Nancy's Mysterious Letter

Nancy s Mysterious Letter Nancy receives a letter informing her that she is heir to a fortune This story tells of her search for another Nancy Drew

  • Title: Nancy's Mysterious Letter
  • Author: Carolyn Keene Walter Karig
  • ISBN: 9781557091628
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nancy receives a letter informing her that she is heir to a fortune This story tells of her search for another Nancy Drew.

    Nancy s Mysterious Letter Nancy s Mysterious Letter is the eighth volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series It was first published in and was penned by Walter Karig, a replacement writer for Mildred Wirt Benson. Nancy s Mysterious Letter Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Nancy s Mysterious Letter Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, Book Hardcover March , by Nancy s Mysterious Letter by Carolyn Keene A mysterious letter, a swindling crook, and danger await The regular crew of Nancy s family friends watch in awe as, yet again, Nancy puzzles through another mystery to save the When Nancy s mail carrier s mail is stolen the sleuth sets out to track down the culprit. Nancy s Mysterious Letter Nancy Drew Series by By mistake Nancy Drew receives a letter from England intended for an heiress, also named Nancy Drew When Nancy undertakes a search for the missing young woman, it becomes obvious that a ruthless, dangerous man is determined to prevent her from finding the heiress or himself. Nancy s Mysterious Letter book by Carolyn Keene When beloved teen sleuth Nancy Drew receives a mysterious letter from London informing her that she is the heir to a fortune, she sets out to find another person Nancy s Mysterious Letter by Carolyn Keene Oct , About Nancy s Mysterious Letter When Nancy receives a letter informing her she s heir to a fortune, she decides to track down the sender, as well as the other Nancy Drew Also in Nancy Drew Nancy Drew Nancy s Mysterious Letter by Carolyn Keene Nancy s Mysterious Letter by Carolyn Keene was first published in , is pages long, and is best enjoyed by young children aged to years old, although children and adults of Nancys Mysterious Letter Download Pdf ePub eBook Nancys Mysterious Letter Welcome,you are looking at books for reading, the Nancys Mysterious Letter, you will able to read or download in Pdf or ePub books and notice some of author may have lock the live reading for some of country Therefore it need a FREE signup process to obtain the book. What is the setting of Nancy drew Nancys mysterious letter In Nancy s Mysterious Letter, Nancy receives a letter from London Not just any letter though, it tells of her inheritance of a small fortune Unfortunately, the inheritance is for a different What is the summary for Nancy s Mysterious letter Answers In Nancy s Mysterious Letter, Nancy receives a letter from London Not just any letter though, it tells of her inheritance of a small fortune Unfortunately, the inheritance is for a different

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      499 Carolyn Keene Walter Karig
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    About “Carolyn Keene Walter Karig

    • Carolyn Keene Walter Karig

      Carolyn Keene is a writer pen name that was used by many different people both men and women over the years The company that was the creator of the Nancy Drew series, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, hired a variety of writers For Nancy Drew, the writers used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene to assure anonymity of the creator.Edna and Harriet Stratemeyer inherited the company from their father Edward Stratemeyer Edna contributed 10 plot outlines before passing the reins to her sister Harriet It was Mildred Benson aka Mildred A Wirt , who breathed such a feisty spirit into Nancy s character Mildred wrote 23 of the original 30 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories , including the first three It was her characterization that helped make Nancy an instant hit The Stratemeyer Syndicate s devotion to the series over the years under the reins of Harriet Stratemeyer Adams helped to keep the series alive and on store shelves for each succeeding generation of girls and boys In 1959, Harriet, along with several writers, began a 25 year project to revise the earlier Carolyn Keene novels The Nancy Drew books were condensed, racial stereotypes were removed, and the language was updated In a few cases, outdated plots were completely rewritten.Other writers of Nancy Drew volumes include Harriet herself, she wrote most of the series after Mildred quit writing for the Syndicate and in 1959 began a revision of the first 34 texts The role of the writer of Carolyn Keene passed temporarily to Walter Karig who wrote three novels during the Great Depression Also contributing to Nancy Drew s prolific existence were Leslie McFarlane, James Duncan Lawrence, Nancy Axelrod, Priscilla Doll, Charles Strong, Alma Sasse, Wilhelmina Rankin, George Waller Jr and Margaret Scherf.

