Point Guard

Point Guard Gus and Cassie have always been on the same team off the field but in this third novel in New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica s Home Team series can they stay friends when they re on the sa

  • Title: Point Guard
  • Author: Mike Lupica
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gus and Cassie have always been on the same team off the field, but in this third novel in New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica s Home Team series can they stay friends when they re on the same court Everyone assumes that Gus, whose family is from the Dominican Republic, is a baseball guy But this year Gus is even excited about basketball than any other sporGus and Cassie have always been on the same team off the field, but in this third novel in New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica s Home Team series can they stay friends when they re on the same court Everyone assumes that Gus, whose family is from the Dominican Republic, is a baseball guy But this year Gus is even excited about basketball than any other sport he s ever played He s been practicing some new moves and lately he s surprised when he misses his shot than when he scores Plus now that he s convinced his friend Teddy to try out for the team and Jack s shoulder is healed, it looks like Walton s home team will be unstoppable.But this isn t going to be the season Gus expected, because their team is getting a new player and she just happens to be one of his best friends Gus knows Cassie is than good enough to compete on the boys team, and besides they really do need a point guard, so why isn t he able to shake the feeling that she belongs on their bleachers rather than their bench And to make matters worse, with their center Steve Kerrigan constantly making comments about his Dominican heritage, and Steve s dad voicing his views on immigration as he runs for office, Gus is starting to wonder if he really belongs in Walton after all.Can Gus find a way to bring the home team together both on and off the court, or will all these prejudices block their shot at a winning season

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    • Copy received from the publisher. After the depress fests that were The Only Game and The Extra Yard, Point Guard is a huge relief. This book centers on Gus, whose family is from the Dominican Republic. His friends think that he should be more interested in baseball, but he's taken a real liking to basketball. The problem? His good friend Cassie, who is a crackerjack player on the girls' team, thinks the boys' team would offer her more of a challenge. Gus is okay with this so why does it bother [...]

    • If you like sports you will like this book. It’s about basketball. The main characters are Gus and Cassie. They play basketball together with their team and they love basketball. Also, if you like the Golden State Warriors you will like this book. Gus and Cassie talk about the Warriors and they go to there basketball camp. When I first got the book I didn’t really wanted to read this book but when I started reading it got really interesting and I read it more and more.

    • In this book Gus, and his other friends are excited for the basketball season to start, but when Gus finds out his friend Cassie is trying out for the boys basketball team he gets kinda jealous. So there is a lot of drama between him and Cassie, but Gus's friends try to help him out. Eventually in the championship game Gus and Cassie start to work together very well. They end up winning the game by Cassie throwing a behind the back pass to Gus and he drains a three pointer to win it. After the g [...]

    • I think that "Point Guard" by Mike Lupica is a great book. It is a realistic fiction book about sports, and is in "The Home Team" series. The main characters are Cassie and Gus, and the conflict is man vs. man between the two of them. Gus is good at sports, his favorite being basketball, and he doesn't want Cassie on his basketball team, The Warriors. Cassie is a show off, who is good at sports, and is the only girl to try out for the Warriors. In the story the exposition leads off with Cassie, [...]

    • I really liked this book because it's a sports book and I really like basketball just like the kids in the books. Not only do I play sports but I also see the drama that is involved with sports, like in this book when the girl in their friend group decides to join the guys basketball team creates major drama within the friend group and the whole team. Will the team be able to win? Or will the have a horrible losing season? Read this book and find out.

    • Gus can't wait for the basketball season to get underway. Being from the Dominican Republic, those around him expect him to be a baseball guy but his skills on the basketball court back up his confidence. With his friends Jack and Teddy trying out for the team, Gus looks forward to an awesome season.Tryouts don't go as planned when his friend Cassie shows up to try out for the boys team. Cassie excels in many sports the 8th grade boys basketball team proves no exception. As Gus grapples with mix [...]

    • This was an amazing book! With lots of tiny problems here and then and amazing use of prognosticating, this book was a thriller. As a rising 8th grader who is super into basketball, I found this book very relatable and I like how the author used modern basketball terms and related it to modern basketball. The prognoisticating (when Gus was thinking ahead of what would happen but it actually never went the way he wanted it to) was a very good strategy and the side tackling of current social and p [...]

    • Four friends longtime friends decide to tryout for the 8th grade boys basketball team. The only problem is that one of them is a girl. Cassie is an amazing athlete and excels at multiple sports, like her friends Jack, Teddy, and Gus. In order to challenge herself, Cassie decides to try out for the boys team but is suprised to find that one of her best friends, Gus, is not very supportive of her, and Gus isn't sure why he can't back Cassie on this. A great story that is about more than just baske [...]

    • I think that the book Point Guard is great for readers that love sports. In the book it brings up some of the things currently going on in the US today. The main character Gus is not treated well because he is from the Dominican Republic. Just like he would be treated today by some people. Mike Lupica also seems to bring up everything about how middle schoolers act and think. I would recomend this book for any middle schooler who realy likes basketball.

    • “Point Guard” by Mike Lupica had a very interesting story and characters. Gus Morales was blindsided by his friends decision to play boys basketball instead of girls basketball. When she told Gus and two of his other friends he seemed to be the only one to have a problem with her on the team. This problem caused their relationship to become shaky. As the story progresses Gus starts to realize his problem and through the help of his friends he figures out what he was missing throughout the st [...]

    • In typical Lupica style, this focuses on sports-related action, but also touches on plenty of other themes, including the current political climate in our country. Some might find it a bit heavy handed, but athletes will be drawn to the fast paced on-court action and tension.

    • There are a group pf friends three boys and one girl. They all try out for a boys team and there is lots of drama between one of the guys and a girl. This book is good because the author made a modern day sports book. I relate to this book because I play basketball.

    • I didn't like this book much in my opinion. I thought it was very boring and the games and conflicts in the book didn't keep me interested at all. It was a struggle to be interested in this book, and I only read it because I had to finish a novel in class.

    • When you think of most sports books they are all the same. This one though was different then most of the sports books I have read. There is really four main characters and the part that was do different is that two of the main characters got in a fight. This book talks about racial and gender equality focusing not on the backgrounds but on basketball.

    • This book was a really good book. If you like playing basketball this would be a really good book for you. This book is a really good spots book.

    • This is another wonderful book in the home team series and it has some great character relationships and conflicts.

    • I would recommend this book, of its current time-zone and many other reasons. It was well-paced and didn't have many down parts. When the main character Gus wan't playing basketball, he was being pro-active by campaigning for his sister, who was running for student council president. I like this genre. It is one of my personal favorites, being that it is realistic fiction and sports fiction. I will definitely read more of this genre in the future.

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