Prisoner He seethes with raw power the first time I see him pure menace and rippling muscles in shackles He s dangerous He s wild He s the most beautiful thing I ve ever seen So I hide behind my prim glasses a

  • Title: Prisoner
  • Author: Annika Martin Skye Warren
  • ISBN: 9781502913197
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • He seethes with raw power the first time I see him pure menace and rippling muscles in shackles He s dangerous He s wild He s the most beautiful thing I ve ever seen.So I hide behind my prim glasses and my book like I always do, because I have secrets too Then he shows up in the prison writing class I have to teach, and he blows me away with his honesty He tells me seHe seethes with raw power the first time I see him pure menace and rippling muscles in shackles He s dangerous He s wild He s the most beautiful thing I ve ever seen.So I hide behind my prim glasses and my book like I always do, because I have secrets too Then he shows up in the prison writing class I have to teach, and he blows me away with his honesty He tells me secrets in his stories, and it s getting harder to hide mine I shiver when he gets too close, with only the cuffs and the bars and the guards holding him back At night I can t stop thinking about him in his cell.But that s the thing about an animal in a cage you never know when he ll bite He might use you to escape He might even pull you into a forest and hold a hand over your mouth so you can t call for the cops He might make you come so hard, you can t think.And you might crave him than your next breath.

    • Free Read [Philosophy Book] Õ Prisoner - by Annika Martin Skye Warren ç
      214 Annika Martin Skye Warren
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    • Annika Martin Skye Warren

      I m a NYT bestselling author, lover of sexy stories, hot heroes, and big drama I live in Minnesota with my husband and two cats I ve been writing all my life while working various jobs, from waitress at a zillion different restaurants to advertising writer I m into running and yoga and helping animals, and coveting other people s gardens I also write as RITA award winning author Carolyn Crane.

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    • I expected this book to be a dark story with a captivity theme, which it was. However, I didn't expect that it would be a deeply emotional story about a man that was scarred by a traumatic childhood. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of this story and the connection I felt to the characters.Abigail first sets her eyes on Grayson when she's assigned to teach a writing class at the penitentiary as part of her undergraduate coursework. There is an instant physical attraction between the two f [...]

    • 4 Who's The Prisoner Now Stars!Now on the off chance this first bit sounds negative trust me, I'm not trying to be negative I'm just "covering my arse".Now before you read this book you'll need to know a few things.1. If you haven't read Wanderlust by Skye Warren then you should, because while this book isn't exactly the same it does follow along the same grain.2. Insta-love. Beware.3. Non-con some would argue and say it was slight reluctance, I'm just gonna warn you it's not completely consensu [...]

    • 4.5 StarsSome people have a relationship that's sunshine and roses. Our is darkness and vengeance.If you've read the blurb, then you probably picked up on the fact that it pretty much tells you nothing. As far as descriptions go, it's very vagueAND THAT'S IMPORTANT. I'd advise you to read as little reviews about this book if not any before diving in. Trust me, you'll enjoy it that much more. What are some things I can tell you about it?1. Prepare to read it in one sitting. I'm not even kidding. [...]

    • 4 a little hate, a little hell. starsIt’s the best kind of lie to tell—one that’s true.This isn’t a fucking fairy tale. I’m not going to turn into a good guy because her cunt is made of velvet and rainbows.Oh wow, how to review this without giving anything away the synopsis only covers about 25% of what this book is all about which is a good thing, because while I assumed I was getting one thing, it turned out to be that and so much morePrisoner was filled with anticipation and the for [...]

    • “She’s mine to do what I want with, but that also means she’s mine to care for, to protect.”It’s such an incredible story with so many unexpected, unforeseen twists that even up until the last few pages, I couldn’t see how it would end*sigh* Words are failing me to desribe how i truley feel about this, I am too happy, sad, amazed, Upset, In love !! “I’m his and he’s mine.” Overall:Well written book, suspense action-filled, great characters.

    • 4.5 - ohmygodwhatwasthis - stars "Some people have a relationship that's sunshine and roses. Ours is darkness and vengeance."What I initially thought Prisoner would be about?Forbidden romance, alpha male and bookworm, with just enough darkness to make things interesting. What happened after I read it?Prisoner is first novel in new series, Criminals and Captives, written by Skye Warren and Annika Martin. I haven't read Annika Martin novels before, but Skye Warren got under my skin with deliciousl [...]