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    • i'm extremely extremely busy these days which is why i haven't been on as much for the past few days but RTC i promise

    • I have most of the Nancy Drew books, and all the edition types too (from 1930's onward), and I have to say my original unrevised editions are the best. They are more detailed, and fit more to the time period Nancy is originally from. It also gets annoying how the stories can get completely different for the editions (for example The Secret at Shadow Ranch was changed to The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and the mysteries are completely different). I know this might sound messed up of me, but one of th [...]

    • This could have been a fun read, even exciting except that the person doing the outline of the book didn’t give one that was adventurous enough, and hey, there were no haunted bridges, no haunted houses, and no scary places; in fact, there was no action.It started out being a good book with the mailman stopping by Nancy Drew’s house, and after telling her that he was retiring, she invited him in for hot chocolate. When he got up to leave, he found that the mailbag that he had left on the fro [...]

    • May 2017 RereadI loved this book this time around. I listened to it in audio and found the story interesting and fun. I loved how Nancy was on the hunt for the other Nancy Drew and man was it hard to track her down! Lol! Great read. **This was a good mystery. I enjoyed the hunt for another Nancy Drew and found that part very interesting. A nice read.

    • Mail fraud and mistaken identities!Meek elderly mail carrier has a mean, no-good brother who convinces single ladies to mail money to him.Meanwhile, Nancy and her gal pals visit Ned's college to watch him play footballs. The girls cheer "lustily" and yell things that make no sense like "Eeeeh! Yeeeeh!" Meanwhile, Ned faints on the field and is taken to the bench.Weekend plans for the girls and their football guys include a play on Friday night, the game and a dance on Saturday, and a chapel serv [...]

    • Oh Nancy. I do not know how you survived to have as many Nancy Drew stories as you had! Seriously girl, you put yourself in such ridiculously dangerous situations with no thought to the fact that something bad could happen to you. For some incredibly lucky reason, you always survive without much more than a scratch, and you always catch the bad guy in the end, but you don't seem to realize how dangerous the world really is to young women. In this book Nancy allows herself to gullibly and blindly [...]

    • What a fun walk down memory lane! I loved the Nancy Drew mystery series when I was younger and I find I still do. The characters are as fun as I remember them. Plus Carolyn Keene does not hold back on the mystery and suspense just because Nancy is a teenager. There were quite a few attempts on Nancy's life to prevent her from solving the mystery. All of this with the backdrop of visiting her boyfriend Ned's college campus, going to a football game, and a formal dance. Classic Nancy Drew fun

    • The story/plot was again wonderful but the narrator.Well all I can say is at times it felt like she was just saying "blah blah blah"I miss Laura Linney, also the background mysterious music.

    • a lonely hearts predator is on the prowl and nancy seems to have a mysterious twin. there's some nice double idenity shenanigans going on in this one.

    • Not the typical Nancy Drew story, but it was great fun as she tries to find the heiress with the identical name.

    • Below average. There is basically only one suspect and it's pretty clear that it's them the entire time. Most of Nancy's time is spent attending football games and costume parties rather than any real mystery-solving. The mystery itself isn't very compelling or interesting. The denouement is solved with a conversation rather than Nancy being kidnapped or any sort of real excitement. There is even a Scooby Doo-like "I'd have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling Nancy"-type uttera [...]

    • I enjoyed this book because it always left me in suspense. It was a book I did not want to put down. *SPOILER ALERT* Nancy found Edgar Nixon and Nancy Smith drew. At the airport, she was able to get Edgar arrested and be able to question him. She also was able to prevent them from getting married.

