Better in the Morning

Better in the Morning Veronica Buccino has a plan marry John DelMonico and quit her soul sucking job as a lawyer And when he tells her he has big news she s certain he ll pop the question But instead of proposing John in

  • Title: Better in the Morning
  • Author: Fern Ronay
  • ISBN: 9781940215648
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Veronica Buccino has a plan marry John DelMonico and quit her soul sucking job as a lawyer And when he tells her he has big news, she s certain he ll pop the question But instead of proposing, John informs her that he s moving to London.Heartbroken, Veronica feels lost Salvatore and Antoinette, her dead grandparents, begin to visit her dreams in an attempt to steer herVeronica Buccino has a plan marry John DelMonico and quit her soul sucking job as a lawyer And when he tells her he has big news, she s certain he ll pop the question But instead of proposing, John informs her that he s moving to London.Heartbroken, Veronica feels lost Salvatore and Antoinette, her dead grandparents, begin to visit her dreams in an attempt to steer her in the right direction At their suggestion, Veronica takes a news reporting class, which leads to a challenging freelance assignment covering a conspiracy trial She also begins dating an unlikely suitor creative Syd Blackman.Just when her love life and career are looking up, Veronica is tossed back to square one by an event that makes her question all her new choices.

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    • Favorite Quotes:“Tears flowed. Get out of here now, you idiot. This can't be the way he remembers you! Then, in true 'Hurricane Veronica' form, I tripped over the wire of a lamp that was on the floor in the hallway. Ouch. My knee took the brunt of that. That'll be attractive And now my nose was running. A lot. This was not the look I was going for.""Have you made it FOB? Facebook Official I check it at least twenty times a day At least. I have to make sure the mean girls from high school are s [...]

    • 3.5 stars. Better in the Morning is a light, cute story that follows the life of a Bridget Jones like character. Veronica is a young woman who dislikes her job as a lawyer, has just ended a relationship with a "must have my socks all paired and ordered" type of guy, and is generally just floating along in life in a sea of dissatisfaction.At first she really annoyed me, even though her boss is not that agreeable, she fritters her time away at work. She reads online sites and likes to follow all t [...]

    • 4.5 Stars - What a delightful concept for a book! Just when you think you know what your future may hold, the unexpected happens and you are requested to be a part of it. Thankfully Veronica has the ghosts of her grandparents to help guide her in the rebuilding of her life after being left behind by her boyfriend, who left for London without proposing. I really enjoyed that Veronica went after something that she felt happy doing regardless of what her friends thought about it. Fun read for a lon [...]

    • Better in the Morning by Fern RonayI have to admit it took me a long time to get into this story. I had a difficult time liking Veronica. She hated her job, disliked her employer and her co-worker, Kate. Veronica carried a disdain for her work and put forth very little effort in researching or filing cases she was given. She viewed it all as soul-sucking work, which it really was for her. Except for one case that involved Tristen Hines. The firm actually represented Pat Stephens who was suing Tr [...]

    • Better in the Morning, by Fern Ronay, is the story of 29 year old lawyer Veronica Buccino and her detoured journey to finding her true path. She thought she had her life well planned--marry her Italian boyfriend, have a family together, and live happily ever after. What she hadn't planned is for her boyfriend's big news to be that he is moving to London for work and she can come along too, if she wants.She doesn't want! What she wants is a ring on her finger and the wedding date set. As a result [...]

    • hough I had trouble getting into the story, once I was invested I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was enjoying it. Veronica started off a bit whiny to me but as the story progressed and she was pushed to her emotional limits, she grew into a really great character.We open with Veronica praying that her boyfriend finally pops the question so she can quit her soul sucking job and be a housewife. I know it sounds uninspired but as you read on you can’t help but think ‘jeez, if I worked t [...]

    • I was approached by the author to read this book, as a lover of chick-lit the super cute cover caught my eye first.It goes beyond your average romance story and takes a leap into the after-life. Veronica has the advantage of her dead grandparents visiting her in her sleep to offer guidance and impart their wisdom. And boy do they have an opinion.I wasn’t sure about Veronica at first, she was very negative and a little self-centred, demonstrated by the assumption that her boyfriend will propose [...]

