The Spike

The Spike Retired DC homicide cop Marty Singer witnesses a horrific murder and the family of the victim hires him to find the killer But when he peels back the cover on the case Marty discovers a rotten core o

  • Title: The Spike
  • Author: Matthew Iden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Retired DC homicide cop Marty Singer witnesses a horrific murder and the family of the victim hires him to find the killer But when he peels back the cover on the case, Marty discovers a rotten core of corruption, graft, and violence that runs from the lowest city street to the top of the political food chain The only way to catch the killer is to dive right in and stayRetired DC homicide cop Marty Singer witnesses a horrific murder and the family of the victim hires him to find the killer But when he peels back the cover on the case, Marty discovers a rotten core of corruption, graft, and violence that runs from the lowest city street to the top of the political food chain The only way to catch the killer is to dive right in and stay alive long enough to find out who or what is The Spike.This is a new release of a previously published edition.

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    • Matthew Iden

      I write fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, crime fiction, and contemporary literary fiction with a psychological twist I ve held jobs with the US Postal Service, international non profit groups, a short stint with the Forest Service in Sitka, Alaska, and time with the globe spanning Semester at Sea program Trips to Iceland, Patagonia, and Antarctica added to the creative pot, as well, and I started to put all those experiences to good use about eight years ago thinking, dreaming, and writing.Please email me at matten AT matthew iden, Tweet CrimeRighter, or find me on Facebook, facebook matthewen.The Marty Singer detective series is A Reason to Live Marty Singer 1 Blueblood Marty Singer 2 One Right Thing Marty Singer 3 The Spike Marty Singer 4 The Wicked Flee Marty Singer 5

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    • "Had I pushed away from the wall and gotten to my feet, my head would've been down and I would've missed what happened. If I'd glanced at my phone or scratched my nose or even blinked, I wouldn't have seen a thing. As it was, I was watching the incoming train like it was a movie screen and couldn't have had a better view of what happened next."The " Marty Singer Mystery" continues with this fourth book in the series. Pick it up and dive right into the comfortable character of retired homicide de [...]

    • 4.25 starsThe fourth book in Iden's Marty Singer Mysteries opens with action -- Marty becomes (one of the) eyewitness of a horrific murder when a woman is pushed in front of a moving train at Waterfront Metro station. The victim's family then asks Marty to help investigate the case, after the police department can't give a satisfying answer to the case due to lack of evidence and information. Initially, Marty refuses -- until a financial problem makes Marty reconsiders. After taking the case, Ma [...]

    • "Killing a quarter hour on a DC subway platform Is like being trapped in George Orwell's head the day before he started writing 1984." That's how The Spike starts, and I had to read that first line a couple of times, rolling it around in my brain like a tasty morsel around in my mouth. There was a lot of flavor there, but I wasn't sure where it was going. Not to worry. The next sentence sent me on a nonstop ride through the chapter and I was hooked.The hero, Marty Singer, is a retired Washington [...]

    • My favourite retired detective is back and plunged immediately into the action as he witnesses a murder and is subsequently hired as a private eye to find the killer. That was a seriously hard hitting start to a book that in my opinion, goes from strength to strength. This one challenged me a little more cerebrally than the previous ones, throwing real-estate deals, investment firms, campaign donations and politics into the mix. And of course wherever there is politics, there is oodles of corrup [...]

    • First novel I've read from Matthew Iden (had read several short stories I liked a lot) and am very impressed with several things about the book.Number one, it was really entertaining, capturing my attention as Marty shifted between social strata, and between personal and social interactions.For another, for me, being just slightly older than the character, I found it very gratifiying to read a male character that read like a person, not a detective stereotype. The guy, besides being able to get [...]

    • I was looking forward to this book and I was not disappointed. Marty Singer is a retired detective who just completed his treatment for colon cancer. He is a very vulnerable and real character and I have grown to like him. Being the same age as he is, I can relate to a lot of his memories and opinions.I have enjoyed the entire series so far and this one was very entertaining and a bit beefier than some of Matthew's previous books. He certainly knows how to spin a yarn.Can't wait for more. Keep i [...]

    • I really enjoy the Marty Singer series. The only difficulty I have (and this is me, not the author) is that there are way too many characters for me to keep track of. Lots of city officials, government, etc and I can't keep them all in my head. I read on a Kindle so it is next to impossible to look back and find out who is who.Other than that this is a tightly written suspense, great main characters, and exciting (if not confusing) plot that is wholly believable. I do recommend this book.

