Picked It started with a game a very different computer game and a desire to know a life so intriguing and different from my own I had just started to venture out with my own work at my father s private in

  • Title: Picked
  • Author: Jettie Woodruff
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  • Page: 438
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  • It started with a game, a very different computer game, and a desire to know a life so intriguing and different from my own I had just started to venture out with my own work at my father s private investigating firm when our paths crossed on purpose My purpose I never expected things to go the way they did I never expected him to be so nice and handsome I couldn t beIt started with a game, a very different computer game, and a desire to know a life so intriguing and different from my own I had just started to venture out with my own work at my father s private investigating firm when our paths crossed on purpose My purpose I never expected things to go the way they did I never expected him to be so nice and handsome I couldn t be number four How could any woman love a man with than one wife Not only was it impossible, it was ridiculous There was no way I was getting any closer I was going to get in, dig around a little, and get out That s it Does anything ever turn out the way we plan Becker Cole s wives were not the typical, obedient little housewives wearing aprons and submitting to him I had pegged them to be They were cute, young and full of life I loved them All three of them And somehow, I loved Becker too Could I swallow the persona that society expected me to be and share him, or was this too much Was I ready to be a part of this world And if I wasn t could I just walk away

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    • Jettie Woodruff

      I am a story teller, a life coach, and sometimes a little crazy I m at an amazing time in my life where doors are opening, adventures are happening, and new friends are being made Life is fun and I want to share that joy with the world I m Jettie and I am unapolgetically me I m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure I make mistakes, I m out of control, and at times hard to handle But if you can t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don t deserve me at my best Marilyn Monroe

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    • I really struggled with this book all the way through. The writing was okay, but the story jumped so much, it drove me crazy. Not to mention the characters, who besides the polygamist, were very flat and uninteresting. There were areas that held my interest and that's why this book is a three for me.

    • The polygamist community has always fascinated me. The lifestyle. 1 man with more than 1 wife. Several women sharing their husband. How do they all live together? Do the wives get jealous of each other? Are they all religious? how does it affect their children?I’ve watch all the shows, TV dramas and reality TV around the polygamist communities and even the cults. It still fascinates me how people can live this kind of lifestyle. This story is about a young nieve woman called Cass, who is a sca [...]

    • Let me just say am actually a fan of this Author she writes some amazing anti herobut this book was just all over the place I mean i Hated every character the heroine was such an idiot who was so ditzy the hero was an ass!! the bff was more worries about getting laid then actually supporting the h and then would get mad if the h didnt help her get laid and i also really hated the fact the H kept pushing the h into joining his way of life she kept saying no even towards the 90% mark he kept forci [...]

    • 5 Stars |Meg's Review: Jettie has done it again!You know how everyone has those few authors that they will read anything from? No matter the novel? Jettie is one of those authors for me. She never disappoints. Every novel she puts out is a phenomenal work of the mind. She is a Must Read Author. This novel? No exception. It was fantastic! Can I be Picked please? Favorite Quote:"That's it. I needed a chastity belt for my mouth. One that wouldn't allow stupid to fall out." Meet Cass. Cass reminded [...]

    • First let me say that I am one of the lucky ones that got to read this amazing book before release day. It came to me a few chapters at a time and I was literally begging for more. I had several other books to read and review BUT couldn't get into any of them because my mind was only on Cass, Becker and Matt. No lie, there were times out of no where my mind would wonder off and I would be playing out different scenarios in my head of what might happen next. Whether you've read all of Jettie Wood [...]

    • I love Jettie! All of her books make me think and wonder and feel so amazing. I love that Jettie is never afraid to write about a taboo topic, and she does it great.I am more than slightly obsessed with Polygamy and Amish and all things foreign to my life. When Jettie first told me her book would feature a little Poly action I freaking flipped my lid with excitement. HELLO, I love it! I am also more than slightly obsessed with crime and murder and PI's this book was literally a match made in m [...]

    • Let me say I was one of the lucky ones who got to read this book first. I have always been a fan of Jettie's books. That woman knows how to write a good book. I read this book in chapters at a time and believe me it was very hard to continue reading other books because my mind would always go straight back to Picked. Once I received the ending, I could finally breathe! I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end it keeps you guessing how things will play out. The main characters Cass and Be [...]

    • 3.5 starsWhen I read the synopsis, I was like 'Holy shit! Polygamy!' but I was kind of hesitant to read it and I wanted to know how it would end before reading it, so that's what I did, I read the ending, and I was happy about how it ended. The story started quite boring, but thankfully it didn't last long.Rating a novel has always been a problem of mine, whether to rate a 3.5 story as 3 or 4. I wanted to rate this novel as 3.5 = 3, because of the love scenes and the writing style was kind of ju [...]

    • gifted a copy for honest review . This one was different not your normal guy gets girl book . Becker is not like any guy Jettie has written that I have read and I love her asshole men but Becker was different love him. Cass wants Becker but can she have him ? Then you have lies and secrets being told . To find out how it all comes together you have to grab it .

    • Very different from our Jettie Woodruff, but pleasantly surprised. The intricacies of polygamy, and the representation of an individual. This was very good!

    • Wow, this was a really good and unexpected book. I can't say too much more except it was surprisingly different and I enjoyed reading it! I recommend not reading too many reviews and jump in blind!

