Brown-Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl Avery is a talented fashion designer with a bright future ahead of her The company goes into liquidation and Avery finds herself without a job Her boyfriend leaves her Her father falls ill One night

  • Title: Brown-Eyed Girl
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Avery is a talented fashion designer with a bright future ahead of her The company goes into liquidation, and Avery finds herself without a job Her boyfriend leaves her Her father falls ill One night she offers help to a distressed young man their attraction is instant.

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      222 Lisa Kleypas
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      LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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    • 4 stars. Rating clarification see below. Review posted July 17, 2015"That's one of the great things about being a guy: Sometimes we fix things by deciding it was bullshit and ignoring the hell out of it.""That's not fixing," I had protested."Sure it is. Like Civil War medicine: Amputate and move on." Joe had paused. "Usually you can't do that with a woman.""Not usually," I had agreed dryly. "We like to solve problems by actually facing them and working out compromises.""Golf's easier.""Uncle Joe [...]

    • I held the crystal flute by the stem, its contents shimmering with tiny bubbles."To your beautiful brown eyes," he said, lifting his glass. I flushed. "Thank you."I breathed in the scent of him, burnished with sun and salt, and I was confounded by the yearning to press my mouth against his neck, taste him."You're nearsighted," I heard him say on a questioning note.I nodded. "You're the only thing I can see."He looked down at me, our noses nearly touching. "Good."Basically, what's it aboutAvery C [...]

    • 3.5-4 stars!Lisa Kleypas is one of the very few authors where I’ve either liked or loved everything she’s written – that’s almost 50 books! The genre doesn’t matter; whenever I pick up a book from her I know I’ll get a wonderfully romantic story that’ll warm my heart, and a new book hero to add to my favorites list as well. On top of that, Lisa Kleypas writes like no other, and her words are infused with so much wit and passion it makes her stories an absolute joy to read. Not surp [...]

    • I knew I was in trouble when I gave this to my mom to read first, who is a HUGE Lisa Kleypas fan and within the first few chapters she was giving the stink face. Her and I are usually likethis when it comes to LK books, with most (ok pretty much all) being complete hits. You can never go wrong with a Kleypas book. I love and adore her and she's always at the top of my list in Romance literature. As thrilled as I was initially that Joe was getting his book finally, the excitement wore off gradual [...]

    • 4 stars!“What do you like to read?” I glanced at the pile of candy-colored novels on the nightstand and replied with self-conscious amusement. “Love stories. The kind with happy endings.”“Do you ever get tired of knowing how the book’s going to end?”“No, that’s the best part. Happily-ever-afters are hard to come by in real life, even in the wedding business. But at least I can count on one in a book.”When you have a Lisa Kleypas book in your hand, you can be sure of a couple [...]

    • 4 For Joe, Yup, Joe Travis Stars * * * *If you have been following my ode to Lisa Kleypas and the Holy Grail of Brown-Eyed Girl then you have read of my deep affection for the author and her series. To say I was sort of excited to have it in my desperate little hands would be an understatement. My love for this series was due to my introduction to this genre through Ms. Kleypas' Historical Romance series and this first contemporary one. She went out on a limb with Sugar Daddy and continued to so [...]

    • why would someone give it a "1 star" without even reading it???? i am giving it a "5 star" to balance it out take that unknown crazy hater person

    • Title: Brown-Eyed Girl Series: Travises #4Author: Lisa KleypasRelease date:August 11, 2015Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]This has to be the biggest gap between books that I can remember. Six years! And I was just as excited when this landed on my Kindle as when I first heard that Brown-Eyed Girl was in the works quite a while ago. That is how much I adore this author. I realized that this is my Twenty-fifth book by her that I've read and she still has that indescribable magi [...]

    • 4 Stars!!“Brown-Eyed Girl” is the fourth book in Lisa Kleypas’s “Travis Family” series, can be read as a standalone and fallows Joe Travis, the youngest man from Travis family. We met Joe briefly in the previous books in the series, so we know he’s the youngest, that he’s a photographer and that he’s like his brothers – hot as hell.From the moment he laid his eyes on Avery Crosslin, a beautiful redhead who works as a wedding planner he knew not only that she’s different from [...]

