Intangible Mason is not imaginary He s not a ghost either And he s most definitely not a hallucination Mason is an Aerling and the Sentinels number one target Separated to keep each other safe and alive until

  • Title: Intangible
  • Author: DelSheree Gladden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mason is not imaginary He s not a ghost, either And he s most definitely not a hallucination Mason is an Aerling, and the Sentinels number one target Separated to keep each other safe and alive until Mason s eighteenth birthday when Olivia is expected to guide him back to the world of the Aerlings, neither one was prepared to be stripped of their best friend, of the pMason is not imaginary He s not a ghost, either And he s most definitely not a hallucination Mason is an Aerling, and the Sentinels number one target Separated to keep each other safe and alive until Mason s eighteenth birthday when Olivia is expected to guide him back to the world of the Aerlings, neither one was prepared to be stripped of their best friend, of the person they love most The pain being away from each other causes is the least of their worries, though, as the Sentinels intensify their search for Mason and bring the threat of danger to a whole new level.

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    • Æ Intangible || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ DelSheree Gladden
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      DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist.

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    • I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS TO SHARE!!!GOOD NEWS: DelSheree Gladden has posted the completed story on Wattpad, so you can head over to wattpad to read it. For those of you who don't know what is a wattpad, it's an app for indie authors to post their stories there where webtizens like us can access these stories. I have been on that app forEVA and have found a few precious gems of my own. :) So don't be surprised at the alarming amount of good stories you can find on thereD NEWS: She will [...]

    • * I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. *Intangible is the second installment in Aerling series, Invisible being the first. The plot starts after where the first book ended. The story line just sucked me in. Many things about Aerlings got revealed, many questions from first book got answered. The book is a whorl wind of emotions. I felt every emotion of characters. The love between Mason and Olivia and their love for their family and friends. The intent of going to ext [...]

    • Intangible is a marvelously breathtaking and deeply touching story that will take your imagination and heart on the ride of a lifetime. This story beautifully showcases the wonderfully unconditional and intensely powerful love that is shared within family and sometimes outside of family. If you find yourself showered with gentle understanding and overwhelming love, then you should know that what you have is extraordinarily profound and should always be cherished. While we each have to walk the r [...]

    • Simply awesome book, didn't expect it to be with that much twists and turns, in a good way. Kept me on my toes all time from start to finish. Great and uber- awe-WaitForIt-some, awesome, book and the story! :)

    • Just when I thought I wasn't going to like this book after all, the author surprised me with that ending!It tapped back to the same elements of storytelling that I liked in Invisible. The characters were a bit more annoying in this book but nevertheless, bearable. *full review soon*

    • I think it’s obvious how much I liked Invisible and Intangible was even more complicated, more intense and more interesting, I absolutely loved it. It was a real rollercoaster of feelings!Mason is definitely my favourite character and I love him so much. I probably loved him even more in this book, if that was possible. Mason and Olivia are one of my OTPs and they are really cute together. I like Olivia a lot too and I liked her even more at the end of this book when she realized how to fulfil [...]

    • Ever since I read Invisible, I fell in love with the characters. Evie, the younger, opinionated sister who actually has a personality instead of being a plot-driving, cardboard character; Hayden, the kind-hearted, warm boy whose generosity and love knows no bounds; Mason and Olivia, who simply cannot be described in words. The plot was magnetic too, it drew me in, refused to let go, and I was immediately living in a world of Aerlings, Caretakers, and Sentinels. I was hooked.To be honest, I didn' [...]

    • Liked this book so much better than Invisible, which was the first in this series. This book focused much more on the plot, meaning we learn more about this world that the author is trying to create of Aerlings, Sentinels, Caretaker, and Escorts.I really enjoyed the new characters that were introduced, as well as learning more about Mason's history. We also learned in Book 1 that Mason has 3 names, and we learn his second name in Book 2. I guess we'll learn name #3 in Book 3. The turns that some [...]

