Magie střelného prachu

Magie st eln ho prachu Andreu Nashovou mo n vyhodili z ad Ryt milosrdn pomoci jen proto e je podle nich h ch b t ko om ncem ale ona se odm t st hnout do stran a l zat si r ny Mo n p i la o v e na em dosud usilovn pracova

  • Title: Magie střelného prachu
  • Author: Ilona Andrews Hana Šimečková
  • ISBN: 9788073982690
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Andreu Nashovou mo n vyhodili z ad Ryt milosrdn pomoci jen proto, e je podle nich h ch b t ko om ncem, ale ona se odm t st hnout do stran a l zat si r ny Mo n p i la o v e, na em dosud usilovn pracovala, ale kdy j ivot stav do cesty p ek ky, je p ipraven se s nimi porvat jen si na to mus vybrat ten spr vn kalibr Zat mco se sna znovu naj t pevnAndreu Nashovou mo n vyhodili z ad Ryt milosrdn pomoci jen proto, e je podle nich h ch b t ko om ncem, ale ona se odm t st hnout do stran a l zat si r ny Mo n p i la o v e, na em dosud usilovn pracovala, ale kdy j ivot stav do cesty p ek ky, je p ipraven se s nimi porvat jen si na to mus vybrat ten spr vn kalibr Zat mco se sna znovu naj t pevnou p du pod nohama, pracuje pro pi kov ostrou vy et ovac agenturu, firmu sv nejlep kamar dky Kate Danielsov.Ale kdy n kdo ne ekan zabije ko om nce pracuj c pro Rafaela Medranu, Andreina b val ho milence a alfu samc klanu Boud, dostane na starost ten nejhor p pad ve sv kari e Andrea a Rafael budou muset spolupracovat, aby polapili mocn ho zabij ka, a stihnout to d v, ne se sta zab t navz jem nebo ne to jejich z hadn c l ud l za n Ale kdy zachra ujete sv t, ob as je n jak men ob pot eba, nebo ne

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    • Ilona Andrews Hana Šimečková

      Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team Ilona is a native born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S Army Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade Gordon is still sore about that Gordon and Ilona currently reside in Oregon with their two children, three dogs and a cat They have co authored two series, the bestselling urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and romantic urban fantasy of The Edge.

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    • Major events happen in this book and they are life changing for Andrea :1. Her position in the Shifters’ clan in general and in Bouda’s clan in particular is shorted out. She finally belongs somewhere (“We take care of our own”)2. She successfully deals with Aunt B, Bouda clan’s Alpha who is also apparently her future mother in law.3. It is about time to stop the games and decide if Raphael is the man (or maybe better the hyena) of her life and mate with him.4. She accepts her past (he [...]

    • ⚔ The Grand IAA™ KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza (GIAAKDBRE™), aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs ⚔» And the moral of this particular rererereread is: I 💜 Andrea. Duh.I 💛 Roman the Riveting Russian Rake, aka R⁴. Too bad he doesn't date, and only steals virgins to sacrifice. Damn.I 💚 Barabas, his serrated teeth and frightened hedgehog hair.☠ 💣 Raphael is a heartless bastard 💣 ☠I 💙 Ascanio, aka Robin of Loxley, aka the Underage Screwing Machine (USM [...]

    • “You’ll never take me alive”WTF is Gunmetal Magic about? Good question my friend. Gunmetal Magic takes place in the same world as the Kate Daniels series does: post-magic-induced-apocalyptic Atlanta. Now, I presume you have read the previous books. If not, then you probably should, it helps build up the story.Andrea has a new case. A few members of the pack got killed so you know the old story. She has to investigate and get to the bottom of it. Add lots of actions, fights, bullets, cool w [...]

    • February 2018 Reread. I'm more mad at Raphael this re-read. His stunt at the beginning of this book is absolutely ridiculous. But, as Kate says at one point, they both need to figure out what they want and what's worth fighting for, and stop being hurt at some point. Because if they want each other, they have to get over it.August 2016 re-read: My opinion of Andrea (especially) and Raphael continues to grow with each reading. Before this read I'd always held onto the grudge of Andrea not contact [...]

