So Mote it Be

So Mote it Be With this ribbon I do bindMy heart to yours and yours to mine Love I call you come to me As is my will so mote it be Kate cast the love spell with results unforeseen She cannot stop it by herself

  • Title: So Mote it Be
  • Author: Isobel Bird
  • ISBN: 9780064472913
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • With this ribbon I do bindMy heart to yours and yours to mine.Love, I call you, come to me, As is my will, so mote it be.Kate cast the love spell with results unforeseen She cannot stop it by herself, but the book of spells tells her of two strangers who can help her if only she can find them.

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    About “Isobel Bird

    • Isobel Bird

      This is a pseudonym of Michael Thomas Ford.Isobel Bird has been involved in the world of paganism and witchcraft for many years She lives and dances beneath the moon somewhere in New England.

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    • This series is not all I hoped it to be. There are quite a few subliminals on trends for today. The storyline seems fairly decent, but a person can only take so much of those lines in between like "Ooo! Isn't this dress great! It makes me look just Britney Spears!" and "No, no. Green certainly isn't your color. You don't want to look too much like Christina Aguilera." I did, however, enjoy about 50% of the storyd I like that a fair amount of truth with Wicca came out in this book. (i.e.:Maypole [...]

    • I want to read this so bad but I can't find it anywhere RIP.Literally me 2 seconds later: nvm I found it on iBooks.I've been feeling extra nostalgic lately and I wanted to read this series so much. I read Through The Veil years and years ago. I didn't realise it was part of a series when I bought it but I remember really liking it back then. This series certainly have great premises. I just really like the idea of girl friendship and Witchcraft. It makes me think of Charmed, Buffy, and the whole [...]

    • From the Witchy Books Network review blog.Kate Morgan, a 16-year-old, popular basketball player, is assigned a term paper on the witch trials of the 17th century. Amongst the pile of books she checks out of the library, she finds an actual spellbook. Skeptical at first, she decides to try a love spell to attract the football-playing senior of her dreams. When the spell goes haywire -- earning her the attentions of every guy in school and the ire of all their girlfriends -- she begins wishing tha [...]

    • I about died from excitement when I saw on Overdrive a series that jumped out to me. I used to read these books ALL the time as a kid! It was cheap, flimsy paperbacks put on the crap revolving shelves at my library and it took forever to turn them around and find the exact book you wanted. My YA section was so small. It was one shelf unit, back to front and that was about it. Thankfully, my new library is much larger and seems to be investing quite heavily in ebooks through Overdrive (to my grea [...]

    • I read this book in middle school and even though the level is still for that age range, it was nice to revisit as an adult. I particularly like how the author clearly demonstrates that all actions have consequences, even magical ones. This is a good little read. Now, on to the next one!

    • So Mote it BeThis is the first in a series of books by Isobel Bird. The story centers around Kate Morgan. She's interested in a boy named Scott, but Scott already has a girlfriend. Her group of friends figures Kate doesn't have a chance with Scott, which doesn't exactly make Kate happy.Her history class is going to have to do papers and Kate ends up deciding to do one on witchcraft persecution. As she goes through various books she has chosen from the library she finds one that is a book of spel [...]

    • This review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.I started watching The Secret Circle on Netflix and when I realized it was based on a book series, I could have sworn I had read it before initially before getting through the pilot. Then I read deeper into the full plot of the series and realized it was different than the book series about witches I had read in early high school. But then my curiosity was peaked, and I was determined to remember which series I had read.After a lot of different [...]

    • This book is not just for anyone(not trying to hurt anyone) because its like for those readers that want to know in a fictional way about witchcraft. The books is hardcore right to the point in other words is fast pace the story start from the main characters "normal" life to a deep change thanks too One needs to read it to know what I'm trying to say. I love this book sadly is only in eBook wish the author will comes back and decides to reprint them in a three in one paperback or hardcover book [...]

    • I am giving this honest review all on my own. I purchased this book via . I am part of the Review Team @ The Paranormal Bookshelf.Category: teen, young adult, witches, paranormalBook #1 in Circle of Three seriesSpoilers: NONE This was a very good and an easy read. I finished it within hours and it kept my interest even though I am no longer in the teen years. I would recommend this book to young adults and teens who are interested in paranormal teen books.The author had a very simple and right t [...]

