/fantasy. This book had them both. I was completely enamored and fell in love with all the characters (even Selene who was extremely pragmatic). What a thought provoking and comical take on life, religion and faith. The author certainly did her homework and took pride in writing thi [...]

    • Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread:I have a slightly uneasy relationship with books that draw on Greek mythology in a modern setting. Some work really well for me, but others just make me cross. This novel’s blurb drew me in however, especially since it drew on the legends of the Furies, rather than the flashier, better known gods and goddesses. Then, once I started reading, I discovered that the story itself draws on some very wide influences across the whole spectrum of [...]

    • This was recommended to me when I wandered up to a Bold Strokes stand at Pride. What a recommendation! I asked for a book that wouldn't keep me awake at night scared. Well it did keep me awake, but because I wanted to keep reading and find out what happened next!!I've loved this book from start to finish, great use of hook lines at the end of chapters. Brilliant story line and you could get a wonderful sense of the different characters. 5 stars, thoroughly recommend this book and I'm off to read [...]

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