Whose Moon Is That?

Whose Moon Is That A stunning picture book that addresses the question do any of us own nature When a curious cat asks the question Whose moon is that a panoply of animals try to stake their claim The wolf the owl

  • Title: Whose Moon Is That?
  • Author: Kim Krans
  • ISBN: 9781101932278
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A stunning picture book that addresses the question do any of us own nature When a curious cat asks the question, Whose moon is that , a panoply of animals try to stake their claim The wolf, the owl, and the starry sky all have their reasons, but the moon ultimately answers for herself her light is meant to be shared by everyone Kim Krans s stunning ink and watA stunning picture book that addresses the question do any of us own nature When a curious cat asks the question, Whose moon is that , a panoply of animals try to stake their claim The wolf, the owl, and the starry sky all have their reasons, but the moon ultimately answers for herself her light is meant to be shared by everyone Kim Krans s stunning ink and watercolor illustrations beautifully illuminate this simple exploration of our relationship to the world around us and our place in it.

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    • As a parent of three and now the happy Nonna of a soon to be three-year old granddaughter, I can tell you WHY is a big part of our day. In WHOSE MOON IS THAT? Kran tackles the question who owns the moon. Set in the forest, this beautifully illustrated novel shares the enchanting story of animals and the land laying claim to the moon and her brilliant response. Krans message of sharing these wonders and that they belong to all of us offered teachable moments while delighting the Royals. (my gr [...]

    • How timely here in August 2017 to have a picture book that addresses the question of ownership of the Moon. The full moon of August 2017 is especially stunning and during August the moon will eclipse the Sun in an amazing display. As our interest in the Moon turns our eyes heavenward, it is appropriate for children to learn much about the Moon and to give reason to the fact that the Moon is not his or hers and that it belongs to everyone. I love how the story is told in short lines of lyric vers [...]

    • This book is about a cat who wonders to whom the moon belongs, and various animals and natural resources respond -- the trees, bird, ocean, wolves and the moon responds. The cat sleeps, and when it wakes up, it wonders, to whom the sun belongs. Lovely use of line and color in these illustrations which capture your attention. I wish that all picture books included notes about the artistic technique. I think this is watercolors and ink or pencil. Whatever it is -- the result is lovely.Only one thi [...]

    • When the cat asks aloud who the moon belongs to, he gets many different answers. The tree and bird both insist the moon is theirs. The bear claims to have seen it first while the stars say it’s theirs because they hold it. The wolf insists that it helps him howl, so it’s his. Even the ocean thinks it is theirs because they reflect the moonlight. But the moon itself soon sets things straight and explains that the moon belongs to no one and to everyone. Still, the cat awakes the next morning w [...]

    • Sumptuous ink and watercolor illustrations complement a story about ownership. A cat is enchanted by the moon's beauty and wonders aloud about who owns the moon. Various animals claim ownership and bicker for a short time. Finally, the moon enters the fray and points out that no one can possibly own the moon. What I particularly liked was how the moon reminds the animals that they are missing out on life by fighting over who owns the moon. The issue of ownership is a very sticky thing, and it ma [...]

    • ““Whose moon is that?” asked the curious cat.” A nearby tree claims it, and indeed the moon appears to be perched in the tree’s branches. But then bird, bear, mountain, and stars each speak up to state that the moon is actually theirs. After a wolf and even the ocean join in, the moon finally speaks up and announces that it actually belongs to all who see it. In a humorous twist at the end, the cat wakes up the next morning and spotting the morning light, asks who owns the sun. Readers [...]

    • You know, I have asked my 8th grade students a similar question about the ocean. Who owns the ocean? Who is responsible for it? Should anyone or everyone be? This was often at the beginning of our deeper dive into ocean learning and personalized connections. This book, "Whose Moon is That?" reminded me of those days, so I instantly loved it. Starting with an open-ended question is a great way to connect to students' background knowledge, wonderings, and possible misconceptions. The fact that the [...]

