De leerjaren van Duddy Kravitz

De leerjaren van Duddy Kravitz Duddy Kravitz deugt nergens voor Met zijn jeugdbende terroriseert hij de troosteloze buurt in het Montreal van de jaren vijftig Zijn vader is taxichauffeur en kan het arme gezin nog maar net onderhoud

  • Title: De leerjaren van Duddy Kravitz
  • Author: Mordecai Richler Joop van Helmond
  • ISBN: 9789041702043
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Duddy Kravitz deugt nergens voor Met zijn jeugdbende terroriseert hij de troosteloze buurt in het Montreal van de jaren vijftig Zijn vader is taxichauffeur en kan het arme gezin nog maar net onderhouden Duddy droomt ervan zo snel mogelijk rijk te worden, liefst als grootgrondbezitter Daarom verlaat hij het joods college, waar hij zijn leraren grijze haren bezorgde, enDuddy Kravitz deugt nergens voor Met zijn jeugdbende terroriseert hij de troosteloze buurt in het Montreal van de jaren vijftig Zijn vader is taxichauffeur en kan het arme gezin nog maar net onderhouden Duddy droomt ervan zo snel mogelijk rijk te worden, liefst als grootgrondbezitter Daarom verlaat hij het joods college, waar hij zijn leraren grijze haren bezorgde, en presenteert zich aan de wereld als filmproducent, tijdschriftmanager, nachtclub exploiteur en roulettespeler Mordecal Richler schreef een hilarische satire, waarin de wereld ontmaskerd wordt als een duizelingwekkende draaikolk van geld, macht, seks en politiek.

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    • Mordecai Richler Joop van Helmond

      Mordecai Richler was a Canadian author, screenwriter and essayist His best known works are The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz 1959 and Barney s Version 1997 his 1989 novel Solomon Gursky Was Here was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 1990 He was also well known for the Jacob Two Two children s storiesThe son of a Jewish scrap yard dealer, Richler was born in 1931 and raised on St Urbain Street in the Mile End area of Montreal He learned Yiddish and English, and graduated from Baron Byng High School Richler enrolled in Sir George Williams College now Concordia University to study English but dropped out before completing his degree Years later, Leah Rosenberg, Richler s mother, published an autobiography, The Errand Runner Memoirs of a Rabbi s Daughter 1981 , which discusses Mordecai s birth and upbringing, and the sometime difficult relationship between them.Richler moved to Paris at age nineteen, intent on following in the footsteps of a previous generation of literary exiles, the so called Lost Generation of the 1920s, many of whom were from the United States.Richler returned to Montreal in 1952, working briefly at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, then moved to London in 1954 He published seven of his ten novels while living in London, as well as considerable journalism.Worrying about being so long away from the roots of my discontent , Richler returned to Montreal in 1972 He wrote repeatedly about the Jewish community of Montreal and especially about his former neighborhood, portraying it in multiple novels.In England, in 1954, Richler married Catherine Boudreau, a French Canadian divorcee nine years his senior On the eve of their wedding, he met and was smitten by Florence Mann n e Wood , a young married woman.Some years later Richler and Mann both divorced and married each other He adopted her son Daniel The couple had five children together Daniel, Jacob, Noah, Martha and Emma These events inspired his novel Barney s Version.Richler died of cancer at the age of 70.

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    • Richler writes about Montreal the way Dickens writes about London: as if the city was a character. He loved Montreal and he is preaching to the choir with me, because I am crazy about my city as well, and I wish I could have seen it at the time "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" takes place, the post-WWII era when hockey players didn't wear helmets but everyone wore hats. I love getting lost in a story taking place in the city my grandparents knew and lived in. I love descriptions of the stre [...]

    • Duddy Kravitz is a self centered sneak, a thief, a con-artist, a scheister and thoroughly detestable character- but I love him. A Jewish kid growing up in Montreal during world war two, in a motherless family and mostly left to his own devices, Duddy Kravitz is basically a decent human being, deep down inside, somewhere I’m sure there’s a modicum of decency. Duddy’s grandfather once tells him that ‘a man without land is nobody’, Duddy takes this to heart and when he finds the property [...]

    • L’apprendistato di Duddy Kravitz è ambientato a Montreal ed in particolare nel quartiere ebraico, dove Richler stesso nacque e visse per un certo numero di anni. Protagonista indiscusso della storia è ovviamente Duddy, quindicenne irrequieto, la cui vita l’autore ci da il piacere di seguire per qualche anno. Moderno picaro, Duddy è, come dire, rimasto folgorato da una frase pronunciata dal vecchio nonno: “Un uomo senza la terra non è nessuno”. Da quel momento in poi farà qualsiasi c [...]