    • 4 'modern day fairy tale' starsIt had been years since I read the last book with Jack Travis, so I'm not gonna try to compare them. My memory is a little fuzzy except that I remember loving Jack and his power tools and his chest hair.Brown-Eyed Girl feels much like a retelling of a modern day fairy tale, an insecure, awkward heroine who caught the eye of an absolutely swoon-worthy Prince Charming. It might sounds cliche at first, but the whole reading experience just make me feels so good and th [...]

    • 4.5 STARSI was set up to love this book. I contains my favorite things. First off, the fact that the wait for Joe's story just heightened my expectations should have been a buzzkillbut it wasn't. Usually, when I expect a book to be outstanding, it inevitably disappoints. I'm thrilled to say that Kleypas really delivered with her answer to the begging and pleading of thousands of readers. Secondly, I love a good chasewhen a hero sees that elusive "something" in a woman and goes for gold. When he [...]

    • LIVE on AMZ (for the bargain price of $12.99 for an ebook)- amzn/1IFX13J4.25 Classic Kleypas Romance Stars!Brown-Eyed Girl took me back to my early reading days. Lisa Kleypas was one of the first authors I binged on several years ago when I really ramped up my hobby of reading. Her library more historical than contemporary romance, I fell immediately for her style of writing and her ability to capture the essence of her characters so flawlessly. Since then, I've hardly read anything from her- ve [...]

    • I've read the complete series and enjoyed each book. My favorite of the four books is Blue-Eyed Devil which is about the sister of the Travis brothers. Check out your local library that is where I found this book (it was available via kindle version). SERIES:Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books. Book 1 - Gage Travis | Book 2 - Haven Travis | Book 3 - Jack Travis | Book 4 - Joe Travis

    • It's LIVE! * US * UK *Lisa Kleypas is an author I've seen touted by my reading friends, all of whom speak very highly about her work so I relished the opportunity to read this story and jump into the fourth book of the TRAVIS FAMILY series. Brown-Eyed Girl is a Contemporary Romance about family, trust, discovering what you really want from life and the most important feeling of all, LOVE. The Travis man in the spotlight in this fourth installment is Joe. He's rich, single and LOVELY; his entir [...]

    • I honestly thought I'd die before I got to read Joe Travis' story. Seriously, that's how long the wait has felt. So thank you, Racquel, for putting me out of my misery and letting me borrow your ARC. Writing post-it notes alongside yours, Alexa's, and Miranda's was the perfect companion to this reading experience. <3For fans of these stubborn, sexy as hell, alpha, Texas-bred heroes of Lisa's, you will be pleased to know that Joe is cut from the same cloth. He goes after what and who he wants [...]

    • My sister and I listened to this on Playaway in the car as we did our usual car commuting. I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. I know that many fans weren't that happy with it. To my surprise, I really bonded with Avery. I got her. I understood her fears and what drove her and why she was trying so hard to avoid a relationship with Joe. It was funny how I would have a thought about the story and it would pop up either in the dialogue or Avery's thoughts. I do also have to say that this nails some [...]

    • I hated this. There is just no other way to put it. I want to tear it up and set on fire. So much of this was just rage inducing. There was more that annoyed me but I'm angry so I'm just putting what's sticking out in my head the now. (view spoiler)[• It starts of SO boring. There is hardly any romance, it's just about Avery and her job. Yawn. • The first side story of the groom getting cold feet was so annoying. I felt like it wasn't her business to convince him to get married. She should h [...]

    • As always, Lisa Kleypas delivers this pleasant, heartwarming, and delightful romantic story. Brown-Eyed Girl is a great read and I really enjoyed reading it though the whole story just seems a bit plain to me. The writing is excellent and the dialogue is spot on and so natural.Let's talk about Joe because nothing in this book is better than him! Joe is a freelance photographer, the youngest Travis sibling. He is every woman's dream: sexy, optimistic, charming, sweet, patient, and understanding. [...]

    • I don't think I've ever rated a Kleypas book lower than a 4well, there's a first time for everything.This is swimming in the 3-3.5 range. All of the stars are for Joe who I love but I don't think this book did him justice. I waited all these years and nearly quelted myself when I found out finally he was going to get a book. Because if you ever ask to name some of my favorite series, the Travis Family, is cement shoes in there. I can go on for days about Liberty/Hardy/Gage because that was somet [...]

