The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden An alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here Can death be conquered When Immanuel Winter set off to the banks of the Thames he never thought his life would be changed forever Emmeline Jar

  • Title: The Winter Garden
  • Author: Kara Jorgensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here.Can death be conquered When Immanuel Winter set off to the banks of the Thames, he never thought his life would be changed forever Emmeline Jardine, a young Spiritualist medium, drowns, but the potion given to Immanuel by his mother brings her back from the dead and irrevocably intertwines their souls But EmmelineAn alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here.Can death be conquered When Immanuel Winter set off to the banks of the Thames, he never thought his life would be changed forever Emmeline Jardine, a young Spiritualist medium, drowns, but the potion given to Immanuel by his mother brings her back from the dead and irrevocably intertwines their souls But Emmeline and Immanuel aren t the only ones aware of his ancestors legacy Understanding the potential of such an elixir, the ruthlessly ambitious Alastair Rose knows securing the mysteries of death will get him everything he desires power, a title, but importantly, dominion over the dead and the living Unaware of what the dashing madman is capable of, Emmeline follows him deeper into a world of corrupt mediums, unscrupulous scientists, and murder All that stands between Lord Rose and his prize is the boy who refuses to die, but both men know the key to stopping him lies within the girl who shares Immanuel s soul.

    Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah Winter Garden is a mesmerizing and enchanting novel about survival, enduring love, family, and the choices that can forever haunt you With the death of the patriarch comes the further disintegration of an already fragile bond between a distant, secretive mother Winter Garden Kristin Hannah Winter Garden Description From the author of acclaimed national bestseller Firefly Lane comes a haunting, heartbreakingly beautiful novel that illuminates the intricate mother daughter bond and explores the enduring links between past and present. Winter Garden Hannah, Kristin, Ericksen, Susan Sep , Winter Garden is Kristin Hannah s best written and most deeply affecting novel yet The Huffington Post This tearjerker weaves a convincing historical novel Winter Garden New York City All You Need to Know Brookfield Place formerly Winter Garden , is a shopping center and office building complex located across Ground Zero memorial In the main hall, on the entrance floor, are beautiful palm trees illuminated at night with colorful lights. Things You Must Know to Have a Successful Winter Garden Summary and reviews of Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah Kristin Hannah is the New York Times bestselling author of novels including Night Road, Firefly Lane, True Colors and Winter Garden She was born in Southern California and moved to Western Washington when she was eight A former lawyer, Hannah started writing when she was pregnant and on bed rest for five months.

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      Kara Jorgensen is an anachronistic oddball with a penchant for all things antiquated, morbid, or just plain strange While in college, she realized she no longer wanted to be Victor Frankenstein but instead wanted to write like Mary Shelley and thus abandoned her future career in science for writing She melds her passions through her books and received an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing in 2016 When not writing, she can be found hanging out with her dogs watching period dramas or trying to convince her students to cite their sources To find out about her books go to karajorgensenSign up for my newsletter and get a free short story eepurl bfJTW9Historical Fantasy Steampunk NovelsThe Ingenious Mechanical Devices The Earl of Brass IMD 1 The Winter Garden IMD 2 An Oxford Holiday short story The Earl and the Artificer IMD 3 The Errant Earl short story Dead Magic IMD 4 Selkie Cove IMD 5 The Wolf Witch IMD 6 FORTHCOMING

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    • The Earl of Brass, the first book of The Ingenious Mechanical Devices, was a surprisingly solid, well-written, and enjoyable read. With it, Kara Jorgensen successfully launched a Victorian science fiction adventure that really delivered on its premise, with plenty of room for a sequelThat sequel,The Winter Garden, takes us back to the Victorian era, but swaps out some of the steampunk elements for something more paranormal. While a few characters from the first book make appearances here, the pr [...]

    • Okay, people. You need to read this book. I am in dire need of people to obsess over it with. I finished Winter Garden a week ago, but I still can just not deal. It’s left a little piece of me deeply unsettled - but it was carried out in such a skilful and compelling way that I forgave the author for it even while it was happening. That said, I am not going to be entirely OK until there’s a sequel. I’m just not.I’m serious, anyone who has read this and feels a similar need to talk, you c [...]

    • ThreeStarImmanuel Winter and Emmeline Jardine are the heroes of this book. Two people connected by Fate and an ancient elixir. Life and death is in their hands. Unfortunately, of course, someone is looking to crack the secret of death. It's a conspiracy that goes all the way back to the Queen herself.This is Victorian(ish) steampunk paranormal stuff. If that appeals it's a good representation of the genre. Anachronistic and places, which can be handwaved a bit as "steampunk," and any little deta [...]

    • After reading and loving the first book in this series, I could not wait for The Winter Garden. Having read, it was worth the wait.In this installment, we shift focus not only to new characters, but also a new alt history dynamic. The steampunk elements are still there, though downplayed and more in the background. This time around, we are dealing with mysticism and the occult, which were very popular during Victorian times, but in this reality there exists a machine that is powerful enough to s [...]

    • Disclaimer: I received a free electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.The Winter Garden (The Ingenious Mechanical Devices Book 2) by Kara Jorgensen is the sequel to The Earl of Brass. While it is not necessary to have read The Earl of Brass to understand and enjoy The Winter Garden, I highly recommend it. Not only is it an exciting and intriguing read (see my review for more), having read The Earl of Brass gave me a better understanding of the world of The Winter Garden as [...]

