Antarctica Far far south in the strange and beautiful land of Antarctica it is dark both day and night all winter long When at last spring comes the penguins and seals raise their young But one year loud

  • Title: Antarctica
  • Author: Helen Cowcher
  • ISBN: 9780374403713
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Far, far south, in the strange and beautiful land of Antarctica, it is dark both day and night all winter long When at last spring comes, the penguins and seals raise their young But, one year, loud, unfamiliar sounds announce the arrival of a new presence one the creatures hope can share this fragile world with them in peace.

    Antarctica History, Animals, Facts Britannica Antarctica, the world s southernmost continent, is almost wholly covered by an ice sheet and is about . million square miles . million square km in size It is divided into East Antarctica largely composed of a high ice covered plateau and West Antarctica an archipelago of ice covered mountainous islands. Antarctica Best of Antarctica Tourism TripAdvisor Antarctica Tourism TripAdvisor has reviews of Antarctica Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Antarctica resource. Antarctica The Southernmost Continent Live Science Antarctica travel Lonely Planet Explore Antarctica holidays and discover the best time and places to visit No place on Earth compares to this vast white wilderness of elemental forces snow, ice, water, rock Antarctica is simply stunning. Antarctica Map Map of Antarctica Facts About Antarctic Circle The Antarctic or Antarctica Circle is one of the five major circles or parallels of latitude that mark maps of the Earth Shown on the image above with a dashed red line, this parallel of latitude sits at approximately . south of the Equator. Antarctica News and Scientific Articles on Live Science Find out everything there is to know about Antarctica and stay updated on the latest Antarctica news with the comprehensive articles, interactive features and Antarctica pictures at LiveScience

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      Helen Cowcher Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Antarctica book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Cowcher author readers around the world.

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    • Antarctica written by Helen Coacher is an informational/nonfiction picture books for children. In this story, Helen describes life in the beautiful land of Antarctica. Through the lives of penguins, Cowcher educates young readers on the days, nights and seasons of Antarctica. This story also provides information on how penguins survive amongst other animals, hunts for food and prepares for the birth of their new babies. Beyond the words and illustrations, students go through different avenues of [...]

    • Nice little book about the life of a penguin and seals and how they raise their young. This book is full of interesting facts about these animals. This book also gives a point of view of how these animals behave when their life is interrupted by human. The pictures are realistic and fun. I could see the 1st to 2nd grade child really enjoying this book.

    • The subtle message in Antarctica by Helen Cowcher comes ringing through as penguins are frightened and displaced by human machinery. Kids may not immediately pick up on the environmental message, but with a little discussion its meaning will be evident. Used for "World Traveler's Club-Antarctica"-Storytime: June, 2010 and"Penguin Party" Storytime: July, 2010.

    • Overview of the animals that live and reproduce in Antarctica along with a message about the potential human-induced dangers that face these animals. Illustrations are really bold and colorful.

    • this was the first nonfiction book i have read with lumi. it's kind of exciting to start this phase of her reading life.

    • This book begins with the reproductive story of the Emperor penguin. The female lays the egg and the male keeps it warm when the female goes to see to eat. A ferocious leopard seal appears but the female penguin wards off danger and returns to the male. The chick has hatched! The male leaves to the sea, looking for food. The story continues with a Weddell seal climbing onto the ice to have her pup and the Adelie penguins passing by the Emperor chicks on their way to the shore. They use rocks to [...]

    • 1. Awards: None2. Appropriate grade level(s): Kindergarten through third grade3. Original 3-line summary: This book teaches about some of the different animals in Antarctica. It gives the story of the different types of penguins and how they interact with seals, birds, and people. The reader gets to learn a little bit about each animal the writer brings in.4. Original 3-line review: I think this book is a cute idea to get the information across to young readers. It turns the “learning informat [...]

    • Antarctica is about the realities of the realities of penguins living in Antarctica. It shows the penguins going out on hunts, leaving their eggs with their mates. It shows them narrowly escaping a leopard seal. Most importantly, it shows the detrimental effects of people invading their environment. This book is very educational, and I really enjoyed it. It uses specific names of species of penguins, which is very good for small children. It also makes children aware of the dangerous aspect of h [...]

    • Summary:This is a simple story about the life of the penguins who live in Antarctica, telling about their lifestyles and lifecycles. The story then goes into telling about what happens when humans come to Antarctica, and how they cause trauma to the various creatures living there by bringing their helicopters and boats.  Evaluation:This would be an excellent book to use for scientific information, as well as engaging students using a story. Additionally, it is very well written and the illustra [...]