    • Wonderful book! I think my favorite Nancy Drew book that I have read so far is The Bungalow Mystery. One of my favorite things about these books, is that you don't have to wait a long time for the mystery to come up. It usually happens in the first chapter. I love Nancy's friends, and they are in this one a lot. Solving this mystery proved to be very dangerous, but she never gave up.

    • After having a few "Nancy Drew" novels as a youngster, it is fun to read all of them in order. I discovered a great essay about the Stratemeyer family and know writers were employed to expand story ideas. The original author, Mildred A. Wirt, had more leeway when Edward was alive than when his brave daughter, Harriet took over. In the 1950s, Harriet received enough complaints about impropriety to undertake rewriting the suite; sometimes in imbalanced chunks. My yellow hardcovers are the rewrites [...]

    • First a quick summary - Nancy invites the postman in for a cup of hot cocoa and his mailbag is stolen from the entrance way. Inside the bag was a special delivery letter for Nancy all the way from England. Fast forward, Nancy learns that the letter was for Nancy Smith-Drew and it was about a small inheritance; Nancy and her friends Bess and George set about finding this other Nancy Drew and solving the the mystery of who stole the mailbag. Of course the mysteries are intertwined. Nancy and the g [...]

    • Mystery #8 in which we learn that Nancy is a very skilled parallel parker! This was one of my least favorite Nancy Drew mysteries. Seems they may have been short on ideas and must have had a looming deadline. This is a lackluster story that hardly puts our pal Nancy in danger at all. She gets a rock thrown at her head and she is almost run over by a car. That's nothing compared to the dangerous scenarios she has landed herself in in the past. At any rate, the very polite Nancy invites the mailma [...]

    • Nancy mistakenly receives a letter intended for another Nancy Drew, informing her that she has inherited a large sum of money. Also, when Nancy invites her elderly mailman in for a drink of cocoa, his mailbag is stolen from Nancy's porch. Nancy sets out to find the other Nancy Drew and to locate the person who took the mailbag so that she can restore the tarnished reputation of her mailman. Personally, I found this book to be very boring. The mystery is not exciting and there is very little acti [...]

    • #8 in the Nancy Drew series, so this was a very early one, written in 1932. It's always fun to read through one of these books. At the time I first read it (at around age 10 maybe?), I remember enjoying this series very much. It was simple and straightforward, with a clear and understandable mystery, and just enough excitement to be interesting but nothing scary. As an adult, it's amusing to read about Nancy calling up the police chief and giving him clues to solve his cases--and he was very rec [...]

    • When Nancy's mail carrier's mail is stolen the sleuth sets out to track down the culprit. It's a straightforward case of stolen mail, right? Wrong! A letter addressed to Nancy Drew was stolen alongside the others. But Nancy soon learns the letter was meant for someone else. Could there possibly be TWO Nancy Drews?!A mysterious letter, a swindling crook, and danger await. The regular crew of Nancy's family & friends watch in awe as, yet again, Nancy puzzles through another mystery to save the [...]

    • This has got to be one of the more convoluted Nancy Drew books. Awash in overwhelming coincidence, Nancy tracks down another Nancy Drew, who a) has inherited a great deal of money b) is being pursued by the con artist brother of Nancy's mailman who discovered that Nancy2 had gotten the money when he stole mail from his brother in order to get to the Drews' mail because one of Mr. Drew's clients was also a victim of one of the bad guy's cons 3) Ned Nickerson's acting coach 4) The former governess [...]

    • It was mostly pretty boring and lacked the typical excitement and sleuthy goodness that came with a Nancy Drew mystery. :/

    • This is the first Nancy Drew book I ever owned and ever read. I must dig it out of my mother's attic and read it again!

    • Nancy finds out thsat there is another Nancy Drew and a letter is sent to her by acident about a inheritance from the other Nancy Drew's dead uncle.

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