Sweet Nothing

Sweet Nothing It is enough to break any man watching what could have been my future slip away before it was ever in my grasp The possibility of losing someone I loved before she was even mine is something I never

  • Title: Sweet Nothing
  • Author: Jamie McGuire Teresa Mummert
  • ISBN: 9781311480422
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook
  • It is enough to break any man watching what could have been my future slip away before it was ever in my grasp The possibility of losing someone I loved, before she was even mine, is something I never would have imagined Certainly nothing I d ever wish on anyone I go to her every day and wait Wait for the impossible, for a sign, for her to look at me hoping thatIt is enough to break any man watching what could have been my future slip away before it was ever in my grasp The possibility of losing someone I loved, before she was even mine, is something I never would have imagined Certainly nothing I d ever wish on anyone I go to her every day and wait Wait for the impossible, for a sign, for her to look at me hoping that sinners are granted miracles, too Just one glimpse of him was all it took In the next lane, at a stop light, was the man I would fall in love with and marry People talk about the kind of love that takes time, love you fall into We were like a crash and burn, and when our lives intertwined I would never be the same He was the man I would cherish the rest of my life, who would father my children In an instant our life together began, and in an instant it would end The late nights the excuses the lies And in the blink of an eye, it was like we never were.Contains mature themes

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      378 Jamie McGuire Teresa Mummert
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    • Jamie McGuire Teresa Mummert

      Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma She attended Northern Oklahoma College, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Autry Technology Center where she graduated with a degree in Radiography.Jamie paved the way for the New Adult genre with the international bestseller Beautiful Disaster Her follow up novel, Walking Disaster, debuted at 1 on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists in all four categories Beautiful Oblivion, book one of the Maddox Brothers series, also topped the New York Times bestseller list, debuting at 1 In 2015, books two and three of the Maddox Brothers series, Beautiful Redemption and Beautiful Sacrifice, respectively, also topped the New York Times, as well as a Beautiful series novella, Something Beautiful In 2016, Beautiful Burn made an appearance on the New York Times and USA Today, and was also named iBooks Romance Book of the Year The same year, A Beautiful Funeral also topped the New York Times bestseller list.Novels also written by Jamie McGuire include apocalyptic thriller and 2014 UtopYA Best Dystopian Book of the Year, Red Hill the Providence series, a young adult paranormal romance trilogy Apolonia, a dark sci fi romance and several novellas, including A Beautiful Wedding, Among Monsters, Happenstance A Novella Series, and Sins of the Innocent.Jamie is the first indie author in history to strike a print deal with retail giant Wal Mart Her self published novel, Beautiful Redemption hit Wal Mart shelves in September, 2015.Jamie lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with her husband, Jeff, and their three children Find Jamie at jamiemcguire or on Facebook, Twitter, Google , and Instagram.

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    • 4.5 ”penny for your thoughts” STARSIs it possible to love a story and be confused at the same time? Going to reread and ask around on what others got from the ending. Perhaps I'll see if there's a support group some where out there? For now though, I loved the ride, enjoyed the writing and adored the characters.Thinking there was a bit more foreshadowing than I picked up on, "fixing our memories" and of course the title itself. Still going back and forth on what Josh and Avery's ending reall [...]

    • WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ? Jamie McGuireyou know I already love you to death for giving me Travis but with this book you really outdid yourself because this novel is in another league of it's own and I justThe book starts pretty okwith Avery and Josh's story of how they came together and their life as a couple. I have to be honest that at moments it was kind of boring and if it wasn't for the author I would have DNFed it at about 60%. I didn't understand why such a big part of the story was [...]

    • Jamie Mcguire and Teresa Mummert.A nurse and a paramedic.Josh and Avery.A really phenomenal love story.So when I found out Jamie and Teresa were writing this book together I knew it was going to blew my mind. They delivered.I have read too many reviews talking about how confused they were with the ending or that they didn't like it. First for those still confused send a message to Teresa Mummert ( via ) she will give you a password and then go to her page, click the link 'Spoiler Alert' and yo [...]

    • Holy good grief and have mercy on me! Just color me mixed up and completely upside down with nowhere to go in my confusion. It's hard to even know how to review the situations involved with this style of plot and book. Yes, it's mesmerizing and well written, but I'm still feeling a bit of disappointment in the ending. To be completely honest, I really prefer a more completely resolved ending than readers will find here. Not much more that I can add without giving up spoilers. Although I really l [...]

    • WOW, what just happened here????I was going to give it a 3,5 to 4 stars as it was good but I expected greater (not so "smooth") from these authors and then, I reached 80-85% and BANG, the world turned on its axis!!!!I never saw it coming and this is brilliant!So, 5 stars it is and I won't tell anything about the story to keep the surprise. Just read it and do it until the very end, even if you think it's too "sweet and perfect" for these authors sometimes in your read because it's not what you t [...]

    • Sweet Nothing was nothing like I expected, even while reading I found myself a little stupefied (by the end, a lot stupefied). It started off so strong, I felt a connection to the story, but also a strong involvement with the romance. The pacing of Avery and Josh's relationship was perfect, an instant connection, while still taking its time with development and just the right amount of tension. As the story progressed, it lost some momentum and began to stagnate. At the halfway mark, I felt like [...]

