Needing Her

Needing Her Pearce Kensington Age Billionaire Graduate of the Ivy League Future CEO Member of a powerful secret society His life is complicated Dark Lonely Dangerous So when he meets Rachel a kind sweet bea

  • Title: Needing Her
  • Author: Allie Everhart
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  • Page: 409
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  • Pearce Kensington Age 25 Billionaire Graduate of the Ivy League Future CEO Member of a powerful secret society.His life is complicated Dark Lonely Dangerous So when he meets Rachel, a kind, sweet, beautiful grad student, he tells himself to stay away He s no good for her And yet, she s good for him A ray of light in his very dark world.She s everything he s evePearce Kensington Age 25 Billionaire Graduate of the Ivy League Future CEO Member of a powerful secret society.His life is complicated Dark Lonely Dangerous So when he meets Rachel, a kind, sweet, beautiful grad student, he tells himself to stay away He s no good for her And yet, she s good for him A ray of light in his very dark world.She s everything he s ever wanted but didn t think he could have But being with her will bring her into his world A world she doesn t belong in A world he wants to escape A world he ll have to hide from her in order to keep her safe.He should let her go But he can t He loves her He needs her So he ll risk everything to be with her.

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      Allie Everhart has published twenty two books and is the author of the bestselling Jade Series Allie tells stories about love, often with a twist of mystery and suspense Allie s always been a romantic, as evidenced by her early years as a wedding singer, her obsession with dating shows, and the fact that she still watches reruns of The Love Boat.

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    • Amazing!!!! Secret societies Murders Secret relationships Escorts Farm girl Loved it! Can't wait for more!!!

    • This was not what I expected after reading that interesting blurb. The story was good but there were too many details that made it kind of boring. I didn't feel any connection with the characters and I couldn't enjoy the book.

    • Needing Her is book one of The Kensingtons, a romantic suspense series. Although it features characters from The Jade Series, you do NOT have to read that series in order to read this one. The Kensingtons is a story that stands on its own, covering the complicated and dangerous life of billionaire Pearce Kensington, and his efforts to keep that life hidden from Rachel, the only woman he's ever loved.If you read The Jade Series, this series will give you the part of the story that was never told [...]

    • Amazing!!!! I loved reading this book and i cannot wait for more. You get to see a side of Pearce that you have never seen before and Rachel is perfect. Also, if you read the Jade Series, you will see the connection between Rachel and Garret. It sucks if you read the Jade series because you know how this ends and you are just waiting for the inevitable to happen. but overall i loved the book and can't wait for the next one.

    • Pearce Kensington's life is planned out, not by his choice but the choice of a secret group he belongs to. He never had a choice, he was born into it. When he meets Rachel something awakens in the man who has had everything arranged down to who he can sleep with and what his role is. Rachel is intrigued by Pearce, she doesn't have a lot of experience with the dating scene and doesn't even seem to realize her own beauty. Pearce knows the group will find out and stop what is happening, but he has [...]

    • It was ok. That is all. I think Rachel is beyond naive and Pearce is such a child for not standing up to anyone at all about anything. Even when he did stand up to his dad it was meh. Like GROW A PAIR ALREADY! You're a billionaire. Change your identity, get facial reconstruction or something loljust so you can leave your old life behind. I mean seriously, you're a billionaire you can buy some uncharted island and move you two there haha

    • Wow!!!!I wish Rachel never die. She is such a beautiful person. Will I think pearce father and mother are the most disturbing and disrespectful people. Pearcehad to deal with so much hurt and disrespect from his family, it felt so sad for him. He never had a voice. Wow. What can I say Allie Everhart did great job yet again.

    • It was an interesting storyline but too boring DNF at 50%.So I ended up deciding continuing to finish reading the book 2 days after I gave up on it. I still only give 2 stars.

    • Overall an okay read nothing to exciting. I mostly kept reading to find out how they would stay together which you down find out in this book

    • Another book that kept me awake during the night. I loved it, specially how they were connected. I felt their connection, it was never forced or anything, and I also loveeeed the fact that they succeed at been together, for me is extremely annoying when they spent the whole book apart or fighting for stupid reasons, but it never happened, and there is no cliffie either:. After meeting Pearce's father I will never ever complain about mine, and you shouldn't too.I highly recommend it.

