The Lion's Courtship

The Lion s Courtship Anna Kronberg isn t precisely what one would consider a good Victorian gentlewoman Disguised as Anton she has a challenging career as a male medical doctor during the day At night she s an unflinchi

  • Title: The Lion's Courtship
  • Author: Annelie Wendeberg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Anna Kronberg isn t precisely what one would consider a good Victorian gentlewoman Disguised as Anton, she has a challenging career as a male medical doctor during the day At night, she s an unflinching nurse who treats the members of her colourful and impoverished neighbourhood.Garret O Hare is handsome, charming, never without his set of lockpicks, and bleeding heavilyAnna Kronberg isn t precisely what one would consider a good Victorian gentlewoman Disguised as Anton, she has a challenging career as a male medical doctor during the day At night, she s an unflinching nurse who treats the members of her colourful and impoverished neighbourhood.Garret O Hare is handsome, charming, never without his set of lockpicks, and bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound So he does what he does best he breaks into the home of the neighbourhood nurse, hoping she ll save his life Anna, however, doesn t need anyone poking around in her private life And she most certainly doesn t need a bloody thief collapsing into her bed in the dead of night.Prequel and companion novel to the award winning Anna Kronberg series.

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      Annelie Wendeberg is a scientist and the author of the award winning Anna Kronberg series that has been as high as 15 on and 3 on BN Publishers in five countries have purchased the rights to her books.When she s not writing about kick ass heroines who live disguised as men, about girls who jump from airplanes and blow up the global satellite network, and death falling in love, Annelie is herding goats and making cheese.Readers have compared her writing to that of Louise Penny, Caleb Carr, Arthur Conan Doyle, Alan Bradley, Ariana Franklin, Anne Perry, and Robin LeFevers.She usually replies to questions left on her homepage anneliewendeberg

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    • I'll start by saying that I'm a huge fan of the Anna Kronberg novels. This book is the prequel to The Devil's Grin and delves more into he relationship between Anna and Garret. While this is romance, there is a lot more going on than that. This story takes you through the slums of Victorian London for a closer look at desperate poverty, prostitution, and the plight of children born and raised in this environment without attempting to pretty it up. The relationships that develop between the chara [...]

    • Anna Kronberg and Garret match well together at the heighten of Victorian living. Author Annelie Wendeberg competently conveys the period and locale as a backdrop to an London impoverished neighborhood of subpar sanitary conditions. The trepidation of Anna to keep her distance from Garret because of a secret she is keeping, while at the same time finding herself drawn to him works well through the novel. The subplot of the novel is the main characters' investigation into the murder of a prostitu [...]

    • 3.75 stars. I liked the no nonsense writing in this book. I actually liked the whole writing style overall. It wasn't perfect but I liked the way the author tells the story. It was hard to really love this book because it's actually a little depressing because of the setting and real life circumstances and portrayal of poverty in past London. The author did a good job at portraying what it was really like without sugar coating, so that was a good thing, but hard to read none the less. I'm pretty [...]

    • I actually really enjoyed this. Set in late 1800s. While some of it was hard to read (confronting), it was an interesting and enjoyable read with a sweet bit of romance.The photos of the time included at the end (of people she based characters on) are also interesting.As this is a prequel to the series I have now got the first book and was interested to read the preface where the author explains that she found journals written by a woman, when restoring a house dating back to 1500s, and has base [...]

    • Finde es super. Ist aber eher der Auftakt zu einem Krimi daher sollten eingefleischte Krimileser evtl gleich mehrere Bände mitnehmen, sonst sitzen sie zu schnell auf dem Trockenen. Für mich, als nicht Krimifan macht die Kürze des Textes garnichts. Es handelt sich hauptsächlich um die Beschreibung der Beziehung der Hauptfigur zu dem Dieb Garret und wird gemischt aus beiden Perspektiven erzählt. Nebenher läuft der Erzählstrang der Hauptstory a la Jack the Ripper, die mich dann wieder persö [...]

    • Although this is a prequel, I would recommend reading the trilogy that follows it first (and really, why haven't you read those yet?); I got more out of the story knowing Anna's backstory and motives. It also added a poignancy to the book that wouldn't have been there if I hadn't read the trilogy. I love Anna! I could read about Anna all day every day. The atmosphere of the Victorian London slums is visceral; actually, if you are squeamish, you should probably steer clear. Some parts were hard t [...]

