Down To A Sunless Sea

Down To A Sunless Sea Essef the nightmare has become appalling reality Full scale nuclear war has devastated the globe leaving countries ravaged and millions dead At thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic pilot Jonah

  • Title: Down To A Sunless Sea
  • Author: David Graham
  • ISBN: 9780330261845
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Essef 1985 the nightmare has become appalling reality Full scale nuclear war has devastated the globe leaving countries ravaged and millions dead At thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic, pilot Jonah Scott is trapped with his valuable cargo of top scientists, diplomats and civilians He s got to land And fast

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    • I read this book a long long long time ago, and then lost it. I have wanted to re-read this novel forever, but have never been able to find a copy. I think it is an excellent book and well written with a great story about a collapsing United States and an apocalyptic nuclear war. The whole story take place on board a Boeing 747 passenger plane carrying people, military and refugees from the United States to Great Britain. While en-route a nuclear war breaks out and the flight for survival begins [...]

    • I learned three things from this book:Air stops circulating at the equator. Past the equator, you have a whole different planetful of air!You can tilt the planet so that your new home in Antarctica will be sunny and grow good food, if you explode lots of nuclear weapons in the Northern hemisphere.How to fly a plane. yes, it's that detailed.

    • Down to a Sunless Sea (1979) a genuinely grim Holocaust novel featuring a few survivors of a devastating nuclear war as they fail to find safe haven.

    • I read this many years ago, in the 80s when the threat of nuclear war was something we grew up with and was fodder for a lot in many forms of media. I remember this being a great story. I had it in my book collection for many years, not sure where it ended up, I would be curious to read it again someday.

    • There's something almost comforting about reading a book about the end of the world that occurs in the 1980's. It's almost like we've collectively dodged a bullet.The Big OneWN TO A SUNLESS SEA is a straightforward Action/Adventure tale of a nuclear apocalypse, and relates the adventures of the brave band of men and women who beat the odds and live to fight another day. The author's background is in aeronautics, and most of the action happens in the cockpit of a large airliner. The writing style [...]

    • A post-nuclear thriller set around the crew and passengers of a jumbo jet that's over the Atlantic when the missiles start flying, and focuses on their race to find a haven free of radiation that gives them a chance at survival. Definitely dated by now, but this book has imagery that's stayed with me a long time. (There are two versions of the ending; the one I read was the "happy ending" version.)

    • Imagine you're a pilot of a huge plane with 600 people aboard headed from New York to London. Just after takeoff, nuclear weapons start flying. There is no longer any New York OR London. . . . or pretty much anywhere else. What do you do? Where do you go? This is the problem facing Jonah Scott & his trans-Atlantic crew. A very thought-provoking book. Loved it!

    • One of the best books I ever read. Written in 1979 so obviously dated, but it really didn't matter, I thought it was a great book. I plan to read it again one day.

    • The United States' economy is ruined. Hunger and violence are everywhere. The people are desperate. Thousands crowd Kennedy Airport to escape to Europe.Captain Jonah Scott fills his plane, the Delta Tango, with six hundred passengers bound for London. But while these lucky people are in the air, the ultimate horror engulfs the world. Nuclear holocaust.Now these six hundred are the only people left on earth. Now the Delta Tango must search for a safe place to land. Now Captain Jonah Scott is not [...]

    • The start of the story focuses on a world where the US is in real financial trouble due to depleted oil reserves. There is a lack of jobs, food and basic provisions and everyone is struggling to survive or leave the country. The central hero of the book is a passenger jet pilot who is in the process of transporting refugees to the UK, which is more-or-less living under normal conditions due to more careful management of their oil supplies. The first third of the book details the bad conditions u [...]

    • The book starts off in an alternate reality Cold War era, where the US has collapsed economically and has turned into a lawless third world country. A British pilot operates a scheduled flight from New York to London, carrying scientists, relief workers, refugees to the UK. During the flight, a nuclear war breaks out, and all continents are destroyed in a few hours in a nuclear holocaust.Unable to land at London, the plane aims for Madeira and Gibraltar, but accidents and catastrophes on the isl [...]

    • Not exactly a classic of apocalyptic fiction, but refreshingly different. No military brass in a bunker, wasteland wanderers or small town survivors here - instead it focusses on a British airliner, en-route from a broken former USA when the nukes fly, leaving the plane no destination when the UK is splatted. Its crew desperately search for alternatives, and evaluate their options, looking for any slim chances of survival in a world much changed by large-scale nuclear conflict. The airline capta [...]