    • **I received this book for free through Giveaways**The moral of my review below is READ THE JADE SERIES FIRST!!!!!This is a new author for me so I was very excited to win this book as it seemed right up my alley. However, (and this is a big however) I think listing it as "The Kensington's #1" is misleading. I think it should also list it as "Jade #9". I was halfway through the book before I realized the characters were the parents of the H in the 8 book Jade series. I found this out when I look [...]

    • Check out the original @ Books & Swoons4.5 stars out of 5 stars Needing Her is such a great book! It was hard to down because I was sucked into the story from the first page. Pearce and Rachel are such great characters; they are complex and compliment each other in a beautiful way. I am so excited for this series, and can't wait to see how Rachel and Pearce's story unfolds!! So, if you haven't read the Jade series please stop reading here. This is a great story and I don't want to spoil it f [...]

    • It was insane to read this. After the whole series with Jade and Garret it was so strange to read about Pearce when he met Rachel. It was also very hard knowing in advance what happens. But the hardest part for me to reconcile was this Pearce and the one in the first Jade book. The similarities between he and Garret were hugely this, but the similarities between he and Harlon were awful. But it really shows why he was/is the way he was/is. Anyhow, if you haven't read the Jade series, I think I w [...]

    • 3.5 -- This book definitly intrigued me. I'm not sure I really loved the style of writing. Even though some of the other reviews I read didn't really like the whole billionaire secret society thing, I actually liked that part. Pierce was way to stiff for me, I mean I understand he had a different upbringing but sometimes it was so boring just reading his parts in the book. Rachel was just OK. I mean she wasn't this amazing charactor but I didn't dislike her. Although I wanted to keep reading thi [...]

    • bueno este libro estuvo lleno de altibajos Pierce es un buen hombre para nada como su familia o como la gente con la q ha sido criado y eso es destacable y muy obvio q se enamore de una linda chica timida que no se adapta para nada a su mundo ella a veces es nuy ingenua y su mini ataque por descubrir lo de la amiga y pierce fue demasiado ya q fue antes de conocerse su tierno amor me conmovio y la manera en ella siempre trata de que el viva experiencias normales . aunq elnal dejo deseando mas fu [...]

    • Absolutely amazing. Incredibly beautiful. By far truly one of the best books I've read for the year thus far.It was easy to fall in love with Pearce & Rachel's story. I loved the drama, the suspense and the intrigue of it all. Truly can't wait to see how it plays out for them. Will Pearce ever be able to be 100% honest with Rachel? How will she react when she finds out about that other side of him? Can someone live both sides of themselves separately without the two ever intersecting? These [...]

    • Read the Jade series first. i really wanted to enjoy this book, i don't know if my expectation was too high but i can't quite put my finger on whats wrong.Some parts are incredibly funny and sensitive but its written from POV, Pearce and Rachel.You spend a lot of time in their heads which is good because we need that with Pearce but i found it a little repetitive when we changed POV.Plenty of background is given, the organisation, Royce, Rachel's past and family. Knowing how it ends or how we ar [...]

    • Wow! Finished in one day like always! I loooove Jade series and i was really sad when i read the last book. Their story was phenomenal, different, real. But when i found out u are releasing Pearce's book? Wow! Couldn't wait to read them, he is a good man, just forced to do what he was obliged to. Their story is as lovely & one of a kind as Garrett's & Jade's! Im so inlove with his story as well!! Cnt wait to read the 2nd book!! Pls release it sooooonest!

    • SexylessA really good and well written story. Secret society, secret love, tyrant father, overprotective and controlling mother, insensitive ex-boyfriends, questionable friends/neighbors Wow all in book one. It would've been a five, but the sexy times left A LOT to be desired they could've been left out all together.

    • I fell in love with this book. She was incredibly good ! Kensingtons Its now one of my favorite billionaire . I look forward to the second part and I hope that Rachal, and Pearce will be happy I cant wait to read what his father would do.

    • Love!I love the Jade series and now I love The Kensingtons!! I love the chance to read Pierce and Rachel's story! Pierce just breaks my heart because of the way his parents are! Rachel and Pierce have such a perfect love! I am anticipating the next book!

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