    • Throw every preconceived notion about polygamy out the window before reading this book. I mean it, just toss it. Go in with an open mind. Only Jettie can make you fall for guys that you always said, "No freaking way! Never in a million years!" Um, hello, remember Drew???This is the first book about multiple wives that I read and I was ready for an episode of Bad Girls Club or Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Instead, what I got was a beautiful story about Cass and Becker and the unexpected lov [...]

    • Um WOW. WTH happened?! I thought this was a taboo love story and thinking outside the box. I don't even know where to begin. Initially the story was slow. But then Becker happened and OMG he was amazing. Not an Alpha but a definite assertive Betalol. I mean he made the story for. I just knew Cassie would overcome her reservations and be with him, because a little piece of Becker was better than nothing. I struggled right along with Cassie in her dilemma. Normally I hate an indecisive heroine, bu [...]

    • I've never read a book about the subject of men with multiple wives. I've always been curious about the subject even though I know I couldn't live that lifestyle. So when Jettie told us she was writing a book surrounding a game creater who lives this lifestyle, well I was like Ok, let's see how well my jealousy can handle this Lol As normal, Jettie did an amazing job and I loved it. I don't think there is any subject that Jettie can't write and turn into a 5 star read. Not only were cassie and B [...]

    • The blurb for this book pulled me in. I've always wondered about the Poligamy community, how do you devide your time between your wives, what do the wives get out of it, why do you need more than one wife. Cassie is a naive girl who has been sheltered by her father after a life changing event, she hates her job working with her dad but doesn't know how to tell him. Someone contacts her dad's PI firm to investigate if her sister is being held against her wishes by Becker who has 3 wives. Cassie i [...]

    • Ok, where to startOMFG!! That is where to start!Becker, Becker, Beckerlet me count the waysSmoking HOT, rich, successfulI could go on.You make me feel things I have never felt, things I shouldn't, things I don't want to, but I do. I hate your lifestyle but, I love you. Ugh.This book and OMGYou just have to read it. The menThe womenif you love Jettie's writing you will love this book!

    • I was gifted this book for a honest reviewI love all of Jetties books and this is no exception,she has a unique writing style and is never afraid to touch on taboo subjects which many would shy away from.I just loved this book from the first chapter till the last,it was steamy full of lies and deceptions and you never knew where the next one was coming from.The plot was, will she,won't she,will he,won't he!!!A fantastic 5* read that will have you wishing for more.

    • Definite favoriteof the year. it's been awhile since I've immediately re-read a book. this story had me on edge one minute and swooning the next. and the love sceneshawt!!!!!!!omg let me say that again.Hotttttt!!!!!!#

    • A very unique beautiful story with amazingly real characters. To read Erin's full review, click here: sarahsaysreadromance.

    • Loved this. It was different to anything else ive read lately. Only downside was Cassie being a bit annoying but i loved Beck.

    • It all added up.**SPOILER ALERT**This book is a good romance read. Ms Woodruff has a way with stories , she's a true storyteller. You cannot read one of her books and get bored. So as you can guess this book was interesting it kept me glued to the very end.So why only 3stars the heroine was a bit too guile like the saying " dump blonde bitch" for my taste. I mean there where times were the clue was staring her right at the face and she never had a clue. It was so frustrating that i wanted to fli [...]

    • My perspective. Picked was good for the first 80%. Not give star good, since there was a bit of hiccups, but it kept my interest, and the characters were engaging. I must be honest: I did not like Cass's BFF. She was self absorbed and more concerned about men than her best friend's feelings. The issues of loving a man with four wives was dealt with honestly and with compensable emotion. So, why the low review? The last 15%. I've had rushed ending books before, but not anything as confusing as th [...]

    • This book was strange, But awesome! The first few chapters of this book I was like what the hell am I reading? A video game couple really? It begins with a video game. But it's so so much more! Becker has 3 wife's. Cassie is fascinated by him, But she can't be number 4 she loves all the girls, But every time she see's him with one of them she want's to rip their hair out. She doesn't want to share. I had mixed feelings about Becker. He seemed to love her but he couldn't seem to put her first. It [...]

    • I am so happy to read this story. I loved it! So different than other books the concept was awesome and I love the way the story evolved. So many twist and turns. I loved the message in between the lines and maybe not soni between the lines. Love is different for everyone who are we to judge what is right for someone else. I really loved the heroine in story. She is strong yet not but she ultimate stuck to her guns. The only issue I had was that some transitions of story were blunt and I was hav [...]

    • I loved this book. It was light-hearted, funny and mysterious. Secrets surrounding Cass and whether Becker’s love for her was the exception or similar to that of his other three wives kept me entranced and glued to my Kindle. I really liked Cass and found her endearing. She was funny, flighty, bubbly, and genuine though she had issues for example her obsession with buying useless stuff on the home shopping network and was a total slob. Funny moments in the book really cheered me, for example, [...]

    • The heroine was ditzy with a side of scatterbrain which I thought was adorable. I usually hate characters like her but I admire her tenacity to not compromise in her beliefs. I know some of you might not get her but push through, it'll get better or at least it did for me. A lot of craziness happens all at once but it held my attention throughout. I don't know why I enjoyed this book so damn much but I guess I was in the mood for it. It would have been a solid 5 stars but I didn't like the whole [...]

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