    • Super Read!!!Love the Marty Singer mysteries. Great plots, great characters, great geography and historical facts.Very much enjoy all of these mysteries as I am sure you will too~

    • Over the course of four books I have come to like the Marty Singer character very much. Matthew Iden has created a likable, yet formidable and determined character in this retired DC homicide detective. His relationship with Amanda is heartwarming without being overly sentimental. In "The Spike" he is hired to investigate the murder of a young woman who was pushed in front of a train. His investigation almost immediately takes him deep into the workings DC politics as it relates to real estate d [...]

    • This one is by far my least favourite in this series. It was way too convoluted and went into Washington DC real estate WAY too much. I got totally turned off and was really not in the mood to pick it up again a lot of the time, which is why it took me so long to get through it.I still love Marty but just not this story. There were some very funny lines from him in this. I bought the next one at the same time so I hope we're back to the older writing style for that one !!Pretty shocking to see t [...]

    • This is my first reading experience with a Marty Singer mystery. Found this detective likeable and very good at his work. In this novel he is retired from the police dept. and in remission from colorectal cancer. Is a murder mystery taking place in the nations capital. Ends up with 4 murders and having witnessed the first Marty gets drawn out of retirement by the victims family needing the murder of their loved one solved. Mart's adopted daughter is also on the sidelines in an abused womens shel [...]

    • Book #4 in the Marty Singer Series is another winner. Matthew Iden just keeps turning out great work with well developed characters and near perfect editing. So now I'm looking forward to Book #5, still scheduled to issue sometime this summer. I'm even hoping that Book #5 isn't the last one either. If it were, at this point I'd feel like I was losing an old friend. "The Spike" does need to be read 4th to benefit from the character development in the previous three. It is also helpful to read Boo [...]

    • The author, Matthew Iden has shown up multiple times as "recommended for you". This is the 1st Marty Singer story that I've readybe he's the kind of character that has to "grow on me". Sometimes I've found the 1st book in a series a disappointment and go with a 3rd or 4th book to begin with before reading the rest of the series in order. I like a good plot, but it's the characters that really make the story good for me. But I found Marty to be overly "earnest"d all the rest were fairly "flat" as [...]

    • Another great book.It is not always easy to describe things that are not solid. The descriptions of feelings are great and accurate as in paragraph one page 29.Chapter 15 gives a good explanation of how big corporations, in this case real estate, and politicians and donations many times go hand in hand.The names of books do not always seem to make sense. I hadn't heard of the term the spike used this way but after reading this book it is very fitting.This story kept me guessing until the end.

    • Good book. Good series. Great, interesting characters to care about. I did figure out what was going on early in the story, in spite of the misdirections. But, then, I was a PI for a while and I have written several detective stories. So I'm better than most. But this isn't really about me, is it? Good writing. I'll keep reading this series because I care.

    • This is a pretty standard series of police procedurals, but I enjoyed them. They are set in the DC metro area, which is fun if you live there and recognize the places described. The plots are good, concisely described, and keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. The main character, a retired male cop, is well-drawn, but the female characters could use a little work.

    • I have read this entire series and have liked every one of them. A flawed, yet very likable main character is part of the appeal as is a writing style that is descriptive, but never overbearing or boring. I would love to read more from this series.

    • Great storyIden's books make sense. Marty Singer is a fave character of mine. Nothing seems far fetched or unbelievable-just good, solid stories that are Entertaining and easy to read.

    • Good readI have read the whole Marty Singer series and the characters get better with each book. Good story line, easy to believe in the character, has flaws and manages to overcome them.

    • THE SPIKEMarty Singer did it again- he solved a homicide, helped his family, reconnected with an old love and dealt with his health. He does all this and doesn't get how special he is, and that is what makes him so special. Very good book, going to read #5 next.

    • It's all about following the leads and putting it all together easy trails to follow, though. Reminds me of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone stories. I wish there was another in the series right now.

    • Good Read Plot was interesting Would certainly read more of His works. Plot was original and unique Recommendation to allmanderson6257as.original and we'll wohmanderson6257

    • Another good readI really enjoyed this book and this series. Solid writing, good characters and nice realism. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    • Love Marty SingerI enjoyed this installment of the series. Iden does a really good job of integrating the character's inner life with the action and drama of the plot.

    • I have never read a book from this writer or this series,but this was a very good and interesting mystery story

    • Another well written DC mystery featuring Marty Singer. Even though some of the political talk grew tiresome the story was still captivating and intriguing.

    • I am really into this series now, hoping Marty beats his cancer and in the meantime enjoying each new case he gets pulled into.

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