CHRONIC Brooke Jones is struggling with a chronic disease that few understand and even fewer know how to treat Between hormone therapy pointless surgeries and the copious amounts of medication she s forced

  • Title: CHRONIC
  • Author: Alice C. Hart
  • ISBN: 9781978025042
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brooke Jones is struggling with a chronic disease that few understand and even fewer know how to treat.Between hormone therapy, pointless surgeries, and the copious amounts of medication she s forced to take, Brooke is nothing than a piss poor shadow of her former self.Her diagnosis was the domino that toppled her health, her weight, her attitude, and finally, her dreBrooke Jones is struggling with a chronic disease that few understand and even fewer know how to treat.Between hormone therapy, pointless surgeries, and the copious amounts of medication she s forced to take, Brooke is nothing than a piss poor shadow of her former self.Her diagnosis was the domino that toppled her health, her weight, her attitude, and finally, her dreams.It has consumed every aspect of her life, strained her relationships and jeopardized her career.She will tell you things you can t find in the facts or statistics She will show you what it s like to be torn apart from the inside You will witness, first hand, the lengths a woman is willing to go to find relief from the pain.Hell has a new name It s Endometriosis This book contains adult situations and isrecommended for readers over the age of 18years old My characters are never perfect Nordo they try to be.

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      About AliceAlice is a writer of romance and suspense, Romantic Suspense, if you will She also plans to write of whatever pops into her head Alice loves to read dark, jacked up, mess with your head kind of books in her spare time She also enjoys books that make her laugh out loud and sometimes the ones that make her cry It s all about balance.Alice enjoys listening to music, cat videos, cat memes, and anything cat related When not writing, Alice enjoys watching Reality television, reading, going ax and knife throwing Residing in Toronto, Alice is happily unmarried to her common law hubs of fifteen years although they were recently engaged She has two children, a cat and will forever miss her dog, Ozzy.Alice loves to hear from her readers You can email her at authoralicechart gmailFollow her on Facebookfacebook authoralicecFriend her on Facebookfacebook alicechartauFollow her on Twittertwitter authoralice79Follow her Pinterestpinterest authoraliceGoogle u 1 AliceCHa

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    • Nobody listened to how I actually felt. I was always being dramatic or overreacting. Weird, I wasn't an actress and I never took drama. People, including my own family, had formed opinions about my behavior and me. Living with pain has taken its toll on Brooke before she even learned of her actual diagnosis. From the onset of her first period into her adult life, Brooke has come to dread her time of the month. Once correctly diagnosed it isn't a simple fix and she's on her way either-- so begins [...]

    • This story will give a real and honest tale of living with a chronic illness.Brooke’s story is all to common. I consider myself knowledgable, but I learned a great deal through reading this woman’s battle to live each day. Knowing that she would be in pain, but struggling just to get out of bed.This story pulls no punches. Brooke is raw in her feelings and emotions. You will laugh with her, rant with her, cry with her and feel for her pain.Through it all she keeps her sense of humor and will [...]

    • Brooke's story is a life in pain. Chronic gives you an inside look to what a person with a chronic illness goes through. My heart broke for her every single time. I have never read about a person so strong and fearless. Brooke tackles her illness as it is. No sugar coating, no BS, just straight forward. I don't know if I would be able to survive and deal with the excoriating pain she went through daily. This has been by far one of the most amazing books I have read this year.

    • I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.This book hits close to my heart. My daughter has endo. She has had it removed but I don't think she is having problems with it right now. Brooke and Mace are awesome together. She is bitchy most of the time and Mason loved her so much he just takes it. No one seems to understand what Brooke needs.

    • Wow. This has so obviously been written by a woman who has experienced this evil, debilitating condition; the descriptions of the pain; attitudes of family, friends, colleagues & health professionals, the treatments (when offered) and their awful side effects; the feelings of sheer desperation, frustration, mental, emotional and physical exhaustion are so absolutely spot on it was almost like watching a documentary! Yet, despite this, it has a deep vein of black (gallows?) humour running thr [...]

    • This book is fantastic. All the feels. If your looking for a book that will stick with you long after you’ve read it. Then look no further. Book hangover for sure. Chronic tells us about an amazing woman going through a terrible disease, Endometriosis. The story focuses on her trials and tribulations with the disease and everyday affairs. Mason, her other half is a fantastic source of support as well as her loving canine companion, Sabbath. Definitely move this to the top of your TBR list. 5/5 [...]

    • Wow what a great story, I do not have endometriosis but what a terrible thing to have to go thru. This was an eye opening book for me. Not only with his illness but when u can't get answers or can't find help to never give up keep looking. Mase was a perfect match for brooke, even tho at times I could see him giving up on her he didn't he stuck by her side which made the story even better.

    • Get ready to love, laugh, cry and learn. I really, really loved this book so much!! I literally laughed out loud so many times, and I cried too. As someone who has never suffered from endometriosis, it was extremely enlightening and thought provoking to read this very realistic struggle. I can’t recommend this book enough, if you haven’t got it, get it!!

    • A look into female painNow I have never had bad cramps or endo etc, So this book opened my eyes to the pain that alot of women suffer through. They are misunderstood and not believed Alice wrote an informative and very interesting read I felt all brookes pain and hurt. Her relationships the stressed it caused on them. The toll it took on her mentally and physchially This was a great read I cant say much as you need to read to understand it. Alice made Brooke such a great believable and sometimes [...]

    • wow! what brooke goes through is a lot. I have never read a book like this but interestingly surprised of how good it was. Brooke tacles so much in her life. endo is not easy to tackle and Alice brought her story to life. great job Alice!

    • This book was so powerfully moving. I would be surprised to find out the author didn't personally go through this.This book is for everyone that lives with a chronic disease no one can see on the outside. While my illness isn't the same as Brooke, the character in the book, I too suffer from an invisible illness. Having someone like Mason is what all people with illness should find in a lifetime partner.This book will make you cry, but trust me, the author writes such a sad topic with humor and [...]

    • Chronic Illnesses and How They Can Destroy Your LifeBrooke Jones life is a struggle. Everything she does is hampered by the chronic pain she lives with due to PCOS and Endometriosis. This is the story of her journey with chronic illnesses and how it effects her life.I loved this book! It absolutely has to be written by someone who suffers with their own chronic illnesses. There were so many sentences that were thoughts I’d had myself more than once in my life. The story was very accurate and f [...]

    • A beautiful book about a terrible chronic illness. Perfectly written and I cannot wait to read more from this author.

    • This was my very 1st book by Ms. Hart and it will leave you emotionally raw. It's the story of Brooke and her story of dealing with Endometriosis and other chronic pain. Brooke had me laughing at her open way of talking to doctors, crying and frustrated. This book would be a great read for anyone to understand that there are others out there dealing with the same disease they are.

    • I hope women with Endometriosis find this book. Find comfort in knowing they aren't alone. I hope their partners, or parents pick it up to really try and understand what it's like to have a disease that's not often heard of and so hard to treat.Invisible illnesses can be a lonely place.You are not alone <3

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