    • Interesting Wiccan fiction - clearly written for readers in middle school, possible slightly younger. I don't think it would be the most captivating for older young adults. I'm not a Wiccan, so I can't attest to the accuracy of the Wiccan descriptions. However, while reading the book, I felt as though I was reading the Wiccan equivalent to young adult Christian fiction. While the main plot deals with Kate Morgan doing a spell and then trying to deal with the consequences and set everything right [...]

    • While I enjoyed this series when I was younger, I'm afraid this one doesn't hold up to a more experienced, critical eye. The writing was so predictable and bland I felt like it could have really used some tightening up (you really don't have to tell us that she walked across the room, pulled out a chair, noticed it was red, and took a careful seat in its soft, plush cushion - 'she sat down' would do fine) and more dramatic stakes. SHOW me the characters are feeling conflicted, don't just TELL me [...]

    • This book was about a young girl her name was Kate and she goes to school at Beecher falls high. She has a crush on this boy named Scott. But he doesn't notice her. She has to do a report on whitchcraft for history class she goes to the library for research she picks up some books and she doesn't notice that she picks up a book called the book of spells. When she got home she noticed that she pick up that book and got curious about it. She tried one of the spells called fall in love with me. Aft [...]

    • Booktalk: Who do you have a crush on these days? Is it the kind of crush where the other person doesn’t know you exist? And are you thinking ‘what would it take for you to notice me please!’ What would YOU do to get that person to be interested in you? Just about anythig? Would you consider doingwitchcraft? That’s the predicament of Kate Morgan who’s been mooning over Scott Coogan of the football team. Yeah, it’s such a cliche, the sophomore girl falling [...]

    • Besides the continuous angst this story was pretty fun. When you're following the mind of a teenager, I guess angst is a part of the program, but I feel like Annie or Cooper would have been more fun to follow around than Kate. Kate's attitude and actions bugged me at times, especially accepting abusive or domineering behavior from the girls who were supposedly her best friends. I would have dumped them on the spot. *sigh*. It was what it was.A lot of the characters seemed very stereotypical, eve [...]

    • Kate finds a spell book in the school libary and decides to do a spell which goes totally wrong so she asks for help from the shy girl Annie as she has also checked the book out a few times only it still doesn't put everything back so they look to see who checked the book out and it just so happens to be the school outcast Cooper she helps but things still don't go back to normal so they visit a New Age (wiccan) shop where they are offered books but no help till Kate goes on her own and has a re [...]

    • Kate Morgan is a normal high school girl who has a crush on a popular boy named Scott who doesn't notice her. When her teacher assigns her to write a report on witches so she goes to the library to find out more. Kate accidentally checks out a book on spells. she tries to cast a 'come to me' love spell to make her crush fall in love with her. but when she goes to school the next morning she finds that the spell has gone out of control and all the boys are love with her. desperate she tries to fi [...]

    • I kept seeing later books in this series in my local library and being intrigued, so when the first one popped up at a library book sale, I picked it up. I wasn't expecting much at all, but I actually found it really entertaining. I have a soft spot for things about witchcraft, and this seemed to be a little more true to Wiccan doctrine than other similar books out there, which added an interesting element. By no means is it a work of great literature, but it pleased me in the same way that Swee [...]

    • This was a fairly decent book, my biggest problem with it so far is that I don't really like the protagonist that much, I relate more to her friends. Like I'm empathetic with her, but she can be a bit mind boggling at times, mostly when she's inadvertently a jerk to other people. I get that she's a teenager and I relate to her feelings but I really don't like that she's taking a while to learn from her mistakes. So I'll read the next book, but I. Need to get through my 50 to 100 books that are b [...]

    • I am kind of on the fence with this book. While I enjoyed the Wicca aspect of the book and the girl's introduction to magic, I was a little put off by all of the high school drama. Of course the book is a teen book written about a group of 10th grade girls who stumble across a book of spells and decide to experiment with magic. There is a lot of teen drama in the book -- cliques, friends, boys, grades, etc. We all remember those days. lol Having a 15 year old daughter made it a little more inter [...]