    • Richler, oramai l'abbiamo capito, scrive sempre lo stesso libro. E per fortuna, aggiungerei io.Non ho idea di cosa renda tanto riconoscibile la sua voce, ma ogni volta che mi trovo a leggere un suo nuovo libro fin dalla prima pagina mi fermo e mi dico: "ecco, questo è proprio il mio amico Mordecai". Deve essere la sua spietata ironia, unita al rendere protagonisti dei suoi libri personaggi fra i più scorretti della letteratura contemporanea. Scorretti, ma sempre capaci di far breccia nei cuori [...]

    • The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz is a kind of bildungsroman for an anti-hero. We first meet Duddy through his Scottish history teacher, the tired and broken Mr. MacPherson, who earns Duddy’s enmity when he insults Duddy’s father and quickly finds out that he has crossed the wrong boy. From the first, Mordecai Richler establishes that Duddy is a bully and prone to holding a grudge. Indeed, Duddy’s long memory figures prominently in a novel that is, as its title implies, his personal jour [...]

    • 4.5 Gros coup de coeur. Quelle histoire! Le pauvre Duddy, né pour un ptit pain dans une famille peu éduquée et peu fortunée, décidé de changer son destin. L'ambition, la mégalomanie, l'espoir incarnés par Duddy sont menés d'une main de maître par Richler pour dépeindre une époque, une condition sociale, et critiquer le milieu juif montréalais. Richler est définitivement un auteur que je vais continuer à lire!

    • This was a reread, slowly, over the last month or so. I am not sure what to say about it. I can't say it's my absolutely favourite Mordecai Richler - Solomon Gursky Was Here is probably that. However, it's certainly up there as an accomplishment, if not exactly a pleasure. Duddy is one of Richler's great anti-heroes, and because he is so thoroughly that, it makes him difficult to write about.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can r [...]

    • An entertaining coming-of-age, North American immigrant tale, with a well drawn, lovably roguish, morally wobbly protagonist. I enjoyed it, yet it felt instantly familiar, y'know? Maybe it's the Saul Bellow territoryyoung man on the make, etc; cast of spivs and strivers; the smell of fried liver. Or even Phillip Roth or Updike. I slip into the same mode. I love them. It's something that often happens when I read north American novels of the fifties and sixties: everything goes Instagram filter a [...]

    • My favourite thing about Richler is that he expands my practical vocabulary: thanks to him, I can exhort friends to "Be a mensch!", I can call my girlfriend a "shiksa", I can refer to anyone other than myself as "you white people". It's great. And I'm not even Jewish! Another thing that's fun about Richler, which I think is also the reason why his books can be found on my parents' shelves: Canadian-Jewish society seems pretty Easterneuropean. The meddling, the gossiping, the intellectuocultural [...]

    • Per gli amanti di Richler,Si, mi sono immaginato Duddy Kravitz con le sembianze di Barney Panofsky, lo ammetto (che poi per me puó avere solo la faccia di Larry David, per quanto stimi Giamatti come attore, non c'entrava un fico secco). Peró non dall'inizio, bensí verso la seconda metá del libro. E cioé quando il giovane Duddy era ormai schiavo del sogno (non suo) che va rincorrendo ed al quale sacrifica tutto ció che gli é piú caro. Cioé immaginavo nella mia testa un ragazzo di vent'an [...]

    • Sometimes achieving the American dream requires a Faustian bargain. Brilliantly told story about a poor Jewish lad who is determined to own land and become a success at any cost. Yes, he's a conniving user of people, but you end up rooting for him too. I would imagine the moral, emotional and financial struggles he experiences are a fair representation of what many entrepreneurs go through. Highly recommended!

    • My first Mordecai Richler read but certainly not my last. Really snappy prose and dialogue, and a very enthralling plot. Despite being written nearly 60 years ago, the character of Duddy Kravitz feels like he would fit right into a modern prestige dramas on HBO, and his whole arc is very satisfying. Really interesting to get some historical takes on what Montreal was like in the early 50s as well.

    • Duddy Kravitz, a Canadian Jew, scrambles to make something of himself. Not bad. I want to see the movie starring Richard Dreyfuss.

    • Décidément, lemonsieur sait écrire.Quel univers que ce monde juif de Montréald'après-guerre.Et quels personnages que ces Duddy, Lenny, Max le père, Simcha le grand-père. Tous ces rêveurs obnubilés par la réussite, la création d,un monde meilleur et qui semblent s'évertuer à ne pas y parvenir. En ce sens, je songeais à Bonheur d'occasion de Gabrielle Roy.Les personnages de femmes par contre, bien de leur époque, montrentle chemin parcouru depuis et paradoxalement, tout le chemin qu [...]

    • In The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Mordecai Richler tells the tale of Duddy -- a young Jew from a poor, 1940s Montreal St. Urbain Street neighbourhood. Duddy is a complicated character. He has a rough-and-tumble childhood, acts out in school, and becomes a n'er-do-well and sort of gang leader, who few expect to succeed, unlike his 'gifted' older brother, Lennie. Duddy doesn't receive the same love and affection from his father or wealthy uncle that Lennie receives, and only his grandfather, [...]

