Life Without Nico

Life Without Nico Maia and Nico are best friends They never get tired of playing together Unexpectedly though Nico and his family have to move far away for a while Maia is devastatedNow time passes slowly and the em

  • Title: Life Without Nico
  • Author: Andrea Maturana Francisco Javier Olea
  • ISBN: 9781771386111
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Maia and Nico are best friends They never get tired of playing together Unexpectedly, though, Nico and his family have to move far away for a while Maia is devastatedNow time passes slowly, and the emptiness is with Maia everywhere she goes She makes her way through the dark days, bored and alone But, slowly, things begin to change, and Maia meets an unexpectedMaia and Nico are best friends They never get tired of playing together Unexpectedly, though, Nico and his family have to move far away for a while Maia is devastatedNow time passes slowly, and the emptiness is with Maia everywhere she goes She makes her way through the dark days, bored and alone But, slowly, things begin to change, and Maia meets an unexpected companion She makes a new friend She even discovers a new passion Her life has become so happy and full, in fact, that she worries there will no longer be enough room for Nico Of course, when he returns, she discovers there is As Maia learns,.There is always space in your heart for friendship This poetic, touching picture book written by Andrea Maturana is sure to move readers of any age It sensitively explores a child s capacity for friendship and the range of feelings experienced while trying to cope with loss Losing a friend is a common childhood experience, and this book would offer a perfect opportunity for a classroom discussion on this or any kind of loss It speaks to the resilience of children as well, and the experience of growing up and discovering that welcoming new things and people into your life doesn t mean losing the old The sweet artwork by Francisco Javier Olea uses warm, muted colors that reinforce the reassuring tone of the story, as well as magical imagery that enhances its emotional depth.

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      Andrea Maturana Francisco Javier Olea Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Life Without Nico book, this is one of the most wanted Andrea Maturana Francisco Javier Olea author readers around the world.

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    • Originally published in Mexico under the title La Vida Sin Santi in 2014, Kids Can Press translated and published this picture book earlier this year. This book touched me really deeply, because there are times in our lives where we are separated from friends and/or family that we love dearly for a time.Maia is separated from her best friend, Nico, when his family travels halfway across the globe for a period of time. In his absence, Maia feels unable to cope with the immense void she feels in h [...]

    • This is charming.I was totally engrossed in this. Part of that is because of how magical the illustrations were and the other is because the story was approached and dealt with from a child's point of view. I know that's how most picture books are approached but few succeed with in the same level this did.I can't wait to get a copy for my cousins/everyone else I know.

    • l thought this little book provided an honest and poignant description of the void left behind when friendships are unexpectedly ended or disrupted. Too many picture books aimed at making sense of emotions are oversimplified. Even the joy felt when the friends were reunited was realistically tempered with the anxiety of not knowing if everything would be as it was before. This book really got it right.

    • Es de esos cuentos que narran tanto con palabras como con la ilustración y que de dejan al final ese tiritón de emoción que apreta la garganta. Hermoso

    • Tale of a moving friend. How to deal with a friend moving, and how to move on without forgetting. There's always room for friends old and new.

    • This is a lovely book for children facing either a move of their own or a move of a friend. It does a wonderful job of validating the strength of the emotions felt and also explains the stages of grief in a very child-friendly way. It's really very well done.I also appreciated the rather unexpected multicultural nature of the book. I'm not exactly sure why Nico is blue, but that's ok. The children seem to live in South America and Nico's family moves to Australia for a time. As an American famil [...]

    • When Nico moves far away, Maia feels a hole in her life. The hole grows and grows and doesn't let anyone else in. But then one day, Maia meets a kitten, then another friend, and then a new passion. When it is time for Nico to return, Maia is afraid that there will be no more room for him in her new life. But what she learns, is that "there are some things time cannot change".

    • I love the art - so simple, yet so expressive! It perfectly portrays the emotions in the book. The emptiness Maia feels when Nico leaves. How she feels when he returns. And such a sweet, sweet story. I would recommend it - especially for a little who is sad for someone that has had to leave them. Thanks to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for a copy in return for an honest review.

    • Life Without Nico is another fantastic book from Kids Can Press.Maia and Nico are best friends. They can spend hours playing together and never get bored. Then, unexpectedly, Nico and his family leave behind their South American home for the land of koalas and kangaroos.Maia is devasted.Read more at: jasoncstanley/book-review-

    • This is a beautiful story that is emotionally intelligent and affirming. I will probably purchase this one for my own collection.

