Did I Mention I Love You?

Did I Mention I Love You Love is everything but expected Eden Munro came to California for a summer of sun sand and celebrities what better way to forget about the drama back home Until she meets her new family of strangers

  • Title: Did I Mention I Love You?
  • Author: Estelle Maskame
  • ISBN: 9781492632153
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love is everything but expected.Eden Munro came to California for a summer of sun, sand, and celebrities what better way to forget about the drama back home Until she meets her new family of strangers a dad she hasn t seen in three years, a stepmom, and three stepbrothers.Eden gets her own room in her dad s fancy house in Santa Monica A room right next door to her oldesLove is everything but expected.Eden Munro came to California for a summer of sun, sand, and celebrities what better way to forget about the drama back home Until she meets her new family of strangers a dad she hasn t seen in three years, a stepmom, and three stepbrothers.Eden gets her own room in her dad s fancy house in Santa Monica A room right next door to her oldest stepbrother, Tyler Bruce Whom she cannot stand He has angry green eyes and an ego bigger than a Beverly Hills mansion She s never felt such intense dislike for someone But the two are constantly thrown together as his group of friends pulls her into their world of rule breaking, partying, and pier hanging.And the she tries to understand what makes Tyler burn hotter than the California sun, the Eden finds herself falling for the one person she shouldn t love

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    • Estelle Maskame

      Estelle Maskame is a novelist from Peterhead in Scotland After gaining universal acclaim online during her teenage years, she signed a print contract with the Edinburgh based publisher Black White Publishing at the age of seventeen She left school and now writes full time Did I Mention I Love You is her first novel.

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    • ***4,5 "That was so unfair!" stars***Damn!!! What was that book???I don't know why but it get into me so deeply!!!I can't stop thinking about that story and for the last 1/3 part of the book, i was crying all the time For several reasons!!!And i have to say that all those shits that happened was so unfair for Tyler and Eden. And now after all this sadness, i'm dying to learn what will happen in the next book!!! I'm really dying here!!!Well, i have to admit that in the first 1/3 part of the book, [...]

    • “We shouldn’t be kissing on the floor of his bathroom and his hands shouldn’t be on my body and I shouldn’t be enjoying it.”This was an okay YA contemporary romance about a girl who fell in love with her stepbrother.I didn’t really see how Eden was going to fall in love with Tyler at the start of this book because his behaviour was just awful, and even she called him a jackass! He really wasn’t a nice person to be around at all, but somehow the attraction happened.The storyline in [...]

    • More reviews at Mrs. ReaderPantsVIEW: I'm going to sound like a big ol' prude here, but I really hope teens reading this review listen to the voice of reason here. I am 40 years old. I've been where you are. Trust me, toxic relationships are TOXIC. This book glorifies that, and while I give the author kudos for publishing a series at a young age, I can tell she is a very young author.I know there are plenty of high school and college girls who just love this book. I am not one of those girls. Th [...]

    • Did I Mention I Love You is easily my favourite contemporary romance of the 2015!It will grip you from the beginning and won't let go until long after dark, with a scorching forbidden romance at it's core. Maskame produces a daring debut filled with fun, friendship and a whole 'lotta feels. This is one series you don't want to miss.DIMILY begins with Eden the sixteen year old protagonist, her parents are divorced and after a three year silence from her father he’s finally back in touch and wan [...]

    • Bon, disons-le clairement je crois être vraiment un bon public pour des histoires pareillesÀ chaque fois que je me lance dans ce genre de roman je me dis : allez en avant les clichés, la romance nian nian, les personnages stéréotypés, et 350 pages d'ennuis. Et pourtant à chaque fois je finis comme une nana qui a un surplus d'hormone et qui ne veut qu'une chose, lire le tome suivant. After m'a fait le même coup d'ailleurs, le saligaud ! D'ailleurs je dirais même que ce roman c'est un peu [...]

    • Ik had niet verwacht dat ik dit boek zo leuk zou vinden. Toegegeven het verhaal kwam wel wat traag op gang, maar na 150 pagina's begon ik er echt van te genieten. Een geslaagd stapje buiten mijn comfortzone.Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst.

