Alpha From Publisher s Weekly It s an introduction to the NATO phonetic alphabet from the illustrator of Jane the Fox and Me and many other books for children

  • Title: Alpha
  • Author: Isabelle Arsenault
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
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  • From Publisher s Weekly It s an introduction to the NATO phonetic alphabet, from the illustrator of Jane, the Fox, and Me and many other books for children

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    • Free Read [Nonfiction Book] ✓ Alpha - by Isabelle Arsenault ↠
      307 Isabelle Arsenault
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    About “Isabelle Arsenault

    • Isabelle Arsenault

      Isabelle Arsenault is an illustrator who studied Graphic Design at the Universit du Qu bec Montr al 2001 After her studies, she quickly contributed to several magazines in Canada and the United States In 2004, Isabelle illustrated her first children s book, for which she received the prestigious Governor General s Award for children s literature in French illustration Her passion for illustrated books has led her and to continue pursuing this path Since then, she was a finalist on two other occasions for the GG s My Letter to the World , Migrant , finalist for the Marilyn Baillie Award in 2011 Spork and her book Migrant is among the 10 best illustrated books of 2011 according to The New York Times In 2012, she received her second Governor General s Award for the illustrations of Virginia Wolf in addition to winning Le Prix jeunesse des libraires du Qu bec for Fourchon French version of Spork.Isabelle, who enjoys working intuitively, adopts an approach to her work that is inspired by the projects she is given Her style is infused with sensitivity and finesse It attracts the attention of the young as much as that of older people, who can sometimes have a in depth understanding of it.Isabelle Arsenault lives and works in Montreal.___________________________________Isabelle Arsenault est une illustratrice form e en Design graphique l Universit du Qu bec Montr al 2001 Elle collabore ensuite rapidement plusieurs magazines au Canada et aux tats Unis En 2004, elle illustre son premier livre pour enfants qui remportera l ann e suivante le prestigieux Prix du Gouverneur g n ral dans la cat gorie illustration jeunesse de langue fran aise Le coeur de Monsieur Gauguin Sa passion pour les livres illustr s la m nera s orienter davantage dans cette voie Depuis, elle a t finaliste deux reprises pour les Prix GG My letter to the world , Migrant , finaliste en 2011 pour le prix Marilyn Baillie Spork et son livre Migrant se retrouve parmi la liste des 10 meilleurs livres illustr s de l ann e 2011 du New York Times En 2012, elle remporte son deuxi me Prix Litt raire du Gouverneur G n ral pour les illustrations du livre Virginia Wolf ainsi que le Prix jeunesse des libraires du Qu bec pour Fourchon.Isabelle aime travailler de fa on intuitive, s inspirant des projets qu on lui propose pour tablir son approche graphique Son style est empreint de sensibilit et de finesse Il accroche autant le regard du jeune public que celui des plus g s qui eux, pourront y percevoir parfois un deuxi me niveau de lecture.Isabelle Arsenault travaille et vit Montr al.

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    • Here’s a review that has images of this book so you can see some of it:threebooksanight/book-Isn’t that beautiful?! I read this because I am reading everything the talented Isabelle Arsenault is doing. And was not particularly looking forward to this because I saw it was an abecedarian book, and we know what THOSE are like: A is for apple, and then you see a crisp red apple, and then ball, and so on. But no! This is a book that introduces us to the NATO phonetic alphabet I didn’t know unti [...]

    • A letter book based upon the radio code developed in the 1920s for air traffic controllers. Each word is accompanied by a conceptually related image that will provoke the natural curiosity of a young mind. While some of the word-image relations may veer more to the "adult" side (eg Romeo features a dagger and Juliet a bottle of poison) many are more whimsical/neutral; though none of the image-word relations are any more terrifying than the sort of stuff to be found in feature films that are mark [...]