    • You know Kim Krans from her marvelous books ABC Dream and 123Dream. Now Kim is taking us on a beautiful journey starting with a cat’s question: “Whose moon is that?/asked a curious cat.” Page by beautiful page, several others answer poetically that the moon belongs to them, like a tree and a bird. But there is an answer by the moon itself at the end, and then, a surprise ending. With black and white pen and ink sketches surrounded by the colorful beauty of a night sky, Kim Krans has create [...]

    • Love love LOVE the illustrations! The watercolor skies are just gorgeous! The contrast with the black and white drawings is so pretty.The question asked is a simple one, answered in rhyme by all sorts of animals and other aspects of nature - a look at our place in nature and the world, if you want to take it to a deeper level. The rhyme flows smoothly, a nice rhythm without being irritatingly sing-song-y (my biggest complaint with some rhyming picture books).Tons of story time subjects this coul [...]

    • Krans, Kim Whose Moon is That? PICTURE BOOK. Random House, 2017. $17.99. A cat questions who the moon belongs to and gets different answers from trees, mountains, and other animals until she is finally answered by the moon, who shines for everyone. This book is filled with absolutely stunning watercolor paintings and is a work of art by itself. The story is simple rhyming that works very well with the ornate illustrations and would be very lyrical read aloud. PRE-K - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: JQkisst [...]

    • Krans who has gorgeous alphabet and counting books (ABC Dream and 123 Dream) has a new book about a cat who curiously questions who owns the moon and receives a variety of responses from others in nature. The moon does offer the final word which suggests sharing may be better than owning exclusively. Well structured with great word choices to serve as a good model for young writers. Great book for interactive reading since dialog invites the readers to chime in. Great addition to the home or sch [...]

    • This lovely book has so many curricular tie-ins! The cat who asks the title question is answered by others creatures, the mountains and the sea--all who have reason to believe they own the moon. Good for language arts--illustrating POV, rhyming couplets; art--watercolor and ink medium; science--equinox, phases of the moon (are the endpapers correctly drawn?) Also kick off a discussion about convincing arguments, and why the cat did not learn her lesson!

    • From start to finish, this book is simply gorgeous. From Kran’s luscious watercolor and ink illustrations, silver foil, to moon phase end papers, this third foray into children’s literature is a feast for the eyes. The brief rhyming text is sure to leave readers asking the big questions of the world and our place in it. Don’t miss the insert on the dust jacket too- it’s a sweet introduction to the concept of the book. Highly recommended for purchase.

    • Gorgeous illustrations blend color with black and white.Rhyming text feels natural and flows.Younger readers will like the pictures and sounds of the text being read aloud. Older readers can dig deeper to ponder or debate which animal (if any!) should 'own' something like the moon or not. They may also want to continue the story with animals discussing who owns the sun!

    • Beautiful ink illustrations set against a sumptuous water color backdrop! "I shine for one and all, and none, throughout eternity." I loved how the moon's simple explanation to the curious cat was symbolic of something far greater than ourselves.

    • Brilliant watercolor illustrations juxtaposed with intricate black and white imagery. Definitely a feast for the eyes. The rhyming narrative helps move the story along as an inquisitive cat asks who the moon belongs too. Quick read perfect for bedtime stories.

    • Absolutely stunning ink and watercolor art in this story of a cat who ponders the question of who owns the moon. I would love to own one of the prints of this book to hang in my house. I'm off to Kim Krans' website to see what's available

    • I was really excited when I came across this at work today; I love Kim's art, so I immediately checked it out. A lovely book that I would love to own so I could flip through it on bad days and lose myself in the texture of the paintings.

    • A curious cat asks who owns the moon, and a variety of animals and entities claim ownership. Finally, the moon speaks up, insisting that it belongs to itself and no one else.

    • Gorgeous circle book about a curious cat who wants to know who owns the moon. Clever and creative and fun to read.

    • Hopefully the readers will learn about nature and the role the moon can play in it.Brief text and large pictures make this a good book for sharing in a group.

    • Stunning art and this reads very well out loud--nice rhythm. I don't think I would use this for a group, but a terrific lap book for a preschoolers.

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