    • Better in the Morning is about a young woman, Veronica Buccino, whose life isn't going exactly how she wanted. The proposal that she was expecting didn't happen. Instead, she lost her boyfriend. Her job makes her miserable and now her dead grandparents are visiting her dreams.Veronica decides that she needs to "move on", so she starts to take her life in another direction.Better in the Morning is definitely full of drama. I mean you were hit with a biggie in the first chapter. I actually felt ba [...]

    • ***ARC kindly provided by author via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review***This was a very quick and sweet reading, a great “Chick-Litt”. A great surprise since I didn’t knew this authorI felt, from the first page, a lot of tenderness for her beloved grandparents. I loved the way they “open” and “close" this story.Beautiful.

    • Oh, this book! This one was wonderful. If you follow A Page to Turn on Instagram, you'll see that I stayed up way later than I probably should have reading this one because I loved it so much. It's one of those that sort of reminds me of a Hallmark movie in all of the best ways. So let's talk about the lead character. Veronica is one of my favorite female characters of all time at this point. Part of the reason is that she absolutely does not have all her shit together. Girl is a hot mess, hatin [...]

    • In Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay, we follow Veronica Buccino, a lawyer with a plan. One – stop being a lawyer. Her work leaves much to be desired for, and her boss and co-worker seem to be set on making her life miserable. Two – marry boyfriend John DelMonico. While Veronica is highly educated and enjoys being a working woman, she also loves the idea of being a wife and a mother. So when John unexpectedly tells her he is moving to London for his job, and she can come along if she wants [...]

    • As a reader, every now and then I come across stories that touch my soul in a way that leaves an everlasting imprint. Better in the Morning did exactly that. This story is captivating, charming, and elegantly written. In the midst of my own chaotic life, I couldn't put this book down. Veronica is the essence of so many young women who make life choices for reasons that do not truly reflect their honest desires. She is incredibly witty and charismatic, but as you first get to know Veronica, her l [...]

    • 💕👍👍💕 Will Veronica ever find her mojo and her perfect man?!February 6, 2018Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase👏👏 🌇💜 Ended up being a really super read! This contemporary romance did not hook me until several chapters in. The more I read, the more it grew on me, especially heroine Veronica. I did not care for her at the beginning, thought she was lazy, flighty, easily distracted, a bit judgmental and sort of comfortable in her misery! But I loved her transformation! T [...]

    • Fern Ronay, the author of Better in the Morning, sent me an email asking if I'd read and review her book. I was hesitant after reading the description which explains how Veronica's life seems to be falling apart until her dead grandparents start visiting her dreams to steer her life in the right direction. I wasn't too sure about the ghosts of dead grandparents had the potential to go in a really bad direction. But it didn't! My best description is A Christmas Carol meets Chick Lit. The visits f [...]

    • This novel manages to be funny, light-hearted and thought provoking; a rare trifecta in today’s current literary climate where it seems many novels designed to “make you think” also take you to a dark place. After reading this novel you will find yourself taking a second look at coincidences you may not have noticed otherwise. Also, if you are like me and have loved ones who have passed, you will find yourself hoping they are off somewhere hanging out with Veronica’s grandparents. I took [...]

    • All in all, it was a fun romp through life as it was and could be, if only we'd give it a chance. Though not the ending I was rooting for (I must have missed the inclinations of a particular person because I seriously thought the love found would be with someone else), it was a better ending than I thought I saw coming (holy heck if she ended up with that piece of work). Should've listened to Grandma and Grandpaowing the future is no fun! Ultimately, it reminds us that we all have mistakes to ma [...]

    • I enjoyed where Veronica Buccino did her first interview. Even though she's a quirky narrator, she has her soft moments as well; which I really admire. The flashbacks that Veronica's grandparents show her are quite enlightening; and thought that if people could see where their future relationships take them, it would save a lot of wasted energy and mistakes.

    • Review Highlights:Genre: Women's FictionAge: 17+Recommendation: Yes, would recommend to those that enjoy women's fiction and don't mind a little pinch of paranormal thrown in the mix. Type: Stand alonePages:274Pricing: Good, you can snag the e-book for less than ten bucks on or the paperback for $14.99.Summary: +protagonist that is easy to relate to + interesting twist with the grand parents +relaxed but well paced plot - a little slow in the beginning +well written Description:Veronica Buccino [...]

