Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 4-6 (Oliver and Jumpy, the cat series)

Oliver and Jumpy Stories Oliver and Jumpy the cat series These illustrated cat stories are all about Oliver and Jumpy who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat who is full of himself As a matter of

  • Title: Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 4-6 (Oliver and Jumpy, the cat series)
  • Author: Werner Stejskal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • These illustrated cat stories are all about Oliver and Jumpy , who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat, who is full of himself As a matter of fact he says I love myself quite often Naughty, isn t he But his best friend Jumpy, a kangaroo lady, is aware that it is only a front Oliver has a soft heart and wilThese illustrated cat stories are all about Oliver and Jumpy , who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat, who is full of himself As a matter of fact he says I love myself quite often Naughty, isn t he But his best friend Jumpy, a kangaroo lady, is aware that it is only a front Oliver has a soft heart and will always want to help others The great thing is Jumpy s pouch, which Oliver loves to ride in He calls her his kangaroo taxi These little bedtime stories with their lovely illustrations are great for small kids A parent can read the text and tell the child in his own words These animal stories have sufficient text to keep early readers happy and provide some educational value Depending on your device, there is pop up text at or audio available Several talented illustrators are essential to bring these children s stories to you in quick succession Love you all Meow Check out the Free INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES to see how beautiful the illustrations are Story 4 Monkey Island Joey is being kidnapped Story 5 Fairy Castle The fairy queen invites our friends Story 6 Treasure Hunt A secret treasure map is inviting to a memorable hike.

    • Free Read [Comics Book] ↠ Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 4-6 (Oliver and Jumpy, the cat series) - by Werner Stejskal ✓
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    • Werner Stejskal

      Born in Vienna, Austria, I am now living in the paradise of Perth, Australia with my wife, two married children and three grandchildren I worked many years in the printing industry and later for the United Nations in Vienna My wife had been a pen friend, whom I visited in Hong Kong and finally got married to After an eventful life, finally retired, I began to write children s stories, had them illustrated through Odesk, narrated them myself for YouTube and finally published the ebooks on most platforms I will publish 20 books with three stories each in English, before translating into several other languages My dream is to see Oliver and Jumpy animated as a TV series.

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    • "Beautiful, Charming Stories for Young Children"This children's story uses the special Kindle Text Pop-Up feature. Double tapping the text will expand the dialogue for easy reading. The stories here of Oliver the handsome tomcat, Jumpy, the mama kangaroo, and Joey, her baby, are fun filled adventures. They include "Monkey Island," "Fairy Castle," and "Treasure Hunt" which I found yummy! The characters are lots of fun as depicted in colorful illustrations. In "Monkey Island" Joey is growing to th [...]

    • Review: OLIVER AND JUMPY STORIES 4-6I highly recommend the OLIVER AND JUMPY series. These collections, containing 3 stories each, are enjoyable and entertaining, teaching important lessons such as friendship, responsibility, caring. They're good for both young readers and younger "read-to-me" kids, and will be welcomed by parents and grandparents, and teachers of early education and early reading.

    • This book is part of a series detailing the adventures of a cat named Oliver and his good friend, Jumpy the Kangaroo. The author does not divide his stories in books for volumes but instead gives numbers to them. While the series is targeted for children ages one through eight, there is a great deal of text so parents or teachers would need to summarize or retell the stories to a child younger than school-age.In story 4, Oliver and Jumpy decide to take a trip on a "hippopotamus taxi" to monkey i [...]

    • Oliver and Jumpy are best friends. They have so many adventures together. Oliver is a very handsome black cat. Jumpy is a beautiful kangaroo. Jumpy also has a child named Joey. The three of them decide to go to Monkey Island in story 4. Joey is kidnapped and Oliver must find a way to save him. In story 5 they meet Milly the mole and she takes them on an adventure through caves. She introduces them to Fairyland where they see the beautiful palace. In story 6 a new table is needed. The three go to [...]

    • This delightful storybook contains three stories about Oliver the cat and his kangaroo friends, Jumpy and Joey.In the first story, the three friends take a trip to Monkey Island. It's all fun and games until some monkeys kidnap baby Joey, and Oliver has to devise a way to get him back.The second story takes the trio cave exploring with Milly the mole. The cave is actually the entrance to fairy land, which includes a magnificent palace of silvery glass. The fairy queen welcomes them, and throws a [...]

    • Stories 1-3 of Werner Stejskal’s Oliver and Jumpy stories end with the news that Jumpy is carrying a joey in her pouch. Little Joey is already peeking “over the edge of his mummy’s pouch” as story 4 begins. After packing “nappies, which are the most important item, a bottle, a dummy,” and other assorted needs, the friends take a trip to monkey island on the good ship hippopotamus. “Never drink sea water!” is a wise lesson, quickly learned, with nicely expressive illustrations. Bu [...]

    • Oliver the elegant cat with a top hat invites Jumpy the kangaroo and her baby Joey on a trip to Mokey Island. Their ship is a hippopotamus. Their tickets are paid with carrots. Once on the island they find entertainment from the monkeys. They take a camel ride. Their trip becomes difficult when a monkey steals Joey and they lose all their food getting him back. While golfing Oliver meets Molly Mole who wants Oliver and Jumpy to see what she has discovered. They end up in fairyland. You must read [...]

    • I have many friends with grandchildren and great-grandchildren and I like to find new and different children's books to recommend. Let me be perfectly clear - I highly recommend the Oliver and Jumpy stories. Oliver is an elegant tuxedo cat and Jumpy is a kangaroo. They are best friends. Joey is Jumpy's baby kangaroo.In this, the third book of the series, there are three stories to capture the imagination of young readers. What fascinated me was the detail of the illustrations. They are fantastic [...]

