Lahn's Edge

Lahn s Edge Meet Patrick Lacher a fully recovered Purple Heart recipient and an American hero He s a model soldier possessing a genius IQ and dashing good looks He s also rud to have family money back in Texas

  • Title: Lahn's Edge
  • Author: Chuck Driskell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meet Patrick Lacher, a fully recovered Purple Heart recipient and an American hero He s a model soldier, possessing a genius IQ and dashing good looks He s also rud to have family money back in Texas, which would explain his M series BMW, his luxury apartment and his stable of alluring women Patrick has it all He has a dark secret, too Unknown to his unit, goldenMeet Patrick Lacher, a fully recovered Purple Heart recipient and an American hero He s a model soldier, possessing a genius IQ and dashing good looks He s also rud to have family money back in Texas, which would explain his M series BMW, his luxury apartment and his stable of alluring women Patrick has it all He has a dark secret, too Unknown to his unit, golden boy Patrick Lacher is a thief He s concocted a seemingly foolproof method for stealing and selling Army fuel There s just one flaw in his scheme a beautiful, equally intelligent young criminal named Rebekka She has the looks of a runway model and the training of a professional psychiatrist Her mission entrap Patrick using her psychological and sensual talents Set in present day Germany, LAHN S EDGE is an action thriller loaded with psychological suspense, murder mystery and a sexually charged undercurrent The layered plot and unique characters deliver thrills and constant action while keeping readers guessing.

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    About “Chuck Driskell

    • Chuck Driskell

      The youngest of five children, Chuck s initial love of fiction was borne out of a lack of money coupled with an overactive childhood imagination On Sunday afternoons during his childhood, Chuck s parents would take the entire family to the public library it was pleasurable and, best of all, free He credits The Shining, by Stephen King, as being the first novel he ever read.Following high school, Chuck joined the Army after finding little inspiration or money for college He was stationed stateside at Fort Sill and as a paratrooper at Fort Bragg but it was Chuck s two and a half years stationed in Germany that forged many of the memories that fuel his interest today.Following his honorable discharge from the Army, Chuck endured schooling before embarking on a career in advertising In 2001 he co founded B2B Media, Inc a company that would go on to be named the second fastest growing company in South Carolina.While his career was progressing nicely, an active skydiver, Chuck suffered an accident while BASE jumping from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia Although he s since recovered, the accident took away his ability to compete in numerous sports It was the accident, and his resulting physical limitations, that would later become the seed for his need to write.As his career churned on, Chuck married his wife in 2003 Fulfilled personally and professionally, something began to tug at his mind Before his accident he d been able to satisfy his inner desires, first with the adrenaline of a soldier s life, and later as a risk taking skydiver When he could no longer be either, he realized something was missing.Searching for an answer, in 2005 and at the behest of one of his closest friends, Chuck began to write Claiming he couldn t write a decent sentence at the time, he started by penning his own experiences After moving on to short stories for a period, he eventually began to write novel length stories in earnest Over time he learned to blend flawed characters with extraordinary situations, creating a hybrid of the classic spy suspense novel Chuck s passion for travel especially in Europe helps lend genuine background and texture to his writing.Now, every day, Chuck awakens before the dawn and writes He claims his writing is at its best when his mind is a blank slate Plus, by writing early, he doesn t miss time with his wife, his daughter, or his son They live in South Carolina.

    118 thoughts on “Lahn's Edge

    • There is much more to a thriller than a good story: it takes a skilled author to make the story believable and characters which are not one-dimensional to also come across believable.That is what Chuck Driskell delivers in his edgy, riveting novel, Lahn's Edge -- An Espionage Thriller. I liked the premise behind the story and the way that Driskell developed the story line. There are so many twists and turns in this story you will be on the edge of your seat right up to the exciting conclusion. O [...]

    • I did not think it was possible but this 3rd novel by Chuck Driskell is the best so far. I have given all of this authors books 5 stars and believe me they are well earned Lahn's Edge has it all mystery, espionage, action etc I'm sure you will have a love hate relationship with the main characters You can really crawl inside this book, Give Chuck and his 3 novels a try, I promise you will not be disappointed. Lahn's Edge deserves 5.5 Stars!

    • Very poor. I got the e-book on my Kindle, mainly because the main character is named Patrick Lacher and it sounded like a good spy/mystery. Don't buy a book just because the main character has your name.

    • Could not get past the poor writing style. This is the second book by this author that I've attempted. Just not the author for me.

    • I enjoyed this novel very much. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good espionage story. It's close to a 4.5 for me but I can't call it "amazing" which is the standard on . Patrick Lacher is a fascinatingly complex character: unique because of his character traits. He is brilliant, a fascile liar,thief,manipulator, an adulterer, and yet a man who can nurture children and love a woman. He has his moral boundaries and will do anything necessary to preserve them. He gets the chance in this [...]

    • Quality Espionage ThrillerGood writing, interesting, believable characters, a plot with many twists, and evidence of knowledge of Germany and of the US military make this a compelling story. Most enjoyable. Only a couple of times in the Kindle edition did I find unproofed extra words, and in only one paragraph did I find any trite expressions. Some of the sex scenes in parts of the book could have been left to the imagination without damaging the story's interest or pace. The writing overall is [...]

    • I truly enjoyed this book. The plot line that involved the potential for really bad folks to force a very vulnerable soldier into doing something that wouldn't otherwise do is a great plot. And the femme fatale add just the right mix of intrigue. I also really like the way that the plot was ultimately resolved. I sometimes am left with an empty feeling after reading books like this. But Lahn's Edge resolved the final issues very satisfactorily.

    • Couldn put it downFive stars because it satisfied my five requirements for a great read: I liked the characters, the plot was masterfully constructed, the protagonist was not easy to like at first but I was rooting for him at the end, it had a few WWII Nazi connections, and it was very well written.

    • This book is really good and quite different. It's not a run of the mill book and it's quite sensual and occasionally violent. There is a heavy psychological angle to the book along with a complicated plot. I really loved it!

    • Lawn's EdgeFive stars for this gripping story of crime and espionage on a military base in Germany. The main character is so likeable, you'll find yourself hoping he won't be caught and punished for his behavior. Good reading!

    • Very good post Cold-War thriller set in GermanyExcellent mix of thrills, spills, sex and modern terrorism, crossed with the Russian mob and the U.S. Army. Well written with good characters. Kept me enthralled all the way through two days reading. Highly recommended

    • Very good espionage thriller.Patrick is intelligent, high IQ and full of revenge about losing his best friend. This story takes place in a small town in Germany, well written and fast pace. Full of twists and turns, I couldn't put it down. Happy about the ending.

    • I didn't really get into this book until well past the halfway point. I didn't have any problem putting it down to do something else until near the end. It did finish well and I ended up staying awake later than I want to finish it.

    • True to the titleVery accurate descriptions of the city's and countryside. Decent intrigue and intensity, felt that the Russian element could have been further developed. I also had been in those areas and time.

    • Hard to put downInteresting information about Germany. fast-paced end exciting. Characters were well-developed and realistic. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys crime related mysteries.

    • Excellent!This story is exciting, interesting and is one that will stay with you for some time. It is especially interesting to me as i spent four years in the army in Germany.

    • Great book!I gave this book a 5 star rating because it kept me turning pages. This was my first Chuck Driscoll book but it won't be my last. Engrossing!

    • Great spy storyWell written spy thriller with lots of twists and turns. Hard to put down. Well worth your time. Don't miss.

    • An intense read.This book holds one's attention through out. With ever changing plots and interesting characters, it truly is a very good read.

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