The Stolen

The Stolen Five years ago the boy vanished without a trace Today he came back Five years after he disappeared young Daniel Linwood returned to his suburban home for dinner as though he d never left It s a bless

  • Title: The Stolen
  • Author: Jason Pinter
  • ISBN: 9780778325727
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five years ago the boy vanished without a trace Today he came back.Five years after he disappeared, young Daniel Linwood returned to his suburban home for dinner as though he d never left It s a blessing for both his family and their community And I ve snagged the exclusive interview.But it turns out Daniel is just one of a string of abducted children who have mysteriouFive years ago the boy vanished without a trace Today he came back.Five years after he disappeared, young Daniel Linwood returned to his suburban home for dinner as though he d never left It s a blessing for both his family and their community And I ve snagged the exclusive interview.But it turns out Daniel is just one of a string of abducted children who have mysteriously returned to their families with no memory of their lost years Some people want me to leave it be Some want me to simply let the healing process begin But these wounds are deeper than anyone realizes.To get the story on these bizarre kidnappings, I need the help of the one woman who owes me nothing I ve got to find answers before another life is snatched away from sight and time and memory But doing so means we could be the next ones to go.

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      Jason Pinter is the bestselling author of five novels in his Henry Parker thriller series, which have over one million copies in print worldwide and have been published in over a dozen countries, as well as the Middle Grade adventure novel Zeke Bartholomew SuperSpy He has been nominated for the Thriller Award, Strand Critics Award, Barry Award, RT Reviewers Choice Award, Shamus Award and CrimeSpree Award His novel The Markwas optioned to be a feature film He has written for The New Republic, Entrepreneur, The Daily Beast, Medium, and He was named one of the top writers on Twitter JasonPinter by Mashable and the Huffington Post, and his articles and essays have been covered in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, The Atlantic, Hot Air, Boston Globe, New York Observer, Balti Sun, Salon and Australia s Sydney Morning Herald He lives in Hoboken, NJ with his wife, Dana, and their dog, Wilson.Visit him at wwwJasonPinter and follow him at twitter JasonPinter.

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    • I like the character of Henry Parker and the fast pace and twists in Pinters books. The novels never drag and keep you interested late into the night. This one however disappointed me at the end. I found that the whole premise for the kidnapped kids far-fetched, a stretch of the imagination. I don't want to give it away because it's the ending that clears up all the loose ends, but I found it implausible that this would ever happen, not the bad guys part of it (although even that was a stretch) [...]

    • This is the first book of Pinter's that I've read. I don't even remember when or why I picked it up, but I enjoyed it so much that I intend to buy his other books! I read mostly at night, before I go to sleeplet me tell you, I had trouble turning out the light, it was such a good read! It's about a child who had been kidnapped 5 years ago. He suddenly reappears at his house, unharmed and with no knowledge of where he'd been. When an investigative reporter is assigned to interview the boy, he soo [...]

    • One of the most unbelievable things has happened. Twelve year old, Daniel Linwood has returned home. So your probably saying so what’s the big deal about that? Well the big deal is that five years ago Daniel Linwood vanished. The police, his family and the community searched but never found a single trace of what happened to young Daniel. Now here he is, standing on his parents door step without a single scratch on him as if he never was gone. Henry Parker is a reporter with the New York Gazet [...]

    • Daniel Linwood walks up to the door and knocks, returning to the life he'd left after four years. He has no memories of the time he was missing and his family hopes to settle back into some sense of normalcy as quickly as possible. Henry Parker, newspaper reporter, is allowed in by the family to do a story on Daniel. The interview goes smoothly but Henry is bothered as he reviews the tapes. Daniel mentions his 'brothers' more than once. But he only has one brother. Henry begins to delve into the [...]

    • The basis of this story really intrigued me - why would anyone take a child only to return them a few years later apparently totally unharmed, well with the exception of no memory of where they'd been.& in this case, for me it wasn't a totally credible reason (I did wonder about something along these lines very early on but thought "Nooouldn't be that!") Still it was an engrossing enough read & Parker was a likeable enough character to mean I will read more in the series should I come ac [...]

    • A so-so plot in search of an editor. The author bounces around from one viewpoint to another leaving the reader to figure out who is talking. The plot seems to be borrowing a lot from similar genres. Then there's the editing. I was willing to overlook the frequent typos like heard when he really meant head but when the author used investigated when he really meant integrated I decided that I wouldn't waste any more time.