    • 2,5/5 He tardado en leerlo casi dos semanas me enganchó como pensaba que lo haría. Los personajes, la trama me gustaron

    • We have sneered at one another since the day I arrived, fighting to try to find each other’s weaknesses. Mine is my insecurity. Tyler’s is the truth.And beneath it all lies attraction.Tyler is attracted to me, and I am attracted to Tyler.Boring. B.o.r.i.n.g. Boring. That's the word I would use to describe this book. Nothing really happened, and when something finally did, it wasn't even big. I didn't find it funny, nor sad. I didn't find it heartbreaking, nor loving. All I found it was just [...]

    • [3.5]Cuando me llegó este libro y vi la sinopsis quedé de palo Hermanastros enamorándose, ¿a qué me sonaba eso? Jajajaja. Tengo que confesar que empecé leyendo el libro muuuuy prevenida porque temía que terminara convirtiéndose en un Mi Hermanastro 2.0, cosa que, afortunadamente, no pasó. Dicho esto, vamos a ver de qué se trata Love You. Eden, una adolescente cuyos padres están divorciados se va a pasar el verano a casa de su padre en Los Angeles. Allí, él ha construido una nueva vi [...]

    • 4 “Relatable, entertaining and perfect for the summer!” StarsGenre: Young Adult/Contemporary romanceType: Book 1 of 3, The DIMILY Trilogy.POV: First Person - EdenRelease date: July 1st, 2015Cliffhanger: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Not really because it’s the first book in a trilogy (hide spoiler)] If there’s one thing I’m sure of when it comes to this book, it’s that it’s the ultimate summer read. I’m glad I waited for the summer to arrive to read it beca [...]

    • Solide 3 Sterne sind vollkommen angemessen, finde ich. Kein weltbewegender Plot, keine weltbewegenden Wendungen.Aber ich muss sagen, ich bin durchaus überrascht von Maskame's Erstlingswerk! (Die schottische Autorin ist übrigens erst 18!)Obwohl alles in diesem Buch vorhersehbar war, haben der tolle Schreibstil, die sympathische Protagonistin und die tollen Nebencharaktere es (fast) wieder wett gemacht.Zugegebenermaßen hatte ich Angst, dass es genauso wird wie After Passion und alle anderen "Go [...]

    • Wat een leuk boek! Eden vond ik een enorm leuk personage en ik kon me heel goed inleven in haar. Haar gedachten waren erg realistisch. Haar vader vind ik wel een rare vent, maar meer kan ik daar niet over zeggen.Dit boek bevat wel erg veel drama en het einde vond ik totaal niet geloofwaardig, maar toch heb ik enorm genoten van dit boek. Maar dat is wel de reden dat dit boek 4 sterren krijgt ipv 5.Nog even over dat einde: (view spoiler)[ In het hele boek is Eden er fel op tegen dat Tyler vreemd g [...]

    • Dit boek vond ik echt geweldig! Ik ben verliefd geworden op Tyler en Eden lijkt mij ook een super leuk persoon. Alhoewel ik alle karakters wel een goede toevoeging aan het verhaal vind hebben! Ik vind het heel intrigerend dat er zoveel meer achter Tyler zijn gedrag zit. Dat laat maar weer zien dat er altijd wel een reden is waarom een persoon zich op een bepaalde manier gedraagt. Ook vind ik Tiffani haar gedraag uiterst interessant! Bijvoorbeeld hoe ze op de raarste momenten alleen maar aan haar [...]

    • 2.5 stars purely for the entertainment/enjoyment aspect i mean i couldn't put the book down. otherwise this is not written well, characters are really superficial and one dimensional, problematicc etcam i addicted enough to continue reading? YES YES I AM. i'm sort of annoyed bc i can't find my copy of the 2nd book lmao i'm trash for this type of story honestly

    • I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.I've seen this book mentioned a few times on twitter, as it has been out in the UK in April. Since I was approved for an ARC of the US edition, I've seen a fair few mixed reviews out there, and was a tad apprehensive going into the book. To be perfectly honest, I think that was for the best, otherwise I would've had higher expectations than I did have.In DIMILY, the main character, Eden, is sen [...]

    • Es hat so süchtig gemacht! Und ich freue mich schon wahnsinnig auf den 2. Teil. Leider muss man darauf ja noch bis Mitte Juni warten. Ich hasse warten.