    • This is a fascinating alphabet book that gives takes you through the words of the NATO phonetic alphabet. So, for one thing it was very informative because I didn't know some of the letters, like I didn't know that Q was Quebec and I had forgotten that G stood for Golf. But, the best thing about this book are the illustrations. Arsenault chooses some great things to represent each letter. Things that will generate a discussion about their connection to the word. For example, J for Juliet has an [...]

    • Oh boy! Did this book bring back memories! Trying to say A-Z in front of my favorite drill sergeant during end of cycle training in boot camp!

    • While this is a cool concept, I really am struggling about the right audience for this book. Take for example the R-Romeo page. While this is one of the letters that really sticks in my mind as the "official" tag for the letter R, I don't there that there are enough clues here for a young child (PreK - K - 1st) to understand what the illustration means. So then would an older child be drawn to this book? I'm just not sure.

    • Charlie, alpha, tango. These three words may seem randomly thrown together but in the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, “Charlie-Alpha-Tango” spells “cat”. Emergency services including the police, firefighters, the military, and the Red Cross use this alphabet as a way to communicate clearly. Arsenault’s concept and fantastic illustrations make this alphabet book an unique learning experience for the ABC learner and anyone who may not know the NATO phonetic alphabet. Beca [...]

    • Beautiful illustration from Isabelle Arsenault. I'm totally obsessed with her. I like the concept of introducing kids to the phonetic alphabet, and with having kind of oblique illustrations of those words. But it was also a little confusing. Particularly Alpha, which unfortunately/obviously starts the alphabet off. I'm still not positive I got that one.

    • As a child of Navy parents this book has particular appeal for me. Such a creative way of teaching the phonetic alphabet. Inspired me to write this review for Babyology which in turn gained a lot of interest: babyology/sunday-arts/a

    • Sadly, this book fails because it shows a lima bean for L (lima). The bean is pronounced differently (lye-ma) from the NATO code word (lee-ma). Why did no one catch this?

    • This is beautiful!And if you haven't read 'Jane, The Fox and Me', also illustrated by Isabelle, then do yourself a favour and remedy that immediately!

    • A unique alphabet book imbued with style and sophistication. This is not an ordinary A,B,C, picture book. Instead, it introduces the internationally recognised NATO code used by air traffic control and emergency services worldwide.Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, etc. display the 26 words that are universally used to represent the phonetic International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. To avoid misunderstandings in communication, the letters are said and spelled as words.For example, the tow [...]

    • Enjoyed this book. Lovely illustrations. I liked how the first letter of each word was highlighted, since it is an alphabet book. The younger crowd won't understand some of the meaning behind certain illustrations and I'm not sure I'm ready to explain Romeo and Juliet to my four year old. Nevertheless, a young child can still enjoy the book.

    • There's some beautiful stuff in here. I think lots of adults I know would enjoy the beauty of the illustrations, and the wit in some of the connections she makes. I aim to test that out. :) I'm putting this behind a spoiler, because I was amazed with surprise, at my favorite pages, that I mention below.I don't know what it would be like for kids; definitely a 'thinker', since a few are likely to cause some head-scratching. And certainly intended that way. Others seem simpler, though maybe I have [...]

    • An alphabet book that introduces the NATO phonetic alphabet, aka the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. (Wow, is that a mouthful!) Each spread is the one word used to clarify a letter and an illustration to go with the word.Some of the illustrations chosen made me scratch my head a little. I would have illustrated echo and victor rather differently. Each illustration does have the benefit of being very simple. Just one object for each word. The primary interest catcher for this book [...]

    • Yet another title that is as much non-ficton as fiction, although the illustrations for each international-call-word for the alphabet could elicit countless imagined tales. Regardless of categorization, it is a wonderful way to work with the alphabet across ages, interests, and for comparative purposes. I love the trim size. It reminds be of the cubes used in alphabet block sets.

    • A very cute book with the NATO alphabet. Some of the letters are particularly enjoyable, like Juliet, which is illustrated with a bottle of poison. I particularly enjoyed this book.Recommended for ages 3-5.

    • Gorgeous book. I could see it being especially nice for military families where the phonetic alphabet might come up more often.

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