Cat Incarcerated

Cat Incarcerated A divorced recovering alcoholic is killed after rescuing a black cat from getting run over by a teen driver texting Inexplicably reincarnated as a Manx kitten he s saved by his ex wife who has now b

  • Title: Cat Incarcerated
  • Author: Noah Nichols
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A divorced, recovering alcoholic is killed after rescuing a black cat from getting run over by a teen driver texting Inexplicably reincarnated as a Manx kitten, he s saved by his ex wife who has now become a closet drunk Bonkers and or hilarious, Cat Incarcerated is a fun, tell all memoir that you ll love Well, maybe You could be uptight I don t really know you

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      Hi I have been put on this lovely planet to experience just three things until an eventual, listless death 1 Write and review many varying novels from the heart.2 Be judged haphazardly by others devoid of said heart.3 Make pensive music for a small circle of ears.It s a long road aheadOr is it As of this writing 02 28 18, to be exact I m just an author s author to the reader s reader, and here are my specific books in alphabetical order Cat IncarceratedNo NetP.S When the date s no longer current, that means I m probably dead Future cry for me.

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    • FORGIVE ME This book isn't for me. READ OTHER REVIEWS There are many 5 and 4 star reviews. I WANTED TO LIKE THIS BOOK. I READ IT TO ADD MY SUPPORT TO A new friend and author. I bought both of his books -- each 99 cents on Kindle. Forgive me, Noah. Too many things about your story just don't work for me. Right away there were things in the writing that bothered me. Three times within the first 3% of this story Noah frames what his character is going to tell us 'later'.Here are examples: "But I' [...]

    • If you're looking for a quirky, slightly zany, sarcastic, and good-natured book to read, look no further than Noah Nichols' Cat Incarcerated. It's a unique story (I haven't seen a book with this plot before), and Nichols' storytelling is very engaging.Cade A. Tanner is the first to admit he was a fairly miserable person when he was drunk, which was pretty much always. He drove his wife Stephanie away, and found himself alone, with not much more than the food from his favorite Chinese restaurant [...]

    • The next time I complain about my life, remind me that it could be worse. I could be Cade Tanner, accident-victim-turned-Manx-kitty, forced to live with his alcoholic ex.Poor Cade. You think you've got problems? Try making a stinky in a booda dome. Or coming face-to-face with a teenaged, short-order cook ("Connah") who could be Jeffrey Dahmer version 2.0.And 2.0 has an axe to grind.nst a Manx kitten, and all because his boss won't let him go have a smoke. Hi, did someone call for a thorazine dri [...]

    • What a fantastic quick read this was! Seeing as I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, and struggling to find a story with just the right upbeat mood, Noah Nichol’s hilarious novel “Cat Incarcerated” turned out to be exactly what I needed.The synopsis in itself had me laughing before I even started reading it. It’s a fictional tale, disguised as a non-fiction memoir written by a cat. Or more specifically, a man who has unexpectedly turns into a cat.When the story begins, the mai [...]

    • A recently divorced man, who to his credit, doesn’t blame his wife one whit for dumping him because he was a chronic alcoholic, is on his way to creating a new life. He rescues a cat from nearly being struck by a car. Then he is struck and killed. Much to his amazement, the man, Cade, is reincarnated as a kitten, sort of like his dogma being run over by his karma? I don’t know, but it’s an amusing concept. Even more laughable is when his ex-wife finds him, takes him home, and calls him Eth [...]

    • The author shows a great deal of creativity in this storyline. I know many people have enjoyed this book and given it 4 and 5 stars. Because of my involvement with homeless/abused animals, I could not grasp the concept of a rough-talking, 62-year old man's voice coming from a tiny kitten. I read the entire book but could not connect with the humor. It would be unfair to the author and future readers to rate this book.

    • This one is going to require some thoughtOkay, so I thought about it. This was definitely an interesting premise for a book, and not at all what I thought it would be. It was quirky in places, outright funny in others. The bit about fellow author Stephenie Meyer and the whole twilight thing was downright belly-laugh hilarious- at least to me anyway. The simple idea of being re-incarnated as a cat alone is very unique, let alone a talking feline at that. Also the many "cat" inferences- "cat"atoni [...]

    • Cat Incarcerated is the second novel of Noah Nichols, and I found myself having more fun with it than I had expected. It explores the mental adjustments made after a man becomes a cat, and dark comedy ensues. That’s the part where Nichols breaks with the expected formula; his story shows moments of light-hearted fun, only to be clouded by the darker elements that drive the narrative. It’s a balancing act, and Nichols remained level throughout. The main characters are propped upon vices and [...]

    • "Be careful what you wish for-you just might (re)g(r)et it"First off, don't miss the cleverness of the above quote. I love coming across hidden gems on . The first thing that drew me in was the title. It was quirky enough that warranted a closer look. I loved the cartoonish cover. I knew it was a must read after reading the synopsis. A man reincarnated as a kitten - what fresh hell is that? Awesome, that's what it is.This book to me was like having a one on one conversation with your bat shit cr [...]

    • The concept of this book is pretty original. Man dies saving cat, gets reincarnated as a cat, gets adopted by his ex-wife. There's plenty of humor and heart in this book, and it's a great extrospective look at society as a whole and how we treat our animals among other things. It's fun to see how a human turned cat looks at the world from a drastically different perspective. Very fun read.

    • Funny book… like literary slapstick, if you know what I mean.Cade, ex-alcoholic and ex-husband, gets killed when a car plows into him and… comes back as a kitten. After another incident in which Cade the kitten is nearly killed by a psychotic short-order cook, he is discovered by his ex-wife who thinks he is just adorable and takes him home. Unfortunately, the ex-wife had become an alcoholic since their divorce Then, when Cade the kitty begins to talk, all manner of high jinks ensue.Kudos to [...]

    • I love this book. Even after reading through it several times while editing it, it still makes me laugh. The idea of a middle-aged man reincarnated as a kitten is funny in itself, but Noah Nichols makes the story lighthearted and keeps it interesting with the settings and characters encountered along the way. I know that if I had come across this book in a bookstore, I'd be standing in the aisle fully absorbed in it, until halfway through I'd hear the 15-minute closing announcement only to reali [...]

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