    • What the hell?! I'm so angry right now I had so many expectations from this book and I'm so disppointed. This book was rushed. It was like a car race. Now they (Josh and Avery) were strangers and after 5 minutes they were together (I won't say more because I don't want to write any spoilers). I really didn't like this couple. Actually I didn't like anything about their relationship. I liked Deb and Quinn more. Anyway I read other books written by Jamie which were so beautiful, but this one was s [...]

    • Holy. Effing. Crap balls.I can't deal with the effect this story had on my head. Or my heart. Or my feels. Or my existense.Let the late night, corner rocking, blanket hiding, head spinning commence!Because, what in the actual fff did I just read?!BRILLIANT!!!!!!

    • 678JUST TAKE ALL THE DAMN STARS FOR THIS BOOK!!!!I spent the last 20% bawling my eyes out. Jamie McGuire and Teresa Mummert can write one hell of a story. Beautiful! Tragic! The feels! Maybe I can write a better review when my heart doesn't ache for more.

    • This plot sounds too far-fetched to be real If it had happened to one character, maybe but the same thing happening to both of them at the same time sounds a bit too much of a fantasy to me/review/show

    • After months of off and on reading this book I finally finished it. I really wanted to like it more than I did but I just could not connect with the characters so I wasn't invested in their story. I had a hunch about where the story was going and I didn't like it even though I thought I would. (view spoiler)[After reading the prologue I just knew their life would be a dream while one or both of them were in the coma. And I was right. While it seems as an interesting concept I dreaded to get to t [...]

    • What did I just read??! I absolutely love Jamie Mcguire and I was so pumped that she was finally coming out with a new book but Sweet Nothing made no sense. Half way through I started to get confused and unfortunately stayed that way all the way to the end. I can appreciate the idea of a confused surprise ending but that was sort of painful. I guess I'll just wait forever for the second book amd hope it will cure my confusion. :(

    • WHAT. THE. WHAT.Holy beer cheese on tater tots, this book just blew up my brain. Let it be known that I am a huge Jamie McGuire fan in general, but I also really loved Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert, so I was super jazzed about this collaboration. The title intrigued me, and now that I've finished, it's literally PERFECT. I could see both of their styles at the surface, but what was so amazing was that it blended so well that it felt like they were the same person. You've probably alread [...]

    • 3 StarsWhen I started reading the book, it read like a love story, which I really liked except for the portrayal of some female characters (I mean come on, no one is that desperate, give our gender some credit). But it still read like a nice love story where a guy loves a girl and she loves him back, where both have their insecurities but they deal with them together. The ending, now that's a tricky one. Here's an explanation for it by the author --> (view spoiler)[teresamummert/forum (hide s [...]

    • Just finished this book. I really enjoyed it but near the end it started to get confusing, I have no idea what happened.

    • 3.5/5 starsSweet Nothing is an adult contemporary romance. The narrators are 26 year old Josh, who is a paramedic. And 24 year old Avery, who is a nurse.I really enjoyed the opening chapter. It was thrilling, amazing, scary and unexpected.Both narrators have had bad things happen to them in their pasts.For most of this book I really enjoyed both characters. But I kept wondering if something more was going to happen to make the book more interesting/different. At 60% I decided to go read the boo [...]

    • I will NEVER look at a penny the same way again. HOLY crap im still trying to wrap my head around this story all day I'm broken. i need a sequel like now please say yes

    • Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. Here we go. I just finished this one and I have no words. I know totally lame, but I just don´t have them. I´m still shocked what just happened and what these two authors did with my poor heart. I liked that the book is switching between male and female pov, I always like to see what´s going on in the head of the male character and I think the fact that we get a look into Josh´s head is huge reason why I ended falling for him so hard. He seriously is everything you wanna mee [...]

    • DNF @ 15% (60 pgs.). Really slow start. I don't normally like quitting so early, but I found myself majorly skimming because I was bored. It also might've helped if the synopsis was more descriptive as to what I was getting myself into. I don't like these ambiguous descriptions! Maybe I'll come back to it some other timeUpdate 11/4 - I just read spoiler for endingtely gonna pass on finishing this one.

    • Okay, I have a lot of mixed feeling after reading this. The first 80% was so-so for me. Then the excitement of the storyline picked up some pace, and then it ended. I am confused as to why I actually feel angry with the ending This was left up in the air and unresolved in a way that left me without some satisfaction.

    • I heard this book have a really weird ending that needs a explaining. I will therefor put his book on hold (only read 2 chapters anyway) until the spoiler part is not password protected or/and have the mood for a unexplained ending.

    • Josh & Avery are Sweet Everything!! I loved this story so hard. it started off with a cute RomCom feel but that ending oh my heart was full of angst but I am so pleased with the ending.

    • I wasn't sure what I was going to think about this book. When you hear that two best selling Authors are teaming up to write a book, you want to get excited, but you're not sure if you are going to love it as much as you love their other books. I dove in anyways. (And I'm so glad I did)This book GRABS you from the very beginning! Not only was the prologue pure perfection, but the entire flow of the book was on point! The characters are not only people you find yourself wanting to be best friends [...]

    • **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**I was so excited to see these two authors come together for this read and they didn't disappoint.Josh Avery is a new to the city. He's a paramedic and a well known manwhore who has slept with most of the nurses at the hospital. He has his sights set on Avery Jacobs, someone he thinks is unreachable. When tragedy strikes, they end up having an unbreakable connection. Avery can't quite trust Josh with his past the way it w [...]

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