    • Don't be ridiculous. Of course I enjoyed this book. It's set in the world of Kate Daniels, my favorite urban fantasy series ever. Magic has returned to the world, coming and going in 'waves:' when magic is up, technology fails, and vice-versa (except telephones--they're unpredictible at any time). Magic hates concrete and tall buildings, and it's been a struggle for citizens to reclaim their city from pre-Shift buildings--now rubble--and magic-powered areas of wildness. Reclamation companies spe [...]

    • 2.8/5 starsI've never liked Andrea and Raphael, not like I do Kate and Curran or Jim and Dali. I was hoping their book would change that, but I think I like them even less now.I had a lot of trouble connecting to the characters and story. Andrea was cold and hard to relate to. Raphael was okay, didn't really have the most noteworthy of personalities. Basically, I like Raphael and Andrea as a couple, but not so much as individuals.The action part bored me to tears and I really didn't care for it. [...]

    • Next to Kate, Andrea is my favorite woman in their world. She is so cool! This in-between book is told through her POV.Andrea and Kate have mended their fences and one of my fav female friendships in literature is back and going strong.Andrea has decided to accept her beastkin. After Raphael pulls a truly jerky stunt, the changes she has been undergoing step out for the world to see. She has walked out of the animal closet and now she has to join the pack.Meanwhile, shapeshifters are dying and A [...]

    • Regardless of whether Ilona Andrews writes a Kate Daniels or an Edge book, know that each time you will be getting a quality, action-packed novel. There's just something about their writing style that captures you - hook, line and sinker. The Ilona Andrews name on a book is like a guaranteed seal of fantastic entertainment. A must-read for sure!GUNMETAL MAGIC is a guaranteed good read. Ilona Andrews skillfully mixes action, suspense, and humor with heady romance in their alternate reality Atlant [...]

    • I had conspired to break the law with my ex-boyfriend, who I professed to hate, broken said law, destroyed the victim's attack dog/magic creature in a fit of murderous frenzy, and then ran away across the city, wandered around some woods, and fell asleep in a tree in my beastkin shape. When I went off the rails, I didn't do it halfway. No, I flipped a few times, caught a lot of air, and then exploded in a fiery crash.I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review this book early and let me [...]

    • 1st read - August 2013 - 4 stars2nd read - June 2015 - rating Increased to 5 stars3rd read - July 20164th read - February 2018Original ReviewI have loved Andrea ever since she was introduced to the series so I was quite excited when I found out she was getting her own book. I love her friendship with Kate and the fact that she is another strong female character who is able to stand up for herself and fight when she needs to. I also really enjoyed the novella Magic Mourns staring Andrea and Rapha [...]

    • 4.5 starsGunmetal Magic in numbers:Number of pages: 326Number of hilarious sentences per page: Anywhere between 3 and 17Number of characters I want to be best friends with: 5 Number of raw emotional moments: too many to countIt would appear that, at this point, the husband-and-wife writing team Ilona Andrews can do no wrong. There’s a reason why many people who don’t normally read urban fantasy adore their Kate Daniels series, and people who do read lots of urban fantasy usually single it ou [...]

    • The was recommended to me since I loved Andrews Edge series, my friend thought I might like this one as well. She was right! I'm not a big urban fantasy fan as I get annoyed with the heroines who are extremely stubborn and refuse all help - yes they kick-ass and are independent, but they rub me the wrong way. I love strong female protagonists, but I also like a little romance :) This book had both and I'm now curious about Andrews books about Kate Daniels.So has anyone read the Kate Daniels book [...]

    • So, so good. Andrea is the type of character who could definitely carry a series by herself, and I won't spoil anything, but just to say: I don't think any fan of Kate Daniels and Ilona Andrews is going to be disappointed. Another really freaking fantastic book.

    • Did I ever mention how much I love Andrea? Well, now you know. I love her character. And yes, I love Raphael, too.But back to Andrea (because this series is pretty much the most heroine-centric series ever which is another reason why I love it so much).She's dealing with the consequences of the events in book #5. One, the Order knows her secret and she's basically been unceremoniously shown the door. Two, her relationship with Raphael, the male alpha of the douda clan, imploded. Andrea felt unmo [...]

    • *4.5*Fanfuckingtastic.I'll admit I was worried about this one. As Roman tells Andrea, "You were all clenched up before Very serious. Robot Andrea." And she was. In Kate's books, I'd found her absolute devotion to rules and order difficult to relate to. I admired her skill and determination, but I didn't look forward to a whole book from her POV.I was incredibly, blissfully surprised then to find myself adoring the new Andrea. She's changed, and it's all for the better. Though she still has the s [...]

