Gunlaw Gunlaw is currently available to read on Wattpad Mikeos and Jenna have grown on a world both preserved and chained by the gunlaw Gunslinger and hex witch both wonder about the nature of the laws that

  • Title: Gunlaw
  • Author: MarkLawrence
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: ebook
  • Gunlaw is currently available to read on Wattpad.Mikeos and Jenna have grown on a world both preserved and chained by the gunlaw Gunslinger and hex witch, both wonder about the nature of the laws that bind them, both have their own pressures driving them to see just how far those laws can be pushed before they break.Also there are minotaurs, dogmen, corpsers, sect, hunsGunlaw is currently available to read on Wattpad.Mikeos and Jenna have grown on a world both preserved and chained by the gunlaw Gunslinger and hex witch, both wonder about the nature of the laws that bind them, both have their own pressures driving them to see just how far those laws can be pushed before they break.Also there are minotaurs, dogmen, corpsers, sect, hunska and all sorts

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      My new book Red Sister is out now Blog here mark lawrence Facebook here facebook MarkLawrenceThree emails a year newsletter here eepurl cimnK1 Prizes FreeContentI m even on Tumblr tumblr blog marklawrePintrest uk.pinterest princeofthor Instagraminstagram mark___lawrMark Lawrence is married with four children, one of whom is severely disabled His day job is as a research scientist focused on various rather intractable problems in the field of artificial intelligence He has held secret level clearance with both US and UK governments At one point he was qualified to say this isn t rocket science oh wait, it actually is.Between work and caring for his disabled child, Mark spends his time writing, playing computer games, tending an allotment, brewing beer, and avoiding DIY.

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    • I've posted a whole book on Wattpad!Read it for free here: wattpad/story/4345373It's a departure from my swords and sorcery into six-guns and sorcery! Go give it a try. Many thanks for starring/voting on each part, it makes all the difference.Join my 3-emails-a-year newsletter #prizes

    • Rating, 4.5 (rough start, open ending, some words glued together near the end for the rest, great)I've been tricked. I must have overlooked some fine print, or I missed a memo that's playing dirty, Mark. I've been waiting for the last chapter to be out just to avoid this situation. And what do my eyes see? . "Yes, that, gentle readers, is the end of Book 1 of Gunlaw."Say what?!!! Why, why, why?!! It's alright when I know of it in advance. I don't mind a surprise, but not of this nature. (*breat [...]

    • "Trust'll get you shot quicker than looking for a fight"Gunlaw is a great wierd west story. It has a unique setting, a great range of characters and it raises more questions than answers in the first part of the novel.The world is quite intriguing with the large, mysterious pillars protecting inhabitants, very rich and different races and the gunlaw protecting everyone from mysterious sect.The reader is not indulged by one simple story, but rather a tangle of plots which go back as far as histor [...]

    • This book reminds me of The Dark Tower, but it's better. I hope Mark continues it into a series. Loved reading it in small bits every week as released.

    • "Sometimes you have to make a stand."Mark Lawrence brings us to the world of West with the deserts and gunslingers and bugs, loads of bugs. And yes it is fucking awesome! I was like 20% done with the book and realized that - Crude translation: Give up, kid! You won't be able to finish it. The plot was more complex than Game of Thrones and Gangs of Wasseypur combined. Each chapter brought a new character and the story developed on it. At one point of time, I could not figure out who the fuck is t [...]

    • What's more fascinating than reading a Mark Lawrence book? Reading it WHILE HE IS STILL WRITING IT. That was probably the coolest part, for me. His command of the English language still does not fail to enthrall me—and I love books that present ideas that have not been tried and popularized elsewhere. I have never heard of a story like "Gunlaw." Whereas Broken Empire has a very real-world connection, this one doesn't Exactly Or it might That's the only trouble with reading a work-in-progress, [...]

    • First off, why haven't more people read this? It's free. And yes there are lots of free books out there, but most aren't by authors as good as Mark.This is a weird book. And by that, I mean that it seems to fit in with the New Weird genre that China Mieville is known for. In fact, this really felt like a cross between Mieville's Bas-Lag series and Stephen King's Dark Tower series. And yes it is good enough to stand up to them.This is also a tough book to read. The story and world are fed very sl [...]

    • " the sweetness of life comes because it is fleeting. Without change, and age, life's an empty pantomime. The days get thin. You spread yourself over too many years and it's them that shape you, not you that puts a mark on them."This was really surprising and an excellent story. I have to praise the worldbuilding here, as it was really creative and meshed many things effectively to make it a very unique Western. But Gunlaw doesn't have only a curious worldbuilding to move the story forward. I sa [...]

    • Mark Lawrence you bastard!! When are we getting the print version of this?? Having read his adventures of Jorg, I read this spread out over a couple of months as a prep to his next trilogy. Reading this and Gunslinger by Stephen King it's easy to make some comparisons but man are they totally different. Great story, action and characters that only Lawrence can put together.

    • Another great read by Lawrence with addictive characters in a land familiar enough to almost be real yet crazy enough to be undeniably fantasy.If this was published as a bound book I'd absolutely buy it.