    • The Lion's Courtship is a prequel to The Devil's Grin. It covers the meeting of Garret O'Hare and Anna Kronberg. Part romance (Annelie Wendeberg style), part thriller, this book explores the St. Giles area of Victorian London in all its filth and horror while maintaining a ray of hope throughout the story. I really enjoyed this book, and hope to see more of Garret and Anna!

    • I love this series and this prequel explained a lot; not in an obvious way, but like it was a chapter that had been torn out of the original book. Full of suspense and character development, it was intriguing and reminded me of why I loved the original book.

    • Kronberg not RussellOK, but neither as interesting nor as well written as the Mary Russell series. Will continue reading them when awaiting another Russell.

    • Makes you want to read moreReally enjoyed the story and loved the characters. You want to know more about them. The book pulls you in from the onset.

    • A. Kronberg, Survivor, Savior, Selfless In the slums of Victorian England lives A. Kronberg, a person buried in many secrets, but also a realest in it’s truest form. At night, Anna is the nurse who cares for the destitute in the slums where she lives by choice. During the day she morphs into the respected gentleman, Dr. Anton Kronberg of Guy’s Hospital. Women doctors are unheard of in England. Should anyone find out her true identity, she would loose her license and go to prison. But that is [...]

    • All rightThis book isn't great, but it is okay. The story is set in the late 1880's slums of Londona suspense filled thriller as a murderer seeks his victims in brothels. The main character is a nurse who chooses to offer her services to the poor and mostly free. There is a lot going on with a budding relationship with a burglar and her medical practice as all is entangled with a killer. I had trouble at times understanding the slang language and gutter speech of characters. And I don't much car [...]

    • More of a novella - I didn't pay attention to the length of the ebook, so was a little surprised. Gritty but seemingly realistic setting for this one in the slums in St Giles, late 19th century London. Not always pleasant, given the location and poverty of most of the characters, but I want to know more about Anna Kronberg, so will continue with the series.

    • Good readThis is a good read. Characters are good and the author has obviously done some research into the delights of Victorian slums and 19th century medicine. For some reason it reminded me of the t.v. show, The Knick, though that is set in New York. It's not for everyone but I will certainly be reading the next book.

    • A Complex, Fast Moving ReadThis book was very moving. I wanted to cry for the poor and how they had to live. Anna is one smart, adventurous, kind and brave woman. Garrett is such a goofy and loving leading man. I can’t wait to read more about them and the crazy cast of folks that live in St. Giles.

    • 1885 and Anna Kronberg is a nurse when Garret O'Hare forces his when into her lodging suffering from a gunshot wound. In this prequel to the series we read about the relationship of Anna and Garret, intermixed with a sadist who likes to cut prostitutes.A depressing portrayal of Victorican London but still a good read.

    • Interesting story, dragging writingThe overarching mystery was interesting, but the writing and budding relationship between main characters felt stilted. Book seemed to get started halfway through

    • Horribly depressingI could not even get half way through this book. It is about how horrible prostitutes were treated in London during early days. Graphic medical procedures are also discussed. This book is not for me.

    • I did not finish this book. It had the potential to be good, but I was not comfortable with some of the scenes and subjects discussed. There are too many good books out there to read one that makes me uncomfortable. Not Christian fiction at all!

    • This was not my typical read but found this totally engrossing. I loved this book and recommend a great read if you like strong independent female characters. I went on to read the series. Loved it!

    • Murder poverty medicine and secretsFound it hard to get used to reading in the present tense but story was enjoyable enough. Suitable for all ages.

    • I really enjoyed this book, although some parts were a little slow and there could have been more conversation development between the main characters. Overall good read.

    • I read the KOBO version of this book, which is part of a trilogy set in Victorian times. I will certainly look into reading more of the series.

    • Victorian reality for strong womenExcellent story of women of Victorian era. Women who have little choices to survive in a difficult economy and attitudes. Strong but human heroine!

    • This is my first introduction to Annelie Wendeberg's writing and to the Anna Kronberg series. I found out Lion's Courtship was a prequel to Devils Grin,introducing Anna, to Garret O'Hare. He's an Irish thief,who she saves from a gunshot wound. He's a big man, with a kind heart, and a protective nature toward Anna. She's the only nurse or medical help with any skill willing to go into this morbid underbelly of London.The St. Giles slum is a place filled with little hope, food, clothing, with the [...]

    • Very interesting and well written. Intelligent and informative. Great character development, giving you a glimpse into a story that will no doubt unfold fully over the trio of books that make up this series. I picked this book up for free on iBooks so I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised.

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