    • The danger of this post-apocalyptic world felt so real and so immediate that I found myself on the edge of my seat, and completely unable to put the book down. This is one of those books that makes you stay up until 2am because you just can't bear to go to sleep while the character's futures is still unresolved. Was it perfect? No. I would imagine the science was iffy, and some of the plot points were in the 'too good to be true' category, but I loved it nonetheless.

    • This book made me cry in two different spots. A terrific "escape the apocalypse" thrill ride. The main character was a good guy and had a tad of a naive view on women (women are sluts or wives) but I blame the author for that. There's a couple of unlikely coincidences and a happy American ending. Worth a read, especially if this is your genre.

    • Utter and complete dreck.A Gary Stu story if I ever read one. The author appears to be ignorant of (or willfully ignoring) basic economic theory. The book is unremittingly full of sexist, racist, classist characterizations. Not a believable female or American character.

    • I like this quite a bit. It may be because this was during the time that Neutron bombs were being discussed and I got this to read for a flight I was on. Two things that made it seem more believable. I did like the way the story went, and some may not agree with it.

    • This might be the 4th time I have read this book and it is as it ever was. Truly a "cannot put down" kind of story. For fans of apocalyptic books, this is a must read.

    • Ten years ago this novel was an anachronism. We were beginning to develop renewable energy sources, to clean up an environment poisoned by fossil fuel detritus and the wanton dependence on nonrenewable energy. And we certainly had evolved past the threat of global nuclear annihilation. So this book, of a desperate group of people trying to survive a holocaust-not of zombies or aliens or asteroids or pandemics or nanotechnology gone wild-, a nuclear holocaust, seemed quaint. But today, Mr. Graham [...]

    • The first 90 pages are incomprehensible, an exploration of a dystopian New York City after the American economy has fallen to pieces. If you are able to get through it, do so, because the rest of the novel is a good apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic piece of fiction/sci-fi(?). There are scientists, a lot of flying, enough nuclear war for any glutton, and romance. And the ending is entirely unexpected, I mean, really strange! (I don't actually think that the ending is in any way scientifically possibl [...]

    • Despite a generous dollop of proper arse patting sexism this was a great read. A concurrently lucky and unlucky crew of an airborne passenger jet witness the end of the world and make subsequent attempts at survival. A relatively hard sci fi novel I found this to be a gripping read albeit in short bursts as there were often many pauses for thought / rationalising of calculations mentally. Technically detailed yet full of Human emotion. Fans of “on the beach” by Shute would enjoy this , in fa [...]

    • A fairly average post-apocalyptic novel. Despite the poor quality of the writing, the early part is decent but about a third of the way through it begins the descent into ever more ridiculous scenarios until the utterly outlandish ending. There are so many better post-apocalyptic novels out there.

    • The book is basically a thriller about the consequences of an economic collapse in the U.S followed by nuclear Armageddon, for the pilot of an British jumbo jet. New York City has been abandoned by most of its affluent inhabitants as supplies become thin, and the English pilot has some adventures between flights of mercy. There's a lot of detail about how to get a jumbo jet from its scheduled course to a place of safety when the world falls apart while the plane is over the Atlantic Ocean. The t [...]

    • The world is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, leaving the passengers aboard a 797 airliner stranded in mid-flight with nowhere to land. Where can they possibly find safety in a world gone mad? An interesting plot and well-drawn main characters make this a memorable story. If you're a fan of apocalyptic fiction, this is a great read!

    • Most of you 5 star people may be wondering why i've marked this so poorly it's simple, i read Nevil Shute's amazing On The Beach first and by comparision this is the Disney version of that. Don't get me wrong, i like the premise and it's executed very well in the first half but overall the drama is thin & the tension is limp. I was bored to death with all the aviation jargon i didn't need two pages in each chapter detailing the inner working's of flight just cut to the chase man! The wri [...]

    • I enjoyed enough aspects of this book to remain thoroughly engaged. The plot twists were great. The whole premise was entertaining and nicely laid out. However!! The characters themselves detracted horribly from the events that unfolded. Much of the dialogue was dreadful. Physical descriptions beyond stock 40's/50's pulp were nonexistent. The fact that this was written in 1981 was hilariousroughout I had to remind myself of that fact because it read as a book from the 50's. This feature went far [...]

    • This is a book that has shown up onto my TBR from multiple sources, being one of them. I initially had a hard time finding it, but finally procured a copy through Abe. What I received was not what I thought that I was getting, rather I found myself with a beat-up ex library copy. Down to a Sunless Sea sat on my shelf for many moons and coming off of a reading slump I decided to finally tackle it. The first chapter and a half was a bit of a drag and some of that was getting used to the writing. [...]

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