    • Review posted at Demon Lover's Books & MoreThis book amazed me. That’s different than “this book is amazing” (although it is, that). What I mean is that I didn’t expect to be so wowed by it. The world, the characters, the storyline, all of it was so vividly built that I had no trouble at all picturing the Kate Daniels World.I can’t get over how seamlessly the writing flows, at how darkly beautiful the world is, and how well-written this book is. I almost can’t even write my revie [...]

    • Buddy read with Eilonwy, Evgeny, Asya, Monty Cupcake3.5 STARSIt seems that from all the buddies I read this book with, I enjoyed it the most. It does have some annoying stuff in there but it didn't bother me so much and I still had fun while reading it like going through the last 36%(which is more than one third of the book) in one sitting for the last 2 hours or so. And I'm rounding my rating up because . (you already know why, it's one name only but I still have to write it down): ROMAN(yeah, [...]

    • The Re-read before Magic Breaks ContinuesAnother great re-read down and I continue on. Just a few more stories so go. I really loved the hoemance between Kate and Andrea in this. There Dialogue together is such a good time.“Kate leaned back against her chair. "Where is the bane of my existence?""In the shower, freshening up.""Oh, God, who did Asciano screw now?""No, no, he's covered in blood.""Oh good." She sighed and stopped. "The kid is covered in blood and we're relieved. There is something [...]

    • This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I enjoyed this book. This was a re-read for me and I had a lot of fun re-visiting this book since I know what will happen to these wonderful characters as the series moves forward. I do remember being slightly disappointed when this book was first published simply because I wanted another book featuring Kate and Curran and I got Andrea instead. I ended up loving the book though. Andrea and Kate are best friends so their lives overlap [...]

    • June 2015 RereadI LOVE Andrea's book. I love the legitimate relationship drama. Everything feels perfectly mapped out and I can't imagine her (view spoiler)[ eventual joining of the pack (hide spoiler)] happening any other way.Original Read - Sept 2014

    • In the fairness of full disclosure, I read this story in a previous draft as well. While I liked it back then, I love and adore it now. Andrea is incredible in this book. She kicks ass, takes names, and is a total bad ass. I love her, best side-kick. Ever.Raphael has some total d-bag moments, but I love him. He more than makes up for it with some groveling and hilarious shifter pranks. Asciano gets some great page time, and I love that little kid!! A few moments with Kate and Curran, and they ar [...]

    • martinabookaholic.wordpress.cMeine Gedanken zum Buch:Ich weiß nicht mehr, warum ich so lange gewartet habe, wieder einmal ein Buch von Ilona Andrews zu lesen. Oh wartet, jetzt fällt es mir wieder ein – genau: Und zwar, weil ich dann nie etwas anderes machen kann/ will, außer zu lesen, weil die Bücher sooo gut und toll und spannend und überhaupt sind. *hach* ♥Aber beginnen wir mit dem Anfang des Buches, als wir miterleben, wie Andrea – die Hauptprota – in ihrem Schrank aufwacht, mit [...]

    • Kate Daniels' best friend Andrea, a were-hyena/bouda/beastkin, gets her own book. She's dealing with a rough breakup, a problematic investigation that involves several murders, and her own painful past involving physical abuse as a child. There's lots of relationship drama in this book. (view spoiler)[It does get resolved by the end of the book, thank goodness. (hide spoiler)]I like Andrea, whose combat and kickass abilities seem to be about on a par with Kate's, but she's certainly carrying aro [...]

    • [4 Stars] The Kate Daniels books just continue to impress me! Though I didn't love Andrea as much as Kate, it was really great to get into her head, find out more of her backstory, and overall just deal with a different set of problems that don't really relate to Kate's problems. I also thought the mystery was incredibly intriguing. It was probably one of my favorites, and seeing Andrea's investigative process was awesome! That being said, some of the romance elements bogged down the story becau [...]

    • Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass ChicksWhen Ilona Andrews first announced that they would be writing a whole full length novel for Andrea, I thought: “That should be interesting. After all, Andrea is a great character.” Okay, that didn’t come across quite as I hoped… What I mean is that I didn’t particularly feel strongly either way…but now I am SO glad Gunmetal Magic was written because the book was amazing and I do believe that Andrea has the potential to rival Kate on the kick a [...]

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