Dearest Friends: A Jane Austen Inspired Novel

Dearest Friends A Jane Austen Inspired Novel Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B OS NY The historical romance Dearest Friends retells Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice as a sensual adventure that will delight a modern audien

  • Title: Dearest Friends: A Jane Austen Inspired Novel
  • Author: Pamela Lynne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B00OS547NY.The historical romance Dearest Friends retells Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice as a sensual adventure that will delight a modern audience Fitzwilliam Darcy left Hertfordshire following a friend s betrayal, but his heart remained with Elizabeth Bennet, the impertinent beauty who captured his attention in waLibrarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B00OS547NY.The historical romance Dearest Friends retells Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice as a sensual adventure that will delight a modern audience Fitzwilliam Darcy left Hertfordshire following a friend s betrayal, but his heart remained with Elizabeth Bennet, the impertinent beauty who captured his attention in ways no woman ever had before When he encounters her unexpectedly in London, he realizes he can no longer live without her and begins his pursuit for her hand When he finds that Elizabeth is not free to marry, will he again walk away or will he fight for the lady he loves While Darcy and Elizabeth pursue their own happiness, around them friendships progress to love and infatuation leads to disappointment Join a group of unlikely friends as they support our dear couple on their journey, each treading unique paths along the way Contains Mature Content

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    About “Pamela Lynne

    • Pamela Lynne

      Pamela Lynne grew up in the American South, surrounded by Southern Gothic works by Faulkner, O Connor and the like These authors helped shape her evolving mind and continue to influence everything she produces as an adult It was a Regency era wit from across the Atlantic, however, who lit a life long interest in 19th Century England.Pamela cites Jane Austen as her primary literary influence and she delves into the darker aspects of Regency life in all her novels, most particularly in the upcoming Granville Legacy Series, where she explores the bonds of family and what it costs to break them.Dearest Friends A Jane Austen Inspired Novel, Pamela s debut work, won the Independent Publishers 2016 IPPY Awards Bronze Medal for Romance Pamela currently lives in the rolling hills of Tennessee with her husband of than a decade, four kids, two cats and one very blond dog She is still a Marianne hoping to grow into Elinor, or Clairee from Steel Magnolias.

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    • Following the Netherfield ball, Elizabeth and Darcy flee to London in different circumstances. Both are betrayed by people they least excepted––Elizabeth with Mr. Bennet and Jane, and Darcy with Charles. After an accidental run-in at a bookstore in the city, the two find comfort in each other's company and sooner than later, they're on their way to falling in love.It took me a while to get into the story, but once the ball started rolling, I couldn't put it down! This is definitely a darker [...]

    • One of my favorite P&P variations!! It took me a little while, but after a few chapters, I was in love with these characters! The story is a little darker than other P&P variations, but it held together well and ultimately, I really enjoyed the characters and their relationships as a family! I really look forward to the author's next book!!!

    • IMAGINE Lady Catherine with a sketch pad in a carriage, admonishing Anne and Georgiana to close their eyes and cover their ears, while she gives Elizabeth a talk/lesson on what to expect on her wedding night, along with illustrations (ROFL) and those drawings are not a result of her own experiences with her deceased husband but (gasp!) her lover.And then there is the locket of Col. Richard Fitzwilliam's hair.ed not from him giving it to (WON'T TELL as that would be too much of a spoiler) but fro [...]

    • Curiosity always takes me when I open each new variation tale based on one of Jane Austen's books. Authors can be so creative with the storyline, the characters or both and I like to see what unfolds as a result. In this case it was both as this tale was based on the story, but took liberties with the plot early on and very much so with the characters. I suppose that can be taken as a warning to those who don't care for that sort of thing. Personally, I'm rather flexible and enjoying pursuing lo [...]

    • What if after the Netherfield Ball, both Darcy and Elizabeth were hurt by people very close to them?What if Mr. Bennet’s insistence for Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins and Jane’s support of his decision caused Elizabeth to cut ties with her relations and escape to London and live with the Gardiners? And what if Caroline Bingley’s failed attempt to compromise Darcy and Bingley’s selfish demands that he marry his sister forced him end his relationship with his closest friend?What if, a chan [...]

    • An emotional roller coaster with a HEA for ODC!!!To be fair I must first state that I have read this story already and knew that I absolutely loved it. I read it as Miss Lynne was writing and posting it on JAFF website. Though I must say she had an extra chapter in that version, Letters Between Brothers (the Fitzwilliam brothers), so was thrown off not to find it in the published version. This is a dark Regency retelling of P&P. dearest Friends starts with both Mr Darcy and Elizabeth in Lond [...]

    • I must admit to really loving this very thought provoking, deep and insightful book. My heart broke when l read of Lizzy and Darcy staring out a window,lost in thought, lonely and very much alone, while they both resided mere streets away from each other. My heart jumped for joy when he braced himself and decided he would enter the bookshop and meet the woman who had haunted his dreams, the one person in the world who would be his friend when he dearly needed such in his lifes, they were to be f [...]

    • This is a darker P&P variation or a 'what if' many of the characters you love are truly loathsome while the characters you dislike are actually fun.This book covers some unpleasant topics like drug abuse, spousal abuse, extramarital relations and spitefulness. Additionally there are three explicit sex scenes and several other less explicit. So it is for mature audiences.In essentials this begins the day after the Netherfield ball and the first twist is that all of the Bennets are forcing Liz [...]