    • This was a bit of a guilty pleasure read for me since it’s YA. I started reading expecting to like this book and then to forget about it. I definitely did not expect to love this as much or expect it to affect me as much as it did. I adored this book and it turned out to be one of my favorite stepbrother romances of all time.Eden’s parents are divorced and after three years of radio silence from her father, he begs her to join him and his new family in LA. Once there she meets her new stepbr [...]

    • Ik had totaal niet verwacht dat ik dit boek uiteindelijk 5 sterren zou gaan geven, maar wat een knaller! 'Did I mention I love you?' gaat over Eden. De vader van Eden is enkele jaren terug plotseling uit haar leven en dat van haar moeder vertrokken om een nieuw leven te starten en nu, 3 jaar later, wil hij ineens dat ze de hele zomer bij hem doorbrengt. 8 hele weken bij haar vader, een heel eind van haar woonplaats vandaan. En dat niet alleen, ook bij haar stiefmoeder en haar 3 stiefbroertjes. D [...]

    • 4 STARS!!!Today, my thoughts are all about Tyler. So while my mind processes one hundred and one fleeting thoughts at once, I somehow manage to conclude some specific facts about him:(1) Tyler is a jerk; there is no doubt about that one.(2) He is a jerk who has serious anger issues alongside possible behavioral issues.(3) He’s only a jerk because he wants to be a jerk, because(4) he’s definitely hiding something(5) His favorite hobbies include getting wasted and getting high(6) He has nice a [...]

    • Lasst die Finger von DIMLY #1. Bringt ja eh nichtsSind übrigens 2,5★Jedenfalls hatte ich sau viele Up's & Down's mit dem Buch. Dann kam der Epilog und er klang so schön und ich hab mich gefreut.Normalerweise raste ich nicht aus. Entschuldigt. In meiner Rezension werde ich sachlicher werden.EIN SCHÖNES ENDE IST DOCH EGAL. BITCH ICH WILL FAME UND EINE TRILOGIE KOMM LASS MIT DEN LETZTEN VERDAMMTEN VIER SEITEN ALLES KAPUTT MACHENCapslock Ende.Leck mich DIMLY #1. Eden? Du bist so dumm. Viell [...]

    • 2.5 stars.I had high expectations for this book but it was a "No" for me. Did I Mention I Love You is one of those books that I’m having a hard time rating and reviewing because it’s so not my kind of books, but I honestly think it’s a book that a lot of people will love. It’s probably very realistic in its portrayal of teenage partying and the relationships, but it had me shaking my head so often – I just didn’t like these characters at all, and that made it hard for me. I almost DN [...]

    • You know that kind of books in which you keep flipping the pages and then you find out that you've barely read 10 pages? This is it. I want to unread this so bad, I need to really! The lamest plot I've ever encountered. Here is the story : Divorced parents. Rich father whom she goes to spend the summer with. the father is remarried to a woman who has 3 children. Eden finds out that her stepbrother is a jackass. the jackass stepbrother has a girlfriend. Eden goes to parties with him. Tyler is a d [...]

    • Did I Mention I Love You?Estelle MaskameEden is off to Santa Monica CA to spend eight weeks with her father. Her father left her mother three years ago and she hasn't seen him since. He has since remarried and Eden is going to spend her summer vacation with his new family including her three step brothers. Can life get any weirder for her? Eden only agrees to go to her father's because she had some problems at school and needs to get away for awhileOnce there she discovers that her three step br [...]

    • Autant annoncer la couleur tout de suite, ce livre m'a énormément fait penser à After. J'ai ressenti le même ascenseur émotionnel en lisant DIMILY qu'en lisant les aventures de Hardin et Tessa, l'année passée, pile poil à la même période.L'histoire est simple, tout comme le style. Mais c'est efficace. Un vrai page-tuner qu'on ne peut plus lâcher une fois qu'on est bien rentré dans l'histoire et pour ça, j'avoue fait quand même attendre quasi 170 pages ! Mais après, c obsessionnel [...]

    • Okay firstly, this story was the definition of a New Adult-clichee, and even though i misliked some parts, i loved most of the story. Evolving around a topic, that may seem somewhat controversial is brave in my opinion. She merged it in so that it seemed more appropriate also for younger readers, which impresses me too. Eden and Tyler Tyler and Eden, what more can i say! She was a typical, American teenager, dealing with life. He was a bad boy/ misjudged young adult who had a rough start into l [...]

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