    • Summary: This nonfiction story is set in Antarctica, which follows penguins and seals reactions to human machinery moving into their environment. The book teaches about penguins, seals, and the environmental impact humans are having on their environment in Antarctica. Evaluation:This book is valuable to demonstrate how we are taking over the world in harmful ways. This gives students a conscious view of environmental harm that comes with industry.Teaching Points:This book would be good to each t [...]

    • I liked it until the negative portrayal of humans in the end. I would not read this to a child as it implies that all human exploration is negative with explosions. I'd rather teach a child how we can positively interact with nature.

    • This book would be great for 2nd grade and above to read. However, this book would also serve as a wonderful read aloud book too. This book has wonderful illustrations and provides new science and animal vocabulary/terms to learn through context and visuals.

    • Con este libro informativo aprendí mucho mas sobre las animales que habitan en la Antártida y tuve la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre las consecuencias que tiene la acción del hombre en esos lugares.Es un abre-bocas para profundizar mas sobre el tema.

    • A story that illustrates the life of an emperor penguin and how their life is impacted by humans. Nice IDU example science, art, and writing

    • This book is fairly informational for younger kids. It talks about penguins and seals in Antarctica and gives a background of the fear they may have when humans bring unknown objects to their habitat.

    • This is an informational book that would be really influential with students about Antartica, what is "down there", and the environment. This would be great for students learning about the continents and how to become familiar with a place that is so far from us, where we might not visit.

    • This book is about Antarctica(if you couldn't tell) and it talks about the penguins and the seals. It goes on to talk about how they are scared of a new predator, the scary big machines. I thought that was kind of annoying. Like, number one, whoever wrote this has no idea how those animals feel. "Oh no, it's a scary piece of metal", I highly doubt that is what a seal is thinking. Anyway, humans live on the earth and have free reign. I'm no saying it's okay to destroy animals habitats so they hav [...]

    • An introduction to three creatures who live in Antarctica: emperor penguins, Weddell seals, and Adélie penguins. The book looks at common habits of these creatures and two fearsome threats to them: skuas and humans.I really liked the illustrations in the book, especially of the penguins (of course). I was kind of thrown by the tone of the book. It starts out lighthearted but then takes an unexpected dark turn with skuas destroying penguin eggs and the book fades out with the looming threat of a [...]

    • A short enough read for young children that can encourage discussion about the human impact on a pristine land. Emperor and Adelie penguins, Weddell and leopard seals, and Skuas are all briefly introduced as are the machines and noises of man--the icebreakers with their crunching and crashing and the whirring of helicopters. The book has an open ending: what will happen to animals who know their natural predators and prey with this new creature in the picture? Recommended for grade 2-6. Lovely a [...]

    • The book is written from the point of view of the animals of Antarctica as they live their life which is interrupted by humans.The book has a good premise about how animals are affected by humanity. But, the story is disjointed. Some animals get 6 pages of the story, some only one page. And the human element isn't introduced until later in the book.It still could be used effectively, with support, as part of a climate change or human footprint lesson.

    • This book is a delight to read! The illustrations are realistic but not too scary for children. Learning points include the Adelie penguins, sea leapords, and skuas and how they all share the land of Antarctica. The highlighting factor of this book is what happens after an empire penguin lays her egg and humans come. The helicopter destroys their area, never to return, and they leave their eggs behind for the Skuas to feast on.

    • This book is about the different kinds of penguins and seals in their natural habitat of Antarctica. It describes the birth of new babies and how the animals feel when humans come into their home.This book was very informative. I loved the illustrations and thought they were absolutely beautiful.I personally would not use this book in therapy

    • Really 3 1/2 stars. It's a good picture book teaching about the penguins and seals in Antarctica, their breeding habits and their natural predators. It goes on to talk about humans and human damage to their habitats. However it is a picture book and is a bit scary for the age range suggested. Scientific and accurate but read to youngsters with caution.

    • This simple book about the inhabitants of Antarctica and disruptive nature of the human interference is simple and well told. I enjoyed this book, though it left me wanting more at the end. A good addition to a section on Antarctica for primary and early intermediate readers.

    • Cute book. Great artwork. Shows three types of animals and when they lay eggs or have pups. Tells about their enemies.

    • Non-Fiction; Simple book with nice illustrations of this polar land. It explains the concept well. Gr. K-2; Highly recommended

    • An information but a story book about the animals of Antarctica. Would be used in a unit about animals or geography.

    • wasn't expecting man to show his mark in this book, would probably liked it more w/out our footsteps on the land

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