    • The plot was engaging and the characters likable, but the frequent and furious editing errors were almost a deal breaker. As an ex-teacher I would have handed this book back and told him to try again.

    • Lousy editing, if anyThe lack of editing and proofreading, the missing words and misspellings made this a frustrating and difficult read. I only toughed it out because it was a good story. I loathe sloppiness.

    • Great StoryWorst editing everSo many spelling, grammar and using the wrong words in many instances. Such as at least two references to “called id “instead of caller id. Still a great story that held my interest in spite of the distracting errors.

    • while this was slow to get going it picked up pace but the ending was unbelievable. it was obvious who was behind the kidnapping s but the reasons were hard to belive.

    • Amanda Dialah yang selalu dikenang Henry sejak putus dengannya akibat ancaman dari pembunuh gila (baca buku : The guilty) sehingga menyebabkan Henry terpaksa meninggalkan Amanda meski dia selalu mencintai Amanda.Buku ke 3 – The Stolen ini mengisahkan Seorang Polikus yang sangat berambisi menyelamatkan serta mensejahterahkan kehidupan masyarakat dari keterpurukan ekonomi, sebuah kota yang tergolong berpendapatan dibawah rata-rata sehingga tingkat kejahatan, pembunuhan, pemerkosaan dan perampokk [...]

    • Kidnapped and returned with no memory in between…Six months have passed since Henry and Amanda broke up. His job as a reporter for the New York Gazette has taken dangerous roads and he broke up with her, just to keep her safe. And yet, painful as it is, he still loves her and thinks about her every day. But no matter how much he loves her, he doesn’t want to see her harmed…Daniel Linwood knocks on the door of his family’s home, five years after he disappears without a trace. It’s a mir [...]

    • What an intriguing premise: a boy is returned to his family five years after being kidnapped with no memory of those five years.What a disappointing explanation. Pinter could have gone anywhere with this story, yet doesn't. The explanation is not only a cop-out, but also (I'm reliably informed) wrong: it would take ten years for the effect described to occur, not five.Furthermore, Pinter barely scratches the surface of the boy's psychological state. We're told he makes reference to another broth [...]

    • Our main character is an investigative reporter who is granted an exclusive interview with a missing child who just returned home after 5 years. The child doesn't remember anything at all about those years, but the reporter picks up on some clues that there might be some similarities with other missing children. Implausibilities ensue, but it was still an entertaining story.This is the first book I have read by this author, and I enjoyed it. But I felt a bit like I was watching a TV series by st [...]

    • Ini adalah novel thriller pertama yang aku baca dimana tokoh utamanya adalah seorang jurnalis. Jujur, otakku terbiasa baca romance, jadi awalnya sulit bagi aku untuk menangkap 'irama' cerita ini. Setelah lewat dari halaman 50 ceritanya mulai asik dan bisa diikuti dengan lebih mudah. Jason Pinter berlatar jurnalistik jadi cerita Henry Parker yang diramunya ini sangat khas nuansa dunia penerbitan media komunikasi massa. Rasanya hampir seperti membaca cerita non fiksi. Aku tidak akan banyak komenta [...]

    • I enjoyed this book. It was a very fun fast paced read. I like the main character Henry Parker; a broken hearted young journalist with a bad habit of getting shot at by those he's investigating as he digs around another story.Children are being kidnapped but strangely, after a few years of going missing from their family, they turn up on the doorstep unharmed, except they have totally lost all memory of the years that have passed.I found this an interesting premise and it certainly caught my att [...]

    • Makin lama, serial ini makin bagus aja, meskipun gak bisa dapet bintang 5. Seri ketiga ini yah, 4.5 bintang lah. Mudah mudahan buku keempat yang The Fury bisa keren abis.Cerita tentang penculikan anak anak berumur 6-9 tahun, dan mendadak sang anak kembali ke keluarganya setelah 4-5 tahun dinyatakan hilang. Ketika Henry Parker diminta untuk melakukan wawancara untuk kasus ini, dia menemukan hal yang aneh dan berniat untuk mengusut tuntas kasus ini, demi artikel yang akan dibuatnya.Siapa yang sang [...]

    • I saw an ad for this book on and thought the premise sounded interesting. Once I got a copy from the library, I realized it was part of a series and also that it was a different book than the one I'd seen advertised. I briefly considered going back to read the earlier books. But based on the writing style of the first chapter, I had a feeling I wasn't going to care enough about this series to want to start at the beginning, so I just read it as it stood.The story was entertaining enough, remini [...]