    • First and foremost, thank you for sending me a copy of this amaaaazzing book!! And in return, here is my review. The story begins with Mason starting to train in controlling his powers and to develop his abilities, something that every Aerling does does under normal circumstances (which is being in the protection of Caretakers). It introduces us to a very adorable, very sweet, little Aerling named Molly, who will be or is an important part in Mason's life. I will not say how, so as not to spoil [...]

    • Intangible A sequel to Invisible. A story of Mason and Ollie. In the previous book we found a little abt Aerling but this book takes it to next level. We get answers for few question but again many arise which would be answered in the next part I guess.What this part is abt. After mason and Ollie went into different paths to save each other will they be able to live away from each other? Will it help them or put them in more danger? Are the care family have any traitor who will lead to danger? W [...]

    • So Here goesIt seems such a short time ago i was writing the review for book one (14 days ago to be exact, not that anyone's counting)but once i got hold of book 2 & i started reading, i just couldn't put down this book till i was finished.I shall try my best to express myself without disclosing any spoilers.Speechless That's what i am with this second book, intangible. Simply because the twists and turns of Mason & Olivia's fate has been spun into a new direction, one entirely unforesee [...]

    • while reading Intangible, I was shivering with anticipation and my blood was pumping with adrenaline. It's like I am inside the book and experiencing it with the characters. this book is awesome! Then on the parts where I don't know who to trust anymore ( Robin or Hayden? or maybe none at all). I really felt uneasy and paranoid to the point of doubting everyone. This story (book series)keeps me on the edge of my chair anticipating on the next event that will unfold. I highly recommend this to ev [...]

    • There are honestly no words to describe this book. After reading the first and second book of the Aerling Series, I couldn't read any other book. I felt the characters as if they were the ones telling me the story. I cried, I laughed, and smiled to myself. I had dreams about how much i wanted to continue reading the book as crazy as it sounds. After talking about it so much to my family, my dad wants to read it. I have never felt so connected to a book before. Whenever asked what my favorite boo [...]

    • This was such an amazing book! When I read Invisible I didn't think the series could get any better but after reading this book I can see that I am clearly wrong. I can't even imagine how Invincible will be! I love how this book expands on the world of Aerlings and explains more to the readers. I knew that something was wrong with Robin but after finding out the truth, I wanted to punch her myself. This book was incredible and I never wanted to put it down! The lay chapters especially made me wa [...]

    • I have literally tried to finish this within a day and I did. This was an excellent addition from the first one. I'm glad that I received a free copy of the book. Honestly, I thought this was well planned out and the way mythology history played such a part in this got me more interested to know the ending. Although the ending did caught me off guard, it was certainly something I didn't expect. I can't wait to read the last instalment. I seriously want to thank the author for making such a uniqu [...]

    • Wow. Just wowYou know, usually what goes on in a series is that the first book is amazing in every way, and the rest are all incredibly lame attempts to recreate the first somehow (e.g. Divergent Trilogy, don't hate me please, honest opinion here); this book?? Complete opposite, everything was exactly the way it should be, and thank you, DelSheree, for bringing this book to me through Wattpad. Perfectly done, emotion, love, betrayal, lies, compassion, all sewn together into the fine book. Person [...]

    • I received a copy of this book after reading and reviewing the first of the series, which I LOVED ! This one was just as amazing. More action packed than the first, it explored their fears and the depth of their emotions. It transported me into their hearts, not only the main characters, but the secondary ones too. The fact that I gave this a 4 star and not 5 is because the romance between Olivia and Mason seemed under-developed even compared to her "almost" romance with Hayden. I would have lik [...]

    • invisible is an irresistible book. mason is an aerling which is not revealed in the beginning of the story slowly we get to know about wat happened with mason and how he ended up on olivias porche when she was very young she kept asking her parents that can she keep mason but her parent just laugh and think its a kid prank and allow herto keep mason with her as they cant see mason and slowly the story revealing many other secrets of olivia being her escort and the tearing apart of mason and oliv [...]