    • Mordecai Richler was a giant of Canadian lit, some people said. Most people also said he was a complete and utter asshole. A few chapters in on audio, those asshole vibes were starting to gather force in the story, so I read the plot summary on and decided to bail. This is a Canadian classic I do not need to read. Maybe a Canadian writer I can skip, too, although I hear his Barney's Version is good.

    • It’s not what you achieve but how you achieve itlutory ending. If the start feels difficult, please persevere. It takes flight about page one hundred and the altitude keeps climbing. For writers there is a terrific lesson here in how to keep a reader entranced when the main character is morally dubious.

    • It’s shocking to me that this novel was published in 1959. It feels just as unflinching and edgy as something that would be published today. The main character is about as “anti-” as a hero gets, and yet I couldn’t help but root for him to get his land and become a somebody. His questionable tactics and actions don’t go unchallenged by the author or the other characters, but it never veers into a preachy moral fable. It’s messy and hilarious, but you can’t help but admire Duddy’s [...]

    • Well, it turns out I’ve missed out too long on another rightfully-renowned author. I’d never heard of the late (2001) Mordecai Richler or The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz until my Canadian son-in-law gifted me with some north-or-the-border classics the Christmas. I wrote of the first reading on the list recently (October 10) and was not so favorably impressed with Mitchell’s Who Has Seen the Wind. But, ah, Richler is another, as they say, story. You can bet I’ll be back for more.Kravi [...]

    • Se avessi conosciuto Mordecai Richler con questo libro, mi sarei fermata sicuramente qui.E invece, memore de La Versione di Barney, dei suoi guizzi di spirito, l'ironia arguta, i bellissimi personaggi, ho intrapreso con entusiasmo la lettura di questo apprendistato ma Duddy non è Barney e il libro risulta smorto, quasi senza intrigo e un po' noioso. La traduzione inoltre non convince.

    • 《Tu sei due persone insieme. Il piccolo bastardo calcolatore che non facevo fatica a vedere io e, al di sotto, il bravo ragazzo intelligente che vedeva tuo nonno, Dio lo benedica. Ma fra poco diventerai maggiorenne e dovrai scegliere. Un ragazzo può essere due, tre, quattro persone potenziali, ma un uomo una sola: quella che ha ucciso le altre.》Questa frase è stata una cannonata. Arriva agli sgoccioli del romanzo, quando mi stavo ormai godendo la lettura in modo rilassato e contento, spapa [...]

    • E' un libro giovanile di Richler e un po' lo si capisce. Inizia in maniera quasi "tradizionale", raccontando l'adolescenza di Duddy scapestrato con un occhio benevolente e divertito, ma via via che si scorrono i capitoli ne emerge un nervosismo e una tensione quasi dolorosi. L'ansia del farsi strada nella vita, la furia del combattere il pregiudizio sugli ebrei, la velocità con cui si dipanano gli eventi. Duddy sgomita e impazzisce, ha una capacità di mettere in piedi truffe e raggiri quasi sc [...]

    • This is the first of several books by Canadian authors in my formative growing-up years. This is Richler's best known book and was even made into a fairly good movie starring a young Richard Dreyfus. The story tells the tale of Duddy Kravitz, a young jewish boy growing up in Montreal during and after World War 2. The jewish community was the predominant culture in non-french speaking quarters of Montreal and this self-contained quarter of the city had rules and procedures not found anywhere else [...]

    • Ho letto da qualche parte che Duddy Kravitz probabilmente altro non è che Barney da giovane.Se fosse così, avendo letto questo romanzo prima de "La versione di Barney" mi sarei convinta e lasciata condizionare dalla vita di Duddy, leggendo quella di Barney.Non è stato così. Mi spiego: il punto di contatto c'è. Si parla comunque di due personaggi cinici, cattivi, sinceri nell'ostentazione dei loro peggior difetti. In tutt'e due i romanzi c'è la figura dominante di una donna, che probabilmen [...]

    • This book is fast paced, vulgar, funny, and human. This is a story of ambition run amok - a precocious upstart trying to satiate his obsessive perception of success. Duddy's particular obsession is the phrase that "a man without land is nobody!" with which Richler creates a fascinating (realistic, albeit despicable) character. There were a few redeeming moments, but most of the time I just wanted to strangle Duddy in fact, my feelings for Duddy alternated between wanting to strangle him and then [...]

    • tinyurl/4azt5uI wasn't so certain about picking this book to read. The most prevalent comment among other readers was that it was hard to love the character-- he's just such a slimy bastard, there isn't much to love about him.That didn't seem to be the point to me, though. I thought it was a unique portrayal of Judaism and the Jewish people of that time and in that place (1950s Montreal). A lot about what they struggled against (racism on both sides, inadvertent or not), hoped for (a good life f [...]

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