    • PerfectionI have been reading more than a few P &P novels lately and this one is superb. We have most of the same events and characters but they are changed slightly. Mr Bennett is dying and isn't thinking clearly. He's demanding that Lizzie marry the more disgusting Collins. She escapes to the Gardner's and everything changes.The absolute best portion of the story is Lady Catherine and the rest of the Fitzwilliam family getting drunk before dinner. I laughed so hard.I did get a bit heartbro [...]

    • 4.5/5This book was so close to being a 5/5! I just adored this book, and couldn't put it down. What I liked: She alters nearly every character just a bit, but in a way that it makes sense. I normally don't enjoy it when authors take liberties and change characters too much, but I think she did so in a way to twist the story in an interesting way. Jane and Bingley are not great people. Jane is jealous of Lizzy, and that's interesting. Bingley actually supports Caroline when she tries to compromis [...]

    • In this second reading of this Pride and Prejudice variation (it seems I have the paperback and the Kindle copy) Darcy and Elizabeth are both staying in London, after the Netherfield Ball. Elizabeth because she feels betrayed by members of her family because of Mr. Collins and her rejection of his proposal, and so she is now living with the Gardiners. Both are unhappy but a chance meeting may bring a start to a new understanding.While some of the characters are not true to canon, I enjoyed their [...]

    • Reread this one to prepare for its sequel, Family Portraits.But if you are interested, my original review can be found here: austenesquereviews/2015/03Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars!

    • Dearest Friends: A Jane Austen Inspired NovelWhirlwind of a story. Darcy and Elizabeth's love was handled efficiently and effectively upon their accidental meeting at the bookstore. They both have spent months regretting lost chances while he visited Netherfield. Still with his pride and her prejudice, both had feelings for the other. His feelings for Elizabeth were overwhelming, but Elizabeth took more time to warm up to his desires. It was not long befuwore she recognized the changes in this m [...]

    • I have had this variation on my reading list for some time. What was I waiting for? I couldn't put it down. It was a unique spin on our favorite P&P characters with some secondary characters playing more primary roles. I can not wait for the sequel. I am dying to know how some of the characters lives progress.

    • Well written and really interesting. Takes the P&P story in a new and interesting direction -- which is always my favorite kind of variation!

    • Still love this one! I would love to just start every day reading this book. And now, I can happily say that I have read the sequel as well. Favorite Matlock family for me of any JAFF.

    • This story is very well written! The re-invention of events from one of my favorite Jane Austen novels is very intriguing and I found the interactions between Elizabeth and Darcy very sweet.Elizabeth Bennet is in London. She is living with her Aunt and Uncle, the Gardiners. Having, basically, run for her life from Longbourne and the demands from her father and her once dear sister Jane, to marry Mr. Collins and save the family. Heartbroken over the situation, Elizabeth never expects to run into [...]

    • I will give nothing away of this wonderfully amazing retelling of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. There test and trials were more intense and overall just more. Take this journey again and see what was behind the various stages. I am awed. I am not sure where to start, but start I must. This was in no way your grandmother's Pride and Prejudice. This was most certainly brought into the current age of readers and what would satisfy some niggling questions in their minds as the various scene took place. T [...]

    • This variation is unlike any other I have read! Crazy story line and the behavior of the characters is astonishing! I did like it overall and with the characters personalities altered so much, you never know what they heck they are going to do! Enjoyed it!

    • In this Pride and Prejudice variation Darcy and Elizabeth are in London after the Netherfield Ball.Both are unhappy but can a chance meeting bring about an understanding between them.

    • I enjoyed the story overall but found there were too much focus on all the couples getting together in the second half of the book. If you are a JA purist you will not enjoy this read as all the characters personalities have had a makeover. Richard stays true to his wanting to poke fun but Darcy takes a sit down by Anne De Bourg that causes him to run to Elizabeth for reassurance of his character. Elizabeth speaks her mind at times but allows Darcy to lead her around. Jane has lost her sweetness [...]

    • My standard disclaimer goes here: I had the pleasure of reading this P&P what-if as it posted on AHA, so I must admit I knew I would enjoy it as a published novel. The author and I have a famously public on-going love/hate relationship with Mr. Bennet (she hates, I love), but this story is so compelling and well-written that I bought into the premise of him being one of the story's villains with not a moment's hesitation. Another way this story impressed me was the introduction of a few key [...]

    • This historical novel tells the story of "Pride and Prejudice for the modern reader in such great detail and exquisite writing style. Darcy and Elizabeth captivate their audience again in this version of the classic tale with a new spin on an old story. Elizabeth has just come back from Hertfordshire and is now living with her aunt and uncle in London because of a disgrace to her and her family. Darcy and Elizabeth met in Hertfordshire when Darcy was dealing with his own family disgrace and the [...]

    • WonderfulThis is a great spin of my favorite story, with some interesting twists and turns, some adjustments in personality traits for some of the characters, but well written and entertaining. I just hope that the author will sometime tell us the story of M and S, V.M. Read it, you won't regret it.

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