    • I liked this book a lot more than the first one, it makes you smile, shout and cry, it really surprises you. I've enjoyed a lot the story about Earlings, and I love the relationships in the book, they're so real!Also, I've hated some characters, buuut I know that everything's going to end fine (it has to), aaand I NEED TO READ THE THIRD BOOK. Absolutely, The Aerling is one of my favourite serie of books, and it's so, so recomendable.Ps: I still need a Mason in my life, so he could come with me w [...]

    • when I received the link to Intangible, I got too elated and excited I connected to it right away. The first book piqued my interest that I wanted to read the second book. Intangible stirred my emotions and imagination. I got involved in the book. I wasn't merely reading. I was feeling and it left me reeling because of adrenaline rush. I'm looking forward to reading book three. I'm dying with anticipation of what happens next! love the storyline! Hats off!

    • This book was a lovely read. I loved how the plot was built up, and the introduction of some new characters (view spoiler)[especially Molly (hide spoiler)] was great! The new complications were well woven into the story, and (view spoiler)[ Robin's betrayal Well, that was certainly an interesting turn around. Especially with the truth about her family. (hide spoiler)] I'd definitely recommend reading this book - it's well written and the story's great, with nice references to various mythologies [...]

    • Loved this second book of the series. I was sucked into the storyline by Invisible (book 1-- which I regret waiting so long to read) and I was thrilled to see the development of the Aerling story made book 2 even better. Excellent plot, and great characters. Doesn't quite end on a cliffhanger, but it's obvious there is more to Mason and Olivia's story. This is a well written, thoughtfully layered series. Plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader on his/her toes.

    • Mind gripping and attention stealing! I could not peel my eyes away from this book! Absolutely riveting! The twist at the end was definitely out of this world. I did not see that coming. The love and the bonds that were formed between the characters in this book are so inspiring. Cannot wait to get my hands on the third book of this series. Dying to find out what happens. Delsheree you're an amazing and captivating writer, please do not stop the work that you do!

    • I read this in less than a day, which should say something. Once again, similar to my review of 'Invisible', 'Intangible' was an enjoyable read which kept you wanting more. Definitely worth reading if you've read 'Invisible', but you don't need me to say that; there's no way you can stop at one!Some minor editing issues, but otherwise, a good book.

    • Wow! Amazing! I was on the edge of my seat chapter after chapter. The twists and turns were fantastic. The plot was riveting. Gladden maintained/continued the beauty and magic of the first book. This was a stunning book #2 - not a filler book at all. This series is one of my all time favorites. I just can't get enough. I'm dying to know what happens and can't wait for book #3.

    • Like the first book Invisible i was hooked from the beginning to the end. A story line like none that i've ever seen. Its so fascinating and it jut pulls you in. An amazing series to add to your collection. Feel free to stop by to get a copy of both Invisible and Intangible you will not be disappointed.

    • I read the first book invisible on Wattpad and its a amazing!!! You can feel the emotions of the characters. Not gonna lie but I did cry a little in certain chapters. I love how the author used the characters effectively instead of just dropping them at some point. I'm really excited to read the second book. I know for sure it will be just as good as the first!!!

    • when I first choose invisible to read it, it was a random choice but I swear I loved the book so Much that I finished it in one day, it's so exciting and u just can't get enough whenever u start u can't stop, I love New ideas that's why I am absolutely in love with this book.

    • Intagible was also an amazing book. DelSheree is a wonderful writer. This book had be on the edge of my seat. I couldn't believe some of the stuff I read in the book. Overall this book was amazing and I loved it so much.

    • It was so amazing. The series gets more and more interesting.The new characters are also really awesome.I hope Mason and Olivia would continue their quest and end up together .Relly lookin forward to next book.

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