    • A boy shows up on his doorsteps years after he has disappeared. Apparently untouched, and with no memory of what happened. An intriguing plot in this Henry Parker novel which, I must admit, is my first Jason Pinter experience as well.What saves part of the book is the engaging, colorful prose, the lively dialogues. But with such a fascinating premise, Pinter could have done so much more. Here, he pulls out an implausible, yet predictable conclusion.At some point, there even seems to be a shift o [...]

    • This was an amazing book. I loved this book; it was hard to put down. It was about a boy, Daniel Linwood, who disappeared five years ago and then he reappears out of the blue to his family. He is uninjured and he seems fine, as if nothing happened, but he has recollection of what happened to him or where he has been. A reporter, Henry Parker, has been assigned to write the story on the boy. As he interviews the boy, writes the paper, he notices a few strange details that lead him to believe ther [...]

    • Best Henry Parker book thus far! I'm digging this series. Each mystery is that much more interesting than the previous installment. This particular story revolves around stolen children which, as a mother, is a hot button issue for me. The treatment is real and the players believable. The dialogue is witty--I laughed out loud several times.Several smaller story lines pull peripheral characters into the spotlight, but Pinter's characters are so well-developed that the slide in and out of their PO [...]

    • This was the first Jason Pinter book that I have read. It started well and although I wasn't totally gripped by it I did want to find out about the "stolen" child and what had happened during the missing years. Well, the book went further and further downhill, the premise of it was totally far-fetched and unbelievable! What a waste of time. It turned out nothing like I had initially hoped for. It is a book I will remember for all the wrong reasons. Another thing I disliked were all the mentions [...]

    • Oh.gosh. This book was soooooooooooo good! I had never heard of Jason Pinter before. I got his book from my Mira book club and it sounded good so I read it. I HATED to put this book down. Daniel Linwood disappears as a young boy only to return to his family almost 5 years later with no evidence of abuse or neglect, and no memory of the years he was missing. Henry Parker is a reporter sent to cover his story. Intrigued by certain things is his interview with the boy, Henry digs deeper and finds D [...]

    • Buku Jason Pinter pertama yang aku baca: The Stolen yang merupakan serial Henry Parker, seorang reporter dari koran New York Gazette.Parker diminta mewawancarai Daniel, yang kembali setelah hilang selama 5 tahun tanpa mengingat suatu hal pun. Selama wawancara, Parker mendapatkan beberapa hal yang menurutnya layak untuk ditelusuri lebih jauh. Ceritanya bergulir dengan cepat. Menurut aku cukup bagus walaupun Parker sebagai tokoh sentral tidak menonjol untuk diidolakan. Ia hanya sosok biasa. Yang m [...]

    • I found the plot very simple and a little unrealistic. While Jason Pinter did explore 'Parker' the main character, I found the other characters flat, especially Parker's girlfriend. Towards the end, Jason relied too much on telling and not enough on showing. The ending of the book became more of an info dump. I did like how Pinter tied up some of the loose ends at the close of the book, though the relationship could have been more romantic at the end. I also found the ending a little long. All u [...]

    • The book had an interesting story line, but the self-deprecation and jokes which don't play as well in literature as they do in life were a little thick in the story. A child who has been kidnapped reappears after 5 yearswhodunnit? That's the premise, which is pretty cool but then there are some extra plots regarding relationships, revenge, personal demons, etc which are added. Overall, the book held interest. Just don't expect it to be quite to the level of intrique as the previous two books in [...]

    • A new volume in the Henry Parker series. It is an interesting read because a big daily newspaper is the primary setting and with newspapers today in decline it is like reading about a business on its last legs. Pinter tells a pretty good story that moves along at a fast clip. Lots of bad guys to deal with, a broken relationship he is trying to repair, and an unexpected family matter to deal with. It is the type of book to read on an airplane or at the beach. Good escapist fiction.

    • This is the second Jason Pinter book I have read . I really love the Henry Parker series. Five years ago a boy vanished without a trace and then five years later he reappeared at the front door of his parents house. That should have been the end of the story but not for Henry Parker. He goes out and looks for what really happened and makes some bad people mad.

    • I read the first, the second and this is my last. The story was so unbelievable. Henry Parker used to be a cool dude. I don't like him so much any longer. He spends his time munching on McDonalds, Pizza and various junk foods and when he once eats a blueberry mufffin he wonders if he should go out running. How crazy is that. No more Henry Parker for me. I am shelving it.

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