    • Steampunk meets Victorian SpiritualismAbsolutely great and unique plot follows a German Student studying at Oxford University. On a botany inspired trip to the river Immanuel Winters ends up rescuing and reviving the teenage daughter of the head of the Oxford Spiritualists. This is observed by the villain of this book and leads to much suffering, death and danger. Very different.This is the second book of the series that started with the Earl of Brass. You don't have to read it first but it woul [...]

    • I downloaded this book from Kobo, for some holiday reading.I really enjoyed reading this book and the basis for the story was great and one I hadn't come across before. I thought the characters were good and well-rounded, with individual traits and personalities that added to the overall feel of the book and the excellent narrative of the author. At first, I did have an issue with the constant switching of POV within chapters or subsequent paragraphs, with no clear breaks. One minute you'd be in [...]

    • The Gentleman Devil. The Earl of Brass caught my attention and opened me up to something new, but The Gentleman Devil just shows how much an author can grow, improve and shine in their prospective literary prowess.Immanuel Winter is a man choses to save the life of another. A simple act of kindness and he plunges into the Thames in attempt to rescue Emmeline Jardine.Unknowingly both are in over their heads when compassion leads them on a journey deep into the dark psyche of one Alastair Rose. Th [...]

    • Facinating steam punk alternate historyTrue friendship, love, and an interesting story. This was unexpected when I first saw the book available to download. Sometimes the truly inexpensive books are rather superficial; this one was very engaging however. Give it a chance. I am looking forward to the others in the series.

    • The Winter Garden, by Kara Jorgensen, is book Two of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series. It is not necessary to read the first book in the series before enjoying this novel.**Possible Spoilers Ahead**The Winter Garden is a neo-Victorian style novel. Immanuel Winter, a student at Oxford, rescues a young woman, Emmeline Jardine, after she drowns in the Thames by the use of a magical elixir that links their souls. Emmeline and her mother are members of the Oxford Spiritualist Society. One of t [...]

    • (5/5 stars *****) If you want a tale of suspense, thrills, and the supernatural, you've come to the right review. Kara Jorgensen's second self-published novel is just as good as her first (see REVIEW: The Earl of Brass), adding the dark world of the spiritualist movement to her series. What I came away with after reading this novel was a sense of the author's emotional sensitivity. Though the book covers the supernatural and steampunk, it is not purely an adventure story of a German student or a [...]

    • What a great way to get into the weekend, by finishing Book Two of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices. Kara Jorgensen delivers another solid round of steampunk melancholy. Her young characters brood in a chugging world of dirigibles and steamers, going through the meandering human foibles of selfishness, love, fear and friendship.I immediately liked Immanuel liked Winter, because he's the geek hero. Boy does he get put through the wringer, but appropriately so for the hero's journey. Very nice mid [...]

    • The Winter Garden was a fun read. The intrigue of the Spiritualist Society alongside the various Steampunk elements was an interesting combination for the backdrop of this story. This story follows Emmanuel and Emmeline, two strangers who end up unwittingly caught in the middle of another group's search for a means of cheating death. The apparatus used by Spring-heeled Jack was both macabre and fascinating.Some characters who were in The Earl of Brass did appear in The Winter Garden, but you did [...]

    • I had the pleasure of BETA reading this book. I will post a more in depth review when it's published, but let me just say you're in for a brilliant read :)

    • I received a galley copy of this book prior to publication of the third book in the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series, in exchange for an honest review.I have tried ardently to read this book, and even went back and tried the first book in the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series to see if I was missing something. (The audiobook of The Winter Garden/The Gentleman Devil certainly did the author no favors, since it is atrociously read, with many mispronunciations.) I found the story to be a very [...]

    • Well, I read this book based on the fact that the first book was pretty interesting, in spite of the difficulties with the writing it had, in my opinion. There were so many strange things going on with the writing that, as I continued to read I thought that the author must be from a country in which English is not the first language. But low and behold, after looking up the author's bio, I discovered that she is an America.The author seemed to think she had to make up an adjective for practicall [...]

    • I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The Gentleman Devil (alternate title for The Winter Garden) is book two of The Ingenious Mechanical Devices. While it's not necessary to have read the first book prior to picking up this one, it's absolutely recommended that you do because it's just as entertaining as this one. The books take place in the same world, which the author does an amazing job of continuing to build. Readers are introduced to new characters [...]

    • So in her first novel, Jorgensen highlights the intrigue of Victorian England’s imperialism through Lord Sorrell’s passion for traveling the world while preserving and respecting indigenous cultures. In The Winter Garden, we are surrounded by another appropriate theme of English culture, spiritualism and the obsession with immortality. Spoiler alert: she masters this beautifully, marrying real-world knowledge of Victorian English spiritualism and steampunk references, such as a mechanical [...]

    • I enjoyed this story,as I did the first one.The narrator,while having a pleasant voice had an odd cadence and mispronounced words in nearly every sentence.I am not sure if Patrick Oniyelu narrated the first book.When Emmanuel Winter saves a girl from drowning he has no idea that she will return the favor soon enough.I was provided this book by the author,nrratr or publisher.

    • The second act seemed to have people in tears on every other page, that got tiresome very fast. At the Christmas party there was a reference to Santa Claus with the story set in England it should have been Father Christmas. Interesting use of Spring-Heeled Jack.

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