    • WOWSA! What an awesome book! I am easy to please; but this book just really tickled my fancy in so many waysI will admit that there were several times I was concerned with the fact that I could fall in love with an anti-hero like Grayson. However, the authors did a beautiful job of humanizing him in a way that brought out all of my empathy. Once learning about where he came from, and his life experiencesI was sold.d his screwed up way of feeling that Abby was his to protect, and his messed up co [...]

    • 3.5 StarsMy thoughts before reading this book (direct quote):"Holy crap, that blurb! *rubs hands together gleefully*"My thoughts after reading this book:"Holy crap. *want to punch Abby in face gleefully*"This was good, but could have been awesome. I understand that it's not always right to kill. Make love, not war and all that crap. But Abby (view spoiler)[didn't want Grayson to kill the Governor because "he was better than that" and she didn't want him to "lose his humanity?" (hide spoiler)]Fuc [...]

    • ☆☆4.5 Captivating Stars!☆☆I was completely sucked in from the very beginning. Most of the time a book is like a tea kettle, it takes times for it to get hot and whistle, but right off the bat I was wrapped up in this story. All I needed was a bowl of popcorn and I would've been set! There is so much action, suspense and intrigue that this will keep you on the edge of your seat. And there's enough romance to satisfy the romantic at heart.I don't want to give much of the story away, as I t [...]

    • 3.75 STARS“Some people have a relationship that’s sunshine and roses. Ours is darkness and vengeance.”“Prisoner” is the first book in Skye Warren and Annika Martin’s series “Criminals and Captives”. While the story has some dark elements – kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome and others, for me it wasn’t a super dark read. More like a light dark. If you read “Wanderlust” by Skye Warren you will like this one as well, because, there are many similarities between these two. I mus [...]

    • 4 Captive StarsI like my kidnapping books. I know, it’s the whole damsel in distress thing, I just love it. So when I got the chance to read Prisoner, I had to snatch it up.I like dark reads. The really gritty, cringe worthy kind and I wouldn’t call Prisoner a dark read (despite the cover), there’s plenty of drama and action to keep you on your toes.There were two main things that worked for me in Prisoner, the writing style (fast pace) and it’s mostly dialogue based writing.SummaryAbby [...]

    • 4.5 Stars! I am going to keep this super short. I loved this book. It was kind of surprising that I loved it so much. Usually, I find books where the plot is great but the writing sucks or vice versa. But this one hit all the right spots for me. The language wasn't overly romantic but just enough that I fell for it. And the chemistry and characters were amazing. So as many of you must have guessed, this is a story about a prisoner called Grayson who uses Abigail (Prison's Temp teacher/librarian) [...]

    • Title: ➳ ❤PrisonerSeries ➳Criminals & Captives 1#Author: ➳ Annika Martin Skye Warren ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💘💘💘💘💘Two Brilliant Authors.Annika Martin & Skye Warren Do you really want me to say more???A bookworm & criminal , what interesting combinationღ . Abigail Winslow was undergrad student given A class project in prison, she found herself attracted to one of the one of the prisoners♥●• Grayson was convicted of only crime he did not commit. He was set up by t [...]

    • 3.75 starsIf not for Cyndi’s 4-stars review I wouldn’t probably dare to read this book. Cyndi is one of my moral compasses *love you, girl*, and if she approves a ‘different’ book for me, I’m all in.I don’t read dark often. I love thrillers and I have no problem with violence in books, but only if the moral-direction is still right. Kidnapping / hostage / dark read would never be on my radar, but after I also read Book-Bosomed blog's review, it was a done deal.Very good and captivati [...]

    • 3.5 TO 4 STARSWhen I heard Annika Martin, aka Carolyn Crane, was teaming up with Skye Warren I was intrigued. I love Carolyn Crane's work and like what I've read by Skye Warren. This was a dark, somewhat disturbing, raw and deceptively romantic book. Abigail gets assigned to teach an English class for a group of felons at the high security prison. She doesn't want to do that, but at the risk of disappointing her supervisor, she sticks to it.Abby comes across as timid and stiff. She harbors a sec [...]

    • You might think you can’t handle disturbing subject matter, consider yourself squeamish, and have no interest in testing the edges of your comfort zone. But you would do yourself a disservice to miss out on this one.The story is only as dark as it needs to be. It doesn’t try to shock for the sake of shocking. The tone is measured. This is emotional storytelling with a purpose. And the result: one of the most electrifying and intelligent love stories of the year.It’s a complexly-woven tale [...]

    • 4+ Ms Winslow stars!Prisoner was a fast paced and captivating read.While working on her degree, Abigail Winslow along with her class, has been given a project. Visit different people and help them write a personal memoir that will be posted on the Internet. Abby is not thrilled about her assignment. She is to go to the nearby prison and help the inmates with their writing. On her first day, a prisoner is brought passed her, and her blood heats at his powerful form.Grayson Kane has been locked up [...]