    • Gunslingers and magic and strange gods in the desert. Love Mark's work, including this train ride of twists and strange things to tantalize us fantasy junkies. Thanks Mark. Keep writing such things. Please please.

    • I caution readers to enter this story at their own risk. This author will sucker punch you without remorse time and again. And if you hate cliffhangers

    • Gunlaw by Mark LawrenceMany of you who read Lawrence are aware that hidden under the dark “swords and sorcery” fantasy he writes, he often tackles difficult societal issues. He is best known for his ground-breaking series The Broken Empire Trilogy which dealt with parental rejection, AI and the definition of life and the role of tech in a post-apocalyptic future.Gunlaw, which is available on the Wattpad app for free, is no different, if anything Lawrence goes even further peering into the so [...]

    • And it's over, and I'm one of the first few to finish it! :D This was one hell of a (train) ride.Guns. Frigging Guns.I haven't had much experience with westerns but have read enough fantasy to mark this down as an amazing work. I really liked this book. For one, the characters were amazing, but that is to be expected from Mark. The chapters dedicated to detailed backgrounds were really interesting. I especially loved Jenna's complex character and her relationship with Mikeos and what it could ha [...]

    • This is a preliminary review as this book is still in its creation stage, and may or may not change over time.I'm finding this a thrilling read and has captivated my mind from the beginning. I don't know if Mark Lawrence would like me to say his, but I think it has a 'DARK TOWER' feel. Perhaps King's books inspired this, I'm not sure, but in any case it is a great read in its own right and I look forwards to my evenings, with soft music and coffee at the ready.

    • A fantasy mixed with western element makes a great entertainment as proven here. This story has endearing characters whose histories are explored enough as to make them have clear motives for each decision and also to provide background for their characterization; even some of the characters who have short page appearances. The book also has its shares of interesting creatures whose origin stories are unique, such as minotaurs who are descendants of cattle cows and domen and hunska who have evol [...]

    • An interesting mix of minotaurs, sentient zombies, cat people, dogmen, gunslingers, occult witches, large man-killing insects, magical trains, scheming gods - set in a desert fantasy/dystopian/postapocalypic (?) parallel universe(?) A bit "over the top", but it actually works quite well together. A really interesting world I would like to see more of. If you have read the Dark Tower series by Steven King, you find some similarities in the setting. Maybe Lawrence was inspired by it? It stands sol [...]

    • A hidden gem of a book, available in it's entirety for free on the Wattpad app (which I literally only downloaded specifically to read this). I expected it to be a bit crap due to the whole free thing, but it's actually of surprisingly high quality. Fans of the Broken Empire will like this fantasy world with a hint of a sci fi underline under the surface. Stephen King's Dark Tower series also feels like a strong influence though there's no sense of this story aping that. It's got it's own wester [...]

    • I joined Wattpad to read this book. I also waited until it was finished to read it, largely because I am prone to binge reading, and wanted the entire thing to be there if that should occur. For a while I hadn't the inclination to try it because I didn't want to read it on my computer (gives me a headache) - but then someone mentioned that Wattpad has an app, so I could read it on my kindle or my phone (which doesn't give me a headache for some reason?). Anyway, hooray!It's hard not to make the [...]

    • This is a hard book to describe. Whatever it is, I really enjoyed it. You've got a gunslinger on a mission of revenge at the center of it, but then a witch starts to complicate things. Throw in some gods, dogmen, minotaurs, and then some cat-people and things start to get hairy fast. Did I mention the corpsers? They use folks for spare parts. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot the bugs. Bugs. Why did it have to be bugs?! I don't want to give anything away, so I'll stop there, but I really want to know mo [...]

    • Amazing book! Very intriguing world, and amazingly well written! The characters were interesting, as were the different races. The ending is a little too open for my taste, but as he mentions this was only part one, so there might be a sequal. I definitely recommend reading this book, it's a bit of a difficult start but SO worth it!

    • Not bad. It takes a while to get any sort of cohesiveness, and the ending is a bit abrupt, but there's some cool stuff there.

    • A great western fantasy. A little jumbled up at the beginning but once the main players were established it was a whole lot of fun. It begs for another instalment. Well worth the read.

    • Sögusviðið er aflokaður heimur þar sem 3 guðir takast á en nokkrar gerðir skepna eru í þessum heimi. Menn, Mínótaurar, Dauðir, Hundingjar o.fl. Heimurinn er n.k. weird-vestri þar sem nornir, byssumenn, skorkvikindi o.fl. takast á. Nornin Jenna Crossard er staðráðin í að brjóta lögmálin sem halda heiminum gangandi því að í hennar augum er hann lítið annað en íþyngjandi fangelsi. Mikeos Jones er byssumaður sem slæst í för með henni en guðirnir vakta hvert skre [...]

    • This review was based on the Wattpad version of Gunlaw (Gunlore?) if it's released as a standalone book it may be different which means some of the review no longer applies. I read Gunlaw after it was all published so I didn't have to wait for new instalments, however I did read it with a newborn so I couldn't concentrate as much as I normally would on a book. Gunlaw sees a departure from Lawrence's more famous works in the Broken Empire into a fantasy western with a more Dark Tower style. It's [...]

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