    • 4.5 stars.I really enjoyed this novel about a young lawyer who is not happy with her career or the status of her love life (she thought her boyfriend of two years was going to propose and instead he told her he was moving to London and she could come along if she wanted to spoilers as to what she decided to do) Very set in her ways, Veronica's deceased grandparents visit her in her sleep to provide guidance. They show her the way, but she ultimately has to do the heavy lifting. I love books with [...]

    • "There's a reason things always seem better in the morning."Veronica is not very happy in her career as a lawyer, with a high stress office environment and interests that lie elsewhere. But her relationship with John feels strong and her plans and hopes for the future are ones with him as her husband and her days as a lawyer long behind her. John, however, has other plans and soon Veronica is on her own and re-making her life by exploring a long time interest of news reporting and diving into th [...]

    • I absolutely adored this book! Love, love, love it! Veronica is one of my favorite heroines! I think because she's just normal. She makes normal mistakes, has normal feelings and issues, and goes through things any woman would. That's what I loved about her. She's easy to relate to. She's hilarious too! The witty thoughts she has about her boss, co-workers, friends, and boyfriend are just laugh out loud. As you read it, you see her evolve into such a strong woman who starts going for what she ac [...]

    • This novel is about being happy. Basically, if you do not like something within your life, do something about it. This is exactly what Veronica eventually does. She is in a dead end lawyer job. She hates her boss, plus her work is boring! The choices you make in life have many consequences. Veronica finds this out every day of her life. She tries to "do right" by a client. Her boss throws a hissy fit! Her boyfriend is moving to Europe. She can go "if she wants." Not exactly the invitation she is [...]

    • I was a tad confused by the first chapter, as it was told that her grandparents were dead. But she was seeing them. But once I remembered the blurb, and their appearance, I gobbled up the rest of the story!Better in the Morning is a cute and fluffy read. It kept me smiling, and her grandparents were a hoot! They made the story come alive, rather just a telling novel. On the outside, this book appears to be just another chick-flick. But it's so much more than that!At times, Veronica was frustrati [...]

    • Fern Ronay created a DELIGHTFUL read, completely sweeping me away from page one. I typically do not gravitate to chick-lit reads, but I was intrigued by the story synopsis. Ronay provides a lovely yet realistic picture of a single woman in today's world, right along with the natural ups and downs of life. You instantly want to be the main characters friend and I found myself feeling like I was traveling right along side of her during this entire story. The connection to her grandparents and the [...]

    • Nice twists and turns and spiritual aspect This was an easy and good read. I genuinely liked the main character although I would have fired her as a lawyer (spoiler alert) wayyyy before she stopped being one. The interspersing of her dreams was initially a thump of a transition but after that very clear. Those were my favorite part of the book. Did NOT figure out who she'd end up with in the end. And the last page final twist was awesome. Don't read the last page first or you'll miss out on the [...]

    • I really enjoyed reading Better in the Morning. This book is chick-lit with a spiritual/theological twist. It provides an interesting perspective on the afterlife and how our deceased relatives influence our lives while remaining a light and enjoyable read. Some readers may be put off by the mention of signs and believing, but I think that the majority of chick-lit readers will really enjoy this book. I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

    • LOVED this book! The author drew me in to Veronica's life and made me smile and care about her - from her more than slightly dysfunctional relationship with John to her nocturnal visits from her deceased grandparents and to her horrific job as an attorney for a boss straight out of hell. This is just a delightful book that makes you feel good, even when you're sad for Veronica's difficulties. This is a new new author to me, but I have added her to my must read authors' list. If you enjoy romance [...]

    • This book was a joy to read- I just loved the story line. Fern Ronay wrote a great read with such believable characters & situations that I just fell in love with Veronica & her life. And the relationship she had with her dead grandparents added such warmth to the tale. I will be adding Ms. Ronay to my list of favorite authors.Advanced Reader Copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    • I want more!!!!!Honestly, there were moments I wanted to strangle the main character and was appalled by her behavior as a practicing attorney. There are some things you just don't do, but it all worked out in the end and I found I couldn't put this book down. Hilarious, touching and a sense of hope all wrapped in one. I loved it!!!

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