    • This book is about a teenager who has to do a paper on the witchcraft trials. While doing research she comes across a book of spells and decides to try one out to get the person she likes to like her back. After that she starts to learn more about Wicca and what happens when you send your energy out.This book was just ok, to me it seemed more aimed towards pre teens than anything else. Also there were some truths to what she was learning about Wicca but a lot of it too seemed really forced and w [...]

    • Charmed meets the craft on a very friendly level!Sophomore Kate hangs out with her friends at school and dreams of a day when Scott, the hottest football player, notices her. Jessica, Terri, and Sherrie tease her about it a lot. It’s Monday and her history project topic is due - and she has no idea what she’s going to do it. Her teacher helps out by providing topics - and Kate is stuck with witchcraft persecutions. This begins Kate’s journey into the study of witchcraft. After picking her [...]

    • This really reminded me of the movie The Craft about three teenage girls unhappy with their lives who start messing around with magic spells and semi-disaster happens. This book is about three teenage girls - Kate, Annie and Cooper. Kate is in love with a football player who doesn't know she exists so she casts this love spell which kinda works but also kinda doesn't. Since this sorta works she tries another spell to help with a chemistry exam. Again that worked but with negative side effects. S [...]

    • I was in the mood for something magical. I always forget how tedious high school books are though. Actually, I can't remember if they were in high school or middle school -- Kate acted like a middle schooler. I couldn't stand her. But the magic was fun and that's all I'd really come for, so I suppose all in all that it wasn't a wash. I don't think I'll read any of the others. I seriously wish someone would recommend a witches only supernatural series to me that I didn't want to cringe through. N [...]

    • I actually bought this booking thinking that it just looked ok. I got it at a used book sale along with 5 of the other books in the series for 25 cents a piece. I thought that if they turn out terrible then it's not a big loss. I actually LOVED them. This book is not one of the best of the series but does do a great job at introducing the characters and how they found each other and Wicca. It is centered around a younger crowd but I think that it is a great read for any pre-teens or teens that a [...]

    • I actually read all of these. Yep. They had them at our library, so Of course, they were intended to be mostly educational (with some teen drama thrown in) so I'm surprised I didn't hear anything about it being the.worst.ever because unlike the Harry Potter books, here was a series that really and truly did try and make witchcraft look cool. Well, no. But it did explain about Wicca and other religions that used ritualized magic in a way that was down to earth (as opposed to fantasy series where [...]

    • I first read this book during my university years, the year after its release (in 2002), many supernatural/ paranormal/ wiccan books came out between 2001 and 2005. This is one of many series I read those years, and one I have fond memories of (together with the Wicca/ Sweep series and the Daughters of the Moon series).Reading it now, 12 years later (I feel old now :)), it hasn't lost its charm. Circle of Three is well written, an easy read and has actual characters. I can still relate to the ma [...]

    • I read this entire series (15 books) over the summer. It follows three teenage girls who decide to study witchcraft (modern Neo-Paganism) together. As a neo-pagan, I really enjoyed it. It definitely had a lot of the elements of teen fiction (issues with gossip, grades, boys, spats with parents and friends) but it really covered modern witchcraft well, too. I actually felt like I learned things from these books and I've been studying for over 6 years.They were definitely light reads, too, which w [...]

    • Terribile all'inizio ero incuriosita e quasi intenerita dalla storia e dallo stile, che mi hanno catapultato nuovamente nella prima adolescenza, andando avanti inorridivo di fronte allo slang "giovane", di cui non so se colpevolizzare l'autrice o la traduttrice, ma che in ogni caso fa lo stesso effetto delle unghie sulla lavagna (vi vedo, state rabbrividendo!) e di fronte a una storia senza senso, a personaggi piatti come un foglio di carta, quando non addirittura irritanti. L'inserimento della [...]

    • For me,it is a great book for people who are curious in witchcraft to read.It took place in Beechers Falls High.''the come to me love spell should be used when you want to attract the attention of someone special.''read Kate.''it will draw love to you and make you irresisible.''That could come in handy,she thought.Kate cast the love spell with results unforeseen.She cannot stop by herself.But the bookof spells tells her two strangers who can help her-if only she can find them.Want to know the en [...]

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