    • 5 Loved, Loved, Loved Stars!So, when I read a friend's review (waves to Christine) and she compared this book to Wanderlust, I bought and started it pronto. Wanderlust is one of the very few books I have loved so much, I sent mass books recs out to any and all friends who hadn't read it. This book too did not disappoint!Prisoner is a somewhat dark (I've read much darker) book about a man, Grayson who's serving time for murdering a cop. When he sets eyes on the prim and proper Ms. Winslow, an Eng [...]

    • I thought this book was really well written and I really liked the H and the h. Both of them had bad childhoods, but Grayson's was the worst. I totally understood his behavior and still loved him as much as Abby did. Abby's reactions were very realistic and understandable. Their love story was sweet and they really deserved the hea. My only complaint is that there wasn't any confirmation that Grayson didn't do anything with OW during their separation. There also was nothing to make me think he d [...]

    • Prisoner piqued my interest when I saw a blog post about top criminal / mafia heroes (I forgot the exact title and who wrote it.) and dived into it blind. For a dark romance, this is mild. Still, there are scenes here that are disturbing like abuse and gore. The story is about Abigail Winslow who was assigned to teach a writing class in prison as part of her class requirement. Then, she meets Grayson Kane. He's a prisoner and he signed up for her class last minute. There was something mysterious [...]

    • I went into this one with what I thought was my eyes wide open, only to get one heck of a shock.This book has more depth than a deep cellar.It’s dark, it’s great! I was actually captivated by the powerful words the plot, well, the whole dam lot really.I’ve had this book on my kindle for ages but I actually read this as a quick read when I knew I was out and about today, sitting waiting for appointments.Powerful read.

    • 4 CAPTIVE STARSI’ve read several of Skye Warren’s books and enjoyed them. I have this twisted fascination with the fringes of humanity, the underbelly of society, captor/captive and the dark side of man.So without reading the blurb, I knew there’d be some dark and disturbing content. That’s all I will say because if any of the above intrigues you, this is worth the read. It’s not all dark. There are moments and subjects that will have your stomach turning and gritting your teeth but th [...]

    • ★★★3.5 Stars★★★I liked this one, I just didn't love it - BUT I could have, it just needed that extra Wow factor.Abby meets Grayson when she has an assignment to teach at the Prison. Grayson is desperate to get into her class, and it isn't just because he finds her extremely attractive. She, of course thinks he is too hot to handle.He's too big, too beautiful, too dangerous, too everything. He steals the show. He fills the room. He leaves a wake of pure energy in my belly as he contin [...]

    • 4.5 StarsA class project teaching writing within the prison community is not the assignment Abigail Winslow was hoping for. An undergrad student and bookworm, Abby is prim and proper on the outside, but on the inside she wrestles with her own demons.Her unease with the prisoners is compounded further when she sets her sights on inmate Grayson Kane. And he sets his eyes on her. But Grayson has a multitude of reasons for his interest in Abby. Despite her fear of him, Abby is also drawn to him, and [...]

    • I wasn't going to write a review, but then I thought why not? Maybe the authors could benefit from it or something.Anyway, I noticed most readers gave this book 4 or 5 stars and I thought something must be wrong with me. I was gonna change it to 4 stars but hell, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.The first half of this book was amazing. A solid 4 stars. I was really into it and I was excited but then the most dreadful thing happened that changed my whole view of the hero and left me stra [...]

    • This book. I don't even know what to say. I started reading and "literally" could not stop. The beginning:The forbidden aspect, or what have you, of Abby the volunteer teacher and Grayson the prisoner and their sexual tension had me going up in flames.The middle:Is, is this romance? I kept thinking this over and over. If you read the warning in the book blurb, it clearly states "dubious consent". Great warning but I still don't know how to deal with reading and liking a fictional incident that s [...]

    • 3.50 StarsThis is the first book of the Criminals sand Captives Series. And it's a good, but not great start. I didn't love it as a whole, but I loved parts of it. I enjoyed Grayson and Abigail's story, but I felt the attraction these two had was two parts instalove one part Stockholm. I never felt like there connection went as deep as I would have liked. On paper they were perfect for each other with their respective f**ked up past, but something was missing. I can't put my finger on it. Anothe [...]

    • Yay!! I got to BETA read this book! Thank you to the authors and Indiesage PR for that opportunity!! I hope Stone and the rest of Grayson's "brothers" get their own stories as well!!♥

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