    • Great stories!Story 4: Monkey Island. Jumpy is the kangaroo. Oliver is the cat. Together, along with Jumpy's joey, Joey, they embark on a slow trip to Monkey Island, aboard a hippo and when they get there, they encounter some naughty monkeys. Story 5: Fairy Castle. Traveling underground with Molly the mole, Jumpy, Joey and Oliver make their way to Fairy Castle. The fairies celebrated the arrival of the strangers with a dance. Story 6: Treasure Hunt. Finding a treasure map in an secret desk drawe [...]

    • Book: Oliver and Jumpy - Stories 4-6Author: Werner StejskalPublication Date: 2/20/2014Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW This is a very cute , very bright fully illustrated children short stories. We have Oliver who is a cat and Jumpy who is a kangaroo. They go on many adventures together and each one tells of a new story to learn by. In the first story there is a trip and it involves monkeys who are very mischievous and the next story is a fairytale. Children enj [...]

    • Quite a fun read for this old man(guess I still have that little child buried inside).Oliver is a cat and Jumpy is his friend a Kangaroo. They are joined with her baby Joey for these adventures. They visit all sorts of intersting places in the three stories collected here: Monkey Island, the land of the Water Fairies, and a treasure hunt where they pass through such wonders as the Candy Forest, the Chocolate River, and a mountain od ice cream.Nice artwork with bright colors that small kids will [...]

    • Oliver and Jumpy are cute adventure stories for children from very young to middle school. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful and will keep young children engaged as they look at each page. Older children who read can enjoy the story by reading them by themselves. These stories will engage children's imagination and keep them entranced as the story unfolds. With Oliver and Jumpy anything is possible in their stories from fantasy to adventure.I was given this collection of stories for a [...]

    • I haven't read a kids book in a while, but when Werner Stejskal alerted me that this one was free at the moment, I decided why not. The Oliver and Jumpy series is about Oliver the cat and Jumpy the Kangaroo's adventures, told in Oliver's voice. It's a fun read, full of pictures, with this collection taking you to Monkey Island, Fairy Castle and on a Treasure Hunt. They're light-hearted and would probably make a great read for younger kids.

    • Oliver & Jumpy, Stories 4 ~ 6 are fantasy stories written to appeal to upper elementary age students. The illustrations are clear and full of beautiful colors but the printed area has very small print, which I found hard to read. I can picture this book as a printed book with larger print and be far more appealing to young readers. The fantasy stories were age appropriate for the targeted audience.

    • In this series of "Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 4-6" by Werner Stejskal we have: Story 4 - Monkey Island, Story 5 - Fairy Castle, Story 6 - Treasure hunt. Each story can be read separately, as a short bedtime story, or all in the same night. Parents are able to read to their smaller children and children up to age 9 will enjoy it too. The individual stories give a small lesson about sharing, not being afraid to try new things, and not procrastinating. Very enjoyable.

    • THREE FUN ADVENTURESMy grandkids enjoyed all three of these stories, my oldest enjoyed story 4, my youngest loved story 5, and all of them loved story 6 I enjoyed reading all of the stories to grandkids, perhaps a family member will read this great book to youGet your copy today and ENJOY the adventures.

    • Oliver and Jumpy are back, this time, Jumpy's son, Joey had grown up and proved to be quite the adventurer. Here's what my kids and I thought of Stories 4-6.Story 4Monkey IslandJoey, Jumpy's son is growing up so fast and Oliver is excited to spend the day with him and his bestfriend Jumpy. Soon they went on a trip to Monkey Island and rode on a big lady hippopotamus. They traveled the seas and saw dolphins and Oliver, the ever curious cat, drank seawater and was shocked to learn that seawater is [...]

    • With three completely different stories, in three different places in the world Oliver and Jumpy will take your child on fun adventures where they will learn lessons that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Some lessons are purely educational, like camels are often called “ships of the desert”. Other lessons are life lessons such as learning to be sure to “put your priorities in the right order”. Everything is done in a fun and entertaining way.The pictures are clear, colourfu [...]

    • “A cat, two roos and a mole floating in the air.”Story 4: Monkey IslandOliver and Jumpy and Joey go for a day trip to Monkey Island where Joey gets to ride a camel and gets stolen by some hooligan monkeys. Oliver bargains for Joey and the trip ends just fine. Phew!Story 5: Fairy CastleThis is my favorite of these stories! Oliver and Jumpy and Joey help Molly the Mole in her tunnel figure out what strange things are going on. The pictures of the Fairy land are beautiful and imagine learning t [...]

    • A great follow up to stories 1-3. The stories are good for kids, and while the language might be slightly too advanced for young readers to tackle on their own, they are perfect for reading to younger children while older children can read on their own. Story 4 might be slightly upsetting for very young kids, as it has Baby Joey placed in some danger by monkeys but overall, these are fun, witty and engaging stories that are a pleasure to read and thanks to the beautifully colored illustrations, [...]

    • Great adventure stories with pretty illustrations. With added feature to double-tap on the wordings to zoom in the words, both children and adult can read through the book with ease. The only downside is the background of the words, maybe could choose transparent background instead of sharp colour background like neon blue.Note: A free copy of this eBook is provided by the author for honest review.

    • My nine-year-old enjoys this series so much she asked me if I could set up an interview with the main character Oliver. Werner Stejskal was up for it, amazingly. Read The Nine-Year-Old's interview with Oliver on my blog Caterpickles.

    • Love this children's book author. The books are colorful and full of opportunities to open discussions of all sorts with your little ones. Very "educational" in terms of life events.

    • This is so cool. I did not know I missed reading this part of the series so when I found it I was really excited. Perfect for night time story time in households with very young readers.

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