    • I swear, this woman can't write a bad book! I love LK, love her. She's in my top 3 authors and never fails to impress me with her effortless execution of writing a beautiful romance. Her way with words is magical:"He had a lazy, easy way of talking, as if every word had been simmered for hours over a low flame." Is that not the most evocative sentence?!I've been waiting a long time for Joe's story and I did love it, but was it my fave of the series? No. That honour goes to Smooth Talking Strange [...]

    • Originally posted on The Book NymphoAlmost everyone who's read this series wanted Joe's story. It's not necessarily because of what we knew about him but the last story ended with him barely surviving the boat accident. We just needed to know He was a blank page so I didn't have any expectations. Avery Crosslin meets Joe Travis at one of her weddings she's managing, mistaking him for one of the photographer's minions. Something about the brown-eyed redhead appeals to Joe and so begins his pursui [...]

    • Arc provided by St. Martin's Press through NetgalleyRelease Date: August 11 thThe first two books in this series are absolute favourites of mine, unfortunately things started going downhill (for me at least) with the third book and now this one.I absolutely loved the way this story started: the humour, the character's sass. All the things I like in a romance, they were all thereBut things got strange and more than that, they became downright uncomfortable, after the two main characters _ this is [...]

    • This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.I really enjoyed this book. It seems like I have been waiting forever to get my hands on this book. Okay, I know that it has only been six years but it has felt like forever to me. I read Sugar Daddy right after its release and immediately fell in love with Lisa Kleypas's storytelling. I was at the book store to buy the next two books in the series on the day they were released. When I found out that there was going to be a fourth book after [...]

    • I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Avery is a wedding coordinator whose business she runs with her sister is up and coming. At one of her more affluent weddings she gets the attention of a mother, whose family is basically Texas royalty, who wants her to organize her daughter's wedding; it would be a huge boost for her business. Avery also meets Joe Travis, another member of a Texas royalty famil [...]

    • 4.5 "Because I had a big ol' smile on my face the whole time" Stars!The whole time I was reading this, I had the goofiest hugest smile on my face giggling like a deranged girl. That's right - a girl - as in not mature as my age would normally call for. I was just so happy to be reading about the Travises again after all these years. It's such a throwback to the Lisa Kleypas I've loved for years. Her writing is as smooth and as effortless as it was for the 3 other books of this series. Joe Travis [...]

    • 3.5I love the Travis family. They are Houston royalty, rich, sexy powerful and the sweetest people you'd ever meet. Shadows have followed them, their past has not been a bunch of yellow roses. I've enjoyed watching them all find the light that chases those dark bits back in the corner where they belong, and I will miss them now that they are done.Joe, the young rebel Travis, who set his own path, one that Daddy didn't approve of has finally found his match. Avery, the red headed spit fire weddin [...]

    • "BROWN-EYED GIRL rekindled my love for this series"Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction

    • Favorite Quote: Lowering his head, Joe murmured, “You’re not in charge. I am.”I went still. For some reason, hearing those soft words while he was pinning me down like that sent a deep, deranged thrill through me. His voice curled hotly in my ear. “You belong to me, and I’m going to have you. Here and now.”Oh Joe Travis. We’ve waited a very, very long time for his book, and it was totally worth the wait. A swoon-worthy hero who is rich as hell, a successful photographer, and a beas [...]

    • After a long, long wait, this story finally fulfills the wish of everyone who has read the Travis series. This is Joe's story, the youngest Travis son, the independent, artsy photographer who is a little bit different than his brothers but not different enough to stand completely apart from his family. We meet Avery, who is a rather cynic wedding-planner with a troubled family past and some major relationship issues. Plot-wise there isn't happening very much, but a series of wedding-planning and [...]

    • “What do you like to read?”I glanced at the pile of candy-colored novels on the nightstand and replied with self-conscious amusement, “Love stories. The kind with the happy endings.”“Do you ever get tired of knowing how the book’s going to end?”“No, that’s the best part. Happily-ever-afters are hard to come by in real life, even in the wedding business. But at least I can count on one in a book.” Avery Crosslin was an excellent heroine! Normally I would be annoyed by such a r [...]

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