    • This is a simple book about a friend moving away, but it delivers its narrative and emotion so smoothly as Nico leaves and Maia is left behind. The visual and emotional cues are perfect--he is excited for his adventure and she is mournful in her aloneness--and it doesn't sidestep the real feeling of loss or diminish or sweep away those emotions by suggesting "You'll find another friend" or "It's not so bad." Even their "moving on" stage presents its own questions of what becomes of the earlier r [...]

    • The illustration on the cover grabbed my attention. The colors were unusale aqua colored boy, especially. The whole book has deep tones of aqua, gold, brown, and orange. Along with the simple illustrations, it really portrays well the sad emotions of Maia after Nico moves away. A great story of friendship that withstands time and miles.

    • I used this book for a kindergarten lesson about friendship and what you can do if a friend moves away. Very cut story that kids were able to easily understand without dumbing it down. I liked the description of depression that was easy for kids to understand.

    • This picture book deals realistically with the loneliness of separation and loss. When Maia’s best friend, Nico, has to move away, she is overwhelmed with a feeling of emptiness. Over time this dark and empty hole is filled with a new kitten, new friends and new experiences. When Nico does eventually return, she experiences new kinds of worry.This is a beautiful book to use when children are dealing with grief and loss whether it’s temporary or permanent.

    • What a beautiful and simple book about the struggles of friends moving away. I think many kids will be able to learn to cope with big life changes along with this book.

    • Beautiful text and beautiful illustrations. This picture book deals with separation of friends, but is different from other "moving away" books because the friend's departure is temporary.

    • Story of a best friend moving away, and how one might cope w that. Originally published in Mexico. Love illustrations, especially blue boy.

    • Maia and Nico are best friends. They love playing together. But then one day, Nico’s family announce that they are moving across the world. When Nico leaves, Maia is left with an empty feeling inside. The emptiness gets bigger and bigger, not allowing her to play with other kids. But things get better as time passes. Maia finds a kitten, learns to play the piano, and makes a new friend at school. Soon it is time for Nico to return. At first, Maia is scared that things will be different, but so [...]

    • Maia and Nico are best friends, and of course they do what best friends do: they share, and play, and laugh. Everything is better when they are together. Now you can understand why Maia is so shocked when she knows Nico and his family are moving away for a few months due to his father studies. How will she survive?At the beginning it was really, really hard. Maia only could feel a big emptiness. Time seemed to move so slowly. But after some time she dared to try, and a new pet appeared. Then a n [...]

    • For anyone who's ever had to say goodbye.(Full disclosure: I received a free book for review through Giveaways.)Nico and Maia are best friends: inseparable, even when they aren't together. Then one day Nico's father announces that they're moving to Australia - temporarily - so that he can continue his studies. The days pass quickly - too quickly - and, before they know it, Nico is gone. After a period of mourning, Maia begins to open up to the world again: she adopts a kitten, makes a new frien [...]

    • This book follows a friendship of Maria and Nico who are inseparable best friends. Until one day, Nico's dad announces that they'll have to move away for a bit, this makes Maria very sad. As the days go by, Maria misses Nico and wishes that he'd come home. With time, Maria finds new friends and new hobbies that makes her happy. Maria is afraid that when Nico comes back, there won't be room in her life for him. However, when Nico arrives him, Maria realizes that there will always be room in her h [...]

    • This is a sweet little story about loss and friendship. Losing friends because parents have to move is very common way to lose a friend, this is a good book to explain that friendship can continue, even over distances. The nice thing about this book is that Nico returns, which, most of the time, doesn't happen. So, it does give hope to children who read this, that there is an end in sight.The only complaint I have about this book is that Nico was drawn with blue skin, and on the cover he is hold [...]

    • Maia and Nico are best friends. They do everything together until Nico's father tells them that the family needs to move away for a while. Maia isn't sure what to do without Nico, but she finds a new friend and comfort from a kitten. When Nico comes back, she isn't sure if she'll have room for him in her life.This is an important book. I don't know of many books off the top of my head that deal well with the loss of a friend. This one is well written, short, and a good read aloud. From friends m [...]

    • Maia and Nico are best friends. When Nico moves away to study in a different country Maia feels there is a hole in her life. It takes a while, but Maia gets a pet cat, makes a new friend, and discovers she is passionate about the piano. Life has become full again. When Nico returns, Maia fears her new life is too full for him. But, that's not the case. There will always be room in her heart for Nico.I think this book does a great job of depicting what it feels like to lose a friend and to slowly [...]

    • When Nico's family moves away for his father to study, his best friend Maia is devastated. They had done everything together and now all she feels is emptiness. The emptiness gets bigger and bigger as her sadness grows. The emptiness gets in the way of everything until one day she finds Maia realizes that she can have fun and make friends while Nico is gone, but will things change when he gets home?This is a short, simple book with a great message that it is normal to feel loss, empiness, and sa [...]

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